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15 Best Driving Schools in Columbus Ohio | 2023 Review

Learning the basics is the first step to getting your driver’s license in Ohio. You do not only need to know the driving schools; you also need to see the best driving schools in Columbus reviews.

Before you can drive to Ohio, you have to go through classroom training. The driving school will teach you everything you need to know to drive safely on the road. You would also learn all the Ohio driving laws and defensive driving techniques to help you avoid a crash.

A driver’s education course in Ohio doesn’t take long to finish. This article will outline the best driving schools in Columbus and their reviews. We also included their websites so you can quickly contact them for more information. Let’s dive right in!

Are the Best Driving Schools in Columbus Worth it?

Absolutely. With everyone driving themselves, you must learn how to drive officially. Some of the reasons why the best driving schools in Columbus are worth it are-

Less danger to your car

New drivers make mistakes. Sometimes, these errors cause harm. When it does, you must pay damages; if this happens, your insurance rates will surely go up.

The fees you pay for the course cover the risks and extra costs of insurance. You can be sure that you can learn without putting your cars in danger.

Saving Time

With the best driving schools in Columbus, you have enough practice and experience to pass the skills test. New drivers must show that they know how to drive a car safely and confidently. It takes some time behind the wheel to get this skill.

If you teach your child to drive independently, you must be there for every minute of practice. It can be challenging to handle when you have a lot going on. When you let a driving school help, you get more time to do other things you need to do.

Better Drivers

The best driving schools in Columbus have a lot of professionals. They have taught new drivers how to drive safely many times before.

Because of this, their ideas and skills are valuable. Graduates of driving schools know more about how to drive safely and are more aware of what’s going on the road.

Driving schools also teach about a wide variety of essential things. Your teen will learn how to drive in bad weather, fast-traffic-freeways, and crowded cities.

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What is the Duration of the Best Driving Schools in Columbus?

You must take 24 hours of classes, either in person or online. However, you can only do two hours of instruction per day. You could finish the classroom part of your Ohio driver’s ed course in 12 days, but you have up to six months to complete all 24 hours.

The multimedia course includes videos, memes, pop quiz questions, interactive elements, and photos. It’s simple to do and is an enjoyable way to learn.

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What are the Requirements for Enrolling in the Best Driving Schools in Columbus?

For identification, you would need:

  • Two (2) pieces of 2×2 I.D pictures.
  • An ID copy and birth certificate copy.
  • Fill the forms out.
  • Must be fit both body and mind to drive.
  • The original birth certificate and a photocopy of it.
  • Letter of parental consent that is notarized.
  • A student permit is for people who are at least 19 years old.
  • Photocopy of the marriage contract.
  • Photocopy of tax identification number (T.I.N.) or form.
  • The required medical and drug tests.
  • T. I. N. Or photocopy of tax identification number and form.

What is the Cost of Enrollment in the Best Driving Schools in Columbus?

Among the costs, you’ll have to pay the following:

  • Lessons in a classroom: $48 and up
  • Behind-the-wheel training costs more than $300.
  • A packet of temporary permits costs $23.50

All of the parts of the required driver’s ed course in Ohio will cost at least $372.50, so plan to spend at least that much.

Ohio Drivers’ License Fees

Once you’ve all the required documents, you can take the Ohio driving test at your local driving exam station. It’s free to take the test, but you’ll have to pay another fee to get your license. This price changes based on your age:

  • $25.75 for a 16-year-old.
  • $24.50 for a 17-year-old
  • $23.25 for an 18-year-old
  • $22.00 for 19 years old.
  • $20.75 for 20 years old.
  • $24.50 for 21 and over

If you get your license before you turn 18, you will still be on probation and have to follow specific rules when driving. If you break the rules, you could have your license taken away.

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Is it Worth the Money to Get a License to Drive in Ohio?

The cost of the driving school itself will be between $350 and $500. This cost will go up by about $50 because of the processing fees. If you plan your 50 hours of practice driving around how your supervising driver already drives, you won’t have to pay extra for gas or car maintenance.

Is this total cost of $400–$550 worth it? Yes, for most people, without a doubt! Most of Ohio can only be got to by car. Only a few of the state’s big cities have reliable public transportation. And if you have a license, you can go wherever you need. This freedom will help you go to school, get a job, and have fun with your friends.

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15 Best Driving Schools in Columbus Reviews in 2023

#1. 1ST Choice Driving Academy

1st Choice Driving Academy is a family-run business that serves the Columbus area and close-by places close. It gives driving lessons to people at least 15 and a half years old. It has two sets of driving lessons for adults. The first option is four sessions of two hours each, for eight hours.

The second option is a single session of two hours. At 1st Choice Driving Academy, you can take driver’s ed and car lessons in a classroom or online. When it comes to the best driving schools in Columbus reviews, this school ranks as 4.7 out of 5.

Visit 1ST Choice Driving Academy.

#2. Sunny’s Driving Academy

Since 2002, Sunny’s Driving Academy in Columbus, Ohio, has taught people how to drive. The family-run business has taught hundreds of teens to drive safely and correctly to pass police driving tests and fundamental driver’s license exams.

Visitors to the school can meet the staff and ask questions. Both teens and adults can buy courses on Sunny’s Driving Academy’s website. For the best driving schools in Columbus reviews, this school ranks as 4.5 out of 5

The school is known for ensuring that all of its students are motivated to learn the material, get interested in it, and take part in their classes to become the best drivers possible.

Visit Sunny’s Driving Academy

#3. Westland Driving School Ltd

Columbus is home to Westland Driving School, which is a driving school. Students take AAA’s Licensed to Learn Course, which uses videos, chalkboards, other props, and paper study guides to help them remember more of what they learn.

The first five lessons can be in any order, but students must take the final exam class last. Two four-hour sessions behind the wheel follow it.

Online students can also take their in-car training at the school; photos of the company cars are on Westland’s website. Adults can also take classes to help them catch up, and those who pass the test can get a certificate the same day.

For the best driving schools in Columbus reviews, Westland driving school ranks as 4.7 out of 5

Visit Westland Driving School Ltd

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#4. Queencoco Driving School

Queencoco Driving School, LLC gives people in Columbus flexible driving lessons. Teens at least 15 and 5 months old can learn in person or online. The classes are four hours long, and students can take them in any order.

You can also take classes if you have a disability or are an older driver. The school offers a 12-point suspension course, a 2-point course for making up credits, and other programs that the Ohio court has ordered.

At Queencoco, student cars are as visible as possible. Out of the best driving schools in Columbus reviews, this school ranks as 4.0 out of 5

Visit Queencoco Driving School

#5. Roadmaster Drivers School of Columbus, OH

Roadmaster Drivers School in Columbus, Ohio, has programs for people who want to become truck drivers. The company offers Class A CDL training for drivers who wish to drive tractor-trailers between states.

They teach what to do in an emergency, how to read a map, plan a trip, and drive a truck.

Roadmaster Driver School has taught over 100,000 people in its 25 years of business. It is a Columbus State Community College partner and a member of the Ohio Trucking Association.

Visit Roadmaster Drivers School of Columbus, OH

#6. Advantage Driver Training

At Advantage Driver Training runs classroom instruction every week. There are 12 different topics covered in each class, which students can do in any order.

Some topics covered are using less energy, driving emergencies, adverse conditions, and car buying.

There are daytime and evening slots available seven days a week. You can use a company car for your BMV road test. It is one of the best driving schools in Columbus.

Visit Advantage Driver Training

#7. A+ Rightway Driving School LLC

Rightway Driving School started from a simple idea: to make high-quality, easy-to-get-to, and affordable education available to everyone. Rightway Driving School is one of the best schools in Columbus, Ohio, because of how they teach and how good their teachers are.

You can always look at their exciting and varied course schedule. For the best driving schools in Columbus reviews, this school ranks as 4.4 out of 5

Visit A+ Rightway Driving School LLC

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#8. 160 Driving Academy of Columbus

160 Driving Academy is a truck driving school that opened in 2012. It has campuses all over the country, including one in Columbus.

It has a thorough training program that helps people over 21 passes the CDL test and get a CDL Class A license.

The four-week training course has 40 hours of classroom instruction to prepare students for the written test and 160 hours of behind-the-wheel training to teach real-life driving.

The teachers at this school also help students get jobs as truck drivers after graduation. 160 Driving Academy of Columbus is one of the best driving schools in Columbus.

Visit 160 Driving Academy of Columbus

#9. Bloom School of Driving Dynamix Inc.

Bloom School of Driving Dynamix Inc. has taught people to drive in Columbus for more than ten years. When it comes to the best driving schools in Columbus reviews, this school ranks as 4.8 out 5

The team is famous as a top-rated defensive driving course for teens that goes beyond basic driver’s ed.

Highly qualified instructors put students through rigorous car control drills like slalom, wet braking/steering, emergency lane change, and spin avoidance car drills.

Visit Bloom School of Driving Dynamix Inc.

#10. Prestige Driving Academy

 In the New Albany area, Prestige Driving Academy teaches people how to drive.

Students can choose from three different driver’s education packages. The instructors are very qualified and teach things like road safety, current laws, road signs and road markings, defensive driving skills, how important it is to be patient, and how to stay away from distractions like cell phones.

Students can also take Ohio BMV Certified classes online. The school also offers one-on-one lessons. There are also adult driving classes, and adult remedial courses.

Hundreds of students from other countries have also taken classes at Prestige. It is one of the best driving schools in Columbus.

Visit Prestige Driving Academy

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#11. Dublin Driving School

Teens from all over Columbus go to Dublin Driving School. It has classes for teens and lessons only in the car. The purpose is to teach pupils how to drive responsibly and safely.

Dublin Driving School also provides virtual sessions with a teacher that teaches kids in a variety of ways, including lectures, AAA videos, and project worksheets. For the the best driving school in Columbus reviews, Dublin Driving School ranks as 4.0 out 5

The driving school also provides a test lesson, in which students receive an additional two hours of instruction from their teacher and the opportunity to review their skills before taking the test.

Visit Dublin Driving School

#12. Columbus Driving Academy

Reynoldsburg has had driving lessons from Columbus Driving Academy Inc. for more than 30 years. Teens and adults can learn safe driving skills and all the current road rules, and the school also has courses for people who need to catch up.

The Columbus Driving Academy offers cheap classes six days a week and all the time is on its website. It is one of the best driving schools in Columbus.

High school students can take their first seven sessions in any order they want, but they must take their eighth three-hour session last. Their instructors can also pick them up for their eight hours of behind-the-wheel training.

Participants can also quickly sign up for their Ohio BMV Driving Test online. The center has an A+ rating with the BBB and is a member of the Reynoldsburg Chamber of Commerce.

Visit Columbus Driving Academy

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#13. Driving Schools of Ohio

The Driving Schools of Ohio teach teens and adults how to drive in Columbus. Some of the classes and programs it offers are for DUIs, court orders, last-minute courses, and people who need to catch up.

Teenagers who want to learn how to drive can go to a classroom or take classes online. There are also classes for first-time offenders and programs to help young drivers improve.

Since more than 16 years ago, the Driving Schools of Ohio have been in business. In terms of the best driving schools in Columbus reviews, this school ranks as 4.3 out 5.

 Visit Driving Schools of Ohio

#14. First Drive Driving School LLC

First Drive Driving School LLC is a driving school in Hilliard that teaches people how to drive. Teens can take state-approved driver’s education classes at the center. These classes cover both classroom and behind-the-wheel training required by the state.

Students can take classes in any order they want or use online courses. The school also has one-day courses for adults and teens to make up for driving offenses, court orders, and two-point credits.

There are also driving classes for seniors, and people with disabilities can talk to a driver rehabilitation specialist to help them learn to drive with special training and equipment.

People who want to practice for the maneuverability test on their own time can also rent cones from First Drive Driving School.

Visit First Drive Driving School LLC

#15. Pataskala Driver Training

Pataskala Driver Training is a Pataskala driving school. Students can sign up for a Traditional Teen Program with 24 hours of classroom learning and 8 hours of behind-the-wheel training, an Online Bundle Program with online learning and in-car hours, or a Drive Package Only with 8 hours of in-car training.

The center says it was Pataskala’s first driver’s ed school and is known for giving high-quality lessons. Those who want to sign up for a course package can do so on the company’s website.

Participants can also easily download a class schedule from the website. They also need to download, read over, and print a customer agreement due on the first day of class. Pataskala driver training is one of the best driving schools in Columbus.

Visit Pataskala Driver Training

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does Ohio’s driver’s education take?

24 hours. Drivers must take a driver education course at a licensed school, which includes 24 hours of classroom or online instruction and 8 hours of driving time.

How do I get a driving school up and running in Columbus, Ohio?

In Ohio, you need a license from the state if you want to run a driving school.
Send in a filled-out application form and the following information and paperwork:
State and federal governments check criminal records.
The rental agreement for your business location(s).

How much does Ohio’s driver’s education cost?

Most driving schools in Ohio charge around $100 for a 24-hour course. Sometimes you can find deals that let you take the Course for less than $50.

How many points does an Ohio ticket for speeding have?

Four points if you exceed the speed limit by more than 30 mph. You get two points when the speed limit is 55 mph or more and you go over 11 to 29 mph. If the speed limit is 54 mph or less and you go over it by 6 to 29 mph, you get two points.

How do I get an Ohio ticket for speeding taken off my record?

Give a good reason why you need to speed or break another traffic law.
Show that the information on the ticket is wrong.
You’ll have to defend yourself in court if the officer doesn’t show up.
Show that you are taking a driving course.


Drivers under 18 in Ohio should take at least eight hours of lessons with a professional driving instructor.

To sign up for this Course, you must show your learner’s permit and a Certificate of Enrollment. It shows that you are either taking a driver’s ed course or have already finished one.

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