14 Best Driving Schools in Waterbury Ct | 2023 Review

In a city where even minors have a driving permit, what is your excuse? Attend a driving school, learn all you need to, get a driver’s permit and a license, and you can cruise the roads of Waterbury, CT.

Driving is easy, and trust me, you can do it.

All you need is to enroll in driving school in Waterbury and take the state-approved driving test. Well, it will cost some dollars!

Here are the best driving schools in Waterbury, Ct.

14 Best Driving Schools in Waterbury CT | 2023 Review

These are the best driving schools in Waterbury, CT.

  • Holy Cross High School Driving School
  • Southbury Driving Academy
  • C&T’s Driving School
  • Holy Cros High School
  • A 1 Driving
  • Classic Driving School LLC
  • E-Z Learn Driving School, Inc.
  • Epic Driving School
  • Shield Driving School CT
  • All-Star Driver Education
  • Knepler Driving Schools
  • Liberty Safe Driving
  • Waterbury, CT. Truck Driving Schools

1. Holy Cross High School Driving School

Address: 587 Oronoke Rd. Waterbury, CT 06708

Phone number: 203.596.8229, 800.732.8090

Pickup/Dropoff Location: Main Parking Lot, on the left as you enter the school grounds.

Their 8-hour safe driving course costs $139.

Holy Cross will teach this class online via zoom. 

This 8-hour classroom training course meets the State of Connecticut’s minimum requirements for obtaining a driver’s license. The course does not include private driving lessons but can be added during enrollment.

Full Driver Education Package for $719

All class work will be taught remotely via Zoom. This course includes 30 hours of classroom instruction and 8 hours of private driving instruction. 

Teens will have a shorter wait time for their license after completing the course, meeting all of Connecticut’s driver education requirements, and most insurance companies will offer a discount. 

There is no additional charge to begin taking these classes whenever you are available.  


2. Southbury Driving Academy

Welcome to the “Southbury Driving Academy” and the “Waterbury Driver Education Program,” located in the heart of Southbury, Connecticut. Greg Burrus Sr. is the owner of a family business. 

They have taught drivers for over 15 years and are known for honesty and integrity. The school is excellent and offers a flexible curriculum. Those who qualify may also take their exams elsewhere!

Minors who have completed the full course, which includes 30 hours of classroom instruction and 8 hours of instructor-supervised driving, may take the test after 120 days. If they haven’t completed the entire course, they can take the test after 180 days.

This is one of the best driving schools in Waterbury CT.

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3. C&T Driving School

For this driving school, we will itemize the classes and prices for each;

  • Adults Only 8-Hour Online Class is for $125!
  • 1 hour of driving instruction in Bridgeport, $75
  • Car rental in Bpt for a DMV test $150
  • Students must rent a car by 10 a.m. the day before the exam
  • A 2-hour road lesson is required before the exam (not on that day!) $175
  • Adult D&A Class in Wtby for 8 hours
  • You must sign the agreement on the website! $130
  • Waterbury Clase En Espanol $130
  • Parents and Teens $130

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4. Eagle Driving School

Just as the name implies, Eagle driving school teaches students how to soar like the eagle they are in driving. 

Their courses include driver education, safer roads, adult and teen driving schools, 8-hour alcohol and drug-free driving courses, and DMV car rentals are all available.

Phone: (475) 235-2658

Address: 481 Wolcott St., Waterbury, Connecticut 06705.

5. Holy Cross High School

Students must attend weekly classes to fulfill the program’s 24-hour classroom requirement.

After completing classroom and in-car instruction under parental supervision, students will receive a Completion Certificate (MV-285) from the school. This certificate must be presented to the DMV road test examiner for a road test to be scheduled. After passing the road test and considering the student’s age of 17, a D license (senior license) will be issued. The certificate also provides eligible students with insurance discounts.

Students can register using our ONLINE OPTION online, in person, or by mail, but parental consent must be obtained in writing. At the time of registration, the program requires FULL PAYMENT. Online credit card payments are available.

Students must have a learner’s permit to register.

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6. A 1 Driving

Get two hours of practice driving and a rental car for your road test at the DMV in Waterbury at A 1 driving!

There is an 8-hour course that is available both online and offline.

We will not be able to process your 8-hour certificate if you do not have your CT Learner’s Permit Number. If you do not yet have your CT license, you can still enroll in the 8-hour course. Notify them as soon as possible after receiving your permit so they can prepare your certificate.


7. Classic Driving School LLC

Classic Driving School LLC was founded in Waterbury, Connecticut in 2001. 

It is one of the best driving schools in Waterbury CT.

You have to contact them using either email or phone. Check out their website for any other information you may require. 

From reviews, Classic Driving school has a generous revenue showing that students trust them and enroll for lessons.

Phone: (203) 757-4551

Website: www.elitedriving.net

Email: [email protected]

8. E-Z Learn Driving School, Inc.

Address: 391 Broad Street, Suite A, Meriden, Connecticut 06450

Phone: (203) 237-8676

It was founded in 1961. It is one of the state’s first driving schools offering driver education that is professional, full-service, and full-time.

There is a teen driver course for 30 hours.

You can find dates and a schedule on the “Teen Course Page.”

There is an 8-hour zoom adult and teen drug and alcohol class with parents class.

Complete the required 8-hour Drug & Alcohol Safety Class, also known as the online Safe Driving Practices Course. 

Behind The Wheel Lessons:

Students will assemble at E-Z Learn, where the lesson will conclude. 

There are no exceptions: students must have their learner’s permit and, if necessary, glasses/contacts!

At this driving school, there is also off-site testing for a driver’s license. 

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9. Epic Driving School

This is one of the best driving schools in Waterbury, CT. 

It offers an 8-hour program. There is a 30-hour adolescent program. There is a Road Test at CT DMV and one at a driving school.

Driving is a significant step toward independence, but it also comes with great responsibility. Epic’s on-the-road program is effective and based on the concepts of knowledge and safety. 


The instructors follow a detailed driving lesson curriculum, tailoring each lesson to the students’ needs. Sign-ups are encouraged from students of all skill levels. 

In addition, they assist novices, students with disabilities, and seasoned drivers who need a few pointers to pass their road test.


10. Shield Driving School CT

Shield Driving School in Connecticut has created a unique coursework for students in Waterbury, CT. 

The teen driving programs were designed from the ground up to support the development of safe, accountable, and highly skilled drivers.

The Connecticut Department requires a driving education of Motor Vehicles before obtaining your driver’s license. All drivers enroll in and complete an 8-hour course on safe driving, drugs, and alcohol. We will provide the information and guidance you need to drive safely and skillfully. After completing the 8-hour course, you will be awarded a CS-1 certificate.

The total program length will be 30 hours, including the 8 hours of CT-DMV-mandated drug, alcohol, and safe driving training and the 8 hours of behind-the-wheel training. Each student will receive a textbook and manual for homework studies.

Shield driving school will pick you up and drop you off at your home, school, or workplace.

They will conduct on-site testing for all teens enrolled in the full program.


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11. All-Star Driver Education

This is one of the best driving schools in Waterbury Ct.

All-Star Driver Education’s founders are education professionals who understand that delivery is just as important as content. 

The All-Star curriculum’s humor, games, entertaining textbooks, hands-on activities, and engaging instructors inspire teenagers. They use unique tools, methods, and instruction manuals.

This is the only class like it. You’ll have a fun and unique curriculum to make driver education more engaging and interesting. They use quizzes, videos, images, graphs, and other learning tools to keep students interested in the material and ensure that they understand it.

They teach students more than how to drive, you will learn how to recognize, avoid, and survive risks on the road.


12. Knepler Driving Schools

Knepler Driving Schools places a strong emphasis on cutting-edge, research-based teaching methods. Students learning styles influence the various teaching styles. 

Individualized programs are developed for special-needs students, and all students are treated equally. Students with special needs may struggle with cognition, social-emotional issues, physical limitations, or require adaptive mobility devices.

Knepler Driving Schools’ driver education courses include reading material, lectures, value-clarifying exercises, and role-playing. Advanced courses cover interactive computer programs and driver simulation. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s National Standards for Novice Drivers have been proudly incorporated into the curriculum at Knepler Driving Schools.

Knepler Driving Schools welcomes and encourages parent participation in all programs.

It is one of the best driving schools in Waterbury Ct.

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13. Liberty Safe Driving

Liberty doesn’t just offer training; they now have a site for students who need off-site testing for the new picture permit. Because of this, parents won’t have to make a long trip to the DMV. 

These are some of the driving lessons available; 

Instruction Behind the Wheel

Behind the wheel offers individualized driving instruction in a Liberty driving school vehicle with a certified instructor. It is possible to pick you up at home.

Segment on Drug and Alcohol Safe Driving

The DMV requires home-trained applicants to provide documentation that they have completed an eight-hour course on the following topics: the dangers of operating a motor vehicle after consuming alcohol or drug abuse; the penalties for alcohol and drug-related motor vehicle violations.

Teen drivers and classroom instruction

30 hours of classroom instruction. Additionally, there are 8 hours of classroom instruction for driving. Student pickup is possible from either home or school. The parent section of this course, which lasts two hours, covers Connecticut driving laws with the student. 

For this course, many insurance providers provide an insurance discount.

Driving by Teens or Adults

Some of the most seasoned driving instructors in the business work with teens. A large portion of the students has never driven before. The instructors will work one-on-one with you to instruct you to drive safely. You will gain the knowledge and abilities necessary to pass your driving test during the training process.

It is one of the best driving schools in Waterbury Ct.

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14. Waterbury, CT. Truck Driving Schools

All the other driving schools we have listed are for drivers of cars; now this is an option to drive trucks and other heavy machines. 

Locate nearby CDL training programs in the Waterbury, CT area with options like Class A tractor-trailer or Class B truck and bus driver. Learn more about training for commercial driver’s license endorsements like HAZMAT, tanker trucks, and school buses.

Use the search tool to contact a CDL training facility close to Waterbury.


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What do Driving Lessons in CT cost?

Classes like these will be brief if you complete the bare minimum to meet the state requirement, typically costing around $150 (about eight hours in total). However, you will need to spend more like $500 to $600 to enroll in a full driver’s education course.

How Much Time is the CT Driving School?

This is driving education requirements;

Suppose you have had your permit for 120 days. In that case, you must complete at least 30 hours of classroom instruction and 8 hours of practice driving behind the wheel with a Connecticut-licensed commercial or secondary driving school to qualify for the test.

What is DMV Required Information And Fees?

  • License to Drive (Variable Fee) $85.00
  • A commercial driver’s license costs between $70.00 and $87.50 to obtain.
  • Duplicate license fee of $30
  • License exam fee ($40.00)
  • Permit for Students ($19.99)
  • Learners’ Permit in Duplicate ($19.99)
  •  Non-Driver Identification Card (New, Replacement, or Renewal) ($22.50 Cash Only)
  • $30.00 substitute
  • Conditions if you are at least 18 years old:
  • Filled-out R-229 form
  • CS-1 Certificate from Certified Driving School
  • Two letters bearing the testers’ names
  • Card of Social Security
  • Passport or birth certificate from the United States
  • Examination Fee
  • Lamination and photocopies are not accepted at the DMV.
  • To take the On-the-Road Skills Test, applicants must be 18 or older and have had their permits for at least three months.

FAQs on 15 Best Driving Schools in Waterbury Ct | 2023 Review

How much do driving lessons in Connecticut cost?

If you complete the bare minimum to meet the state requirement, typically around $150, classes like these will be brief (around eight hours total). However, if you want to enroll in a full driver’s education course, you must spend at least $500 to $600.

How long does it take to learn to drive?

You can learn to drive or take driving lessons at your own pace.

Professional instruction and practice to learn to drive typically take 45 hours. This could happen over three or four months. The problem is that each individual is unique.

15 Best Driving Schools in Waterbury Ct | 2023 Review

Holy Cross High School Driving School
Southbury Driving Academy
C&T Driving School
Holy Cros High School
A 1 Driving
Classic Driving School LLC
E-Z Learn Driving School, Inc.
Shield Driving School
Epic Driving School
Shield Driving School CT
All-Star Driver Education
Knepler Driving Schools
Liberty Safe Driving
Waterbury, CT. Truck Driving Schools


We hope you enjoyed reading about the best driving schools in Waterbury, CT. Get back to us in the comment section for any ideas or suggestions. 



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