How to Sort Instagram Followers by Most Recent

How to Sort Instagram Followers by Most Recent

With social media, staying connected with friends, family, and the latest trends is as easy as a few taps on your smartphone. Instagram, one of the most popular platforms for sharing visual stories, continues to innovate and adapt to users’ needs.

Sorting your Instagram followers by the most recent, a feature many of us longed for, can help you keep track of the latest updates from those you follow.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of sorting your Instagram followers by most recent, ensuring you stay in the loop and never miss a moment.

How to see someone’s recent follower on Instagram?

After the recent Instagram algorithm update, you can no longer see followers listed in chronological order. Also, you can no longer check someone’s recent followers on Instagram.

The first technique involves checking the followers from the mobile app (iOS and Android device) and the web version.

Visit someone’s profile and tap on the Followers list from your mobile. There you will see their followers displayed in chronological order. This means the recent followers will be displayed at the very top.

However, you might need to refresh the list multiple times before landing on the list that has been organized in chronological order.

Also, this does not always guarantee that recent followers will be right at the top since there is no way to actually knowing that. By using this technique you may just get an idea on who the most recent followers are but they are not in chronological order.

This will work from the web version as well.

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How to see who someone recently followed on Instagram?

Unfortunately, you cannot see who someone recently followed on Instagram. You can see the total number of followers someone has on Instagram but not the most recent followers. The only way to do this is to keep a lookout on the account and write all the names of who the person follows in an excel spreadsheet and constantly update the spreadsheet.

This is a tedious process that will require you to keep monitoring the person’s account.

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How To Sort Instagram Followers By Most Recent

Last year, Instagram rolled out a new feature that lets users arrange their followers in categories. By default, there are only two categories.

The first one organizes your most recent followers in one group, and the other categorizes your oldest followers in another group. However, you cannot see the exact date when someone started following you.

Also, you cannot check the exact date and time for all the activities of your followers on Instagram. In their activity log, and even in yours, you will see each activity accompanied with vague time details such as “abc” minutes ago.

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How to categorize users on Instagram?

Instagram allows users to categorize all their users in discrete categories. Using this feature, you can put your most recent friends in one category and the rest in another.

It’s already been a long time since Instagram rolled out a new feature that allows users to organize their followers into different meaningful categories. We all know that Instagram has no shortage of quality content.

But unless you get to see something new on your Instagram feed (Home page), you might grow bored due to a lack of different content types. This is where the Category feature comes into play.

The default categories are-

  • Content or account you engage the most with
  • Content or account you least engage with.

After you do the sorting, you will have two groups of followers. The first will include accounts you primarily interact with (like, comment, DMs, shares). On the other hand, you will have another category that lists all the users you have the least interaction with.

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While Instagram doesn’t offer a native feature to sort your followers by most recent, there are workarounds that may help you achieve this. Keeping up with the latest posts from your connections can add a refreshing perspective to your Instagram experience.

However, it’s important to be aware of potential limitations and changes in the platform’s policies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to sort Instagram followers by most recent?

Sorting your Instagram followers by most recent allows you to see the latest posts from the people you follow at the top of your feed. This is ideal for staying up-to-date with current events, celebrations, and important updates shared by your connections.

Can I sort my Instagram followers by most recent on the app?

No. Unfortunately, there’s no built-in feature in the app to sort followers by most recent. However, you can achieve this using a few workarounds seen in this article.

How can I sort Instagram followers by most recent using third-party apps or services?

There are third-party apps and services that claim to provide the ability to sort Instagram followers by most recent. However, be cautious when using such tools, as Instagram’s policies may prohibit or penalize these actions. We recommend researching any third-party app thoroughly before deciding to use it.

Are there any potential downsides to sorting followers by most recent?

The main downside is that sorting followers by most recent doesn’t always provide the best user experience. Instagram’s algorithm is designed to curate your feed based on your interests and interactions. If you sort by most recent, you may miss out on content that Instagram thinks is more relevant to you.



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