$1,500 OpenWater Scholarships for Entrpreneurs, Marketers & Software Developers

In a world where technology, Computing and Internet activities has complimented every daily activity carried out by individuals, OpenWater is determined to prepare the next generation with the relevant softwares, skills needed to successfully run companies. The OpenWater Scholarship is designed to equipped talented and Excellent Students with grant worth $1,500.

The  USA Scholarship is designed for Students who wants to be great in Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Software Development, Sales Profession or any thing in between. Do you fall into this category? OpenWater is ready to make your dreams come to pass.

We created the OpenWater scholarship to help foster the next generation of marketers, software developers, sales professionals and entrepreneurs.

OpenWater, a Technology (Soft Development) in Arlington, VA, provides an all-in-one application and review cloud software platform that automates and helps to grow your organizations awards, grants, scholarships, fellowships, abstracts and more. OpenWater’s Scholarship Management Software and Grant Management Software is trusted by top organizations.

Level/Field of Study:

The Openwater Scholarship is opened to only Students who just enrolled for an undergraduate programme in any accredited USA University,  to Study any of the following courses; Computer Science, Engineering or Business Administration.

Host Nationality:

The Scholarship is Hosted in USA. OpenWater is a Software Development Company in Washington DC. The rach is only for Students in United States of America. Any application which is not USA will not be considered.

Eligible Nationality:

Students in United States are eligible to apply for the scholarship. As early stated, any application which is not from United States will not be considered.

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OpenWater Scholarship Worth:

The OpenWater Scholarshipis worth $1,500. The grant is awarded to Students who show great interest in ntrepreneurship, Marketing, Software Development, Sales Profession or any thing in between.

OpenWater Scholarship Requirements

One good thing about  Scholarship, is that not everybody is qualified to win. Congratualtion if you can read through this and finds out that you met all requirement to win the Scholarship.  Here are detailed criteria to get the OpenWater Scholarship:

Firstly, Every Applicant must be Permanent Resident of the United States. This can be by birth or by Nationalization.

The Candidate must be enrolled into any accredited University in the USA. in a Fulltime Undergraduate programme. That means such candidate is pursuing his/her Bachelor’s Degree.
The Candidate must be passionate in the discipline of study of Computer Science, Engineering or Business Administration. That means the Student must be having degree in the above named courses in view.

The Candidate must be on a minimum 3.3 grade-point average (on a 4.0 scale) and a minimum 24 ACT or minimum SAT score of 1680 (including writing section). This is to show how talented and how dedicated you are to the quest.

Candidates must show great Leadership qualities and  entrepreneurial success/accomplishments, academic record, extracurricular activity (including athletics) and anticipated future potential. These are judging criteria.

This opportunity is what every Students who rally wants to be an OpenWater Scholar must possess. So what are we waiting for? The Application Procedure Right?

How To Apply

When it comes to Application procedure, most students make mistakes that cost them the opportunity. Carefully read through the application procedure and make sure you get it done properly. Good Luck.

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Every Student who wish to be an penWater Scholar or wish to win the OpenWater   Scholarship must write an Captivating Essay  which Stands out amongst others

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The Essay Title: How do you envision your field of study fitting into the future?

The Content will pass through thorough Screening and will come out within the the specified dates below

  • Application Results Announcement: February 1st, 2019
  • Application Deadline: December 31st 2018

Hope every understood the process. For you to begin the procedure you have to follow the Link below and get Started.

Apply Now 



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