How Fast Do Jet Skis Go? Jet Ski Top Speed Chart

Jet Ski Top Speed Chart

The speed chart and power of personal watercraft, or “jet ski,” has increased.

The threshold has been dramatically lifted by modern modifications and growing technology, even though personal watercraft may not have the ability to match the highest speeds of larger boats.

The fastest jet skis now on the market have a top speed of over 70 mph, while the slowest can only travel at roughly 40 mph. The speed of a jet ski is controlled by its engine power.

Furthermore, An average jet ski engine produces 150–200 horsepower. The faster a jet ski can accelerate, the more horsepower it has.

Additional factors that affect speed include the hull form, hull thrust, torque, intake system, and exhaust system.

The three manufacturers of the fastest jet skis on the market right now, with top speeds of 67 mph, are Yamaha, Sea-Doo, and Kawasaki. If you want a brand-new model that has just left the manufacturer, look for these companies.

A lot of fun may be had on jet skis, especially those that accelerate swiftly. You cannot compare to the rush and elation you get from jumping waves. However, some, are faster than others and have amazing top speeds available.

The top jet ski speeds chart is shown below, along with tips on how to make your jet ski faster.

How To Make Your Jet Ski Faster

Let’s go over some of the simple to difficult techniques to speed up your jet ski.

Easy Speed Increases

  1. Choose the appropriate key or driving mode.
  2. Eliminate excess weight.
  3. Check for damage to the impeller and wear ring.
  4. Check to see whether your vehicle has a supercharger.
  5. Use high-quality, ethanol-free fuel.
  6. procure race sponsors.
  7. You need a module that disables the GPS signal if your vehicle’s computer won’t let you go faster than a specific speed.
  8. “ECU tuning.” It could be necessary for you to ship the ECU out or go someplace to get it reprogrammed.

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Hard Speed Increases

  1. RIVA kits.
  2. Buy a faster jet ski, some will only go so fast.
  3. Replace the intake grate.
  4. Get a new impeller.
  5. Cold air-intake.
  6. Performance exhaust system

Getting the speed control bypass will be the simplest and quickest way to boost the top speed of your supercharged jet ski, especially if it uses GPS for speed, like a Sea-Doo.

You should be aware that some of these modifications violate your warranty.

Can You Make Your Jet Ski Slower?

Most jet ski models on the market now have speed limiters that let you lower the top speed.

Sea-Doo, for instance, features an ECO mode that caps top speed at 45 mph.

Many models even include a learning key or mode that may be programmed to operate between 32 and 50 mph. The unprogrammable jet skis remain at a speed of 35 mph.

There are more modes available, such as Touring, which slows down the jet ski’s takeoff while maintaining top speed. If you want to cruise rather than launch out of the water, this is wonderful.

These modes are not brand-new; for instance, Sea-Doo has offered its Touring and Sport modes since 2009, expanding their availability starting in 2011.

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Yamaha vs. Sea-Doo VS Kawasaki

Which of the top 3 manufacturers produces the quickest jet skis?

As a result of a gentleman’s agreement with the Coast Guard, all 3 are limited to 70 mph.

Only Kawasaki and Sea-Doo have 300 HP engines, but Yamaha is the preferred brand among racers.

Yamaha has the hull, Kawasaki has a larger engine, and Sea-Doo has the technology.

Since Sea-Doo updated the RXP-X and Yamaha improved the already fantastic GP1800R SVHO, things are getting more intriguing. The decision will ultimately come down to personal preference. The makers set the foundation; the racers do the amazing feats.

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FAQs – Jet Ski Top Speed Chart

What About Countries Outside the US?

The 70MPH is for the USA; most other countries don’t have this limit. Though they don’t go much faster than the ones in the US.

Who Makes The Fastest Jet Ski?

Stock wise, it doesn’t matter.
All jet skis are limited to 70mph and Sea-Doo, Yamaha, and Kawasaki can get there just fine.
If you ask me Yamaha does better with the racing crowd, but Sea-Doo and Kawasaki have the jet skis with more horsepower.
The fastest jet ski can do 127 MPH, here is a video of it.

Are There Speed Limits For Boats and Jet Ski?

There are no speed limit signs for boats.
The closest thing you’ll have is a no-wake buoy, which means you can’t go above idle in that area.
Also, there are not often signs telling you to stay to one side; there might be for boat launches but not on the water.


Your jet ski’s impeller is a rotor with metal blades. It rotates within the tank and helps to increase the pressure of the water.

It functions as a boat propeller, using the power of the engine to drive the jet ski. If your impellers are correctly balanced, your jet ski will operate at its peak performance.

Before replacing your impeller, look at the various designs because some are intended to boost speed while others improve acceleration and other advantages.



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