Top 15 Best Calculators for College Students | 2022 Ranking

With its extra buttons, calculators for college students are meant to assist you in calculating science, technology, and math issues. They are far more useful than, say, the calculator option on your child’s phone, so don’t be fooled.

A complicated model is not required to create a lesson, but a well-chosen calculator will assist with tests.

In this article, we will bring to you the top 15 best calculators for college students including important details about each model and why it might be the best fit for you.

Also, we included some other details like what is a scientific calculator and how much a scientific calculator costs.

 So, without wasting much time, let’s get straight to it.

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What is a Scientific Calculator?

A scientific calculator is an explicitly developed calculator to assist people in doing mathematical, scientific, and engineering calculations. Compared to a regular calculator, this one has many more buttons.

That only enables you to carry out the four fundamental arithmetic operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Calculating complex mathematical, scientific, and technological tasks typically requires a scientific calculator’s assistance.

Investigate the functionality of a scientific calculator, including its many buttons. In addition to that, you should educate yourself on how to evaluate expressions using examples on a scientific calculator.

One of the few necessities that will remain consistent year after year on your class purchasing list is the inclusion of a scientific calculator for college students. You probably won’t need anything more advanced than a basic calculator when you’re in elementary school and high school.

You may require calculators for the school to carry out various operations as the level of involvement in math and science increases.

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How Much is a Scientific Calculator?

College students have access to a diverse selection of scientific calculators, which might make it difficult for them to decide on which model to purchase. The price of calculators often goes up in direct proportion to their complexity level.

You may be questioning whether it’s necessary to spend over fifty dollars on one, especially considering that you offer several calculators priced at less than ten dollars each.

This article will walk you through the best calculator for college that are available and the types of calculators and show you which are ideal for use at school.

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What are the Functions of a Scientific Calculator?

Scientific calculators are capable of performing a variety of tasks. This involves assisting students and professionals in performing functions such as floating-point arithmetic, logarithmic functions, exponential functions, and trigonometric functions.

In addition, it gives easy access to several mathematical functions often utilized, such as Pi. they frequently combine graphing calculators and scientific calculators into a single device, although this article will focus on the best calculator for college students.

They could forgive you for questioning the logic behind your decision to use a scientific calculator rather than a graphing calculator capable of a far more comprehensive range of tasks. There are several important reasons for this.

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What Can You Do with a Scientific Calculator?

You may now utilize your calculator to assist you in finding solutions to issues using trigonometry. Functions such as sine, cosine, tangent, inverse, and hyperbolic are included in this category.

Whenever you work with trigonometric values, you can switch the computations between degrees, radians, and radians. In addition to that, you may now use the button labeled “,” as well as the constant associated with Euler.

Additionally, some buttons make it simple to compute the indications in the second, third, or any other degree you require.

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Scientific Calculator Tips and Tricks

When working with scientific numbers, a button labeled “Exp” gives you the ability to enter scientific values straightforwardly and expediently. Indicators, publications, and scientific numbers are utilized to solve engineering challenges.

In addition, each of these categories of issues typically involves larger expressions and must be solved manually in a series of stages.

Now, however, with the help of a scientific calculator, you can input the entire equation, push the button labeled “equal,” and the calculator will carry out all of the necessary calculations in the appropriate sequence.

To answer your question, the scientific calculator does calculations in the order in which they are entered.

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Best Scientific Calculators for College Students in 2022

Now, we would look at the top 15 best calculators for college students. This list contains both scientific and graphic calculators, so let’s get to it.

#1. Casio FX-83GTX Calculator

They have upgraded this calculator to have a superior display, easier navigation menus, a faster central processing unit, and 14 additional functions. In addition to that, it is available in many other hues.

It presents mathematical expressions like roots and fractions in the same format on the huge textbook display as they are in the textbook itself. Consequently, it is simpler to use and comprehend for the kids.

This is definitely one of the best calculators for college students. The Producers have updated the calculator to its most recent version here.

This version adds a few additional features, such as ratios, more detailed statistics, and a number separator, among other things. Because of this, it will have all that your youngster needs to solve new arithmetic problems.

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#2. Casio FX-991EX Advanced Scientific Calculator

You can use this sophisticated best calculator for college on any exam where a scientific calculator is permitted. This is the first time the calculator has been deemed mandatory for all classes because of its 550 features, including spreadsheet computations.

They designed this calculator for use in the new AS and A-Level exams and for GCSE and higher-level courses.

There are 550 functions on the calculator, including a spreadsheet function. This enables the user to execute simple spreadsheet calculations on a scientific calculator for the first time.

It has a solar battery as well as a backup battery. As a result, it is great for examinations, and your children will never have to worry about the battery dying when it matters most.

#3. Sharp EL-W516TBSL 16-Digit Advanced Scientific Calculator

The look of this uncomplicated best calculator for college is that of an older model. It features a huge LCD display capable of displaying four lines and sixteen numbers all at once. In contrast to Casio calculators, I appreciate how clear and bright the key labels are on this one. When it comes to their capabilities, all high-end scientific calculators are capable of doing nearly any computation.

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#4. TIXS MultiView Scientific Calculator By Texas Instruments

The Texas Instrument TI-30XS is undoubtedly one of the best calculators for college that has been purchased and reviewed the most frequently on Amazon. It has received over 15,000 ratings in total. It is a basic calculator that may yet be relied upon.

In addition to having solar power and a 4-line display, this device also has the Math Print feature. You can go through the operation steps by scrolling through the various stages of the computation.

The keyboard has enough room and is comfortable to use for extended periods.

#5. Casio FXEX Engineering Scientific Calculator

It has been around for a very long period, and over that time, it has proven to be reliable and quite valuable. This best calculator for college has a larger number keypad, one of my favorite features.

On the other hand, I am not a fan of the characteristic yellow-on-black text that Casio uses since it is difficult to read. The capability of this calculator to display a QR code is one of its distinguishing features. After that, you may gain a graphical depiction of your data by scanning your smartphone’s barcode.

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#6. TIXIIS Scientific Calculator by Texas Instruments

The scientific calculator produced by Texas Instruments, model number TI-30XIIS, is user-friendly and trustworthy. This best calculator for college has a memory of 10 digits and a screen that is two lines long.

The keys on this keyboard are spread out more than those on some of the other keyboards on this list. It can do a broad variety of tasks necessary for a student to have when attending college or university.

#7. Sharp ELWTBSL Digit Advanced Scientific Calculator

It seems like it was created in the past. It comes with a large LCD screen that is capable of displaying up to four lines and sixteen numbers at the same time.

In contrast to Casio calculators, this best calculator for college features keys that are both well labeled and simple to operate.

Almost every calculation may be carried out on a scientific calculator of sufficient quality.

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#8. Casio FX115ESPLUS

Over 5000 people have given the Casio FX115ESPLUS five stars out of a possible five. Although it is not easy to understand, it is extremely user-friendly and trustworthy.

Like most other Casio calculators, this best calculator for college has a protective cover that slides open and closed. It is constructed of strong plastic that is nonetheless quite lightweight.

The white coloration of the calculator makes it simple to read the shortcuts on the keyboard. It can carry out all of the trigonometry, algebra, and calculus functions necessary for a college-level mathematics class.

#9. TI-36X Pro by Texas Instruments

This Texas Instruments calculator has been a long-time favorite of many students in the United States. On Amazon, it has received approximately 9,000 perfect scores out of a possible 5. It is constructed primarily out of plastic and features a 16-digit LCD display.

The contrast between the blue letters and the black backdrop is one of the aspects of this calculator that I appreciate the most.

As a direct consequence of this, the text is much easier to see than it is on most Casio calculators, including those on our list.

In addition to this, it is equipped with all of the fundamental scientific skills that one would anticipate finding in a scientific calculator.

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#10. HP 35s Scientific Calculator

You may choose between RPN (reverse Polish notation) and algebraic input logic on the HP 35s Scientific Calculator, which is the only one of its kind now available on the market.

This best calculator for college option will appeal to those with backgrounds in engineering, surveying, science, health care, and students. It is possible to do statistics with one or two variables, linear regression, and other related procedures with its help.

This package includes a complete library consisting of unit transformations, inverse functions, the cubic root, and the exponent.

#11. Choose 2-Line Engineering Scientific Calculator

They designed this best calculator for college for use in professional settings, as seen by its 240 built-in capabilities. It will handle quickly statistical computations with one and two variables easily.

Because it features modes for three-angle calculations as well as scientific and technical notation, it should be able to satisfy all of your child’s requirements. It possesses a two-line display that is capable of displaying both input and output alongside a 12-digit widescreen HD display.

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#12. RENUS 2-Line Engineering Scientific

This high-tech best calculator for college has 240 functions, a large screen, a replay capability, and a two-line display. It is also capable of displaying data in a tabular format.

It is appropriate for use in the fields of mathematics and science, including algebra, trigonometry, statistics, engineering, chemistry, and physics, by both working professionals and students. Additionally, the user guide provides a comprehensive description of all actions.

#13. TI-Nspire CX II CAS Color Graphing Calculator, Texas Instruments

It is plausible to assert that the TI-Nspire CX II CAS is the most advanced calculator produced by Texas Instruments. It comes with a rechargeable battery that, on a single charge, might potentially last for up to two weeks, which is an excellent feature.

There aren’t many calculators that provide as many customization options as the TI-Nspire CX II CAS, which allows users to choose from 15 unique graph colors and six various graph styles. This device is capable of displaying many equations at the same time, besides generating a variety of graphs and tables.

This best calculator for college is convenient to carry around because it is both small and lightweight. You should not pass up the opportunity to get the TI-Nspire CX II CAS calculator since it is a high-quality device.

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#14. Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus CE Color Graphing Calculator

The TI-84 Plus CE is a well-liked calculator among students in higher education. This is due, in part, to the fact that the device in question possesses a profusion of pre-programmed functionality.

In addition, you will receive a massive monitor with both full color and a high resolution. It has been approved for use in several important tests, such as the ACT, the PSAT, and the SAT, which is another factor contributing to the widespread appeal of this product among students.

A rechargeable battery, the ability to display a large number of linear equations simultaneously, and a comprehensive menu that is easy to navigate are a few of the other advantages this device offers. In addition to that, it has 3 MB of FLASH ROM memory, which may be used to archive data and applications.

Because of its sturdy construction and stylish and lightweight design, the TI-84 Plus CE has swiftly established itself as the product of choice for many college students.

#15 TI-30XS MultiView Scientific Calculator by Texas Instruments

The TI-30XS MultiView is a wonderful pick for students in college due to its attractive design as well as its one-of-a-kind features. This best calculator for college has several useful features, one of which is that it can function using batteries or solar power.

Because it has big buttons and a big screen, this electronic device is really easy to use. This scientific calculator has been vetted and given the go-ahead for use on the GED, SAT, ACT, and AP exams.

This tool may assist you with problems involving Algebra 1 and 2, as well as calculus, matrices, logarithms, trigonometric functions, fractional functions, geometry, and statistics. On Amazon, the TI-30XS MultiView is a complex calculator that is one of the most reasonably priced options available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you explain what a scientific calculator is?

You are able to execute calculations that are more complicated than simple arithmetic using a scientific calculator. These types of calculations include trigonometry, logarithms, and probability questions. They are also used for problem-solving in mathematics, physics, and engineering.

Which calculators have the highest degree of accuracy?

Casio, Texas Instrument, and Sharps are widely regarded as the three most trustworthy brands of scientific calculators produced today.

Which scientific calculator is the most effective?

Casio FX-991ESPLUS Scientific Calculator.

What is the most effective strategy for me to safeguard my calculator?

When you use it, the screen is protected from harm thanks to a hard case that either snaps onto the back of the device or slips onto the front.

Which calculator is the most effective for college-level mathematics?

Standardized testing organizations have given the TI-84 Plus graphing calculator their stamp of approval for use in college admission exams such as the PSAT, SAT, and ACT, as well as Advanced Placement examinations.

Which calculator is the most cutting-edge model?

The TI-NSpire, made by Texas Instruments, is widely considered to be the most capable and trustworthy calculator that money can buy. Both of the three varieties of TI-NSpire, the CX II and the CX II CAS, are wonderful solutions for math students who are either working through their courses or getting ready to take national examinations (SATs and ACTs).


Consider investing in a Casio FX-991ES plus scientific calculator if you are seeking a device that will serve your needs satisfactorily as a scientific calculator. This model has received a lot of acclaim for how simple it is to use, how accurate it is, and how durable it is.

In addition to this, it features an integrated memory function that enables you to save many separate computations. In addition to that, the Casio FX-9911es has a big LCD display, which makes it simpler than ever before to view and adjust your numbers.

So, there you have it; this is our comprehensive list of the 15 best calculators for college students.



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