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15 Best Mattress For College Students |  Ranking

It is not surprising that you will get less sleep than practically any other group given the long hours of school, activities, and hanging out with friends. A college student typically sleeps for 6 to 6.5 hours per night.

This is one reason why investing in a comfy mattress is crucial you need to recuperate more quickly than most people.

However, once you begin your search for the finest mattress for you, you’ll quickly understand how many considerations you must take into account.

This article discusses some of the best mattresses for college students as well as essential considerations to make before making a purchase.

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Considerations for Buying the Best  Mattress for College Students

When looking for the best mattress for college students, there are various factors to consider. You’ll probably want it to be fairly portable. And it must be long-lasting.


One of the most important considerations when selecting a college bed is the mattress size. Most college students won’t be sleeping on a king or even a queen-size bed because dorm rooms are frequently small.

Before making a purchase, find out the size of any bunk beds or bed frames that are already in your dorm room. You’ll probably still be sleeping on a twin or twin XL size mattress even if it doesn’t come with a frame.

These are the smallest adult bed sizes available, and they will provide you with sufficient sleeping space without taking up a lot of area.

Despite this, some dorms might offer additional options, such as a full-size mattress, even though twin XL mattresses are frequently chosen because they can fit the majority of body types without taking up much space.

You can learn the anticipated measurements of a dorm’s structure by contacting the college’s housing office or student services.


For college students, there are benefits and drawbacks to each typical mattress material. A college student may wish to think about one of the following four mattress kinds to get a good night’s rest.


The least expensive type of mattress is an innerspring mattress. Additionally, they are the lightest in weight, making it simple to take them in and out of your dorm. On the other hand, these mattresses are not at all resilient. They can struggle to cope with college life.

Cheap innerspring beds could sag before you even finish college due to rapid aging. So keep in mind that even though you are still in school, you could need to replace your innerspring mattress. Instead, some college students might want to pick a mattress that won’t sag, such as a sturdy all-foam one.


A hybrid mattress is what? In the support layer of a hybrid mattress, pocketed coils replace exposed coils. In comparison to an innerspring mattress, a hybrid mattress is far more resilient and versatile. However, hybrids continue to provide coils’ spring and breathability.

Hybrid mattresses are, however, exceedingly expensive and hefty. That implies that many students might not be able to afford them. Due to their difficulty in moving, they can also be less suited to the collegiate lifestyle. So it can be difficult to move them between dorms or bring them home for the summer.

Memory Foam

For college students, memory foam mattresses may be the best option. Flexible polyurethane foam is rather durable. Compared to hybrid and latex mattresses, memory foam mattresses are lighter. Often, it is affordable. And because it is so flexible, a memory foam mattress can provide restful sleep.

Temperature regulation is the only thing you might need to be careful about. Memory foam mattresses might not be the ideal option for you if you require a cooling mattress because you sleep hot. This is especially true if you have little control over your dorm room’s temperature settings.

There are, however, premium mattresses that use gel foam and other components to create a cooling memory foam mattress. Therefore, after some investigation, the mattress type still allows for cool sleep.

Natural Latex

Mattresses made of natural latex foam tend to be pleasantly springy, incredibly sturdy, and cool to the touch. By a wide margin, latex mattresses will outlast all other mattress types. Any college student looking for an eco-friendly mattress often chooses a latex foam mattress.

Due to their high cost and weight, latex mattresses might not be the greatest choice for college students. Even if you can afford a latex bed, keep in mind that moving a twin-sized latex foam mattress will likely require two people.

If you attempt to combine a latex foam mattress with a bunk bed or a lofted bed frame, it may feel very awkward. For further details, go to our mattress type and weight recommendations.

And as we already noted, latex mattresses, especially organic latex mattresses, can be quite expensive. Even while their longevity can make the price worthwhile, a college student might still find it difficult to afford one.


College life can be difficult on mattresses:

  • You move the mattress a lot.
  • You have people in and out of your room all the time.
  • You’ll probably be using the mattress to sit, study, and even eat.
  • So you’ll need one of the most durable mattresses that can stand up to a four-year beating.

Initial Price

The majority of college students don’t have the money to afford a mattress that is several thousand dollars. You don’t want to get a mattress that is unpleasant and breaks before you even get your degree, though.

The good news is that you can get a high-quality mattress for about $500, with many of the greatest mattresses falling under that price range. Look for a memory foam mattress or a value hybrid mattress for a nice balance of price and toughness.


When looking for a mattress, you should be sure to check the warranty and sleep trial as these are two indicators of a high-quality mattress.


Manufacturer flaws and early aging are covered under the typical mattress guarantee. How long a warranty is a good indication of how long the mattress’s maker expects it to endure.

To make sure your mattress was made to last, look for a warranty that lasts at least 10 years. In the mattress market, this is the typical warranty period for a quality bed, while some affordable mattresses could provide less coverage.

The sagging protection provided by a warranty must also be considered because it can differ greatly. When a mattress starts to sag, some online mattress brands will replace or fix it. Other brands could wait until the sagging is deeper and more painful.

Sleep Trial

The sleep trial gives you a certain amount of time to try the mattress, and if you decide against it, you may return it for a full refund. A generous sleep trial is a strong indication that the manufacturer believes in their product and that you will enjoy it in addition to letting you decide if you made the appropriate mattress purchase. For this reason, you ought to search for a 100-night or longer sleep trial.

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15 Best Mattress For College Students | 2023 Ranking

1. Vaya Mattress


The Vaya Mattress is a great choice if you’re buying a mattress on a tight budget, as many college students are. This memory foam mattress provides a ton of high-quality comfort at an affordable price. It accomplishes this by utilizing a straightforward, two-layer design.

The open-cell Vaya Comfort Foam in the comfort layer is highly contoured to ease sore pressure points for side sleepers, and its many air pockets provide cool air circulation throughout the whole night.

For a full 10 years, the Vaya Base Foam acts as a supporting base layer to promote appropriate spinal alignment and prevent sagging. That implies that for just $349 for a twin, you can anticipate the same amount of durability you’d get out of far more expensive mattresses!

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2. Zoma Mattress


Due to its design to promote recuperation through restorative sleep, the Zoma Mattress is the best memory foam mattress currently available for student-athletes.

This medium mattress for college students combines a layer of memory foam with gel infusion and a highly breathable vented cover to help you maintain a consistent body temperature while you sleep.

Due to its responsive ReactivTM transition layer, the Zoma also aids active sleepers in getting restorative sleep. When you move, this layer causes the cooling gel foam layer to immediately bounce back into place. So feel free to turn and toss all you like.

The Support layer, which is at the bottom, provides excellent spinal support to keep your spine perfectly aligned. This is crucial for athletes who are attempting to prevent back pain or other back issues. The best part is that you can get all this comfort and support for less than $500 for a twin!

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3. Amerisleep AS3


Take a look at the AS3 by Amerisleep if you want a highly adaptable mattress for college students that can handle almost all sleeping positions and is made to last.

This mattress contains Bio-Pur® foam made from plants, which is significantly cooler and more responsive than traditional memory foam without compromising contouring.

Additionally, Bio-Pur® foam has the advantage of producing less hazardous waste than conventional memory foam. Consequently, it benefits the environment. Due to the hostile environment, it generates common allergens like dust mites and mildew, it is especially fantastic for allergy sufferers who sleep.

The HIVE® transition layer is positioned beneath this wonderful plant-based foam. This memory foam layer offers five pressure relief zones that focus on certain body parts. This zoned transition foam provides the ideal combination of pressure point relief and spinal support.

This mattress’ ultra-high-density Bio-Core® support foam is another fantastic aspect. Not only does this foam give your spine the best support possible. This makes it a mattress that you may use far after your time in college. The AS3 should survive for at least two decades.

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4. Saatva Classic Mattress


The Saatva Classic Mattress is an option to explore if you have the money for some luxury. With a Euro top and individually pocketed coils, this innerspring and foam hybrid mattress addresses the two main drawbacks of innerspring mattresses: pressure and lack of contouring.

The thick pillow top in the Euro design provides excellent contouring to support your pressure points and follow the natural contour of your body. To keep your spine aligned, the Euro top works in conjunction with the top layer of adjustable pocketed coils.

A layer of incredibly springy open coils can be found below the layer of pocketed coils. For improved edge support, these coils are enclosed on all sides by stiffer foam rails. All of this implies that the Classic could provide you with a restful night’s sleep if you enjoy the bounce of an innerspring but not the sagginess.

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5. Ghostbed Flex


Due to its combination of many sleep technologies that all cooperate, the Ghostbed Flex may be the finest hybrid mattress for college students who are hot sleepers. The cooling fiber layer and quilted cooling cover up top keep air moving through the mattress and around your body. Two layers of gel memory foam are placed beneath that to wick away heat.

The Ghostbed Flex also has their in-house developed Ghost Bounce layer, which shapes like gel memory foam while springing back like latex. This layer gives the individually wrapped coils, even more bounce for a responsive bed that’s perfect for people who like to move around while they sleep.

Finally, the extremely dense foundation foam contributes to improved stability and motion isolation. The GhostBed Flex is among the finest mattresses for stomach sleepers because of its generous amount of lift, even though stomach sleepers often demand firm beds.

This gel memory foam mattress is incredibly durable and will endure for a full 25 years thanks to the base foam. For students searching for a mattress that can withstand college life, this durability is ideal.

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6. Nectar


With designs that emphasize universally comfortable firmness and support, Nectar, one of the most well-liked mattresses for college students, has transformed the all-foam mattress market.

Customers have praised the Nectar Premier & Premier Copper mattresses for their superior pressure relief and better cooling among the three mattresses they can choose from.

Value-conscious buyers should give it considerable consideration because of the value-added features including a full year trial and “forever” warranty, thick quality materials for the price, optional white glove delivery, and “Buy Now, Pay Later” financing through Affirm.

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7. Siena


The makers of some of the best-reviewed mattresses in the business, Siena, offer a cheap mattresses for college students. Their Siena product line focuses on providing great value comfort at a moderate cost.

Prices for mattresses at these price points can be found elsewhere, but they frequently come with extra complaints regarding perceived quality and durability over time. Queen mattresses start at under $500 (after discounts).

The Siena mattress is an excellent option for individuals on a tight budget because it has a particular foam construction that offers breathability, pressure relief, and strong support.

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8. Bear Mattress

Bear mattress

Bear offers 10 top-rated mattresses for college students. The Bear Hybrid is suitable for individuals looking for a pressure-relieving higher-end feel, and the Bear Pro is ideal for those wanting an ultra-cooling contouring experience.

Their Bear Original memory foam has received praise from athletes on a budget.

Their newest mattress, the Bear Elite Hybrid, has cooling foams as well as zoned support to provide sleepers a comfortable night’s rest.

Customers adore these mattresses for their better cooling, alleviation from muscle discomfort, and balanced back support, thanks to features like copper cooling and Celliant® fibers.

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9. Tuft And Needle

Tuft And Needle

When it provided its T&N Original Mattress, one of the least expensive all-foam mattresses in a box, straight to customers, Tuft & Needle created a significant stir in the mattress market.

Since then, they have expanded on their original idea with two further creative designs, The Mint, and The Hybrid, which offer premium, excellently pressure-relieving products.

Additionally, the cover layer of the Mint Mattress was recently improved to contain antimicrobial defense. Customers have endorsed T&N with their three mattresses and 100,000s of good reviews.

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10. Dreamfoam Bedding

Dreamfoam Bedding

Brooklyn Bedding offers a more affordable mattress for college students called Dreamfoam Bedding. While still having a nice array of products with hypoallergenic latex, foam, and coils, these economy mattresses offer affordable options for budget-conscious customers.

Not all sleepers will find the lesser-quality materials utilized in the mattresses because of their cheaper prices to be perfect, but those searching for a temporary fix or a guest room mattress may find that they are enough.

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11. Puffy


Three mattresses are produced by the internet mattress company Puffy: the Puffy Mattress, the Puffy Lux Mattress, and the Puffy Royal Mattress. These all provide a well-reviewed, pressure-relieving feel that is causing a stir in the mattress-in-a-box market.

People notice that the Lux and Royal mattresses from their coil hybrid line are plusher than many other options, which is perfect for people with lighter body types. Puffy is deserving of a second look because it offers both all-foam and hybrid designs and aims to provide a balanced, fluffy feel for less than in-store.

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12. Loom And Leaf

loom and leaf

The 12-inch-thick Loom and Leaf mattress contains multiple layers of premium foam that not only adequately support the spine but also relieve pain areas. Loom and Leaf can undoubtedly assist if you are frustrated by mattresses that don’t adequately support your back and spine.

It features a medium firm option that has the endorsement of spine experts and chiropractors. Its stiffness and thick layers also contribute to its long-term durability.

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13. Plushbeds


PlushBeds has you covered if you have allergies or are concerned about dangerous chemicals. They are GreenGuard certified, which is wonderful for people with chemical sensitivity because it signifies that their mattresses have passed rigorous certifications against off-gassing dangerous substances or allergies.

They offer a wide range of products, such as coil, latex, and memory foam mattresses. You could even be able to get one of these mattresses at a discount if there are significant sales throughout the year.

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14. Nolah


In reaction to memory foam mattresses, Nolah entered the market in 2016 when they created their very own foam, known as Nolah AirFoam®. Its unique feature is that it doesn’t retain as much heat as other types of memory foam or typical “visco elastic” foams.

It is also softer on the hips and shoulders because it exerts less pressure than even premium memory foam. It is also more robust, according to Nolah’s testers, and ideal for side sleepers. Nolah mattress for college students is a company that everybody can trust and offers a variety of mattresses!

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15. Polysleep


Popular Canadian mattress company Polysleep offers its all-foam mattresses for sale in both Canada and the USA. Their usage of antimicrobial foam, which inhibits the growth of microorganisms, is one of their claims to fame.

With a variety of mattresses available in price ranges from affordable to luxurious, most customers have reported positive experiences.

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The importance of a good mattress for your health

Although it is frequently forgotten, your mattress has a significant impact on how well you can sleep. The top mattress manufacturers have outlined some of the major health advantages of their products.

Good spinal alignment

Each region of your body should receive equal support from your mattress. Your lower back won’t be adequately supported without this even weight distribution, which prevents your spine from being in a neutral position. Over time, improper spinal alignment can result in a wide range of issues, including persistent pain.

Your mattress is likely too soft if you’re not getting the right amount of support. Muscle strain in your unsupported lower back may come from the weight of spring mattresses resting too firmly on your shoulders and hips. Choose a mattress that maintains your spine’s natural curve to avoid this.

Prevent pain

Your mattress likely is to blame if you frequently experience back or joint pain. For pain-free sleep, your spine must be in the proper position; your mattress should maintain this alignment throughout the night. Additionally, it should support your posture and ease pressure points to reduce pain.

Tackle snoring

When your airway is partially blocked while you’re sleeping, snoring happens. Although it’s frequently linked to sleeping on your back, your mattress might also play a role.

Your head and neck won’t be properly supported if it sags too much when you’re laying on it; this causes your throat to narrow and the snoring to begin. A medium-firm mattress is the best option if you want to sleep without snoring.

Stop tossing and turning

We’ve all experienced the feeling of being awakened during the night. Your ability to get a good night’s sleep is dramatically impacted by frequent tossing and turning, especially if you sleep with a spouse.

This is due to “motion waves” that are sent through your mattress when you roll over. A firm, the high-quality mattress will absorb these waves, reducing the likelihood that you may be awakened if your spouse rolls over or gets out of bed.

Reduce stress levels

Stress levels may decrease as sleep quality improves. Lack of sleep causes your body to create more stress hormones, which raises blood pressure, which is not good for feeling calm.

Your blood pressure will remain low and your mood will be relaxed if you get regular, deep sleep (encouraged by a good mattress).

Reduce allergy symptoms

Mattresses are a favorite habitat for dust mites, which are the main cause of indoor allergies and impossible to avoid. There is simply less space for these mites to live in a mattress with a deeper structure, which helps to deter them.

This suggests that you might experience fewer hay fever-like symptoms – less sneezing, and more sleeping!

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Finding the best mattresses for college students is simple. Just keep in mind that you’ll probably need a lighter mattress that can tolerate some abuse without breaking. Additionally, you’ll need one that is comfy and inexpensive enough to let you obtain a full night’s rest.

Frequently Asked Questions On Best Mattress For College Students

How much should a college student spend on a mattress?

College students should prepare to spend roughly $300 on a decent Twin or Twin XL mattress. The finest mattress for the money shouldn’t cost more than $1,500 for larger sizes like a Queen or Full.

Which mattress is best for college students?

Though ultimately it depends on your body shape, sleeping posture, and personal preferences, we believe the Dreamfoam Essential is the ideal option. Its accessibility, cooling capabilities, warranty and trial periods, range of available heights, and balanced construction all contribute to this.

What mattresses do colleges use?

While the actual brand varies, Twin XL mattresses are frequently found in dorm rooms. Students who are taller than 6′ can fit in these space-saving beds because Twin XL mattresses are 5″ longer than Twin mattresses.

Should I buy a mattress for college?

A new mattress is frequently purchased by students to suit their tastes. You may have trouble sleeping if a dorm mattress doesn’t meet your demands. Understanding your body type, sleeping posture, and preferences is useful. You can choose a cooling mattress if you are aware that you sleep overheated. If you are aware that you like a softer mattress, you can look for one with a certain type of padding.

Do I need a mattress protector for college?

Mattress guards are a highly suggested mattress addition even though they are not necessary. They are perfect for anyone who wishes to keep their mattress free of impurities like dust mites, mold, and spills. For people with allergies, this is very beneficial.




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