How To Transfer Apple Cash To Bank: Simplified Guide For Smart Financial Management

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Apple Cash functions as a digital method for sending and receiving money, akin to platforms such as Venmo or Cash App. What sets it apart is its versatility, allowing you to utilize Apple Cash like any other card stored in your Apple Wallet, applicable wherever Apple Pay is accepted.

Upon setting up your iPhone, Apple Cash becomes a digital card seamlessly integrated into your Apple Wallet at no cost, though specific fees may apply for certain transactions. Whether transferring funds directly through the Messages or Wallet app or making payments at establishments that accept Apple Pay, Apple Cash provides a convenient and flexible digital payment solution.

Keep reading to find out how to transfer Apple cash to bank.

How To Transfer Apple Cash To Your Bank Account?

Here are the steps to follow, to transfer Apple cash to your bank account:

  1. Access the Apple Cash card information menu:
    a. On an iPhone: Access the Wallet app, click the Apple Cash card, and then click the button that reads ‘More’.
    b. On an iPad: Open the Settings app and then tap the phrase Wallet & Apple Pay. Then, just tap on your Apple cash card.
  2. Once you’re in the Apple Cash card menu, tap ‘Transfer to Bank’ and select an amount; then tap Next.
  3. Tap the option for ‘1-3 Business Days’. At this point, if you haven’t set up your bank account for transfer yet, the app will prompt you with instructions to set things up.
  4. Confirm the transfer with your passcode, Touch ID, or Face ID, and then wait out the 1-3 business days.

Children under 13 cannot withdraw money from an Apple Cash Family Account other than through bank transfers. Teens can deposit funds to a bank account or an accepted debit card as early as age 13.

Furthermore, you are limited to making transfers of $10,000 in a single transfer and up to $20,000 in 7 days. Unless the amount is less than $1, there is a $1 minimum.

Those restrictions are reduced to $2,000 for a single transfer and $4,000 over the course of seven days with Apple Cash Family.

It might take one to three business days to transfer money from Apple Cash to a bank account.

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How To Transfer Apple Cash To A Debit Card?

You can use Instant Transfer to transfer Apple Cash to an eligible debit card, but there are two important things to note before you use this method.

  • As of the time this article was written, Apple didn’t identify all debit cards that qualify, just stating that the card has to be issued in the United States and that you should get in touch with your card issuer if you have any more questions.
  • With Instant Transfer, there is a 1% fee deducted from the amount. The fee has a minimum of $0.25 and a maximum of $10.

If you know your card is eligible, then follow these steps to use Instant Transfer.

  1. Access the Apple Cash card information on the phone.
    Via iPhone: Open the Wallet app, tap the Apple Cash card, and then ‘More’
    Via iPad: Open your Settings, then tap Wallet & Apple Pay, and then the Apple Cash card.
  2. After accessing the card information, click ‘Transfer to Bank’, enter the amount you want to transfer, and then tap ‘Next’.
  3. Tap the option for Instant Transfer.
  4. At this point, if you don’t have an eligible debit card added to Wallet yet, you’ll need to tap Add Card and follow the instructions to add your card.
  5. If you already have a card added, tap the ‘>’ button to select a debit card to transfer the funds and then choose the billing information that matches the card.
  6. After that, your funds should arrive within 30 minutes.

The same amount limitations as bank accounts—listed in the previous section—also apply to transfer to eligible debit cards, but with Instant Transfer, the limitations do not include the fees.

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How To Update Your Bank Account Information On Apple Cash?

Updating your bank information for Apple Cash is a simple process, and once you update it on one device, it will update it for all devices associated with the Apple ID.

To start, open your Apple Cash card information.

To open the info on an iPhone, open the Wallet app and tap on your Apple Cash card, followed by the ‘More’ button. On an iPad, just open the Settings app tap Wallet & Apple Pay, and then tap on the Apple Cash card.

With the Apple Cash card menu open, tap Bank Account, and then select the account you want to update. From there, you can either edit or delete your bank information.

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Apple Cash Alternatives To Consider

  • Zelle: If your bank belongs to the nearly 10,000 institutions that provide Zelle, it’s advisable to make use of this person-to-person payment service. Zelle can be directly accessed through your bank’s mobile app, enabling you to make instant transfers at no additional cost.
  • Venmo: Venmo is available to anyone who has downloaded the app, distinguishing itself as a standalone person-to-person payment application. Unlike Apple Cash or Zelle, Venmo incorporates a social aspect, allowing users to follow each other and include playful emojis in their transactions, though they also have the option to maintain the privacy of their account activity.
  • PayPal: This person-to-person payment service is a suitable choice for international money transfers. Additionally, it provides a PayPal Debit card, similar to the Apple Cash card, which can be used for online or in-store purchases.
  • Samsung Pay Cash: Samsung users can opt for Samsung Pay Cash instead of Apple Cash. Like Apple Cash, it functions as a digital wallet accessible from a Samsung mobile device. However, to fully utilize Samsung Pay Cash, users need to undergo an additional registration process to upgrade to a Full Card Account.

If You Don’t Receive Your Transfer What Should I Do?

Check your bank statement to see if the transfer has been processed and deposited into your bank account. Bank transfers aren’t deposited on bank holidays or the weekend. 

If you don’t receive an Instant Transfer after 2 hours, or you don’t receive a 1 to 3 business day transfer after 3 business days, contact Apple Support.

Is There A Transfer Limit On Apple Cash?

You have the flexibility to transfer a maximum of $10,000 per transaction and up to $20,000 within a seven-day timeframe from your Apple Cash to your U.S. bank account. The transfer option is limited to bank accounts within the United States. Generally, there are no charges for transferring funds from Apple Cash to your bank account, excluding instances where an Instant Transfer is employed.

FAQs On How To Transfer Apple Cash To Bank

Can I transfer money internationally using Apple Cash?

No, Apple Cash only allows transfers to U.S. bank accounts. For international transfers, consider alternative services like PayPal.

Can I track my transfer status on Apple Cash?

Yes, you can check the status of your transfer in the Wallet app by tapping on the transaction in the Apple Cash card details.

What is the maximum amount I can transfer at once?

You can transfer up to $10,000 per transaction and up to $20,000 within a seven-day period from Apple Cash to your bank account.

Do I need to link my bank account to Apple Cash?

Yes, you need to have a linked and verified bank account to transfer money from Apple Cash to your bank.


Apple Cash facilitates convenient money transfers through the Messages app on any Apple device. Users can effortlessly send and receive money by tapping the Apple Cash icon within their text messages on iMessage. Additionally, it serves as an additional fund storage option for everyday expenses and is compatible with making purchases wherever Apple Pay is acknowledged.


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