10 Best Concept Art Internship Opportunities In The World

Applying for an internship in the field of art will help you build a lifelong career for yourself. Therefore, this article contains the details of the best concept art internship opportunities in the world.

Acquiring a good degree without hands-on experience will never secure a well-paying job for you. The world of concept art needs graduates with digital skills that will visualize characters, environments, and props to create a story and set a tone for games or movies.

This skill cannot be acquired ordinarily without undergoing any of the best concept art internship opportunities in the world. Keep in mind that internships are a proven way to acquire relevant knowledge, skills, and experience as you establish connections in any career.

So in this article, I’m going to show you some of the best concept art internships in the world you can leverage now.

Meanwhile, here’s the table of content below for an overview of what to expect in this article.

The Best Concept Art Internship Opportunities In The World

Below are the best concept art internship opportunities in the world currently:

  • Game Artist Intern (Amazon Web Services Inc: Irvine, CA)
  • Concept Art Intern – Mobile (Apex Legends)
  • Virtual WB Animation Intern – Summer
  • 3D Artist Intern
  • 2D/3D Artist Intern
  • Internship – Legal & Regulatory
  • Archives Intern
  • Fashion Writer/Internship (Remote)
  • Copywriter Intern
  • Anthropologie: Assistant Designer

Game Artist Intern (Amazon Web Services Inc: Irvine, CA)

This concept art internship will require you to be part of an art specialty team (Animation, Concept, Environment, etc). Interns will be reporting to the Team Lead.

As one of the best concept art internship opportunities in the world, trainees will be tasked with delivering assets that are in service of features that your team is developing. Keep in mind that the nature of the assets you will deliver may vary based on the needs and style of the game.

The assets that interns will develop include

  • Concept art (Design exploration, storyboards, variants of existing designs)
  • Props (Crates and barrels)
  • Characters (Player Character Variants, Villager NPCs, and Common Enemies)
  • Items (Common Weapons, Hats, and Low Tier Armor)
  • World Builder (small places of interest, set dressing, and bug fixing)

The requirements for the Game Artist Intern are as follows:

  • Interns must be enrolled in a bachelor’s of art degree program.
  • Trainees should possess a portfolio in a particular area of expertise including environment modeling, character modeling, texture mapping, animation, FX, concept art, tech, and generalist.
  • Interns will have to show traditional art skills and creativity
  • Learners must possess hands-on experience in 2D graphics editor basics (Photoshop, GIMP, etc) and 3D graphics editor basics (Maya, Blender, ZBrush, etc.).

Here are the expectations from interns:

  • Generate simple assets under regular supervision by team leads.
  • Rework assets regularly on certain occasions.
  • Understand simple and standard development of assets, little technical knowledge, and little or no workflow experience.
  • Ensure that assets created correspond to the approved game style, technically sound, and completed successfully within the given deadline under the guidance of a supervisor.
  • Be enrolled in a master’s of Fine Arts degree program.
  • Meet Amazon’s leadership requirements for this position and the company’s technical acumen and complexity for this position.
  • Qualified interns that have been arrested or jailed in the past will be considered for employment.
  • Amazon operates an open employment policy as it does not discriminate based on race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, age, and nationality.

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Concept Art Intern – Mobile (Apex Legends) – Los Angeles

As one of the best concept art internship opportunities in the world, trainees are required to develop concepts for the Apex Mobile project and provide seasonal ideation. Interns will also assist the Creative Director and other team members to foresee ideas that will help in developing a theme monthly.

In addition, interns will have to create new character concepts, character skin concepts, new weapon concepts, weapon skin concepts, mood boards for seasonal ideas, scenes to help explain a seasonal idea, and supporting 2D assets.

The requirements include:

  • Interns must be enrolled in a college or university program.
  • Trainees should be willing to work full-time hours between 10 to 12 weeks remotely as a result of the COVID-19 restrictions.
  • Learners must have the authorization to work in the United States.
  • Interns should be ready to work at a faster rate so as to help more senior artists meet the goal of the company.
  • Trainees should be comfortable working on Sci-Fi projects.
  • Interns will have to provide various sketches while adding colorized versions.
  • Learners must provide a link to an online presentation or attach documents to their resumes reflecting their work.

On the other hand, interns are required to apply for this internship program using Sci-Fi Character/Weapon Sketches (roughs), Sci-Fi Character/Weapon polished concepts, Scene Concept Example, Mood Board Example, and Perks.

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Virtual WB Animation Intern- Summer

Warner Bros. Animation (WBA) is one of the top producers of animation in the entertainment industry. The company has staff members that are innovative writers, producers, and artists. It applies modern animation technology and possesses both CG and traditionally animated projects in current production and development for various platforms like TV, digital, and home entertainment.

By offering one of the best concept art internship opportunities in the world, WB Animation seeks a graphic design intern for the company’s TV Production department.

Interns will be tasked with helping the Art Director and Designer with marketing, production, and development of design demands using approved assets and templates. Trainees will assist in organizing and managing production materials and elements including logos, character and asset libraries, etc.

The eligibility requirements for the Virtual WB Animation Intern include:

  • Interns should possess previous professional experience.
  • Trainees must be conversant with the animation industry.
  • Learners must have a high school diploma or be enrolled in a college.
  • Trainees should show proficiency in Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, and Keynote.
  • Interns must have strong design skills and possess knowledge of After Effects, Premiere, and Cinema 4D.
  • Learners should be willing to work excellently to meet deadlines and multitask.
  • Interns must have attention to detail and communicate very well with persons at all levels.
  • Trainees will have to be enrolled for full-time studies in a college throughout the internship period.
  • Learners must be ready to work remotely full-time using the company’s laptop.
  • Interns should be available for the duration of the internship. Summer program (June 7th to August 13th)

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3D Artist Intern

This internship role requires interns that can develop 3D visuals for the company’s virtual reality education. Trainees will be tasked with creating assets for the medical field using industry software in line with the creative, design, and technical stipulation of the project.

As one of the best concept art internship opportunities in the world, interns will share their ideas and partner with team members, team leads, and industry experts to complete high-quality assets. Trainees will be expected to produce designs as well as create graphics and print materials while working with industry experts to create and refine a product.

Below are the required qualifications for this role:

  • Interns must be enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program for 3D graphics or biomedical visualization.
  • Trainees should have experience in Unity 3D and programs including Cinema 4D, Autodesk 3D Studio Max, or Maya.
  • Preference will be given to learners enrolled in anatomy, physiology, healthcare education, or related field.
  • Trainees should show proficiency in a particular area of expertise like environment modeling, character modeling, texture mapping, animation, FX, concept art, tech, generalist.
  • Learners must have hands-on in Adobe Suite and other healthcare-related technologies.
  • Interns should have basic experience in troubleshooting, analytical, organization skills, and knowledge of multiple technologies within the area of discipline.
  • Trainees must possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Learners should be willing to work independently and in collaboration with other team members.
  • Interns will have to show proficiency in 3D and/or 2D animation development, generating content as requested, using Blender, Cinema4D, or Adobe Creative Suite.

NOTE: Equal opportunity will be given to EOE/Minorities/Females/Vet/Disabled Jobseekers irrespective of race, ethnicity, veteran status, or disability status.

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2D/3D Artist Intern

This internship position requires trainees that will create models, simulations, animation, and war games for the U.S. Space Force. They will assist in explaining, visualizing, and communicating the value of new space systems and technologies. Interns should have a strong passion for technology, modeling, animation, texturing, design, gaming, and game development.

Additionally, trainees should possess an AA Degree or its equivalent and a minimum of one year of related experience OR a high school diploma with at least two years of related experience. They must be enrolled in disciplines including Software Engineering, Video Game Design, Development & Programming, Interactive Media Design, Computer Animation & Modeling, Graphic Design, Multimedia, Video Editing, and Kinetic Motion Design.

The requirements for the 2D/3D Artist Internship are as follows:

  • Trainees should possess basic skills in backgrounds, characters, rigging, animation, and lighting.
  • Interns must have excellent design, modeling, texturing, storyboarding, and animation skills.
  • Learners will have to show abilities in one or more of the following; Zbrush, 3D Studio Max, Maya, Adobe AfterEffects, Photoshop, and Premiere.
  • Interns should possess creativity, concept sketches, and illustration skills.

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This internship role requires trainees to participate in the legal and policy matters of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Here, interns will learn how to negotiate contracts including venue agreements, sponsorship contracts, merchandise agreements, fighter contracts, television agreements, and other entertainment-related agreements.

On the other hand, interns will assist in distinguishing and addressing illegal uses of UFC-owned assets. Trainees will have to prepare copyright applications, gather evidence for trademark applications and oppositions. They will be required to assist in general corporate governance matters, employment law research, and international expansion.

The general requirements for this role include:

  • Interns must be 2nd or 3rd-year law students.
  • Learners will have to show interest in one or more of the following areas of law: entertainment, intellectual property, international, corporate, and transactional.
  • Trainees should have the knack to carry out research projects outline contracts, correspondence, track pending legislation, and assist the Legal team.
  • Learners must possess excellent attention to detail, communication (written and verbal), and organizational skills.
  • Interns will have to maintain confidential information.
  • Trainees should have excellent knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite (Word, PowerPoint, and Excel) and Outlook.
  • Learns must be able to organize and present analysis and concepts efficiently.

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Archives Intern

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation is seeking interns that will work in their library. This role is designed for students that wish to gain experience working with archives and records management in a nonprofit organization.

Interns will be required to reclassify a set of historical grant records according to a newly developed taxonomy. The position seeks trainees who can perform quality control on historical and existing record metadata. Additionally, they will have to plan PDFs of digitized archival grant files, create bookmarks for discrete records, and improve accessibility for screen readers.

They will be required to develop folder-level inventories and other data structures within ArchivesSpace using rapid-data entry templates.

The requirements for qualification are listed below:

  • Interns must hold a bachelor’s degree in library and information science, preferably with a specialization in archives.
  • Trainees should possess excellent communication and organizational skills as well as attention to detail.
  • Interns must have knowledge of archival collection management systems and basic preservation techniques for archives.
  • Learners should show interest in pursuing a career in archives and record management in the non-profit sector.

Fashion Writer/Internship (Remote)

FIZZY MAG’s editorial team is seeking a writer that has a knack for the fashion industry. The writer will work remotely and closely with the site editor to generate leads for the company.

FIZZY MAG requires the writer to create three (3) high-quality content on established and up-and-coming designers, stylists, photographers, musicians, and artists. The intern will have to conceive ideas for viral content, create questions for interviews, and publish on-brand content. FIZZY MAG may delegate the writer to represent the company at events.

Below are the qualification requirements:

  • Interns should possess relevant experience writing for digital, print, or social platforms.
  • Trainees must have experience in copywriting.
  • Learners must possess excellent skills in writing stories using a snappy and conversational tone.

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Copywriter Intern

BLVR is a nonprofit creative agency that empowers brands to fearlessly live out their beliefs. At BLVR, you will find a team of strategists, storytellers, artists, and innovators that are developing innovative works.

The company is looking for an enthusiastic, smart, driven copywriter intern who shares her passion for ideas, art, and culture. Interns will be tasked with creating and editing content on the website and social media handles of BLVR. They will have to conduct research on potential production partners, talent, technology services, etc.

In addition, interns will be required to assist in tracking documents, support the creative team, work independently, and in a team for 20 hours per week (Monday to Friday).

The qualification requirements include:

  • Interns should possess excellent written and verbal communication skills as well as attention to detail
  • Trainees will have to works independently with little supervision and collaboratively
  • Interns should be willing to carry out multiple tasks on several projects and meet tight deadlines
  • Trainees must possess high creative and critical thinking skills.

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Anthropologie: Assistant Designer

Anthropologie is an e-commerce platform that has over 200 retail stores in North America and Europe. The company is involved in shipping women’s apparel and accessories, home furnishings and décor, gifts, beauty, etc to over 100 countries around the world.

Anthropologie is seeking an assistant designer that will design a brand-appropriate product that addresses the needs of the customer under the supervision of the Designer/Senior Designer. The assistant designer will also apply technical skills and knowledge of trends (materials, design, and Anthropologie vendor’s capabilities) to prepare clear design briefs that will be reviewed by a supervisor.

In addition, the intern will be charged with bringing new ideas to the team and contribute at all times to the design process. Anthropologie will require the assistant designer to travel domestically on occasions and report to the team Furniture shows, store visits, trade shows, domestic inspiration, etc.).

The qualification requirements for this internship role include:

  • Interns must show proficiency in computer programs (Adobe Creative Suite, Powerpoint).
  • Trainees should be willing to learn and possess excellent communication skills.
  • Interns must be willing to support team members and multi-task.
  • Trainees should possess a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design, Product Design, or a related field.
  • Interns will have to be highly organized and detail-oriented.

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