15 Best Art Schools In The World 2023

While there are no standard educational requirements for artists in general, most artists regardless of the nature of their profession, prefer to complete formal training through a community college or university.

Formal education for a career in the arts field is available from associates to doctoral levels. Many artists complete a certified art program to enhance their skill set and boost their careers.

The art education programs are designed based on your area of personal interests, including fine arts, graphic design, multimedia or animation. Most art or fine arts programs offer a concentration covering your specific field of study such as crafts, design, multimedia, visual arts, photography, motion graphics.

Art as a profession involves a lot of passion and creativity; if you notice this passion and love for the arts, it is a great choice to pursue your passion. These are the best art schools you can attend, what makes them, and the job outlook.

What Makes a Great Art School?

All over the world, the institutions that teach students to think creatively across disciplines and provide them with the instruction and resources that will enable them to fulfil their artistic potential are considered to be the best art schools.

These schools are considered the best because they are forward-thinking, well-respected with constantly evolving curricula that keep pace with the art world’s changes. They are also recognized internationally due to the successes of their alumni.

These schools offer a variety of majors in the arts disciplines that usually leads to fulfilling careers. They also have cutting-edge facilities that allow students to train and exercise their unique individual creativity, which may involve wielding a giant metal sculpture or creating realistic 3D animations and experiences.

Most of these schools’ digital arts programs are prominent features because knowledge of design programs and other art-making software is essential in the current artistic landscape for students who want to pursue a related career.

The best art schools also contribute to the life of their students in many important ways through their excellent career counseling services to make the transition from student to professional as smooth as possible for their students. Many even go the extra step to provide their students with the opportunity to work at internships or in other professional development contexts while in school to build their experience and be prepared to kick off their professional life.

At a great art school, if you love art, you will find yourself consistently inspired through interactions with some of the most exciting and creative people you’ll ever meet, which will help you develop your passion and become a very competent professional.

What do I need for an Arts School?

The majority of the arts programs will require you to complete the foundational classes in drawing, colour theory and design regardless of your area of personal interest. You may also decide to dig deep into digital design software. You also will get the opportunity to develop a professional portfolio that will be crafted from the works you have created in the process of your education.

Advanced art degree programs may greatly leverage you to migrate into another arts-related career while improving your skills. The advanced art degree programs may include visual and critical studies, design, and art education. Admission into these graduate degree programs will require you to submit a portfolio of your original work.

The art world houses a lot of media, including painting, drawing, sculpture, crafts and multimedia. Typically, artists are self-employed professionals, and they can practice their crafts as art directors, in-house artists such as animators, illustrators, graphic designers, interaction designers, and fine artists. Fine artists might have a personal studio where they produce their art and display it in galleries or museums.

Why attend an Art School?

As an aspiring artist, an art school might be a good starting point for your career. At art school, you will have to choose from the art majors offered at many art schools which include animation, graphic design, painting, photography and sculpture etc. Art schools that are members of the Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design (AICAD) not only teach art but also offer a curriculum with full liberal arts and science requirements.

While some artistic careers do not require a formal degree, it doesn’t mean that the time spent to acquire one is useless because art schools offer many benefits for future career artists, even if they already have some of the skills they need to thrive in their career.

Some of the major reasons to consider attending a great art school include:

  1. Learning from experienced art professors: Most professors who will teach you at art school are artists with relevant experience. These professors can help students refine their skills and avoid some popular difficulties young artists might face in the field.
  2. Professional personal mentors: Students at art schools get the opportunity to be mentored by their professors and also from a large network of school alumni, helping them to discover their strengths, and weaknesses and learn how to market their skills
  3. Structured environment: Art schools provide an environment to keep students motivated. Learning these skills on your own could take a you a lot of years but art schools provide an environment where students learn much more quickly.
  4. Access to equipment: State-of-the-art equipment that students would not easily access on their own are provided for students so they are able to use them during their academic career.
  5. Studio space: there are spaces all over the campus for students to produce their artworks, regardless of the art. Art schools may also provide individual studios for students and group studio areas that allow the students to focus on their work.
  6. Community: artists find it useful to be among a group of like-minded artists to stay motivated. Students at art schools enjoy the luxury of being surrounded by people who are passionate about their craft, as this creates opportunities to exchange ideas, constructive criticism and a great camaraderie among classmates.
  7. Internship and job opportunities: most professional artists, corporate art-related departments, and art-related organizations seek out art students when looking to fill positions. Many art schools offer career centers to help students find employment after graduation.
  8. Learn other useful skills: students at art schools don’t just learn about art; they also get to learn other great skills that can be very useful in their careers like how to market their skills, pricing their work, business management, public speaking and even writing skills. These skills also prove to be very useful in the business world.

What is the Job Outlook after attending an Art School?

In the year 2019, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reports a 0% increase in employment opportunities for craft and fine artists. Multimedia artists and animators could see a growth of about 4% during the decade, while graphic designers will experience an employment decline of 4%.

Multimedia artists and animators earned $77,700 in a year, graphic designers earned an average of $53,380 per year, and crafts and fine artists earned an average income of $49,120.

The Best Art Schools in The World

The top art schools compiled in this list will equip you with the relevant skills, methods and techniques you need to develop your talents and help bring your creativity to light.

The list of these best art schools in the world that will help you as an aspiring artist develop and strengthen your passion and creativity in the art field is as follows:

Berlin University of The Arts, Germany

This university was established in 1696 and is the largest art school in Europe and among the top art schools in Germany, specializing in architecture, music, design, fine arts, and performing arts. This university offers quality education and is equipped with the latest infrastructure to keep up to date with the ever-evolving art world.

Admissions into the school is open to both citizens and foreigners. If you are eager to pursue a career or develop your talents in the arts then, you should consider pursuing admission into this school. You can apply in person or online.

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School of the Arts Institute of Chicago, USA

This art school was established in 1866. It is situated at Illinois, Chicago, USA. It is one of the best art schools and is globally recognized as ‘The most influential art school’. It has the world’s third-largest museum filled with different art collections, which would help your educational experience at the school.

The School of the Arts Institute of Chicago adopts the ‘interdisciplinary curriculum,’ which means that you don’t necessarily need to strictly follow only your major at school as you can choose from various media to fulfill your vision.

Any path you decide to take will teach and prepare you with a variety of skills and knowledge to become successful in your area of preference.

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Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London

Popularly known as ‘Central Saint Martins (CSM)’, this school was established in 1898 and is one of the best art schools in the world, but it is affiliated with the University of the Arts, London. CSM offers full-time courses at the foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate levels. It is well-designed and conducive to students learning.

CSM is well recognized for bringing together a diverse range of creative practices for students to choose based on their personal choices, and anyone you choose, you will be taught to become successful at it with the help of cutting-edge facilities provided by the school.

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Banhaus University, Germany

Banhaus University was established in 1860 and is globally recognized as one of the best art schools in the world. This school is has created lots of popular domestic and international alumni who have made major contributions to the art world.

The school offers a variety of art courses for students to choose their majors and be trained to be a master in their major. They provide an international-oriented range of bachelor, master, and doctoral degree program.

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ArtCentre College of Design, USA:

ArtCentre was established in 1930, located in Pasadena, California, USA, and ranked as one of the best art schools in the world.

Students in this school get trained theoretically and practically by practicing artists and designers who guide and teach them the step-by-step process of how to design and create their artistry.

Visit the school website.

Glasgow School of Art, Scotland

Glasgow school of art was established in 1845 and is situated in Scotland, United Kingdom. It is ranked the third-best art school in the United Kingdom and one of the best in the world.

It is known for its world-class specialist research in all forms of art. The school has the biggest art and design community in Scotland and has contributed generously to the art field. Students in this school, are trained to bring creativity to life through research with the right amenities provided by the school.

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Bremen University of The Arts, Germany

Established in 1873, Bremen University is regarded as one of the best art schools in the world, with a domestic and global reputation in all kinds of art, and is also counted as one of the most successful art institutions.

The institute brings both music and fine arts under one roof and offers different degree programs, which include undergraduate, postgraduate, masters etc, in a wide variety of courses in fine art, digital design and music.

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Braunschweig University of Arts, Germany

This school was established in 1952 and is the second-largest college of arts in Germany and one of the best in the world. It specializes in the arts and is oriented internationally to award doctoral and professional degrees.

The school offers various art courses in undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs. The students in the school also enjoy access to the school’s sophisticated laboratories and workshops provided by the school.

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Pratt Institute, USA

Pratt Institute was established in 1887 and located in New York City, USA. It is known as one of the world’s multicultural epicenter for design, culture, arts and business.

The school adopts an interdisciplinary curriculum style to promote collaborative and creative strategies for design thinking. Students of the school enjoy access to state-of-the-art facilities provided by the school.

Pratt institute also offers a wide variety of courses in architecture, art, design and liberal arts and science in undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs.

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Central Academy of Fine Arts, China

The Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) was established in 1918 and located in Beijing, China. It is managed by China’s ministry of education and known as the most prestigious and renowned art institution in China and is recognized as one of the best art schools in the world.

Students here are thoroughly trained to become professionals in any field they venture into with creative thinking and competency.

The school has a museum that includes precious collections and thousands of Chinese painting scrolls dating to the Ming dynasty, which may be a source of inspiration and experience for the students.

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Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design, Germany

Established in 1761, It stands to be one of the oldest art schools and has been contributing to the art space for a long time which has earned them global recognition as one of the largest art schools in Germany and in the world at large.

The school has over thirty state-of-the-art workshops where students are equipped with technical, practical and job-specific knowledge and also given the opportunity to implement their ideas and concepts using analogue and digital techniques.

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ECAL, Switzerland

Ecole Cantonale d’art de Lausanne (ECAL) is an art school known for its excellence in art projects, innovations and collaborations and has earned its place in the list of the best art schools in the world.

The school offers six Bachelor degree program in fine arts, Graphic design, Industrial design, Cinema, Photography and Media and Interaction design. The school has world-class research facilities for students to express their creativity and develop their full potentials.

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ArtEZ University of the Arts, The Netherlands

This art school offers bachelor’s and master degree programs in music, design, fine arts, fashion, theatre, creative writing, architecture and interior and dance, which you can study in any of the branches.

ArtEZ University trains students for professions which art, knowledge and creativity plays a major role.

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California Institute of the Arts, USA

Walt Disney founded the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) in 1961, and has since earned its recognition as one of the best art schools in the world due to its excellence and contributions to the art world.

The school is specifically for students who want to pursue a career in both visual and performing art.

To learn more about this school, visit its website.


While going through a formal education may not be necessary to become an artist, It is important to become a professional in your field of study so that you stay ahead of the competition.

As a professional artist, you easily contribute to the art space, go to places that you never dreamed of, make a name for yourself and money as well. The art schools mentioned above with their unique advantages will help you grow as an artist and launch your professional career as an artist.



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