Top 50+ Best Books For College Students Of All Time 2022

They say that no college student would like to read books. How could that be? We don’t think so at all! Reading is in style, yes. Again. And most college students are always in manner. But there are plenty of other reasons why students should read important books.

Books increase vocabulary and help students find new models for academic writing. They also improve your cognitive skills, broaden your view of the world, and help students automatically remember grammar and punctuation rules.

Every college student has a list of books they must read or at least checkout. But what if we told you there are some writing masterpieces every college student should read? Check out the list!

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Top 50+ Best Books For College Students Of All Time

#1. Freedom by Jonathan Franzen.

“You may be poor, but no one can take away your freedom to mess up your life however you want.” This is a story about a love triangle between three people who met in college. Love or friendship? Which will become more important to them?

Is there a way out of this hard situation when you love your best friend but don’t want to lose them? These are questions that every college student should know the answers to. Freedom is one of the must-read books for college students to read in 2022.

#2. Young Mungo by Douglas Stuart

Young Mungo is one of the best books for college students to read in 2022. Douglas Stuart won the Booker Prize for his first book, Shuggie Bain, which came out in 2020. His second book, which came out in 2021, is a heartbreaking story of gay love. It was between a Protestant man named Mungo and a Catholic man named James.

They meet on a divided Glasgow council estate after Thatcher. “Young Mungo is both a suspense story and a novel that looks deeply into people’s minds. It’s hard to imagine that a book about the dangers of being different will come out soon that is scarier. If Stuart’s first book showed he had a lot of potentials, this one proves he is a genius.

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#3. The Candy House by Jennifer Egan

Bix Bouton was a minor character in A Visit from the Goon Squad, a book by Jennifer Egan. It came out in 2011. Now, at the opening of The Candy House, he is back as a tech visionary in his role as CEO of internet giant Mandala. He is looking for his next “utopian vision.”

The novel looks at the end of privacy in the digital age and how technology turns the world upside down. Hansel and Gretel’s “candy house” is a metaphor for temptation throughout the book. Prospect calls it an “exhilarating and deeply enjoyable” book. The New York Times calls it “a spectacular palace made of rabbit holes.” It is one of the best books for college students to read in 2022.

#4. Either/Or by Elif Batuman

The Idiot, Batuman’s first book, got nominated for the Pulitzer Prize in 2017. Her second book, which is also semi-autobiographical, continues the story of Selin Karadag. It is one of the best books for college students to read in 2022. A Russian literature student in her sophomore year at Harvard University in 1996.

Soren thinks about the meaning of life by looking at the Danish philosopher Kierkegaard’s theory of the choice between morality and hedonism. She does this by using her literature syllabus as a guide.

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#5. Constructing a Nervous System by Margo Jefferson

Margo Jefferson’s follow-up to Negroland, which came out in 2015, is a mix of criticism and memoir. In it, she talks about her own life and the people she has lost, as well as jazz greats, artists, and writers she admires.

The veteran critic draws on her rich life full of cultural experiences and new ideas. It is about the role race has played in her life to talk about black women’s identity. “It’s an amazing book to read. It’s the first book I can remember wanting to reread as soon as I finished it.” Constructing a Nervous system is one of the must-read books for college students to read in 2022.

#6. “In Love: A Memoir of Love and Loss.” By Amy Bloom

Hephzibah Anderson of The Guardian called the book “a brave howl of a memoir.” In Love… tells the story of Bloom’s journey to help her husband end his life after he got diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s in 2019. The story jumps back and forth in time. It shows the frustrations and bureaucratic red tape that Bloom has to deal with.

It also showed the ethical questions that come up with assisted suicide. The book achieved this while painting a vivid picture of her architect husband, Brian Ameche. He has wit, compassion, and dark humor.

The memoir is a powerful reminder of how close and caring the couple was to each other. It is one of the top books for college students to read in 2022.

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#7. Love Marriage by Monica Ali

Love Marriage is one of the top books for college students to read in 2022. In the tragicomic novel Love Marriage, Yasmin is a junior doctor and a good daughter.

As her wedding day gets closer, she starts to question what she thought she knew about the people around her. Her family and the family of her fiance have secrets, lies, and affairs that come to light.

Yasmin has to ask herself what a “love marriage” really means. This is Monica Ali’s most well-known book since 2003 when Brick Lane got shortlisted for the Booker Prize. The TLS calls it “her fifth and possibly her best novel.”

It is “rich, sensitive, and gloriously entertaining,” and it “juggles so many questions and plot lines that we keep expecting one of them to break free and become detached… yet everything stays completely coherent and convincing.”

#8. Tiepolo Blue by James Cahill

Tiepolo Blue is one of the interesting books for college students to read in 2022. Don Lamb is a tense art historian in his 40s from Cambridge who wrote a book. It was about the paintings of the same-named 18th-century Venetian master. In 1994, the contemporary art world is changing quickly.

After making an embarrassing mistake, Lamb moves from Cambridge to South London to run a gallery.

There, he meets Ben, a young artist who shows him the city’s wild nightlife and forces him to face his sexuality. The FT says that Tiepolo Blue has “formal elegance and a gripping story.”

#9. Fire Island: Love, Loss, and Liberation in an American Paradise by Jack Parlett

Jack Parlett includes bits of his own life in his thoughtful look back at the famous gay party island in New York. This led to a widely praised memoir about hedonism, reinvention, and freedom that is set in a specific place. It captures a queer life on Fire Island captures, with a plain-spoken yet lyrical touch.

The place’s power to stun and shame, to give pleasure, and symbolize evanescence. People like WH Auden, James Baldwin, and Patricia Highsmith from the middle of the 20th century show up in the book. It looks at the culture and social order of Fire Island’s communities.

“Utopias tend to have flaws in revealing ways,” says the TLS. This “sets the tone for an island history that is deeply felt and sharply judged.” This is one of the best books for college students to read in 2022.

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#10. Pure Color by Sheila Heti

Sheila Heti’s new book Pure Colour is a follow-up to her 2018 book Motherhood. It is “a book about the shape of life, from beginning to end,” and it tells the story of Mira. She wants to be an art critic. She meets Annie and falls in love with her.

Annie uses her huge power to open a portal in Mira’s chest. When Mira’s father dies later, she turns into a leaf for a long time. Lily Meyer of NPR says that Pure Color is both wise and silly, moving and hard to understand.

“The end of the world written in trance, a sleepwalker’s song about how everything will end… Pure Color is a unique book that says something new about the hard times we live in “Anne Enright writes about this in The Guardian. Pure colour is one of the interesting books for college students to read in 2022.

#11. Sea of Tranquillity by Emily St John Mandel

Emily St. John Mandel’s 2014 dystopian novel Station Eleven, about a devastating pandemic, was a big hit. It won the Arthur C. Clarke award and got turned into a TV series. Sea of Tranquillity, her new time-traveling story, starts in 1912 when a bored young British immigrant is starting a new life in Canada.

While wandering in the woods, he has an unexplainable supernatural event. The story moves from the past to the present and then to two time zones in the future.

It weaves together different parts. The Scotsman says that the book has “intellectual heft” and that “St. John Mandel is a smart, and empathetic writer.”

Sea of Tranquillity by Emily St John Mandel is one of the must-read books for college students in 2022.

#12. Stringfellow’s Memphis by Tara M

This book is one of the top books for college students to read in 2022. Kia Corthron of the New York Times calls Stringfellow’s first novel, which spans 70 years and three generations. It includes Hazel, her daughters Miriam and August, and her granddaughter Joan.

“Memphis is an ode to my city and the black women who live here,” says Stringfellow. “It’s full of mystery, magic, humor, and grit.” The Irish Times says of Stringfellow, “Her women are vivid, strong, and funny, exposing the legacy of racial violence. Not just within the microcosm of family or the titular city, but nationally.

The Washington Post says of Stringfellow, “With her richly impressionistic style, Stringfellow captures the changes that were transforming Memphis in the second half of the 20th century.”

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#13 Time is a Mother by Ocean Vuong

Ocean Vuong wrote his second book of poems after the death of his mother. In it, he thinks about his loss, the meaning of family, and kindness in the face of violence. In his poem Dear Rose, he talks to his dead mother about her journey from Vietnam to the US as an immigrant.

Time is a Mother is a “dazzling investigation of love and loss that inspires both nostalgia and release”. The website says that the poet’s language “acknowledges the pain of death but also revels in the glory of life.” It is one of the must-read books for college students in 2022.

#14. How High We Go in the Dark by Sequoia Nagamatsu.

This book is one of the top books for college students to read in 2022. Shortly, a group of scientists in Siberia find the mummified body of a prehistoric woman. They call it “Annie.” Annie has a disease inside of her that starts “the Arctic Plague,” a deadly pandemic.

Nagamatsu focuses on the human side of the crisis. He jumps ahead 6,000 years to show society the long-term effects of decisions made in the past. It is big and doesn’t fit into any one genre. It is through separate stories that slowly come together.

The New York Times says it is, “a book about how sad it is that we are destroying ourselves. Even though we are sad, the book shows us that there is still hope in human connections”

#15. Burning Questions by Margaret Atwood

This is the 70th year of her long and successful writing career. When you look at the past 20 years as a whole, there are a lot of different things to talk about. From censorship and Obama to #MeToo and zombies. And there are hints about how she writes and what fiction is for.

Atwood always makes big ideas a little bit easier to understand. You start to wonder, “What good can fiction do?” In general, what can we do?” The Guardian says that the essays are full of “droll, deadpan humor and an instinct for self-deprecation.” “Atwood stays open, honest, and fun to be with.”

Burning Questions by Margaret Atwood is one of the interesting books for college students to read in 2022.

#16. Bless the Daughter Raised by a Voice in Her Head by Warsan Shire

This book is no doubt one of the best books for college students to read in 2022.  Shire’s poems in Bless the Daughter… are based on her own life and bring to life the lives of black women, motherhood, and migration.

“Shire’s strikingly beautiful imagery uses the specifics of her womanhood, love life, struggles with mental health, grief, family history, and stories from the Somali diaspora to make them resonate with everyone,” writes Dfiza Benson in The Telegraph.

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#17. In the Margins: On the Pleasures of Reading and Writing by Elena Ferrante

In “In the Margins”, Elena talks about how and why she writes, as well as her inspirations, struggles, and growth as a reader and a writer. The essays, which range from philosophical to practical, give the reader a look into the mysterious author’s mind.

They also explore what a writer is, which she describes as “a stream of pure sensibility that feeds on the alphabet.” The New York Times says, “Ferrante has made a tunnel for those who want to dig like a gopher into the mind of the author.” The book is one of the interesting books for college students to read in 2022.

#18. Moon Witch, Spider King by Marlon James

The author who won the Booker Prize is back with the second book in his Dark Star fantasy trilogy. This comes after Black Leopard, and Red Wolf, which came out in 2019. It got described by the author as the “African Game of Thrones”.  The book fast became one of the best books for college students to read in 2022.

Sogolon, the 177-year-old antihero, and Moon Witch go on an epic journey in this sequel to Moon Witch. She spends her lonely time giving men who hurt women a deadly dose of rough justice.” Eowyn Ivey wrote in The New York Times that “the Moon Witch lit my way and showed me how a woman could get around in this strange and dangerous world.”

#19. Olga Dies Dreaming by Xochitl Gonzalez

This is the first book by Xochitl Gonzalez, and it is a complex story about identity, elites, race, and capitalism. The Observer calls this book an “impressive debut” that is “deeply satisfying and nuanced… a tender exploration of love in all its forms.” Olga Dies is one of the best books for college students to read in 2022.

Olga Dies Dreaming is about a wedding planner named Olga and her brother, Prieto, who is a congressman. The story takes place in New York City in the months before a terrible hurricane hits Puerto Rico. The Skinny calls this book “irresistibly warm yet completely uncompromising.” It is about family problems, corruption in politics, and the idea of the American dream.

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#20. Glory by NoViolet Bulawayo,

NoViolet Bulawayo’s first book, We Need New Names, came out in 2013. It made her the first black African woman and the first Zimbabwean shortlisted for the Booker Prize. Nine years later, Glory is a fable set in the animal kingdom of Jidda

Glory is a fierce but funny allegory that goes along with Chronicles from the Land of the Happiest People on Earth, Wole Soyinka’s 2021 satire of Nigerian society. “Glory,” writes the Guardian, “is an allegory, a satire, and a fairy tale all rolled into one powerful punch.” It is one of the interesting books for college students to read in 2022.

#21. French Braid by Anne Tyler

French Braid is one of the top books for college students to read in 2022. The Evening Standard says that Anne Tyler’s 24th book is “a very rich portrait of a family in change.” “Tyler’s set pieces don’t seem very exciting, but her rhythms are brilliant.” The book tells the story of the Garrett family for over sixty years.

Like most of Tyler’s other works, it’s set in Baltimore and focuses on a group of people from different generations. The story starts with a family trip to a lake, where rifts start to form that isn’t talked about. As time goes on, each family member’s life starts to fall apart. The Guardian says that it is “thoroughly enjoyable,” and that at this point, any Tyler book is a gift.

#22. To Paradise by Hanya Yanagihara’s

This book comes after her best-selling and Booker Prize-nominated 2015 debut, A Little Life. To Paradise came out in January to both rapturous praise and cries of disagreement. Like its predecessor, it is long (720 pages) and focuses on deep suffering rather than happiness. It takes many different forms and spans three centuries.

It is a compelling and wildly ambitious work that tells an alternate history of the United States through New York in the 1890s, Hawaii in the late 21st century, and a dystopian future. The Boston Globe calls it “a rich, emotional, and thought-provoking read.” It is one of the best books for college students to read in 2022.

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#23. The School for Good Mothers by Jessamine Chan

The school for good mothers is one of the interesting books for college students to read in 2022. Shortly, Frida Liu is a single mother who works. One afternoon, she makes the mistake of leaving her child alone at home for a few hours. Neighbors call the police, and they take her daughter Harriet away from her.

Frida has to decide whether to give up her child for good. Or spend a year at a state-run re-education camp for mothers. There she will have to care for creepily lifelike robot children who are being watched by cameras. Wired says that it doesn’t feel right to call this book “dystopian.” “Almost dystopian, perhaps? A little bit of guesswork? The emotional gut punch that the book delivers comes from how close it is to real life.”

#24. The Exhibitionist by Charlotte Mendelson.

The Hanrahan family gets together for a weekend. Ray, the patriarch, and a self-centered artist get ready for a new show of his work. Ray’s three grown children and his loyal wife, Lucia, each have to make their own decisions.

This is Mendelson’s fifth book, and it had nominations for the Women’s Prize and was praised very highly. The Guardian says that the author has “succinct specificity of detail” and “a precision of observation that made me laugh often and smile when I wasn’t laughing.” This book is one of the best books for college students to read in 2022.

#25. Free Love by Tessa Hadley

For the past 20 years, Hadley has been quietly writing quietly powerful prose. Hadley’s eighth book, Free Love, looks at close relationships, sexuality, memory, and grief. This was then done through the eyes of a seemingly normal suburban family.

Set during the culture clash of the late 1960s, the novel questions the counterculture’s idealistic view of sexual freedom. “Free Love is a fresh, moving evocation of the beginning of the Age of Aquarius,” says NPR. It is one of the top books for college students to read in 2022.

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#26. Black Cake by Charmaine Wilkerson

In Black Cake, the author’s first book, she tells the story of an African-American family with roots in the Caribbean. It also two siblings who meet again after being apart for eight years at their mother’s funeral. There, they find out about an unusual inheritance. Black Cake is one of the best books for college students to read in 2022.

The plot moves along with a narrator who knows everything, including dialogue, and flashbacks. It has “family secrets, big lies, great loves, bright colors, and strong smells”. The Independent says that the themes of race, identity, and family love are all present “. Black Cake is a satisfying piece of writing that announces the arrival of a new author to keep an eye on.”

#27. Auē by Becky Manawatu

Au is the story of Mori’s siblings who have lost their parents. The story has the point of view of each of the siblings. Their mother, Aroha, tells her story about the afterlife. The book has already won two awards in New Zealand, and now it is getting praise from people all over the world.

The Guardian says that the plot twists are “masterful.” “Au has done well because it is well-made, but also because it has something hard to describe. It is fascinating, confusing, gripping, and familiar, but also strange.” This book is one of the interesting books for college students to read in 2022.

#28. This Side of Paradise by F. Scott Fitzgerald

“Life is not hard; it’s the struggle to guide and control life that’s hard.” After graduating, a privileged Princeton student loses all hope in the world. He finds out that life outside of his college is very different, and now he has to find himself again.

It sounds like something a lot of college students have heard before, doesn’t it? This book is one of the top books for college students to read in 2022.

#29. Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami

This is a story about real love and friendship. A college student who has to change his ideas about life and how he reacts to everything that happens. It teaches us to value our friends and the people who love us and to be ready to deal with the bad things that happen in life. Norwegian Wood is one of the top books for college students to read in 2022.

#30. 1984 by George Orwell

A world that has three dictatorships. Controlling everything, getting rid of all human values, and trying to stay alive in a world full of hate. Will you be able to fight against the way things are? Are you strong enough to stay the same and not lose who you are?

If you are a college student, 1984 is one of the top books for college students to read in 2022.

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#31. Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s

A famous book about a student named Raskolnikov and how he tries to figure out his place in the world. He tries so hard to figure out who he is. This young man tries to explain why he killed an old pawnshop owner.

Raskolnikov’s story can make every college student today think about moral laws and their place in society in a new way. It is no doubt, one of the interesting books for college students to read in 2022.

#32. “A Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley

The author of this book said that it was “a negative utopia.” This is a story about our world in the future, where happiness is important but being unique is not. Is it possible to be happy if you act like everyone else? Which is more important for young people: to accept the way things are or to try to change them?

“A Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley is one of the interesting books for college students to read in 2022.

#33. One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Then he tried one last time to find the place in his heart where his love had gone bad, but he couldn’t. This is a myth novel, an epic novel, and a novel parody about how humans have changed over time.

Each person’s destiny is to be alone, and loneliness is the only thing that rules a world. Especially in a world where everything is bound by the ties of fatal love. College students can learn and understand how important family and close friends are. It is, of course, one of the best books for college students to read in 2022.

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#34. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald is one of the best books for college students to read in 2022. “The most lonely time in someone’s life is when they can do nothing but watch their whole world fall apart.”

Read this book to understand how many Americans felt when they lost hope during the Jazz Age. This is a good lesson for young people because it teaches them to think about what they can do. And to understand that we can’t change the past, so it’s best to let it go.

#35. Lolita by Vladamir Nobokov

This book about a man’s forbidden love for a young nymphet is still controversial today. However, it can teach us about understanding, sacrifice, forgiveness, and many other important traits. It brought out most traits that many people have forgotten. This book is one of the top books for college students to read in 2022.

#36. A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway

The first and best of the “Lost Generation” books written in English about World War I. This is a story about a war where young, innocent boys joined the “Poor Bloody Infantry”. They either died or became so angry that they couldn’t care less about anything anymore.

It’s about a war where love is just a brief moment of rest with no past and no future. It’s about a war you want to forget but can’t forget. The book is one of the top books for college students to read in 2022.

#37. The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck’s

This is a story about a family that moves to California during the Great Depression to try to find a better life. It’s a story about the importance of love, support, and having close people around you. It’s also a story about a man’s strength and willingness to take life as it comes. The Grapes of Wrath is one of the top books for college students to read in 2022.

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#38. The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov’s

The devil shows up in Moscow. This book has all kinds of things. Happy mischief and sad melancholy, romantic love and magical obsession, a mystery and a dangerous game with an evil spirit. This is the perfect book to read if you want to know how evil can be more honest than society and its political systems.

#39. Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe

Even though it was both praised and criticized, this book is part of the history of many colleges. This book is about a hard and controversial time in American history that many famous writers and essayists.

It helps young people understand the principles and values of their country by showing how they have changed since then. This book is a must-read for college students.

#40. “The Stranger” by Albert Camus’s

Albert Camus’s the stranger is a must-read for college students. After reading this book, young people will realize how important it is to make their own decisions. They would also learn how sometimes the universe doesn’t care. The story of someone who killed a man and didn’t feel bad about it shows how strange the world may be. It is one of the top books for college students to read in 2022.

#41. “The Art of Happiness” by The Dalai Lama

The interviews with the Dalai Lama can help college students (and everyone else) learn and understand how to find happiness and fulfillment in their lives. It is no doubt one of the top books for college students to read in 2022.

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#42. Faust by Johann von Goethe

God and Mephistopheles make a bet about Faust’s soul. This leads to Faust’s supernatural journey and fights for his will and freedom. This play shows us how to tell the difference between good and evil. It also teaches us some ancient myths and teaches us how to argue well. Faust is one of the top books for college students to read in 2022.

#43. Paradise Lost by John Milton’s

We all know the Bible story about how Lucifer, the proud angel who fell from heaven, tried to get Adam and Eve to sin. But there isn’t much we know about Lucifer himself. Paradise Lost shows us different sides of good and evil, so we can decide for ourselves who is right. It is very interesting and a must-read for college students.

#44. Lord of the Flies by William Golding

If you haven’t read this book, you probably should. A deserted island in the middle of the ocean with only boys and no adults to watch over them. This is a story about a divided society told through the eyes of a group of kids. A big change. Bloodshed. Death.

It shows us how important (and necessary) it is to be a good leader. You would also learn the importance of having a clear head, and being able to think critically. Most of all, this book teaches you to stay a human first.

#45. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

This book is about a young girl’s life as she grows up. She has adventures, has fun, and makes friends. She has a lot to learn, like how life can be hard on kids, the weak, and people with different skin colors.

So, we can see that kindness, sympathy, and helping each other don’t depend on skin color. A person’s social status, or what the public thinks does not matter as well. It all depends on the soul of a man. It is one of the interesting books for college students to read in 2022.

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#46. The Running Man by Stephen King’s

A regular man lives in a small town like any other. Slowly but surely, he falls deeper and deeper into a black pit of hate for himself and everyone around him. And when the right time comes, no one can stop him.

People die of hunger, and the only way to get money is to take part in a game made up by a sadist with a twisted mind. America turns into hell. What are people willing to do to get what they want, and how far are they willing to go? This book is a must-read for college students.

#47. A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess

A clockwork orange is one of the interesting books for college students to read in 2022. This is a scathing satire of a modern totalitarian society that turns young people into “clockwork oranges” who do what their leaders say. Alex, the leader of a street gang that thinks violence is the high art of life, is smart, cruel, and charismatic.

He runs into the iron jaws of a new state program to help criminals get back on their feet. Unfortunately, he becomes a victim of violence himself. This book is a must-read for college students.

#48. Civilization and Its Discontents by Sigmund Freud

Every college student should read this book because it talks about Freud’s views and ideas. They are still a big part of our culture and understanding of the world. This is a good chance to learn more about why people live the way they do. It is one of the interesting books for college students to read in 2022.

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#49. A River Out of Eden by Richard Dawkins

This book is a great way for college students to learn about evolution clearly and interestingly. The author tells a really beautiful story about how our world came to be and how it changed over time. No one will be able to call this story boring. A river out of Eden is one of the best books for college students to read in 2022.

#50. The Divine Comedy by Dante

Who hasn’t heard of Dante and his nine circles of hell in the poem Inferno? This is our chance to learn them all and understand how Christians in the Middle Ages thought about the afterlife. All of us will have to pay for our mistakes, and this book reminds us of that.

This book is a must-read for college students.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What books will be well-known in the year 2022?

“You Don’t Know Us Negroes and Other Essays” by Zora Neale Hurston.
“Reminders of Him” by Colleen Hoover.
“How High We Go in the Dark” by Sequoia Nagamatsu.
“Manifesto: On Never Giving Up” by Bernardine Evaristo.
“Perpetual West” by Mesha Maren.

Are people still reading books in 2022?

Between 2010 and 2015, book sales around the world went down, but since then, they’ve been getting better every year. What’s most interesting about these sales numbers, though, is that even in 2022, print books are still the most popular way for readers to buy books.

Who is the top writer in 2022?

Honorée Fanonne Jeffers.
Janice Hallett.
Diane Chamberlain.
Danya Kukafka.
Sarah Vaughan.
Lucy Caldwell
Julie Owen Moylan, and
Lizzie Pook.

What can you do in 2022 to read more?

Find what drives you.
Keep books near you.
Choose what you want to read.
Set your goals with care.
Get into the habit of reading.

Who is the most likely to read?

The age range of 18–24 had the most readers (88%) and the age range of 16–17 had the second-most readers (86%). Readers in the 30-39 group were a close third at 84 percent. At 68 percent, people over the age of 65 were the least likely to read.

Who is the best-selling author in the world?

James Patterson is the world’s highest-paid author by a wide margin. He has been the world’s best-selling author since 2001. He has sold more than 350 million books all over the world. The “Alex Cross” crime novel series is his most well-known work.

Why should you read more?

Reading is good for you because it helps you pay attention, remember things, understand other people, and talk to them. It can reduce stress, improve your mental health, and help you live longer. Reading also gives you the chance to learn new things that can help you at work and in your relationships.


Summer is the best time to read, whether you read like the wind this spring or fell short of your goals. It’s a new start, a new you, and a whole new set of books to read.

Whether you’re looking to understand our current moment through rigorous nonfiction. Or escape it through otherworldly plots, 2022’s crop of new titles offers something for readers of every persuasion.

So far, our favourite books of the year cover a wide range of topics and types of writing, from epic fantasy to literary fiction. You have come to the right place if you want to read about spaceships, talking pigs, or bad guys.

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