15 Best Colleges on the Beach in Florida | 

Aside from being a good place for relaxation, any college on the beach offers students an excellent ambiance for learning and studying. Hence, the research for the best colleges on the beach in Florida.

Academic stress will undoubtedly be a part of your life as a student. However, if you’re lucky your school is in an attractive place, you can quickly ease your stress.

Attending any of these 15 best colleges on the beach in Florida opens you up to many opportunities.

About Florida Colleges

Florida is one of the top states in the country in terms of the number of public institutions, non-profit, and for-profit schools offering degrees in subjects such as aviation, law, business, journalism, and fine arts.

According to the 2010 Open Doors report, approximately 30,000 international students enroll in Florida alone.

Furthermore, Florida ranks fifth in the nation for high-tech employment and is home to 15 Fortune 500 businesses. In these schools, students can explore internships and career possibilities in aerospace and aviation to financial and professional services.

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Why should you attend Colleges on the Beach in Florida?

As a student, attending any of the best colleges on the beach in Florida can be quite intriguing and exciting. Like other locations, colleges near the beach in Florida provide Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s, Ph.D., J.D., and LLM degrees, English language, and paths programs.

Aside from your studies, you can go watch the sunset or take a walk near the beach.

Florida institutions provide a diverse spectrum of art, history, and culture courses. Aside from several international events, high-level art exhibits, well-known artists, and traveling Broadway shows.

Florida offers white-sand beaches, a one-of-a-kind shopping experience, and thousands of lakes and regional parks. The sea is magical; poets have written about it from the beginning, and people desire to live by it, swim in it, and adore it.

You can also spice up your academic life by participating in some of the local festivals, famed boardwalks, and community-organized activities hosted by these colleges. Attending Florida institutions might provide you with access to unique research opportunities, as well as Marine studies and oceanographic specialties.

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What are the admission requirements for the colleges on the beach in Florida?

Admission requirements for colleges and universities on the beach are the same as for institutions not on the beach.

For example, if you want to pursue a bachelor’s degree, you’ll need a high school diploma or equivalent, letters of recommendation from instructors and counselors, and satisfactory academic performance.

They also require SAT or ACT scores for undergraduate admission. Again, world-class colleges require strong scores before application.

Although not all institutions demand SAT or ACT scores, your chosen major may require them if you plan to testify before entering. Most of the listed schools’ SAT or ACT scores are available on the institution’s website.

You must apply to these universities besides your SAT scores, letters of recommendation, and prerequisite classes. Students can sort most applications online, ranging from one to five essays.

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What is Florida’s most beautiful University?

Tallahassee, Florida State University Florida State University is famous for having one of the most beautiful environs in the South. The buildings’ burgundy brick exteriors complement the school’s colors and give the campus a majestic southern aspect.

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15 Colleges on the Beach in Florida

There are numerous colleges in Florida near beaches. Such studies can give you enjoyment, attractiveness, and educational opportunities.

Another appealing aspect of choosing these institutions as your study site is that the tuition prices are not prohibitively high. You will still have access to a wide range of degree programs, just like at other colleges.

As previously stated, there are hundreds of universities in Florida near beaches. The 15 best colleges in Florida on the beach are- 

#1. Eckerd College

  • 4200 54th Ave S, St. Petersburg, United States
  • Tuition Fees- $20,246
  • Rate of Graduation- 69%
  • Rate of Acceptance- 73%
  • The student-to-faculty ratio- is 10 to 1

Eckerd College is one of Florida’s best coastal colleges. This Florida College near the beach provides over 40 undergraduate degree programs in several subjects, including Business and Biology/Biomedical sciences, which are the institute’s leading programs.

In addition, before graduation, every student must complete 40 hours of community service.

The Commission accredited Eckerd College on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. The University has around 2,000 undergraduate students.


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#2. University of South Florida – St. Petersburg

  • Location- 140 7th Avenue S, St. Petersburg, FL 33701, United States
  • Tuition Fees- $6,410 (in-state), $17,324 (out-state)
  • Rate of Graduation- 44%
  • Rate of Acceptance- 40%
  • The student-to-faculty ratio- 22:0:1

The University of South Florida is next on our list of Florida institutions near the beach. This institution is a large public research university in Tampa, Florida, founded in 1956.

The University of South Florida is best renowned for its health science, public health, and criminology programs, and it is a national leader in urban transportation research.

Students at this college can participate in beach volleyball, boating, swimming, charter boat trips, and coastal research programs because it is adjacent to Florida beaches.

It has accreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and has over 40,000 students enrolled across three campuses.


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#3. New College of Florida

  • Location- 5800 Bay Shore Rd, Sarasota, Florida 34243, United States
  • Tuition Fees- Full-time: $39,473 (in-state) and $16,445 (out-of-state) (out-of-state)
  • Rate of Graduation- 71%
  • Rate of Acceptance- 69%
  • The student-to-faculty ratio- 8:1

New College of Florida is one of the best colleges in Florida near the beach. This college is a liberal arts public college that began as a private institute.

Most academic activities and learning at New College of Florida occur on Sarasota’s sandy beaches. Some are lounging in hammocks strung amongst the campus’s gorgeous palm and banyan trees.

With an enrollment of over 808 students, the college has accreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission.


#4. Daytona State College

  • Location- 1200 W International Speedway Blvd, Daytona Beach, FL 32114, USA
  • Tuition Fees- $3,071 (in-state), $11,960 (Out-state)
  • Rate of Graduation- 37%
  • Rate of Acceptance- 100%
  • The student-to-faculty ratio- 26:1

Daytona State College is the next college on our list of Florida beach colleges. This college provides 11 bachelor’s degrees in business technology, education, Bachelor of Engineering Technology, Bachelor of Nursing Science, and Bachelor of Information Technology Science.

Furthermore, DSC provides an associate’s degree in arts and other degrees. With 5,366 undergraduate students, it is likewise a medium-sized university.

The College and Schools Association South College Commission has accredited Daytona State College to award associate and bachelor’s degrees.


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#5. University of Miami

  • Location: 1320 S Dixie Hwy, Coral Gables, FL 33146, United States
  • Tuition Fees- $50,226
  • Rate of Graduation- 70%
  • Rate of Acceptance- 38%
  • The student-to-faculty ratio- 12:0:1

Regarding the best colleges in Florida near the beach, the University of Miami is a no-brainer. Only a few activities at the institution do not take place on the beach. Almost all academic activities take place near the beach.

Essentially, the college provides about 200 programs in Bachelor’s Degrees, Post-baccalaureate Certificates, Master’s Degrees, Post-Certificates, Master’s, and Doctorates.

With nearly 17,000 students enrolled, the University of Miami has accreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Colleges.

The University’s notable alums are actor/athlete Dwayne Johnson, singers Bruce Hornsby and Enrique Iglesias, and NFL Hall of Famers Michael Irvin and Jim Otto.


#6. Flagler College – St. Augustine

  • Location: 74 King Street, St. Augustine, FL 32084, USA
  • Tuition Fees- $18,950
  • Rate of Graduation- 46%
  • Rate of Acceptance- 57%
  • The student-to-faculty ratio- 16:1

Flagler College, founded in 1968, is one of Florida’s most selective and unique universities. It is also renowned as one of the most meaningful institutions near beaches and a sun-loving destination.

Interestingly, as a Flagler student, you will have access to St. Petersburg and St. Augustine’s beaches.

Hiking, swimming, sunbathing, beach volleyball, and boating are popular activities at San Augustine Beach.

Essentially, the University is just a little behind in terms of academics. It provides over 60 specialties and specialized juveniles, ranging from humanities and liberal arts to pre-professional programs in business and teaching.

If Flagler becomes your place of study, it will provide you with excellent opportunities to begin a career and other experiential learning opportunities, equipping you for any employment, regardless of field.


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#7. Bethune-Cookman University

  • Location: Daytona Beach, Florida 640 Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune Blvd
  • Tuition Fees- $24,276
  • Rate of Graduation- 72%
  • Rate of Acceptance- 45%
  • The student-to-faculty ratio- 14:1

Bethune-Cookman University (B-CU) is a historically black private university in Daytona Beach, Florida. This college is a public research university and a Florida State University System component.

This Florida College near a beach has 12 colleges and schools offering over 43 degree programs. Every year, it enrolls over 2,901 students.

Since it is in the exact location as NASCAR, most of the children that participate have a unique opportunity to be involved in the sand to race in vehicles, combining a love of Motorsport and a love of the ocean in one activity.

It has accreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.


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#8. The University of Tampa

  • Location: 401 West Kennedy Boulevard, Tampa, FL 33606, United States
  • Tuition Fees- $29,208 / Semester
  • Rate of Graduation- 48%
  • Rate of Acceptance- 49%
  • The student-to-faculty ratio- 17.0:1

The University of Tampa comes next on our ranking of the best universities near Florida’s beaches. In general, it is well known when discussing business, marketing, nursing, criminology, and, in recent years, cybersecurity and entrepreneurship – all of which are hallmarks of Florida education.

There are numerous oceans, river, and bay parks and beaches in the University of Tampa vicinity.

You may also visit other beaches, such as Davis Beach and Sand Key Park.


#9. Palm Beach Atlantic University

  • Location: 901 S Flagler Dr, West Palm Beach, FL 33401, United States
  • Tuition Fees- $31,450/Semester
  • Rate of Graduation- 40%
  • Rate of Acceptance- 95%
  • The student-to-faculty ratio- 12:1

Palm Beach Atlantic University (PBA) is a Christian private university in West Palm Beach, Florida. In 9 schools, it provides approximately 50 undergraduate and Master’s degree programs and professional studies.

Studying at Palm Beach Atlantic University will allow you to experience the tropical temperature and plenty of sunshine of West Palm Beach. Boating sports such as fishing, scuba diving, and waterskiing are available, as well as a variety of tropical vegetation and palm trees.

West Palm Beach has various museums, art festivals, music venues, and waterfront eateries besides coastal activities.

The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools accredited the University.


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#10. Florida Gulf Coast University

  • Location: 915 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215 (United States).
  • Tuition Fees- $6,118 (in-state), $25,162 (out-of-state)
  • Rate of Graduation- 20%
  • Rate of Acceptance- 65%
  • The student-to-faculty ratio- 22.0:1

If you choose Florida Gulf Coast University as the best among the Florida colleges near the beach, you will make a good decision.

Florida Gulf Coast University, founded in 1989, is a public, coeducational, comprehensive institution of higher learning in Fort Myers, Florida.

This college near the beach in Florida offers over 80 degree programs, including over 50 undergraduate majors, 24 graduate degree programs, and at least three Ph.D. degrees.

Furthermore, the University contains various Colleges and Schools, such as the College of Arts and Sciences, the Bower School of Music and the Arts, and the College of Education.

The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools has accredited Florida Gulf Coast University.


#11. Florida Institute of Technology

  • Location: 150 West University Boulevard, Melbourne, FL 32901, USA
  • Tuition Fees- $41,850
  • Rate of Graduation- 45%
  • Rate of Acceptance- 65%
  • The student-to-faculty ratio- 14.0:1

The Florida Institute of Technology is an excellent place to study if you enjoy going to the beach. Florida Institute of Technology is a private doctorate and research university with beautiful sandy beaches where you may relax or take part in beach activities such as boating, hiking, swimming, and whatever else you can think of.

Aside from the beautiful subtropical setting, the University will provide you with over 180 undergraduate and graduate degrees to pick from if you choose to study there.

Essentially, the institution educates individuals working in the Kennedy Space Center’s space program.

In addition, the institution provides high-quality education to a culturally diverse population of students to equip them to enter the global workforce, pursue higher education, and serve their communities.


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#12. University of West Florida

  • Location: 11000 University Pkwy, Pensacola, FL 32514, United States
  • Tuition Fees- $6,360(in-state), $19,241 (out-of-state)
  • Rate of Graduation- 66%
  • Rate of Acceptance- 50%
  • The student-to-faculty ratio- 21:1

The University of West Florida is also one of Florida’s best beach colleges. While studying at this University, you can take part in a Saturday sailing trip to enjoy the sun, sea, and a relaxing day in the Gulf of Mexico.

Essentially, the campus accommodates natural streams and the surrounding forest. In addition, the institution owns beachfront property on Santa Rosa Island for recreational, instructional, and research purposes.


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#13. Florida Atlantic University

  • Location: 777 Glades Rd, Boca Raton, Florida 33431, United States
  • Tuition Fees- In-state tuition is $8,412 per semester; out-of-state tuition is $18,192 per semester.
  • Rate of Graduation- 56%
  • Rate of Acceptance- 60%
  • The student-to-faculty ratio- 21:1

Florida Atlantic Institution is a public university based in Boca Raton. In a subtropical setting, the University provides a good education (almost 180 undergraduate and graduate programs).

It has Dania Beach, Davie, Fort Lauderdale, Jupiter, and Fort Pierce campuses. FAU is part of Florida’s 12-campus State University System and serves South Florida.


#14. Keiser University

  • Location- 1500 NW 49th St, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309, United States
  • Tuition Fees- $21,008
  • Rate of Graduation- 71%
  • Rate of Acceptance- 100%
  • The student-to-faculty ratio- 14:1

Keiser University is the next institution on the beach in Florida. It is a private institution with its main campus in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Keiser primarily offers educational programs at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels in both traditional and online modes.

Furthermore, the institution seeks to provide the professional and intellectual foundation to achieve your educational goals and objectives.

The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools has regionally accredited the school.


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#15. Southeastern University

  • Location: 1756 N Congress Ave, West Palm Beach, FL 33409, USA
  • Tuition Fees- $18,288
  • Rate of Graduation- 67%
  • Rate of Acceptance- 61%
  • The student-to-faculty ratio- 20:1

Southeastern College is one of the east coast colleges near the beach that provides excellent educational and academic programs.

The college offers career-oriented programs and flexible class schedules, making it one of the finest options for most working-class adults or students.

Furthermore, the college gives financial assistance to students who wish to pursue academic professions.

The Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges has institutionally accredited Southeastern College.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Florida university is the closest to a beach?

Tampa State University
The Palm Beach Atlantic University
University of Florida Gulf Coast
Florida Institute of Technology (FIT).
Eckerd University

What is Florida’s top-ranked college?

U.S. News & World Report states that U.F. will be the top-ranked Florida school in 2022.

What is the most entertaining college in Florida?

South Florida University (Tampa, FL)
Tampa University (Tampa, FL.
Florida Atlantic University (FAU) (Boca Raton, FL)
Miami University (Coral Gables, FL)

Which coast of Florida has the best beaches?

The only worthwhile dispute is over which side of Florida has the finest beaches. The Atlantic coast has a plethora of water sports to offer. They get better waves and, as a result, more action. On the other hand, the Gulf Coast of Florida is responsible for those images of smooth, sandy beaches and crystal-clear water.

Which Florida college is the most difficult to get into?

According to an indicator of admissions rates and SAT scores, the University of Florida is the most challenging Florida school to enter. A reported 31.1% of all 48,193 candidates got admitted for the 2020-2021 academic year.


Life as a student isn’t supposed to be that difficult; students should learn how to make the most of their college experience. Colleges are not only places of academics but also of social, extracurricular, and personal relationships. The best colleges on the beach in Florida would ensure you have much fun while getting the education you need.




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