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Yale Young African Scholars (YYAS) Program 

Yale Young African Scholars Program is currently ongoing for secondary school students in African Countries. This piece contains all you need to know about the scholarship including the application process and requirements.

About Yale Young African Scholars Program

YYAS is a university access program that gives preference to high-achieving, low-income (HALI) students who do not have university guidance in their schools or communities.

The Yale Young African Scholars Program (YYAS) is an intensive academic and enrichment program made for African secondary school students intending to pursue tertiary education and who want to make a purposeful impact as young leaders in the world.

Participants can boost their academic skills, receive university admission and financial assistance application guidance, and combine with a network of young leaders from around Africa.

After the program, students will be paired with mentors who’ll advise and counsel them through the entire university application procedure. There is no tuition fee for students to take part in YYAS.

YYAS 2022 will be held in three different places:
25 July — 01 August
07 August — 14 August
18 August — 25 August

All You Need To Know About Yale Young African Scholars Program

Eligible Nationality

It is open to secondary school students in Africa. 

Read also if you wish to study outside your home country. Simple and Detailed Answers about Applying and Winning a Scholarship.

Eligibility Requirements For Yale Young African Scholars Program

YYAS accepts applications from current secondary school (i.e. high school) students in Africa, typically between the ages of 15 and 18. All applicants must be citizens or permanent residents of an African country And currently be attending a school in Africa.

Students who will graduate from secondary school before November/December 2022, or who have already graduated secondary school, are not eligible to apply. YYAS will also not accept applications from students that are more than 14 years of age by the application deadline.

Student Profile

A Standard YYAS participant includes:

  • Excellent academic records
  • Demonstrated leadership potential
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • A desire and ability to work cooperatively with peers
  • Persistence and determination when facing challenges
  • High standards of personal and professional conduct
  • The capacity to read,  analyze, and reflect on large quantities of difficult material in English
  • Demonstrated maturity and interest in engaging in discussions about intellectual, moral, and political matters in Africa

Application Requirements For Yale Young African Scholars Program

  • Completed application form — The application form is available online and must be filled out by the applicant. Students will be asked to complete one 500-word essay and also two short responses and must provide information on their extracurricular activities and school that they currently attend. Please don’t forget to write the password and email that you use to create your account so you may log back in.

You might preview the application here.

  • Official transcript or grade report(s) — A student transcript is an official document provided by the school and includes the applicant’s list of courses and grades received. Students must upload their official transcript or grade report(s) for each year of secondary school. National exam scores, if available, should likewise be submitted but are not required. If a student has changed secondary schools at any point, they must include records both from their previous AND their current school. Please avoid uploading certifications or transcripts from primary school.
  • One teacher recommendation- The recommendation must be written and submitted by a teacher who knows the student well. They may do so through a link that the applicant will provide on the online portal. Alternatively, the teacher may email a letter of recommendation from PDF (.pdf) format to and our team will upload it to the student’s application. Recommendations from parents/guardians, siblings, relatives, family friends, or paid private tutors/counselors will not be accepted.
    If you have any specific questions about your eligibility, please email

Application Deadline For Yale Young African Scholars Program

February 2023.

Scholarship Link


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