20 Best Colleges for Social Sciences in the World | 2022 Rankings

Studying any social science programs is a good way to secure a career for yourself. Even though the value of studying any discipline in social sciences is often on the debate, but it doesn’t stop it from being one of the best and profitable fields.

Because social sciences examine and explain human beings, which makes it a heavy subject. That is why you need to study this course in one of the best colleges in the world we have in our 2022 rankings.

The many ways a student can use a social science degree are as varied as the types of people who populate the world from pole to pole. Even though it can be as limited as studying the functioning of an individual mind or as broad as studying the functioning of a section of people as a whole.

Hence, if you’re curious about the world at large or how people fare in everyday life, a social science major can open up new worlds of possibilities for your career prospects.

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Social science subjects allow a student to explore inner gazes through psychology or through a particular society as a whole. The social science subjects have prepared the first cycle to deepen the areas of interest that arouse their passion.

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  1. What are Humanities and Social Sciences Programs Like?
    1. Bachelor Degree Programs in Social Sciences
    2. Social Sciences Masters/Graduate Programs
    3. Social Sciences Doctoral Programs
  2. Why You Should Study Humanities and Social Sciences?
    1. Rewarding Careers
    2. Flexible Degree Options
    3. Significant Abilities
    4. Adaptable Graduate
  3. What Does Humanities and Social Sciences Graduate Do?
  4. What Do Colleges Consider in Social Sciences?
  5. Best Colleges for Social Sciences in the World | World Scholarship Forum 2022 Rankings
    1. Ranking Methodology
    2. Harvard University
    3. #1. Harvard University
    4. London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
    5. #2. London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
    6. Stanford University
    7. #3. Stanford University
    8. University of Oxford
    9. #4. University of Oxford
    10. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
    11. #5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
    12. University of Cambridge
    13. #6. University of Cambridge
    14. University of California, Berkeley (UCB)
    15. #7. University of California, Berkeley (UCB)
    16. Yale University
    17. #8. Yale University
    18. The University of Hong Kong
    19. #9. The University of Hong Kong
    20. The University of Tokyo
    21. #10. The University of Tokyo
  6. Best Online Colleges for Social Sciences | World Scholarship Forum 2022 Rankings
    1. University of Central Florida
    2. #11. University of Central Florida
    3. University of Hawai’i – West O’ahu
    4. #12. University of Hawai’i – West O’ahu
    5. University of Washington
    6. #13. University of Washington
    7. Bellevue University
    8. #14. Bellevue University
    9. New York University
    10. #15. New York University
    11. California State University, Chico
    12. #16. California State University, Chico
    13. Dickinson State University
    14. #17. Dickinson State University
    15. Washington State University
    16. #18. Washington State University
    17. University of Alaska Southeast
    18. #19. University of Alaska Southeast
    19. Pennsylvania State University
    20. #20. Pennsylvania State University
  7. Socia Science Degree FAQs
  8. What is College of Social Science?
  9. Is Social Sciences a good degree?
  10. What are the 7 social sciences?
  11. What can I become if I study social science?
  12. Top 10 Jobs for Social Science Majors
  13. Conclusion
  14. References
  15. Recommendation

What are Humanities and Social Sciences Programs Like?

Bachelor Degree Programs in Social Sciences

A general bachelor’s degree in social sciences covers subjects and courses common to disciplines. Such as statistics, research methods, sociology, basic economics, history, professional communication, and philosophy. These common core courses are useful for any student pursuing a career in which professional analysis and communication are required, or when data and research are needed.

Also, a bachelor’s degree in social sciences helps you pursue a series of careers. Choosing a political science subfield can lead to careers in state politics or placement in a high-level law school.

Meanwhile, concentration in sociology can lead to scientific research on human nature or market research for a large commercial company. However, a bachelor of science degree specializing in psychology could also lead to a career as a therapist or consultant.

Finally, social science bachelor’s degrees are designed to provide a broad set of knowledge and a field of expertise applicable to a wide range of problems and careers. Many programs have high-level projects or theses to consolidate these ideas into a final cornerstone.

Social Sciences Masters/Graduate Programs

Truly, master’s programs in social sciences prepare students for a variety of careers, including anthropology, history, law, public policy, social work, public health, and business.

Applicants for master’s degree programs in social sciences generally must have a bachelor’s degree. However, some schools favor candidates who have already taken courses in social and behavioral sciences, research, and statistics. Some programs have residency orientation sessions that students must attend before classes begin.

Above all, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has stated that growth in employment in the social sciences is likely to vary by individual specialty (www.bls.gov). For example, the BLS predicted that employment for anthropologists would increase by 10% between 2018 and 2028, while job growth for historians would be around 6%.

Social Sciences Doctoral Programs

A PhD is generally the highest attainable level of education in the humanities and social sciences, conferring advanced knowledge in a highly specialized field. Completion times vary widely, but the doctorate. The programs usually last from 5 to 7 years. Many programs require a candidate to have a master’s degree, although some may admit highly qualified candidates with a bachelor’s degree.

A student pursuing a doctorate. In social science, you could acquire interdisciplinary knowledge through courses and participation in seminars on a variety of topics. A master’s and doctoral program student combines the study of medicine and the social sciences in exploring health problems. Students can choose from a wide range of fields of study, such as cognitive neuroscience, behavioral economics, or political theory. Most programs require a thesis.

Candidates for an M.D.- Ph.D. The program generally must have a bachelor’s degree and meet the requirements for acceptance into medical school, including earning a certain score on a standardized test. Students in these programs generally choose to focus on a topic relevant to medical practice, such as health policy or medical anthropology, but there are other options.

Graduates with a doctorate. Social science degrees may pursue an academic or research career. They may also assume leadership roles in public service or public policy administration. Graduated from an M.D.- Ph.D. Program might consider a career as a professor or as a researcher in a hospital or pharmaceutical company.

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Why You Should Study Humanities and Social Sciences?

A degree in humanities and social sciences can be very different, but they all have one thing in common: they focus on human life. While the subjects in the human sciences are mainly analytical or philosophical, the subjects in the social sciences are more scientific and experimental.

For people who need to keep their options open and who are deeply interested in how the world works, a humanities and social science degree could become a much more rewarding course.

There are good reasons why you should study humanities or social sciences. But out of all the reasons, there are 4 major reasons to study social sciences you should bear in mind always. This alone can give you an edge over other students.

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Rewarding Careers

The fact that talents acquired by studying humanities and social sciences can be functional at all levels of life makes occupations rewarding. With this degree, graduates can be educators, policymakers, international development experts, and journalists.

The career involved I study any program in social science is vast and that is the main point. So if you are asking what kind of career you can get with a social science degree, then you should know that they are quite much. Careers in any field of social science are quite increasing with time.

Flexible Degree Options

There is greater course flexibility in individual and combined specialization degree, especially the online platform. So you can personalize your studies according to your passions.

Above all, the pursuit of a degree in human and social sciences offers adaptability at some levels. These are some of the great areas where you can get thousands of job opportunities. Many resources offer numerous programs at the graduate and undergraduate levels, regularly combining language delivery and discipline.

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Significant Abilities

Humanities and social science degrees provide graduates with basic skills that remain with them throughout their professional and personal lives. Above all, graduates build reasoning, inquiry, presentation, and basic logic skills throughout their degree.

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Also, graduates in the humanities and sociology have a deep understanding of how society works. And there is a widespread opinion that no association of any kind can work in a viable way without them.

As many graduates manufacture the latest technologies, it is they who have considered the humanities that apply these advances to the world around us.

Adaptable Graduate

At the end of the program, an individual will develop a wide variety of transferable skills for many careers, including research, evaluation, analysis, and communication skills.

Due to the invaluable skills mentioned above, graduates in the humanities and sociology are exceptionally appreciated by employers. Countless critics have shown that most bosses prefer oral and compound correspondence, critical thinking, and basic reasoning over functional ability.

But in all, graduates from this field are top notch.

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What Does Humanities and Social Sciences Graduate Do?

What can you do with a humanities and social science degree? This is one question that most people who are not sure whether they should study Social sciences ask. The truth is that this is one way a student usually ventures to study any course. First of all, they examine the possible job outlook of social science graduates before even thinking of studying the course.

However, some students often have the desire to study the course right from the beginning. They just might be asking the question “What can you do with a humanities and social science degree?” to get a clearer view.

If any of the above situations is your case, then you are just in the right place. There is a lot you can do with a degree in any social sciences field.

Firstly, social science degrees offer a wide range of professional careers for graduates. Most importantly, social science courses you take to earn a degree will dictate how you can use your degree in the professional world.

Graduates of social sciences programs are generally employed in a position in their chosen field within four years of graduation. They tend to land management, education and senior government positions in companies, government agencies or national non-profit organizations.

Whether you want to find a job focused on a topic that affects the human race or want to learn more about topics that affect the world population, social science topics are united in your interest in people.

The following is the list of social science jobs you can start up with ease after graduation:

  • Advice Worker
  • Civil Service Careers
  • Charity Officer
  • Community Development Worker
  • Community Education Officer
  • Family Support Worker
  • Human Resources Officer
  • Legal Careers
  • Local Government Careers
  • Mediator
  • Police Officer
  • Prison Officer
  • Probation Officer
  • Psychologist
  • Social Researcher
  • Social Worker

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What Do Colleges Consider in Social Sciences?

Social sciences degree requirements differ because each school has what they expect from you. This alone has made it quite difficult to figure out what exactly colleges require from any student who wants to study any field of social sciences.

However, applicants must complete the basic affirmation requirements, which include having completed at least six credit hours in English, Psychology, and Sociology. Or any other related course counterparts from other post-optional organizations with accreditation. Either way must have officially completed a bachelor’s degree program from a reputable school.

The curriculum that will be presented to a student when pursuing a social science degree provides a solid academic foundation and skills that will serve the graduate well. These include:

Here is the list of skills that are required for humanities and social sciences:

  • Relational skills
  • Initiative skills
  • Diagnostic skills
  • Measurements and research outline
  • Computer education
  • Culturally diverse seeing
  • Marketing good sense

Best Colleges for Social Sciences in the World | World Scholarship Forum 2022 Rankings

The 2022 World Scholarship Forum Best Colleges for Social Sciences ranking is analysing over 670 colleges and universities that offer a bachelor’s degree in social sciences. We looked at over 10 factors to determine the top 20 ranked Colleges for Social Sciences students.

Ranking Methodology

In selecting the Best and Top-Ranked Colleges for Social Sciences in the World in 2022, we will be considering several ranking factors. Note that this World Scholarship Forum Ranking of Best Colleges for Social Sciences is actually considering about 10 factors but we will explain some in detail. They include:

Number of Programs: We consider these as one important criterion for ranking the Top Colleges for Social Sciences Rankings in the World in 2022. Because some of these universities can have a good number of programs they offer which will avail you a lot of options to choose from.

Accreditation: This criterion is very much important because a school can be considered good with great programs but yet do not have quality. So, we consider the body of accreditation as well as certification for each of these schools before ranking them. Whether they fall in the category of regional or national accreditation.

Acceptance Rate: This is one aspect that is considered important because of the lower the acceptance rate the better the school. The acceptance rate of any universities in Michigan is a guide to show the quality of the university

Graduation & Employment Rate: Here, we consider if these schools have a high tendency of graduating their students. Some can get enrolled but get stuck at the end. Also, we put into consideration whether school graduates are employable by great institutions. These factors are equally very much important.

Best Online Colleges for Social Sciences | World Scholarship Forum 2022 Rankings

An online bachelor’s degree in social sciences prepares students for a variety of careers in various fields. The social sciences include academic fields such as sociology, psychology, geography, political science, history, economics, and linguistics, among others. Although these fields cover a variety of careers and subjects, they all deal primarily with human and social interactions.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the average annual salary for social scientists and related workers is $80,860. Most importantly, an online social science degree prepares you to join a rapidly changing world of human studies. Using data, statistics, and history to learn more about the world’s common future.

The content of a social science degree varies considerably from one school to another. Most online social science degrees have specific specialties or disciplines such as economics, political science, or history. Within a specific specialty, the curriculum, program orientation, and professional outcomes also vary.

Socia Science Degree FAQs

What is College of Social Science?

The College of Social Science offers extensive opportunities for scholarship in the social, behavioral and economic sciences. Fields of study in the college prepare students to think critically, analyze thoughtfully, work cooperatively and solve problems effectively.

Is Social Sciences a good degree?

Students with an eye on their job prospects should take social science degrees, research suggests. Social science graduates are more likely to be in paid employment than arts or science graduates, according to analysis of official data.

What are the 7 social sciences?

The major social sciences are Anthropology, Archaeology, Economics, Geography, History, Law, Linguistics, Politics, Psychology and Sociology.

What can I become if I study social science?

Higher education lecturer, Human resources officer, Museum/gallery curator, Public relations officer, and so on.

Top 10 Jobs for Social Science Majors

Once you graduate from college, there are many lucrative careers you can pursue. These include:

Marketing manager
Supply chain analyst
Account manager
Land surveyor
Financial/securities or investments analyst
General operations manager
Operations director
Executive director for community non-profit organization
Business analyst


With the study of Humanities and Social Sciences, the students will develop the ability to question, solve problems, think critically, make decisions, communicate effectively. These best colleges for social sciences will give you all you need to study your course.



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