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“Ways to Finance your studies abroad” has always been an interesting keyword that attracts most students when they see it online. This is because every student wants to study without having to pay through their nose or incurring debts.

Sometimes they get frustrated when they are not able to get useful information on how to finance their study abroad.

Well, there’s no need to worry because I have made extensive research and have come up with 15 sure Ways to Finance Your Studies Abroad.

There’s no need to worry about finances when you want to study abroad because the ways I will show you in this article will help you finance your studies abroad.

So, take your time to read this article, and discover which one works for you.

Below is a table of contents to help you get an overview of all this post entails.

Ways to Finance Your Studies Abroad

How Can I Finance My Studies Abroad?

There are several ways to finance your studies abroad. In fact, some schools and governments provide funding opportunities for both home and international students.

The most common ways to finance your studies abroad are:

  • Scholarships
  • Grants
  • Fellowship
  • Student Loan
  • Student Prizes

Hence, because we are all about bringing you the best scholarship opportunities, you can go through the website to check for scholarships by country, level of study, field of study, University, and lots more other factors.

Or you can easily click here.

Let’s look at some scholarships that you can apply for to finance your studies abroad.

Scholarships For Undergraduate And Postgraduate Students

There are many programs and calls for scholarships for undergraduates and post-university. These can be organized by ministries or other public institutions and private entities and are aimed at students from any university. 

Here are a few scholarshios you can apply for to study abroad.

#1. Fulbright Scholarships  

Scholarships for graduates, doctors, artists, and civil servants of certain ministries to study, research, or teach in the United States.

Get to know what categories are included in the scholarship and how you can apply by clicking the button below.


#2. Scholarships La Caixa 

“La Caixa” calls 145 postgraduate scholarships to study in Spain, Europe, North America, and Asia. They also have a call for journalism scholarships in international delegations of EFE in Europe, Latin American countries, North America, Africa, and Asia.

Additionally, there is a call for scholarships to students of 4th of ESO or 1 high school to attend the International Baccalaureate in one of the integrated centers Foundation United World Colleges.


#3. Rafael del Pino Foundation Scholarship

Scholarships for postgraduate studies or research aimed at those students and Spanish professionals who stand out for their attitude of leadership and excellence in their professional or academic activity.


#4. Ramon Areces Foundation  

Scholarships for study abroad related to social sciences (graduate) and Life Sciences and matter (postdoctoral).

Find out more about it by clicking the button below.


#5. Caja Madrid Foundation Scholarships

Scholarships to study a master‘s degree, graduate school, or research in Europe, Canada, or the US, in the following subject areas: social and legal; biomedical, polytechnic, science, and music.


#6. Scholarships Balsells 

(California-Catalonia Program) scholarships for graduate studies and stays postdoctoral research in the field of engineering and sciences at the University of California, Irvine (UCI), and studies master’s or doctorate in bioengineering at the University of Colorado Boulder (UCB).


#7. Argo Global Grants

Grants for people who already have a university degree and wish to do internships in companies in Europe, Asia, Canada, and the US, for a period of between 3 and 12 months.

Read more about the Argo Global Grants here.


#8. Scholarships Faro Global

Scholarships for practical experience of 6-7 months in enterprises and organizations in Europe, the United States, Canada, and Asia. You have to be a student of the last courses of any Spanish university degree.

Read more about the Scholarship Faro Global here.


#9. United World Colleges Scholarship

There are many public and private sponsors that offer scholarships to study the international baccalaureate in a school of the United World Colleges organization.

Find out more by clicking the button below.


#10. Santander Scholarships

Scholarships for graduate students, faculty, and research staff, particularly in Latin American countries.

Learn more by clicking the link below.



These are grants promoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation through the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation for Development.

The scholarships are intended for foreign students who want to study in Spain and Spaniards who want to study or do internships in countries receiving official development assistance. It is aimed at graduates and people with a coherent academic experience with every call and is awarded after a rigorous selection process.


#12. Chinese Government Scholarships

The Ministry of Education of the People‘s Republic of China awards annual scholarships for university graduates to expand or undergraduate, master‘s, doctoral research, or higher.


#13. Pablo Neruda Program

This is a program of academic mobility within the Latin American Area of Knowledge, in which different Latin American countries involved, including the Spanish state. It is aimed at students and teachers in graduate and doctoral programs.


#14. Cinda Program

A program Interuniversity Development Centre, which brings together 30 of the most prestigious universities in Latin America, Spain, Belgium, and Italy, to encourage mobility among its students. To participate you have to be selected and presented by your university if it is part of this program.


#15. UNESCO grants

The agency of the United Nations Organization for Education, Science, and Sport organizes short stays for beneficiaries who specialize in graduate school.


To Learn More

If you’d like to know more opportunities on how you can finance your studies abroad through scholarships, grants, students loan, and student prize, click the button below.


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