15 basketball internships Opportunities For High School and College Students | 2022

Many students seek internship vacancies in order to acquire some skills in their field of study, they usually may not know where to find one. Hence, this compilation of Best Basketball Internships for High School Students in 2022.

Head up: Many of them are even paid opportunities, which means your internship could be the first step in your future career.

At the end of this article, you should be able to get started, not only to help you identify or pick out the right/best type of basketball internship for your interest but also what to expect from a basketball internship in general.

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What Is an Internship and How Does It Work?

An internship is basically an introductory work experience in the professional work field. Sometimes, the payment is made, although it is usually at the bottom of the payment schedule and sometimes it is not paid.

The function of an internship is to gain experience and knowledge in a specific field while doing technical work in exchange for experience. For example, if you obtain internships in a research laboratory, you generally will not jump directly to practical work in the laboratory. Instead, it will start with things like cleaning the lab and entering data into spreadsheets.

Although this may sound boring, it will also give you the opportunity to connect with the people who work there and learn about the daily workflow in the workplace and give you an idea of whether a career in this field may or may not work or be of your interest.

Why do you need a Basketball Internship?

Basketball internships allow students to gain hands-on business experience in sports management, sales, event planning, and other areas of the industry by shadowing professionals in the field. These are not positions that allow you to play the sport for a team.

Basketball interns work in various places throughout the league, with focuses ranging from facility management to ticket sales.

Job duties vary, depending on where you are assigned. For example, sales interns may help sales representatives organize files, research client sales history, and maybe allowed to travel with the sales rep to sales calls.

Event planner interns observe while the planners search for venues, interview vendors, and attend the event to assist with set up and tear down. The National Basketball Association offers the majority of basketball internships, but you may also find a few roles at supporting companies, such as equipment manufacturers or contractors that work with the NBA.

What are the Types of Basketball internships?

Each of the NBA, WNBA, and Development Teams also offers a variety of internships to basketball aficionados. Internships are available in towns where professional basketball teams play ball. There are many departments that hire interns at different times of the year. You may find a position with departments such as:

  • Human Resources
  • Public Relations
  • Community Relations
  • Basketball Operations
  • Ticket Sales
  • Marketing
  • Promotions
  • Game Operations
  • Social Media

Or many others with your favorite team.

How Can I get the Basketball Internship?

Getting a basketball internship is the ultimate goal of every sports management major who loves professional basketball. The basketball rules about applying for internships are similar to those of other sports leagues, and applicants typically have to demonstrate their qualifications and compatibility with the organization to compete with other candidates applying for the same positions.

Applying for the basketball Internship

The application process can be very competitive. Internships are available with the central basketball organization, as well as with individual league teams.

To make sure you get this beautiful place with the organization you love, it is important to be prepared before applying for the position.

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The basketball offers summer training that begins every June and ends the following August. There is also some fall training available for qualified candidates.

According to the basketball website, training courses are available to applicants based on the business needs of the league, as well as the professional interests, qualifications, and leadership of the candidate.

How to Submit Your Application

All internships are located at the basketball headquarters in New York and New Jersey. Submitting an application for an internship is as simple as visiting the basketball website and completing the online form, but there are far fewer positions available than candidates seeking to complete them.

To ensure that you have the internship of your dreams, your application must stand out from others in a certain way.

First, all applicants must be junior or senior colleges enrolled in university courses at the time of application. They must designate one or more of the basketball preferred departments as their destination.

Examples of commercial departments within basketball include sales, marketing, social networks, customer relations, and video. It is a good idea to select more than one department in case all the positions are already occupied in the department of your first choice.

List of the Basketball Summer Internships

Below is the list of the basketball summer internships:

Marketing/Operations Internship

The Spring Marketing/Operations Intern will have several duties in all areas of their company. Interns will have real experience in the running of their camps, tournaments, shootouts, exposure events, and all other areas of their company.

List of basketball Coaching internships

The Sports Education & Coaching Internship is designed for students who are interested in developing and delivering youth sports curriculums.

Students will gain knowledge and experience in writing and editing age-appropriate coaching plans, delivering coaching sessions, assisting with employee training, and more. This position is ideal for students wanting to aspire towards paid coaching positions and physical education instructors.

Below is the list of the popular basketball coaching internships:

  • Basketball Coach
  • Head Basketball Director
  • Head Women’s Basketball Coach
  • Camp Chipinaw Basketball Instructor
  • Men’s Basketball Graduate Assistant
  • Graduate Assistant- Men’s Basketball
  • Head Men’s Basketball Coach
  • Instructor and Men’s Basketball Coach
  • Women’s Basketball / Housing Graduate Assistant
  • Durham University Men’s Basketball Postgraduate Playing Scholarships
  • Summer Camp Seeking Basketball Director & Baseball Director
  • Camp Starlight is Hiring Men’s and Women’s Basketball Coaches for this Summer!
  • Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, & General Counselor Positions Available at NY Summer Camp!
  • Kinesiology, Health, and Athletics Assistant Professor and Head Women’s Basketball Coach
  • Administrative Intern
  • Athletics Communications Intern
  • Athletics Operations Intern
  • Ticketing Department Intern
  • Softball Coach Intern
  • Box Office Intern
  • Assistant Football Coach Intern #2
  • Assistant Women’s Soccer Coach Intern
  • Women’s Soccer Assistant Coach/Intern

Fiba Basketball Internships

FIBA – the world governing body for basketball – is an independent association formed by 213 National Basketball Federations throughout the world. It is recognized as the sole competent authority in basketball by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). FIBA is a non-profit making organization and, in principle, does not pursue any objective of economic character for its own gains.

What does the Fiba Basketball Offers

The following are what the Fiba basketball offers:

  • FIBA runs the FIBA Basketball World Cup every four years
  • FIBA establishes the Official Basketball Rules, the specifications for equipment and facilities, and all internal executive regulations that must be applied to all international and Olympic competitions, for which FIBA also establishes the system of competition
  • FIBA controls and governs the appointment of international referees
  • FIBA regulates the transfer of players from one country to another
  • FIBA controls and governs all international competitions.
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List of Basketball Internships for College Students

Students strive with great interest in all aspects of sports business and sports marketing. Students will be exposed to all areas of the league’s launch, including sponsorship, league formation, player development, relationships, media, and franchise relationships.

Below are the popular basketball internships for college students:

  • Internship, Basketball Product
  • Basketball Content Intern – Summer
  • Sports Brand Solutions Internship, NYC – Summer
  • Phoenix Mercury Basketball Communications Intern
  • Sports Internship KGO-TV/ABC7 – Summer
  • Performance Science Intern
  • NBC Sports Chicago – Summer 2022 Internship
  • Fitness Internship, Sports Core
  • Phoenix Mercury Basketball Communications Intern
  • Sports Data Reporting Internship- FiveThirtyEight- Summer 2022

Basketball Internships for High School Students

Interning in high school can be a great way to get real-world experience before going to college. The internship is no longer just for college students.

Many high school students use internships as a strategy to help define their specialization to help improve their college applications and gain experience to better prepare for their next internship after obtaining additional group knowledge under their belts.

Don’t let the perceived lack of experience deter you from applying for a high school internship. You may already have skills that can add value to the employer. For example, many employers might need a tech-savvy student to help them with their social media presence, perform market research or much more.

Worst case scenario: convey your willingness to learn and the determination to work harder than anyone else to get the job done!

Below is a list of 15 basketball Internships for High School Students 2022:

Mentoring/High School Program Intern

This is a multi-purpose community service agency, serving residents of the greater Warrenville area. Services provided include individual and family therapy, consultation and referral services, case management, community education services, mentoring, and youth development programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find internships for high school students?

Are there any internships for high schoolers?

Internships are a great way for high school students to get experience, gain new skills, and learn more about different jobs and career fields. Internships can involve many duties and responsibilities, but, in general, they give the intern entry-level experience in a certain job or profession.

How much do high school interns make?

High School Intern Annual Salary is worth($36,946 Avg | Jan 2021) – ZipRecruiter.

What age can you get an internship?

If the organization has an age requirement, it is usually the minimum age. Some institutions accept interns 16 years of age or older, while other organizations establish the minimum age of 18 years. In some areas, it may be unsafe to have children in the workplace, or the company’s insurance company can prevent workers from being under a certain age.

How can I apply for internship?

At least in the law, it is difficult to get good internships jobs as full-time jobs, because companies tend to hire interns. But getting a full-time job is likely to be easier than getting an internship if we’re not comparing the internship with the jobs in the same company.


You should be able to pick out the right type of internship for your interest and also what to expect from basketball internships in general.


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