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How to Apply for a Canadian Study Permit and Visa

Once you have received a study offer from a Canadian school, the next thing is for you to start working on your visa. However, if your course of study lasts longer than six months, you’ll need a Canadian study permit. Here is how to apply for a Canadian study visa and permit.

A visa will only permit you to travel to Canada and stay for a maximum of six months. In this post, I will explain the steps involved in processing a Canadian study visa and permit, as well as, the requirements.

So sit back and enjoy!!!!

How to Apply for a Canadian Study Permit and Visa

This can be done in two ways viz; Online and paper application.

The online application is the fastest and recommended method of application. To apply, you will need a credit/debit card and the ability to create electronic copies of your supporting documents by using a camera or scanner.

The type of documents to be submitted depends on the country, but in most cases, the following documents are usually demanded:

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#1. A letter of acceptance from a recognized institution in Canada.

This is a letter issued to a student who has been admitted to pursue a course of study by an institution. This letter can be sent to the student online or by post. ( It will contain information like the chosen course of study, tuition fees, duration of study program etc.

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#2. Canadian student visa application package

This package can be downloaded from the CIC website HERE or collected from a Canadian Embassy or Consulate in your home country.

If you chose to download this package online, you will need to answer a few questions about yourself on the CIC website. This question will determine whether you are eligible to apply online.

If after answering the questions, you are found eligible, you will be given a personal checklist code which is valid for 60 days. This checklist code will be needed when you want to submit your application online. Print out the page containing your code for future reference.

The next thing now is for you to submit your application and this is how you do it. Create a myCIC account and then enter your personal checklist code. You will receive a personal document checklist that allows you upload and send your documents to CIC.

Once you’ve done this, your documents and application form ready, and have also paid your fees, you can then submit your application to CIC.

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#3. Biometrics

Applicants from certain countries may need to provide photograph and fingerprints.

#4. Medical examination/police check

Some applicants may be asked to do a medical examination and or police check before they submit their application. Since these requirements vary from country to country, it’s important that you contact the Canadian embassy in your home country and find out your country’s requirements before you submit your application.

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#5. Proof of funds to support yourself

In addition to the above mentioned documents, you will also need to provide a proof that you have enough funds to support your study.

A minimum of C$10,000 is needed each year of your study on top of your tuition fees. Proof of this money can be in the form of a bank statement, evidence of a Canadian account in your name if the money has been transferred, bank draft in a converting currency, proof of payment of tuition and accommodation fees, proof of funding if you have a scholarship.

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What Follows After Receiving Your Canadian Study Permit and Visa?

Once you receive your visa, a letter of introduction will be sent to you and a temporary residence visa which will allow you to travel to Canada.

Upon your arrival in Canada, present these documents together with your proof of finances, passport, and other documents to the border control agency in Canada and you will be given a Canadian study permit that will allow you to live and study for the duration of the program.

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