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15 Best College Punter Ever | 2022 Ranking

In the modern game, field position is undoubtedly the most crucial factor.

Punters are the unsung heroes who help to keep adversaries pinned inside their territory. Nothing compares to forcing an offense to drive the entire field. 

However, several punters are still walk-ons who are vying for a scholarship.

This article discusses the 15 best college punter that ever existed and their worth with tremendous leg power on the gridiron during the season. 

What Is PuntIng in American Football?

American football often involves punting. To give the defense a chance to stop the opposing team, teams frequently punt when they need to alter field positions. One of the most crucial positions in football is that of the punter.

When the offensive team kicks or punts the ball to the other team to reposition the field, this is known as a punt in American football.

The team benefits from having a good punter, but it also impacts the result of the game. 

Punters are so good that they assist the offense by changing the field position for the opposition.

Typically, teams in the NFL, colleges, and even high schools will choose one player to serve as their punter. 

This player is in charge of kicking the ball as far and high as he can.

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What are the types of Punts in American football?

There are two basic punt styles used frequently in football. Every football game includes the standard punt, along with a unique team punting action.

To kick the ball as high and as far as possible, the player must drop the football straight down while raising their leg.

The rugby punt is the second variety of punt. To do this, the kicker must begin sprinting while simultaneously pretending to punt and kick the ball.

For teams who wish to send quick men down the field to cover the punt, the rugby punt is a typical tactic. 

A kicker who can run and kick the ball simultaneously is necessary for this punt. Rugby punts require a specific skill to be successfully executed.

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How far can an average person punt?

Three aspects of the punt are under every punter’s control, especially the best college punter: the distance, height, and direction of the kick. 

The precise amount of control is talent-dependent, but these factors may be changed by the way he hits the ball. 

Distance control can be easily quantified with relatively simple data analysis, although height (hang time) and direction (directional punting) also require video analysis to determine strength in those areas.

Open-field punts fall between a team’s 1 and 40-yard lines, whereas pin-deep punts fall between a team’s 41-yard line and forward. 

Although changing the field position is the intended outcome of both kicks, each provides particular challenges that alter the kind of punt that is necessary.

Open-field punts provide the specialist the opportunity to focus on the maximum distance to clear the ball as far from the opposing team’s end zone as possible. 

In pin-deep scenarios, the best college punter must target placing the ball as near to the opposition’s 10-yard line as they can to gain the greatest ground without a touchback.

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What is the Point of Punting in Football?

The goal of the punt is to advance the ball as far as possible towards the other team’s end zone so that the receiving team has to advance it the greatest amount possible in order to score a touchdown after gaining possession.

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Who is the Best College Punter Ever | 2022 Ranking

1. Jordan Stout


Jordan Stout is ranked among the 15 best college punters ever existed in American football.

He began his professional career at Virginia Tech as a kickoff specialist before transferring to Penn State, where he went on to become perhaps the best college punter in the country. 

Stout, a huge man who weighs 210 pounds and stands 6’3″, can easily crush kickoffs out of the back of the end zone. He was able to generate a very good 46 yards per punt while trapping opponents within the 20-yard line 35 times as opposed to just three touchbacks by using a rapid and fluid NFL-style punt.  

He is one of the most accurate punters in the country and has excellent hang time on his kicks, these put together make him rank on our list of best college punters.

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2. Matt Araiza

Instagram: @mattraraiza

We also have Matt Araiza on our list of best college punters. 

Without a doubt, Araiza has the largest leg in the draft. 

It is quite amazing to average over 51 yards on a punt, and it’s impressive that 37 of his kickoffs have landed inside the 20-yard line. 

Araiza is a former soccer player with a strong strike that can flip the field, but his accuracy still needs a lot of improvement.

Although accuracy is simpler to coach than power, a team would find it difficult to sign him as a rookie due to his propensity to out-kick his coverage and absurd quantity of touchbacks. 

He might develop out of the ranking of the best college punters into one of the league’s top punters if he gets good coaching and spends some time on a practice team. 

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3. Jake Camarda

Instagram: @jake_camarda

Although Jake Camarda had a below-average season by his standards, he is still by far one of our best college punters.  

Camarda is the most mechanically proficient punter in the draft, regardless of the metrics. 

It is challenging to pressure him because of his incredibly quick leg and quick punt. He uses a clean stance when punting, as preferred by NFL teams. 

When Camarda can punt on an open field, he has good hang time under his kicks and is a great directional kicker with good spin control.

4. Ryan Wright

 Twitter: @rjwright34

Next on our list of best college punters is Ryan Wright, who possesses a powerful leg that not only goes far but also has a long hang time that makes it difficult to recover. 

The amount of long-field punts he had to take helped his 47.5-yard punting average because he didn’t have to worry about pinning teams inside the 20 very much. Wright is a tall guy (6’3″) and a former quarterback with good athleticism who can aid with fake punts. 

He could also participate in punt coverage tackles although he still has to work on his accuracy.

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5. Trenton Gill

TWITTER: @gill_trenton

Trenton Gill is a tall punter (6’4″, 220 pounds) with a strong leg. This previous season, Gill had excellent touch within the 20-yard line and received regular hang time; these make him enter our list of best college punters in 2022. 

After being voted to the first team All-ACC, Gill decided to forgo his additional year of eligibility because he averaged at least 44.9 yards per punt in each of his three seasons as a starter. 

Additionally, Gill was a fantastic kickoff specialist, adding to his versatility, but he still has room to add more strength to his kicks. 

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6. Daniel Whelan

Twitter: @danielwhelan65

Irish NFL fans may want to keep an eye out for Daniel Whelan in the future since he can excite them.

Whelan has an average of 47.7 yards per kick, according to the statistics that were made available. 

Fans will need to see less of their punter if they want to consider whether the team will have a successful season in which they can compete for the Super Bowl and possibly place a wager on the team.

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7. Cameron Dicker

Twitter: @DickertheKicker

Cameron “The Punter” Dicker is coming off the most statistically successful season of his career, even though his game-winning field goal kick in the Red River Rivalry as a freshman may live long in Texas mythology. 

 In a program that also produced Baltimore Ravens icon Justin Tucker, he ended his Longhorns career as the player with the most field goals made and points scored.

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8. Ryan Stonehouse

Twitter: @_RyanStonehouse

Next on our list of best college punters is Ryan Stonehouse of Colorado State. Stonehouse became the first punter to be awarded first-team All-Mountain West in three straight seasons before the 2021 season.

The star punter from Colorado State averaged 50.91 yards during the 2021 campaign, and this feat was no accident. The Colorado State punter had a stellar college career, averaging 47.8 yards per outing.

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9. Jake Camarda

Instagram: @jake_camarda

Jake Camarda of Georgia is next on our list of best college punters in 2022.

Camarda has punted for Georgia for the past three seasons, averaging 46.8, 46.6, and 46.7 yards each time. 

Although Camarda’s 68-yard career-high might appear little in comparison to some of the heavier hitters on this list, his 73-yard punt at the Senior Bowl proved he had the leg to do the job in addition to his consistency and ball placement.

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10. Bacchetta Alex

Twitter: @AlexBacchetta

In January 2022, at the Kohl’s Underclassman Challenge, Bacchetta outperformed everyone. He stands out from the rest of his colleagues because of his physique and quick legs the ball launches from his foot. Both his kicking and his punting were remarkable. 

As Bacchetta continues to perfect his drop and rhythm, his punting should only get better. 

Bacchetta is currently more athletically developed and just stronger in both kicking and punting than other kids of his age. 

Presently, Bacchetta’s “A” ball is superior to everyone else’s in the 2022 class. 

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11. Baryce Mcferson 

Twitter: @BryceMcferson

Baryce McFerson is next on our list of best college punters. 

His strong leg and excellent hands make him a D1 punter. 

He recorded some significant punts in past seasons, and his punt score of 122.29 was exceptional. With a final score of 125.5, he qualified for the Under Armour All-American Game. 

His hands are fluid, and he drops the ball with a good release. 

McFerson also participated in numerous Kohl’s events, kicking and punting with exceptional leg strength and technique, and has a promising future.

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12. Crenshaw Evan

Twitter: @evancrenshaw22

At the UC Challenge and the Kohl’s National Scholarship, Camp Crenshaw Evan demonstrated good growth and has been to several Kohl’s events. 

His score of 121.6 placed him among the best college punters and he has been advancing significantly in his punting.

Crenshaw is a tall, athletic punter who will improve greatly with more practice. He has made significant progress, which ought to continue through his senior year and into college.

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13. Braun Brady

Twitter: @BradyBraun47

Braun Brady is one of the participants at the Under Armour All-American Game. 

He also won the punt competition at the Midwest Spring Showcase recently. Also, he was a punter at the Underclassman Challenge in the last season and finished with a score of 111.2. 

He is in a fantastic position to hit a clean football thanks to his skills, and he exhibits the strongest legs in his class. All these put together makes Braun rank among the best college punters on our list.

14. Smith Jackson

Twitter: @jacksonsmithh27

Smith participated in a Kohl’s Showcase Camp. 

During the season, Jackson scored over 103 points punting from the pocket. 

He repeatedly clocked 5.0 second hang times and was the center of attention. 

He will be a unique college player as his hands and technique continue to improve. Smith is a talented punter with a D1 scholarship.

15. Perkins Tyler

Twitter: @Tylerperkins80

Perkins has been to several rating camps and has performed wonderfully well. 

The National Scholarship Camp in Tennessee was his most recent. 

He frequently received a grade of five stars.  

When Perkins punts, his leg speed, and coordination are superb. 

He is a D1 punter, and his results in winter and spring were excellent over the next few years, he will only get better. 

It will be interesting to see what Perkins accomplishes during his senior year!

Frequently Asked Questions

In a college game, what is the average punt?

In the NFL, a punt travels 45 yards on average. This means that if there isn’t a return when a team lines up to punt the ball, the field position will be changed by 45 yards.

Is There Any particular Down For A Punt?

Yes. Although it’s customary to punt on fourth down, teams are free to do it at any time.

What is the average punt of a punter?

The average punt of punters is 48.0 yards per punt in open-field situations.

What is the average hang time of an NFL punt?

Leaders often hover around 4.8 seconds, while punters can reach hang times of approximately 5.5 seconds after the season.

Who is the punt God in the 2022 Ranking?

Matt Araiza is regarded as the ‘Punt God’     


One of the most crucial special teams in an American football game is punting. A skilled punter can change the field position and make the offense drive the entire field to score.

The position of a punter in football can never be over-emphasized as they allow the team to decide on field position.

Although it is believed that the determining factor to win in football games is by having a strong offensive and strong defense, in American football having a strong kicking and punting game allows teams to decide on field position and goes a long way in determining the success of the team.




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