How to Archive Amazon Orders

how to archive amazon orders

Can you archive Amazon orders?

If you’re like most online shoppers, you probably have a long history of Amazon orders.

Over time, your order history can become cluttered, making it challenging to find past purchases or keep track of your expenses. The good news is that you can easily declutter your Amazon order history by archiving orders.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the process of archiving Amazon orders.

how to archive amazon orders

Why Archive Amazon Orders?

Before we explain how to archive Amazon orders, let’s clarify why you might want to do this. Archiving orders on Amazon can help you declutter your order history, making it easier to find and manage your past purchases. It also provides a better overview of your expenses and helps you keep your account organized.

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How to Archive Amazon Orders

Now, let’s discuss the practical steps to archive your Amazon orders:

1. Log in to Your Amazon Account: Start by logging in to your Amazon account using your credentials.

2. Access Your Order History: Click on “Account & Lists” and select “Your Orders.”

3. Find the Order to Archive: Locate the order you want to archive in your order history.

4. Archive the Order: To the right of the order, you will see an “Archive order” option. Click on it to archive the selected order.

5. Confirmation: Amazon will confirm the archiving of your order.

6. Repeat if Necessary: You can repeat this process for any additional orders you want to archive.

Can I Unarchive an Amazon Order?

Yes, you can unarchive an order if needed. Simply go to your archived orders, select the order you want to unarchive and choose the “Unarchive order” option.

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Can I Archive Multiple Orders at Once?

Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t provide an option to archive multiple orders in a single step. You’ll need to archive each order individually.

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How Long Are Orders Archived?

Amazon archives orders indefinitely, so you can access your archived orders whenever you need them.

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Can I Archive Digital Orders?

Yes, you can archive digital orders, just like physical orders. The process is the same.

What Happens to Archived Orders?

Archived orders are moved to a separate section in your order history. They won’t clutter your main order list but remain accessible for your records.

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Can Archived Orders Be Deleted?

Archived orders cannot be deleted. Amazon retains them for your reference.

Is There a Limit to How Many Orders I Can Archive?

Amazon doesn’t impose a limit on the number of orders you can archive.

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Does Archiving Orders Affect My Amazon Account?

No, archiving orders doesn’t affect your account negatively. It’s a useful feature to help you manage your order history.

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How do I hide my orders on Amazon?

Log in to your Amazon account and click Returns & Orders on the right side of the menu bar. Scroll down and find the item or items you want to hide. Select Archive Order on the bottom left.

Why can’t I archive an Amazon order?

The option to archive an order is only available when browsing on your computer or by using your phone’s web browser in desktop mode. You can’t use an app or Alexa device to perform this function. 2. Click on “Returns & Orders” in the menu bar in the upper right.

Can you delete Amazon’s order history?

You can’t delete your order history, but there are ways to hide it from prying eyes. Use an Amazon Household Account to hide purchases and orders from your family. You can also archive your orders, hide your browsing history, change the delivery location.


Archiving Amazon orders is a straightforward process that can help you maintain an organized account and easily access your past purchases.

By following these simple steps, you can declutter your order history and enjoy a more efficient shopping experience on Amazon.

Remember, if you ever need to unarchive an order or refer to an archived order, Amazon makes it easy for you to access your historical purchases.



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