10 Best Bachelor Degrees In Automotive Engineering | 2022

As a kid, I often wondered why cars didn’t slide down while climbing a hill. After doing my research, I discovered that a group of trained experts ensure that it never happens. These experts make accurate calculations during the design of these automobile machines.

These experts are automotive engineers and we will briefly identify how they came to understand these technicalities. In essence, we will consider the best bachelor’s degree in automotive engineering.

According to Telegraph, a career in automotive engineering is incredibly rewarding, especially at the moment. With your colleagues, you can have a very direct impact on people’s lives, because cars are everywhere and they’re a huge part of modern culture.

It fills you with a great sense of pride and personal satisfaction when you see a car you have helped to create out on the open road, or on a show stand.

While we consider the best bachelor’s degree in automotive engineering, we will also consider other key aspects of this profession. You can find all you’ll learn here in the table of content.

Why Do I Need To Attend An Automotive Engineering School?

If you want to become an automotive engineer, there’s no further this conversation can go if you don’t attend an automotive engineering school. Most times, this could also depict a mechanical engineering program.

In this program, you can specialize in automotive engineering and truly work hard. This will be very beneficial for your career moving forward as employers can easily hire you.

On the other hand, if you directly enroll in an automotive engineering program, you use up less time as you’ll be more focused on your subject area. Hence, this is a good head start for a fantastic career.

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What is the Salary and Job Outlook of an Automotive Engineer?

Although they might not be the highest-paid in the engineering profession, automotive engineers still carry a reasonable paycheck home. However, the amount is dependent on the state and country as well.

The average salary for an Automotive Engineer is $77,536 per year. It’s some thousand dollars below a hundred. However, there is a promise that it will still rise in the coming years.

On the other hand, there is a solid 8.1% increase in available job places for automotive engineers between 2004 and 2024. Indeed we can attribute this to their vital role in technological improvement.

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How Much Does It Cost To Attend An Automotive Engineering School?

According to Career Village, the average annual out-of-state cost for a bachelor program in Mechanical Engineering is $38,632 with an estimated average four-year degree total cost of $154,528.

The most affordable bachelor program is offered by the United States Air Force Academy at an annual $0 out of state total cost.

So, if you can’t afford tuition for this program, you can also check out the available scholarships for engineering students.

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10 Best Bachelor Degrees In Automotive Engineering | 2022

To effectively rank the best bachelor degrees in automotive engineering, we used the following ranking factors. Hence, they include;

We have checked the reputations of these schools while checking their rankings from Bachelor’s Portal.

The schools which you’ll see below have exceptional specialties under automotive engineering.

Finally, we considered the strength of their administrative department.

10. The University of Michigan

Automotive engineering is one of the most interesting and compelling specialty areas. Experts in automotive engineering are poised to develop innovations that will change society and address global problems.

The University of Michigan continually offers world standard academics and practical experience. Hence, the bachelor’s degree program in automotive engineering is a professional degree program designed specifically for today’s engineering world.

Graduates of this program grow strengths in modern automotive systems, engineering fundamentals, enhanced interdisciplinary skills, and teamwork skills vital for guiding product and process development in this growing field.

9. University of Tennessee

The University of Tennessee has a department which functions as the department of mechanical, aerospace, and biomedical engineering (MABE). The Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET accredited this institution.

The mission of their department is to provide a broad-based integration of courses and experience that prepares its graduates to practice their profession successfully, to apply their skills to solve current engineering problems collaboratively, and to help advance the knowledge and engineering practice in their field.

In this school, a bachelor’s degree in automotive engineering is similar to a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. So, if you’re looking for an automotive department, you might not find it.

They have steadily recorded high enrollment rates which are always above 700 for every session. Funnily enough, less than 20% get their degrees at the end of the program.

8. Indiana State University

The Automotive Engineering Technology Program at Indiana seeks to educate automotive industry professionals to make sound management decisions for best practices and a deep understanding of automobile technology.

The program hammers on managerial skills while ensuring students have a good understanding of automotive operations, solve technical problems through analysis in addition to building knowledge of computer applications and information management skills.

Students can use state-of-the-art laboratories to practice and execute their research. In addition, students can build real-world experience by participating in the Co-op/Internship Program, which combines on-campus study with actual work experience off-campus.

A good number of activities and organizations are open for students to connect and interact with other students and professionals in the industry. Hence, a bachelor’s degree in automotive engineering at Indiana opens you up to opportunities.

7. Ferris State University

Automotive Engineering Technology B.S. degree students at Ferris receive hands-on laboratory experience in Automotive Engineering Technology processes, mechanical testing, metallurgy, vehicle emissions, and dynamometer testing.

Additionally, they have an on-the-job Automotive Engineering Technology internship which is a vital part of the whole degree program. The degree program has two branches which are BS Degree Automotive Engineering Technology (AET) and BS Degree Automotive Management (AMGT)

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Automotive Engineering Technology graduates from this college are among the highest-paid and most sought-after college graduates in the whole of Michigan. Indeed, a lot of data supports this statement.

Due to the need for Automotive Engineering Technology in every global automotive manufacturer’s industry, expectations keep getting higher. So, if you have a bachelor’s degree in automotive engineering, you’re in a good place.

6. Pennsylvania College of Technology

At Pennsylvania College of Technology, there are about six different bachelor degree programs in automotive engineering. While some of these programs are taken offline others are online.

PCU remains one of the few schools that run summer programs for automotive engineering. So, you can even stay at home and follow the program online from anywhere in the world.

In summary, no matter the part of the automotive engineering specialty you choose, PCU has something that will push you faster to your goal. All you have to do is make the right choice.

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5. Hame University of Applied Sciences

The mechanical engineering and production technology degree program at this institute allows its students to focus on production systems, design of mechanical systems or simulation, and modeling.

Under this program, students develop general engineering skills. To be precise, you will develop deeper knowledge in the design processes and procedures of these machines, equipment, products, and structures as well as in production technology, production planning, and modern manufacturing methods.

Furthermore, you will learn automated production and manufacturing technologies when building intelligent machines and equipment for future needs.

Although this school gives you a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, it’s still similar to a bachelor’s degree in automotive engineering.

4. Edith Cowan University

In this school, they have a specialty that focuses on automotive design and motorsports engineering. Hence, this program looks into the development of knowledge and skills relevant to professional engineering practice.

Graduates of this department don’t only learn the technical skills, they also master the right analytical and management skills. So, these skills will eventually help them manage the team and work in groups effectively.

During the first year, students learn about the basics of mechanical engineering. Indeed, this is vital as it is the foundational element upon which automotive engineering stands.

Going up students will learn computer-aided design and calculations surrounding the design of mechanical systems. With this knowledge, the design of an automotive system becomes very easy.

3. Southern Illinois University

At Southern Illinois University Carbondale, you can pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in Automotive Technology. This degree helps students acquire the professional, research, and technical skills necessary for success in the automotive and related industries.

Students under this program learn the theoretical and practical hands-on application of knowledge through a combination of automotive technical courses, business/management courses, in addition to computing and communication courses.

The SIU Automotive Technology Department remains keen on enhancing a culture that enables all participants to reach their full intellectual and human potential. Indeed, it is an amazing place for a bachelor’s degree in automotive engineering.

2. Pittsburgh State University

The Department of Automotive Technology is recognized as one of the best academic programs in the nation. Every staff of this institution is an accomplished professional with industry experience.

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Every time automotive engineering students have access to the latest technology in their laboratories. This will help them be in sync with the latest happenings.

Graduates of this university have high recruitment numbers among leading-edge dealerships and corporations. However, this is highly dependent on the areas.

A corporate starting salary can vary between $35,000 to $60,000 a year in this city. Furthermore, graduates that accept jobs in small rural communities can start at a lower hourly wage, such as $10 to $15 per hour.

1. Liberty University

The Mechanical Engineering program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET. Generally, Liberty University is accredited by SACSOC.

When you possess a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (BSME) from Liberty University, you’ll be grounded in the areas of solid mechanics, thermal-fluids, mechatronics, and materials engineering.

Furthermore, you can get theoretical knowledge along with the practical experience that will get you ready for industrial duties. The incorporation of computational modeling and simulation in its curriculum increases your chances of getting good jobs in high-tech companies.

Another good aspect is that you learn under experienced professors who are grounded in their Christian faith. A deep desire of the faculty who share your passion for exploring the complexities of God’s creation in order to support initiatives that will improve quality of life.

Conclusively, with a bachelor’s degree in automotive engineering, you possess knowledge of the motion of matter, forces, and energy so as to design and manufacture automotive devices and systems.

FAQ on 10 Best Bachelor Degrees In Automotive Engineering | 2022

Is there an automotive engineering degree?

Yes, there is an automotive engineering degree.

Is an automotive engineer a good job?

Yes, automotive engineering is a very good job that pays very well as well.

How long does it take to get a bachelor's degree in automotive engineering?

It takes about 4 years to get a bachelor’s degree in automotive engineering.

Is it hard to become an automotive engineer?

I won’t say it’s easy either although if you invest the right time and energy, you will succeed.


It’s so evident that mechanical engineers have played a big role in ensuring human living gets easy every day. Of course, it takes a lot of hard work to produce and design such products.

So, you can lend your hand in ensuring humanity gets the best of automotive products. You can simply enroll in a program for a bachelor’s degree in automotive engineering.


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