Army ROTC Scholarships For U.S students.

The U.S Army are currently inviting students for its Army ROTC Scholarships. The Army ROTC scholarship program provides merit-based scholarships for the education and training of highly qualified and motivated young men and women, high school and college students who desire to commission as officers in the US Army upon graduation.

Two-, three- or four-year scholarships are available to qualified students on campus. Three- or four-year scholarships are available to qualified high school students.

On-campus scholarships are available to students currently enrolled at The University of Iowa, Coe College or Kirkwood Community College. These competitive, merit-based scholarships are available for qualified first-year, sophomores, and juniors with at least four semesters remaining to graduate. Seniors planning to attend graduate school may also qualify for scholarship benefits.


The ROTC is a military organization that trains people to become officers in the armed forces, so that they are ready to join a military operation if they are needed. ROTC is an abbreviation for ‘Reserve Officers Training Corps.’

It is a training programme for university students, graduates of which become commissioned officers in one of the armed forces.


In 2010, ROTC graduates constituted 38.5 percent of newly commissioned U.S. Army officers, 1.8 percent of newly commissioned U.S. Marine Corps officers (through NROTC), 16.7 percent of newly commissioned U.S. Navy officers and 38.1 percent of newly commissioned U.S. Air Force officers, for a combined 30 percent of all active duty officers in the Department of Defense commissioned that year.

Under this ROTC, a student may receive a competitive, merit-based scholarship covering all or part of college tuition, textbooks and lab fees, in return for an obligation of active military service after graduation.

ROTC students attend college like other students, but also receive basic military training and officer training for their chosen branch of service through the ROTC unit at or nearby the college. The students participate in regular drills during the school year and extended training activities during the summer.

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Scholarship Recipient Obligations

All scholarship recipients must satisfactorily complete the US Army ROTC Program of Instruction. This includes the ROTC Basic Course, Army ROTC Basic Camp, the ROTC Advanced Course, the Army ROTC Advanced Camp, and other Professional Military Education (PME) requirements. Scholarship recipients must also maintain satisfactory academic and physical fitness standings.

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All Cadets receiving a commission as Second Lieutenants incur a military service obligation of eight years. This obligation occurs in the following ways:

  • Active Duty commitment of 4 years; followed by 4 years National Guard or Army Reserve Duty, or Inactive Ready Reserve. Inactive Ready Reserve members are subject to call-up and return to active service.
  • National Guard or Reserve Duty of 8 continuous years; if the member had a Guaranteed Reserve Forces Duty (GRFD) scholarship during Army ROTC.
  • National Guard or Army Reserve Duty for 6 years – followed by 2 years Inactive Ready Reserve; if the member participated as a Simultaneous Membership Program Cadet.


This scholarship is open to college students who have intention to be in army  to study any course of choice.


This scholarship is to be taken in U.S.A


The scholarship is available to all U.S citizens


Scholarship recipients receive full tuition and student & lab fees, $1,200/year for books and incidental expenses, and a monthly stipend of $300/month for first-year, $350/month for sophomores, $450/month for juniors, and $500/month for seniors.

Army ROTC Scholarships Eligibility

All factors are important and are considered in the selection of scholarship winners. Selection of scholarship finalists is based on:

  • SAT or ACT scores. If both tests are taken, or taken more than once, please furnish all results; the best score(s) will be used.
  • High school academic standing. Class size and rank within the class are required. If the school does not rank students, they must provide at least an estimate of where the student would fall (e.g., “this student would fall within the top 20 %”).
  • High school transcripts. A transcript of grades is required in reviewing the scholarship application. The applicant must complete the Personal Data Section on the Request for Transcript located in the application and give it to the Guidance Counselor to complete.  The Guidance Counselor will send a copy of student’s high school transcript along with the completed request for transcript.
  • Evidence of extracurricular activity participation, athletic activities, and leadership positions held. If the student has held part-time jobs during the school year and has not had time for extensive participation in sports or other activities, credit will be given based on the number of hours worked per week.
  • Personal interview(s). If selected as a scholarship finalist, the student must contact one of the schools listed in the notification letter (or any school of the student’s choice) to have the interview conducted. The notification letter requires that the student respond back to the Cadet Command Scholarship Branch identifying where he/she wishes to have their interview conducted. Any travel to and from the interview will be at the student’s own expense.
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It is important to note that those who don’t “win” a scholarship are still eligible to compete for scholarships at individual programs and working with the Enrollment Officer.


When taking college entrance exams, students should list Army ROTC as a test score recipient. The Army ROTC code for SAT is 0454; the code for ACT is 1676. Students should also list those schools they are planning to apply for as recipients on their application. They may not be required to list their social security number (SSN) on the college entrance exams, however, it is recommended that they do so for proper scores posting.

Experience has shown that many applicants have been disqualified because they failed to allow sufficient time for processing test results. SAT and ACT test results require approximately four weeks to process; do not wait for test results to mail application forms!

By listing Army ROTC as a test score recipient, scores will automatically be furnished to Cadet Command. Test scores provided in this manner require no further verification. Also, test scores reflected on official transcripts require no further verification either. In order to accept scores provided from any other source, students must personally submit those scores to the Cadet Command address found in the application.

SAT and ACT writing tests are required; however they are used subjectively for the board at this time. No whole person score is associated with the writing tests. Students should contact their guidance counselor to determine test dates and registration dates and requirements. The Army cannot schedule or administer these tests, nor can we initiate a request for scores.

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Students may contract with Army ROTC without a scholarship. Students become eligible for this opportunity with six semesters remaining to graduate. Students exercising this option receive the monthly stipend as a benefit.

Students participating in Army ROTC and serving as members of the Army National Guard or Army Reserve have the opportunity to become members of the Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP). SMP participation entitles these students to receive additional financial benefits through the Army National Guard or Army Reserve while completing their degree program.

How Can You Apply for and Win an ROTC Scholarship?

Show your interest to your local military recruitment office as early as possible, preferably during your junior year of high school. Scholarships often go to students majoring in subjects that will be of value to the military, such as engineering, computer science, specific foreign languages, or nursing.

You can apply online at military branch websites, or at your local Army, Navy, or Air Force recruiting offices. Students interested in Marine Corps ROTC scholarships must apply through the Navy ROTC. Scholarship application deadlines differ by military branch, but may fall anywhere between December 1 and January 31 of your senior year. If you receive a scholarship, it will be restricted to one of the colleges and majors you provided on your ROTC application.


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