41 Best Data Science Programs

Great data science programs are difficult to find. There’s always a problem with the facilities or the educators. So, from our research, we have compiled these Best Data Science Programs including the Online program.

In fact, Data Science is a great way to gain the skills and knowledge needed to enter the field and stand out amongst the competition.

Specifically, as the amount of data in the world continues to grow, the need for people to organize and make sense will equally increase. The projections from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) show that the demand for data-related occupations, such as statisticians, financial analysts, and management analysts, will be increasing by 33%, 11% and 14% by 2026, respectively.

Hence, we have reduced our list to approved programs directly related to Big Data, offering courses designed to optimize the analysis and understanding of data science.

From there, we created a classification system to determine the 30 best data science programs on campus offered by public and non-profit universities in the United States.

Data Science Course

Some data science course (target fields) includes:

  • Business Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Information Systems
  • Engineering
  • Applied Statistics
  • Programming Languages: R or Python

As a result of this, we have listed the best data science courses, which also includes the best online data science courses

  • Machine Learning Course
  • Student Organization or Association for Data Science Students
  • Database Course
  • Career Resources for Data Science Students
  • Capstone Requirement
  • Programs Offering Related Coursework

Data Science Bachelor Degree Programs

Data Science Bachelor Degree
Data Science Bachelor Degree

As society puts more emphasis on technology and the importance of accurate data, universities seek to improve their analytical data and data science bachelor degree programs and create new offers of degrees, online and on-campus.

In fact, gaining a data science bachelor’s degree is a great way to gain the skills and knowledge needed to enter the field and stand out amongst the competition.

We have listed 5 of these Data Science Bachelor Degree Programs or data science undergraduate degree programs below;

#1. IU International University of Applied Sciences—Bad Honnef or Berlin, Germany and Online

B.Sc. or M.Sc. in Data Science

IU International University of Applied Sciences (IU) is a great choice for data science, recognizing the importance of forward-thinking subjects for future professionals. IU offers bachelor and master’s degree programmes you can study completely online from anywhere in the world or on campus in Berlin or Bad Honnef, Germany.

IU has degrees in the area of data science at bachelor’s and master’s level including its Bachelor of Science in Data Science and Master of Science in Data Science. Students who choose to study a bachelor or the longer 120-credit master degree are able to select electives according to their interests to tailor a large portion of their degree. The courses cover areas such as:

  • Advanced Statistics 
  • Cyber Security and Data Protection
  • Software Engineering for Data Intensive Sciences
  • Data Science and Society

A unique opportunity for post-graduate studies: IU offers an MBA degree specializing in Big Data management that you can study both online and on campus, switching between the two for different semesters. This degree combines business management with data science expertise for excellent wide-ranging career prospects after graduation.

Program Website

#2. Brigham Young University – Provo, Utah

Bachelor of Science in Statistics with an emphasis in Data Science

BYU appears in one of our top ranking article, the 25 Affordable Ultrasound Technician Schools

Our preferred data science program is offered by Brigham Young University. This new program has not only courses on SQL, Python, but SAS, and R. Students have the opportunity to obtain several certifications, which include:

  • the SAS Certified Base Programmer and SAS Certified Advanced Programmer
  • SAS?BYU Applied Statistics
  • Advanced SAS Programming Certification

Internships are available at several government agencies, including:

  • the National Institute of Standards and Technology
  • the National Institutes of Health
  • the Joint Program in Survey Methodology

#3. -University of Iowa – Iowa City, Iowa

Bachelor’s in Data Science

The University of Iowa Bachelor of Science Degree in Data program is an innovative program focused on not only statistical/probabilistic but on algorithmic analysis methods. Basic courses cover:

  • statistical methods and computing
  • discrete structures
  • database systems
  • machine learning

All students complete an internship that focuses on communication, teamwork, and ethics in data science.


#4 -University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, Michigan

Undergraduate Program in Data Science

The University of Michigan offers data science undergraduate degree programs in versatile information science. This is a collaboration between the Department of EECS of the Faculty of Engineering and the Department of Statistics of the LSA. This exact program explores the practical use of data and the theoretical properties of the analysis. The courses cover areas such as:

  • applied regression analysis
  • data structures and algorithms
  • discrete mathematics
  • probability and statistics

Flexible technical options are available to allow students to gain experience in the application of data science to other areas.


#5 -Arizona State University – Tempe, Arizona

Business Data Analytics

The W.P. The Carey Business School at the University of Arizona has a data science undergraduate degree programs that allow students to live a spoken experience.

Also, students can take classes on campus or online. They have access to more than 45 clubs and business organizations. The courses cover areas such as:

  • business data mining
  • business data warehouses and dimensional modeling
  • enterprise analytics
  • logistics management

This first university degree in Data Science or top bachelor’s in data science obtained STEM status from the U.S.A Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency within the Department of Homeland Security.

Specifically, this now gives eligible graduates with a student visa the opportunity to access a practical extension of up to 36 months.


#6 -St. Mary’s University – San Antonio, Texas

Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting and Data Analytics

The accounting department at St. Mary’s University offers a bachelor’s degree in accounting and data analysis with a focus on Big Data.

Also, this program was created to make more diverse the employment prospects of graduates. Not only but also for those who wish to work in this growing sector.

Moreover, students complete a bachelor’s program in accounting and data science for 120 hours. As well as 30 credits in courses in data analysis and information systems. The courses cover areas such as:

  • database management
  • systems analysis and design
  • accounting
  • programming

Graduates have received job offers from companies such as:

  • Liberty Mutual
  • Frost Bank
  • Sea World
  • NuStar Energy, L.P.


Masters in Data Science Programs

Obtaining a master’s degree in data science at a top data science school is an excellent way to acquire the skills and experience necessary to excel in this competitive field. Not only but also give your employer a competitive advantage.

Meanwhile, many colleges offer a combination of evening, weekend, and online classes, some of the programs listed above still require you to be on campus to complete your master’s degree in data science.

Even though you are looking for a local university, decide if you want to follow an online, hybrid, or campus-based data science program.

Master’s in Data Science Graduates Salary

Although the largest concentration of computer and information systems jobs exists in the districts of Columbia, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. In truth, those in this occupation earn the highest salaries in New York, California. and New Jersey.

For instance, Virginia is among the top five states with not only the highest masters in data science annual salary but also the highest concentration of jobs for these executives.

Finally, these data science professionals can find higher masters in data science annual salary and a greater concentration of jobs in large cities.

Below is a list of top five paying states for Computer and Information Sytems Managers who have Masters in Data Science with their salary;

StatesMedian Salary
New York$175,530
New Jersey$168,520

List of Master’s Degree Program in Data Science

#1. Drexel University

Master of Science in Data Science
  • School: College of Computing and Informatics
  • Location: Philadelphia, PA
  • Full-Time Program: Yes
  • Part-Time Program: Yes
  • Online Option: Yes

The Master of Science in Data Science program of the University of Drexel is at the University College of Computing.

The program offers three options: analysis, exploitation and algorithms, visualization and communication, and administration and responsibility.

In fact, students discuss topics in each track at any rate, including machine learning, human-machine interaction, and confidentiality.

Also, students complete their program with a real project where they can apply their learning to concrete and real project with a total of 45 credits.

Website: Drexel University

#2. Illinois Institute of Technology

Master of Data Science
  • School: College of Science
  • Location: Chicago, IL
  • Full-time Program: Yes – 12 to 16 months
  • Part-Time Program: Yes
  • Online Option: Yes
  • Website: Illinois Institute of Technology

The Master’s Program in Data Science, which is a leading university state (classified nationally by US News & World Report for its Engineering, Information Technology, Mathematics and Physics programs), not only that but prepares students from different backgrounds. Also for careers in data science with rigorous theoretical and practical training. In addition to the technical material, the courses include other important topics such as communication, project management, and professional ethics.

The program includes a synthetic internship project with several companies in the Chicago area of ​​various sectors. The program is available online and part-time, making it an ideal option for students who need to continue working while they graduate.

#3. Columbia University

Master of Science in Data Science
  • School: Data Science Institute
  • Location: New York, NY
  • Full-Time Program: Yes – 30 credits
  • Part-Time Program: Yes
  • Online Option: No
  • Website: Columbia University

To accommodate professionals, the MSc in Data Science Degree Programs at Columbia University can be completed part-time or full-time. The program includes 21 credits of compulsory/basic courses, including a capstone. The compulsory courses cover the usual areas (automatic learning, for example). The cornerstone is a one-semester data science project sponsored by a faculty member or local organization.

Also, students can choose a business degree or explore a field at the Columbia Data Science Institute. But, this diverse group of research centers is working in areas ranging from health analysis to cybersecurity and smart cities and new media. There are also working groups at the frontiers of information technology and the discovery of materials.

#4. Indiana University, Bloomington

Master of Science in Data Science
  • School: School of Informatics & Computing
  • Location: Bloomington, IN
  • Full-time Program: Yes – 30 credits
  • Part-Time Program: Yes – up to 5 years to complete the program
  • Online Option: Yes
  • Website: Indiana University, Bloomington

In particular, this program is underlined in part by offering two different paths for students: a technical path and a path for decision making. But, the technical program includes courses on topics such as algorithm analysis, cloud computing, and network system security.

Also, the follow-up of decisions covers the projects management and the management of organizational changes using data. Not only that but the degree is available on campus, online or in a hybrid version. But, in the combined format, 12 credits are completed online and 18 credits on campus.

The School of Computer Science and Computation runs 15 research centers, including those dealing with bioinformatics, cybersecurity, social computing and more.

#5. Johns Hopkins University

Master of Data Science
  • School: Whiting School of Engineering
  • Location: Baltimore, MD
  • Full-Time Program: Yes – 18 months
  • Part-Time Program: Yes – two to three years
  • Online Option: Yes
  • Website: Johns Hopkins University

The Johns Hopkins Data Science Master’s Program is a precise program that provides training to students in mathematics and computer science.

Most of the 10 courses in total are available online, allowing students to complete the degree completely off-site. Students will come away with an understanding of both the theory and the application of data science tools and techniques.

#6. Northeastern University

Master of Data Science
  • School: Khoury College of Computer Sciences
  • Location: Boston, MA
  • Full-Time Program: Yes – two to three years
  • Part-Time Program: Yes
  • Online Option: No
  • Website: Northeastern University

The Northeastern University Science Master of data science is made up of 32 semester hours and provide the necessary skills to work in data science or to start a Ph.D.

Moreover, its basic curriculum is complemented by a large number of elective courses taught by various departments in the Northeast, as well as by partner universities.

Specifically, Master’s students at Northeastern have the opportunity to participate in the cooperative program. Also, this program allows students with up to 12 months of work experience to apply their learning outside of the classroom.

#7. University of California, San Diego

Master of Advanced Study in Data Science and Engineering
  • School: Departments of Computer Science and Engineering
  • Location: San Diego, CA
  • Full-Time Program: No
  • Part-Time Program: Yes – two years
  • Online Option: No
  • Website: University of California, San Diego

The MAS is intended for early-stage data scientists who work with large data sets. This could mean that people who are currently on a technical leadership track or those who are considering a career change to data science. Classes are taught alternately on weekends, Fridays, and Saturdays, with didactic materials available online. Most of the students are experienced engineers with more than 2 years of experience.

As one might expect from a career-oriented degree, the curriculum is based on the fundamentals of information science, such as programming, analysis, systems, and machine learning. During the second year, students will work as a team to design a data science project, write a final report and explain their findings in an oral presentation. There could even be a demonstration of the functional prototype.

#8. University of California – Santa Barbara

Master of Arts in Statistics – Data Science Track
  • School: Department of Statistics and Applied Probability
  • Location: Santa Barbara, CA
  • Full-Time Program: Yes – two years
  • Part-Time Program: No
  • Online Option: No
  • Website: University of California – Santa Barbara

The MSc of UCSB Data Science 42 is a master’s degree in statistics. This degree can be the first step to obtain a doctorate or a career in data science. Students are required to complete a Data Science project, assigned or selected by the student. This program provides a solid base in statistics along with the computational tools necessary to apply these statistics to real data.

#9. University of Michigan – Ann Arbor

Master’s in Data Science
  • School: College of Literature, Science and the Arts
  • Location: Ann Arbor, MI
  • Full-Time Program: Yes – two years
  • Part-Time Program: No
  • Online Option: No
  • Website: University of Michigan – Ann Arbor

The science data teacher at the University of Michigan prepares students to identify relevant data sets and apply statistical and computational methods to answer questions and draw conclusions.

Students will complete 43 credits in subjects such as Machine Learning, Database Management, and Applied Regression. At the end of the program, students will choose a synthesis course in one of eight practical topics ranging from epidemiology to statistical consultation.

#10. University of Virginia

Master of Science in Data Science (MSDS)
  • School: Data Science Institute
  • Location: Charlottesville, VA
  • Full-time Program: 11 months
  • Part-Time Program: No
  • Online Option: No
  • Website: University of Virginia

This professional master’s program focuses on an integrated and team curriculum. The initial semesters begin with courses in language, arithmetic, and linear modeling. Once the students have acquired the basics, they can move on to the practice, the application, and the very important Capstone project.

The UVA Data Science Institute offers graduate students the opportunity to work on interdisciplinary large data projects, take advantage of training programs and high-speed computing resources, and participate in research. on data integration, systems biology, ethics, law, etc. Each year, UVA also hosts Datapalooza, a sample of research, resources, and dissemination based on data from the entire University.

Best Data Science BootCamps

Boot camps are training the next generation of data scientists. If you’re engrossed by analytics and data patterns, a data science career may be a great fit for you.

In fact, you can narrow your search for a data science Bootcamp with World Scholarship Forum list of the 5 best-rated top data science Bootcamps schools around the world.

#1. NYC Data Science Academy Boot Camp

  • Locations: NYC, Online
  • Courses: Data Science with Tableau, Deep Learning, Data Science with Tableau, Big Data with Hadoop and Spark, Data Science with Python: Data Analysis and Visualization, Data Science with R: Data Analysis and Visualization, Data Science with R: Machine Learning, 12-Week Data Science Bootcamp, Data Science with Python: Machine Learning
  • Subjects: Data Science, R, Python, Hadoop, Spark

The NYC Data Science Academy of the City of New York offers data science boot camp in full-time or part-time formats throughout the year. Students can attend their programs on campus or online. Equally, they also offer a quarterly career day where contracting partners meet with students to find job opportunities.

The program offers a combination of data science courses and real data challenges to your students. It is designed specifically for the skills sought by employers, including R, Python, Hadoop, Spark and more.

Finally, at the end of the program, students complete at least four real-world data science projects to present their knowledge to prospective employers. Students also participate in presentations and job interviews to make sure they are prepared for the best positions in data science in prestigious organizations.

Apply Here


#2. Dataquest

  • Locations: Online
  • Courses: R for Data Analysis, Python for Data Analysis
  • Subjects: Data Science, Data Analysis, Data Visualization, Databases, Python, Pandas, R, SQL

Dataquest offers 24-week data science online courses in project-oriented data science focused on data analysis using R and Python. The unique practical approach of Dataquest teaches information science using interactive coding challenges and practical projects.

Dataquest offers a unique pricing model that requires students to sign up for a Basic monthly subscription of $29 or a Premium monthly subscription of $49. The Premium plan offers 3 training paths: data analyst, IT specialist and data engineer, and the basic plan provides the route for the data analyst.

Apply Here



  • Locations: Online
  • Courses: Web Development with Django, Data Science with Python
  • Subjects: Python, Data Science, Web Development, javascript, React, Django, Flask, React Native, Mobile, iOS, Android
  • Scholarships: RMOTR offers scholarships for women, veterans, low-income, and other under-represented groups in tech.

RMOTR offers prospective students a one-week free trial consisting of two weeks of preparatory work and tutoring. Their 4-month Python web development courses are offered online through live night classes. The price is set at a simple monthly rate.

The RMOTR School is one of the leading Bootcamps in web development and Python Data Science. RMOTR offers 4-month online programs in which students interact remotely with teachers, mentors, and classmates.

Apply Here


#4. Springboard

  • Locations: Online, San Francisco
  • Courses: Business Analytics, Introduction to Data Science, AI/Machine Learning Career Track, Intermediate Data Science, Data Science Career Track, Digital Marketing Career Track, UX Career Track, Digital Marketing for Professionals, UX Design
  • Subjects: Data Science, Online Courses, Web Design (UX/UI), Digital Marketing, and Cyber Security
  • Scholarships: $750 Veteran Scholarship and $750 Women in Tech Scholarship for Data Science Career Track and $500 Veteran / Women in Tech Scholarship for our UX Design Career Track and AI/Machine Learning Career Track

Springboard is an online school for 21st-century skills in areas such as data science, UX design, digital marketing, and business analysis. We have served thousands of students around the world through a combination of study programs and individualized tutoring.
Springboard offers data science courses at your own pace that can be completed in 2 to 4 months, with personalized weekly support. The program costs $ 499 per month. Therefore, students who finish their studies before will pay less for their enrollment.

Apply Here


#5. General Assembly

  • Locations: Dallas, Providence, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, NYC, Washington, D.C., Austin, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Denver, Chicago, London, Singapore, Hong Kong, Sydney, Melbourne, Online, Boston, and Santa Monica
  • Courses: 
  • Subjects: Web Development (Full-stack: Javascript, Ruby, Rails), Web Design, UI/UX Design, Product Management, Digital Marketing, Analytics, Front-end (HTML, CSS, Javascript), Back-end (Ruby, Ruby on Rails), Data Science
  • Programs Available: Coding Bootcamps, Web Design (UX/UI), Data Science, Product Management, Digital Marketing, Full-Stack Web Development, Front-End Development, and Online Courses
  • Scholarships: General Assembly’s Opportunity Fund offers scholarships for women, veterans, low-income, and other under-represented groups in tech.

The General Assembly offers a variety of data science courses on a full-time basis, part-time and at your own pace. They have a number of financial aid options available, including loans and scholarships. For many programs, students receive a career coach and the opportunity to attend various networking events.

Apply Here


#6. Metis

  • Locations: NYC, San Francisco, Online, Chicago, Seattle, and Singapore
  • Courses: Data Science Immersive Bootcamp, Beginner Python & Math for Data Science – Live Online, Introduction to Data Science – Live Online
  • Programs Available: Data Science, Online Courses, and Bootcamp Prep
  • Scholarships: $3,000 Bootcamp scholarships for women, underrepresented communities, & veterans or members of the U.S. military, and LGBTQ individuals.

Metis is accelerating the career of data scientists by offering full-time immersive data science boot camps and online camp preparation courses. We also offer corporate training programs for teams that need data processing or analytical skills.

The 12-week immersion data science boot camp offered in New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, and Singapore, has been designed by world-renowned industry professionals and offers students intensive instruction in establishing and accessing an extensive network of and continuous support for professional training and placement until our graduates are hired.

Apply Here


Best Data Science Certification Programs

Data Science Certificate
Data Science Certificate

You can narrow your search for the best online data science programs and online data science certificate, with World Scholarship Forum. Below is a list of the 5 best-rated Best Data Science Certification Programs schools around the world.

#1. University of Southern California-Los Angeles, California

Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics

According to the Wall Street Journal and Times Higher Education, the University of Southern California is one of the leading private research universities considered one of the best in the country.

The USC Marshall School of Business offers a data science certificate of 15 credits per hour that can be completed full or part-time. The program includes basic courses as well as elective courses.

This leading certificate in data science includes one of the most complete lists of elective offers, with courses such as the analysis of time series applied to forecast, probability and data modeling, simulation. Discrete events for the management of processes and modern methods of statistical learning.

#2. University of Arizona-Tucson, Arizona

Certificate in Business Intelligence & Analytics

The MISonline BI Certification Program at the University of Arizona is designed for IT professionals, project managers, business analysts, marketing analysts and researchers who want to design and implement data-driven solutions.

This nine-credit certificate program offers basic courses in business data management, data mining and business intelligence. The curriculum focuses on concrete solutions developed from cutting-edge research and development, in tune with today’s advanced technologies. The program is offered online and at the main campus in Tucson, Arizona.

#3. University of Colorado-Denver, Colorado

Biomedical Data Science Graduate Certificate Program

Flexibility, data from the One Year Science Certification Program at the University of Denver focuses on the use of data in biomedical research. Students will be able to effectively communicate data concepts with other scientific data, analyze their own data sets and explore and understand large public data sets.

This certificate of 15 credits begins the fall semester and covers four areas: biomedical data sciences, machine learning, data analysis, and programming.

#4. University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, Michigan

Graduate Data Science Certificate Program

Michigan Institute of Data Science (MIDAS) at the University of Michigan has a science certificate data for a period of 12 credits, which includes both training courses and experience. Most students can get their certificates for two to four semesters.

Students gain experience in methods of analysis, data management, algorithms, and applications. The MIDAS faculty advises and advises the students in the program. The program is only available to U-M students enrolled in a graduate program.

#5. Rutgers University-Newark, New Jersey

Post MBA Certificate in Analytics and Information Management

Students who have already completed a Master of Business Administration (MBA) but want additional training in data science, should consult the post-master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) at Rutgers University in Program of analysis and management of information.

Students take five elective courses as part of this personalized certificate. The program is ideal for those who are changing careers or those who plan to move on to their current job. Students who have obtained their MBA at Rutgers may have a higher concentration added to their file after receiving their certificate in the analysis and information management.

Best Online Data Science Programs

best data science programs online
best data science programs online

Getting your data science degree online is a great option for the adult who works. Furthermore, we are eliminating every doubt from you and compile a list of schools offering an online degree in data science/data analysis.

Also, online data science degree contains specific courses in areas such as computer data systems. Not only but also data programming languages, predictive models, data extraction and data visualization.

In fact, you can narrow your search for the best online data science programs, online data science certificate, with World Scholarship Forum. Below is a list of the 5 best-rated data science bachelor degree online, masters in data science online schools around the world.

Data Science Bachelor Degree Online

Obtaining a bachelor degree in Data Science is the entry ticket to this rapidly increasing field.

However, a data science bachelor degree online programs provide students with a bachelor’s degree that prepares them to use the tools. Not only but also in technologies, and methodologies used by information professionals.

Also, Classes and actual requirements are different from a program, but they contain all of these similar components.

In addition to general education requirements, these programs include courses in mathematics. Not only-but also applied statistics, computer science, economics, accounting, business ethics, and administration.

#1. Southern New Hampshire University

  • Location: Manchester, NH
  • Total Undergraduate Students: 54,150
  • Cost per Credit: $320

Southern New Hampshire University’s Data Science Bachelor of Science Degree offers the best of everything: affordability, flexibility, and high-quality education.

Moreover, the program is designed to educate students prepared to face the modern world of data overload.

As a result, Students learn to combine data mining and structure with modeling and communication.

After graduation, you are ready to make a difference in your organization. Since the courses are fully online, the degree is designed for students who work while studying.

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#2. Great Basin College

  • Location: Elko, NV
  • Total Undergraduate Students: 3396
  • Cost per Credit: $161

Great Basin College offers the most affordable low tuition costs among all the programs on the list below. The Data Science bachelor degree program is one of the most practical degrees offered at the university.

Also, students can choose from four areas, including digital information technology.

Although the bachelor’s degree is not specifically Data Science, the result of the diploma works that way. In addition, students will acquire business skills designed to further improve their curriculum.

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#3. Azusa Pacific University

  • Location: Azusa, CA
  • Total Undergraduate Students: 5770
  • Cost per Credit: $450

The Data Analytics program at Azusa Pacific University is a 15-unit course load.

In particular, students will receive extensive training in information management, computers. Not only but also databases, systems analysis, and management principles.

Nevertheless, of the chosen degree, the data analysis program will prepare students for the organization and analysis of current labor market data.

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#4. Liberty University

  • Location: Lynchburg, VA
  • Total Undergraduate Students: 47,050
  • Cost per Credit: $390

It is delivered entirely online, the bachelor of science in data science, data networks and security. Also, Liberty University offers students a piece of essential knowledge in the field of data security.

As a result, the program requires 120 credit hours in total, 30 of which must be tracked through Liberty.

In addition, 50% or 30 hours of the main ones must be taken by Liberty. With an affordable enrollment and maximum flexibility, Liberty University’s Security and Data Networks Diploma is one of the best.

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#5. Ohio Christian University

  • Location: Circleville, OH
  • Total Undergraduate Students: 4213
  • Cost per Credit: $423

Ohio Christian University offers a data analysis/science program that prepares students for a career in data analysis in the field of information technology.

By the end of the program, students will be able to identify the various analyzes available from different data sets. As well as communicate multiple aspects of IT analysis, not only but also IT companies.

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Masters in Data Science Online

Many industries rely on data scientists to manage, process and analyze data to create user stories. Not only but also to predict trends, solve problems and guide decision making. As a result, masters in data science online programs is more valuable than ever.

Furthermore, In an online data science master’s program, you will learn how to use data and new data analysis technologies. In order to draw conclusions and make useful suggestions based on specific trends with these masters in data science online program.

In addition to basic skills, such as math, science, and computation, masters in data science online programs also explore ways to effectively communicate the results of your data to others.

Below is a list of the 5 best-rated masters in data science online schools around the world.

#1. University of Missouri – Columbia

Data Science and Analytics Master’s Program
  • School: Graduate School
  • Location: Columbia, MO
  • Full-Time Program: Yes – two years
  • Part-Time Program: No
  • Online Option: Online Only

The Master Program in Data Analysis and Science at the University of Missouri is an associate program. But also focus on student progress through on-campus administration sessions, not only that but also weekly cooperative assignments.

The courses are taken 2 at a time in online modules of 8 weeks designed to link up to a maximum of 34 credits.

Also, the Industry Advisory Board is partnering with industry leaders such as Boeing. Not only but also IBM and the New York Times to provide networking opportunities for students.

Website: University of Missouri – Columbia

#2. University of Wisconsin

Online Master of Science in Data Science
  • School: UW Extension
  • Location: Online
  • Full-time Program: Yes – 36 credits
  • Part-Time Program: Yes
  • Online Option: Yes
  • Website: UW – MS in Data Science

Alternatively, you can explore the most flexible online security card. Tuition fees are fixed, whether you live in Wisconsin or out of the country. Also, the courses do not have a fixed meeting schedule.

In addition, the program addresses all the usual hot spots in masters in data science online: statistical methods, data mining, prescriptive analysis, etc.

In the meantime, what is really interesting is that your virtual lab offers free access to software tools and programming languages ​​such as R. Not only but also Python, SQL Server, and Tableau.

#3. University of Denver

Online MS in Data Science program
  • School: The Daniel Felix Ritchie School of Engineering and Computer Science
  • Location: Denver, CO
  • Program Length: 18 to 24 months
  • Online Option: Yes
  • Learn more from DataScience@Denver.

The Ritchie School at the University of Denver offers an online master’s degree in data science that prepares students to develop data collection tools and use relevant information to help their organization make important policy decisions.

The program covers topics related to masters in data science online, including data extraction, database management, and machine learning. It can be completed in just one year.

A data science bachelor’s degree is required to apply.

#4. Syracuse University

Online Master’s in Data Science
  • School: School of Information Studies and Whitman School of Management
  • Location: Syracuse, NY
  • Full-Time Program: 18+ months
  • Part-Time Program: No
  • Online Option: Yes
  • Learn more from DataScience@Syracuse.

The online data master of applied science at Syracuse University is designed so that professionals acquire the specialized skills necessary to excel in their changing field. The program offers online courses, interactive courses, and networking opportunities. Thanks to the online learning format, students can improve their skills.

Best Data Science Certification Online

#1. Purdue University-West Lafayette, Indiana

Certificate in Applied Statistics

Courses: Experimental design, Basic probability, and its applications, Statistical inference and Sampling and Probing techniques.

Purdue University offers a data science certificate of 12 credits in statistics applied through the Statistics Department. Students can expect to increase their skills in statistics and statistical reasoning skills.

A bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution is required for admission. Offered completely online, students have the opportunity to obtain this data science certificate according to their own schedule, respecting their family and professional obligations.

#2. University of Texas-Austin, Texas

Data Analytics Certificate Program

The Certificate of Data Science Program at the Austin Vocational Training Center of the University of Texas was designed by industry experts from Carnegie Mellon, Northwestern and Yale Universities.

Indeed, the educational approach makes it one of the best online data science certificates on our list. Students work with other students with a mentor to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to solve specific problems.

Specifically, the four courses of this data science certificate cover areas such as data analysis, web browsing, in-depth analysis, and visualization, as well as forecasting profitability and customer preferences using data analysis.

#3. Duke University-Durham, North Carolina

Big Data and Data Science Online Program

Courses: Project manager, architect, data analyst or data storage professional

Big Data is big business at Duke University. Students can expect to develop their skills in large data, data science, and data visualization. The 12-month online program incorporates online learning with instruction in the live classroom.

There are nine elective courses available to complete the learning with instructions on specific applications of data analysis.

#4. Northwestern University-Evanston, Illinois

Data Science and Analytics Certificate Program

Courses: Data management, Data and analysis, Analysis techniques and Visualization of data and text

The Northwestern University Science and Data Analysis Certification Program is designed for graduates who want to understand and work with data to advance their organization’s mission.

This first data science certificate can be obtained completely online in four semesters. The professors are doctorate professors with experience in the industry and research in the field of data science

#5. Michigan State University-East Lansing, Michigan

Graduate Certificate in Computational Modeling

Michigan State University offers a certificate in computer modeling, also data science certificate.

Specifically, for students who do not have a solid foundation in programming or computer modeling.

Students will learn to solve a wide range of problems, both in computer science and in computer science, and will analyze the problems using algorithms and computer tools.

This first data science certificate includes three courses. Two courses are basic postgraduate courses in the field of computer modeling. Also, the third is an approved course in information science or computer science. Students who are already enrolled in an MSU or Ph.D. program can apply for the certificate after completing the necessary courses.


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