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15 Best Esthetician Schools in the World | 2022

If you want to make your passion your job, you might not think you need to go to college. Those who want to work in the beauty industry or become estheticians will find this to be especially true. You probably learned how to put on makeup from a friend who is a bit older.

Or maybe you’ve learned more by practicing or watching videos on YouTube. Why should you go to college if you are so smart and have so much experience?

If you want a rewarding job taking care of people’s skin, you should know what the best esthetician schools are. In as little as six months, you can learn everything you need to know about skincare at esthetic school. But this depends on where you live and if you go to school full-time or part-time.

Do you want to learn more about Esthetician schools? This article provides a full guide. We listed the best esthetician schools in the world, along with how much they cost and how long they last. At the end of this article, you’ll find out what you need to do to get into them. Keep reading.

Why Become an Esthetician?

When you’re thinking about going to the best esthetician schools, you should naturally wonder what they have in store for you.

Is it worth it? Would you do well? Is it what you want your life to be about?

When thinking about why you should become an esthetician, here are the top things you should think about. They are:

The best esthetician schools can give you freedom.

No matter where you are in the world, people will want services for their skin. If you learn about esthetics, you may be able to work when and where you want.

Some people love esthetics because it lets them work from home or provide services in people’s homes. You can have the freedom you want if you become an esthetician.

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When you go to schools for estheticians, you can help other people.

Most estheticians became estheticians because they like helping people. This is a field for people who like helping people look and feel better by working with them.

Whether a client worries about acne, dull skin, or sensitivity to the seasons, an esthetician has the training to recommend treatments and a routine for the future.

Making other people’s lives better is a very rewarding thing to do and a great way to build a career. If you love taking care of your skin, you might be a good fit for our esthetics program.

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Even the best esthetician schools are reasonably priced.

People often think about esthetician school because it can be cheaper than a regular four-year college. But not all esthetician programs are the same.

Make sure you ask what fees might be in your program’s tuition. However, they are generally reasonably priced.

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Schools for estheticians take less time than college

Programs to become an esthetician can take a lot less time. For example, a 600-hour course in esthetics could take about four months to finish.

That’s if you went to school full-time. It usually takes between six months and a year for most students. It still takes much less time than getting a college degree.

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Can You Take Esthetician Classes Online?

Yes. There are several schools for an esthetician that allow you to take online courses. But keep in mind that you will have to do some of your training in person. This ensures that you are ready to work with clients when you graduate.

If you want to take an online course to become an esthetician, there are a lot of things you might want to think about. You should make sure that esthetics is right for you. The steps you need to take are:

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#1. Make sure your state department will accept online education hours.

The first step is to find out if your state allows online education. Different states have different requirements for getting a license. You may need a certain number of hours on the job, or you may have to do all of your training in person.

In many cases, you can do some of your hours online, which means you can learn a lot about esthetics online.

#2. Meet the course’s prerequisites.

It’s also important to make sure you meet any enrollment requirements. Most esthetics classes only require you to have a GED or high school diploma and be at least a certain age, usually 16 or 18.

But you might need previous training for some more advanced courses. Talk to the school you’re interested in to find out what courses would be best for you.

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#3. Sign up for an esthetician program

Once you’ve chosen an esthetics course that works for you, it’s time to sign up. You might want to schedule a tour of the esthetics school you want to go to.

This ensures you find out more about how things work before you enroll. Then you can sign up and get ready for the next semester to start.

#4. Learn about a part of the process on the spot

You won’t be able to learn everything there is to know about esthetics as a beauty program.

Even though online programs to become an esthetician will give you a lot of your training online, you’ll also need some training in person. This will help you figure out how to do what you’re learning.

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How Much do the Best Esthetician Schools in the World Cost?

The best esthetician schools have their different costs. Make sure to check with the school you have an interest in going to. Either way, the average cost of an esthetics program is between $3,000 and $10,000. The cost will depend on how long the program is, and how many training hours you need.

There may be other costs, such as textbooks, registration fees, and equipment, that go along with going to a program. These costs can vary from program to program and from school to school.

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How Long Will it Take to Attend the Best Esthetician Schools in the World?

Your state’s required number of training hours is directly related to the length of your program. Most schools need a certain amount of hands-on training to meet state requirements.

On average, esthetician school takes about 600 hours over six months. Some states require up to 750 hours of training. You can look at your state’s licensing requirements for estheticians to find out how many training hours you need.

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What are the Best Esthetician Schools in the World with Certification?

Skincare demands particular knowledge and instruction. Many rely on an esthetician’s knowledge to provide advice on how to maintain good skin to do this. These skincare specialists apply their knowledge of schools to perform the task.

They work on facials, chemical peels, makeup consultations, and hair removal at a salon or medical facility. The best schools for estheticians in the world with certifications are-

  • 1. The Aveda Institute (West Chester, Oh)
  • 2. Paul Mitchell Schools (Orlando, Fl)
  • 3. College of the Mainland
  • 4. Paul Mitchell The School Sacramento
  • 5. Paul Mitchell Schools (Orlando, Fl)
  • 6. Empire Beauty School (Wilkes-Barre, Pa)
  • 7. Pivot Point Academy Beauty School (Chicago, Il)
  • 8. The Sassoon Academy (Santa Monica, Ca)
  • 9. Tricoci University (Bridgeview, Il)
  • 10. The Ogle School (Dallas, Tx)
  • 11. Xenon International Academy (Omaha, Ne)
  • 12. Hollywood Institute of Beauty (Hollywood, Ca)
  • 13. Mirage Spa Education
  • 14. Aglaia Esthetics
  • 15. Honolulu Nails and Aesthetics (HNA)

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Medical esthetician schools in the world with certification

Medical estheticians have a certified skin care professional who practices in a clinical setting. They work at hospitals, medical spas, plastic surgery practices, and dermatology offices. However, the title may be deceptive because no medical training is necessary.

Medical estheticians must enroll in cosmetology or esthetician school and graduate with a state license. Estheticians frequently pursue specific training, such as learning how to utilize lasers for skin treatments or hair removal, and to work in medical clinics, hospitals, or dermatology offices. The best medical schools for estheticians in the world with certification are-

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#1. The Aveda Institute (West Chester, Oh)

Horst Rechelbacher opened the Aveda Institute in 1977. It is one of the best esthetician schools in the world. He came to believe that personal beauty and the beauty of the world around us are directly connected.

This philosophy led to the creation of organic botanical products, like skincare and hair care. They made sure it was great for the customer and the world as a whole. The program teaches students about beauty in a regular, all-around way.

All students of Aveda Institute have a well-rounded, hands-on education that will prepare them for the challenges of the real world. Hauns Korpela, David Wagner, Janell Geason, and Roxana DaCosta are all well-known people who went to Aveda Institute.

Visit The Aveda Institute

#2. Citrus Community College

Students at these schools learn skills they need to assist clients in achieving and maintaining healthy skin. Students will learn and develop their skills in both classroom and practical settings during the nine-month program.

Citrus community college offers a two-year associate of science (AS) in cosmetology. They also offer an esthetician certificate of achievement

Three levels of esthetician courses and 600 hours of practical practice are part of the prerequisite education. Students learn to do cosmetics and basic sanitation and disinfection.

They also learn how to recommend facials based on their skin type. The California State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology Esthetics licensing examination is open to program graduates.

Visit Citrus Community College

#3. College of the Mainland

The College of the Mainland’s esthetician certificate program can finish in about nine months by students. The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations test for esthetician licensing prepares students for this program. Once a year, in the fall, this curriculum is available.

Students must complete 20-semester credits for the curriculum. This includes instruction in the uses of face and skincare technology, an overview of salon trends, and preparation for the license exam. In addition to their academic work, students acquire practical experience in the school salon. They get the experience by performing facials, chemical peels, waxings, and anti-aging procedures.

Visit College of the mainland

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#4. Paul Mitchell The School Sacramento

Students at Paul Mitchell receive training to become outstanding estheticians as well as knowledgeable business executives. Students in this nine-month course progress through three levels of instruction. They study the fundamental principles of skincare as well as how to use and go beyond them.

Skin types, infection control, cleanliness, skin physiology, consulting skills, hair removal, chemical treatments, and state laws are just a few of the technical topics taught in medical schools for estheticians. Students should buy a professional kit that includes top-notch Paul Mitchell tools and products as part of the program.

Visit Paul Mitchell The School Sacramento

Accredited esthetician schools in the world with certification

The worldwide Esthetician schools several medical esthetician school accreditation organizations. These agencies are-

  • Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC)
  • Accrediting Council for Continued Education & Training (ACCET)
  • Council on Occupational Education (COE)
  • National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences (NACCAS)

Students should check to see if the program has accreditation before enrolling. It guarantees a minimum standard of educational quality as well as completing curriculum and content criteria. While not necessary for licensing, attending an authorized program can increase your chances of getting hired. The best-accredited esthetician schools in the world with certification are-

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#5. Paul Mitchell Schools (Orlando, Fl)

Paul Mitchell is a well-known name in the world of professional hair products. He also started the John Paul Mitchell Systems with John Paul DeJoria.

This System includes over 100 beauty products that you can buy in about 80 countries. It has over 50,000 salons in 81 countries and over 100 schools.

Even though opportunities will be a little different depending on where you live, it covers a wide range of topics, such as finishing, texture, foil work, manicure, pedicure, and makeup.

In 1980, the Paul Mitchell Company as a whole was one of the first companies in the cosmetology industry to publicly oppose animal testing.

Scott Cole, Diana Schmidtke, Stephanie Kocielski, and Craig “The Barber” are all famous teachers and graduates from the schools.

Visit Paul Mitchell Schools

#6. Empire Beauty School (Wilkes-Barre, Pa)

The Empire Beauty School, which is one of the Best schools for esthetician programs, opened its first location in Wilkes-Barre, PA, in 1934. The National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences recognizes them. Empire is now in more than 109 schools all over the country.

The school has over 80 years of experience teaching and guiding experts. Students can be sure that the education they will receive is cutting-edge and professional. The Cosmetology program teaches a lot of different things.

You would learn how to cut and style hair, how to use color and texture, basic skin care, business and retail training, and how to put on makeup.

Visit Empire Beauty School

#7. Pivot Point Academy Beauty School (Chicago, Il)

Leo Passage was a well-known hairstylist and teacher of cosmetology. He won more than 100 awards and honors around the world. In 1962, he started the company Pivot Point International to teach people how to be beautiful.

The program is now run by his son, Robert Passage. It has “13 areas of study” with a total of 106 theory lessons and 68 workshops.

The education program has six modules: Cosmetology Fundamentals, Sculpture, Hair Design, Color, Texture, Salon Success, and Meticulous Practice. It is similar to social media, so students can interact with it and have fun with it.

Since the program works and is successful, there has been a lot of growth. Today, Pivot Point is more than just a school.

It has become the most taught beauty school education program in the world. They teach in over 2,000 institutions in 70 countries and 15 languages.

Visit Pivot Point Academy Beauty School

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#8. The Sassoon Academy (Santa Monica, Ca)

The Sassoon Academy is one of the best schools for estheticians in the world. It has a detailed program for people who have never done cosmetology before. This program will last 44 weeks and include 1600 hours of work in the classroom and the field.

A State Board Student Beauty Kit with $600 worth of items like mannequins, a curling iron, make-up, and wax kits, are part of the price of the program.

They also expects students to have a Professional Student Beauty Kit. This is not included in the education’s price. This kit includes things like manuals, a hair dryer, brushes, combs, and clips. This could cost at least $1,500 for each student.

The length of these classes ranges from four to six weeks. There are also shorter courses that last from two to five days. They also teach different ways to cut and color hair.

Visit The Sassoon Academy

Licensed esthetician schools in the world with certification

Everywhere else, a license is your ticket to a job in this industry. Even though state-by-state variations exist in the exams you must pass.

The number of training hours you must accrue to obtain a license. The licensed esthetician schools in the world are-

#9. Tricoci University (Bridgeview, Il)

Mario Tricoci opened Tricoci University in 2004 to train other beauticians. It now has a 1500-hour cosmetology program after getting approval from the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences.

Even though he started working as a hairdresser and cosmetologist in the 1950s, Mario Tricoci and his brother Franco Tricoci didn’t open their own salon business until the 1970s.

Students usually finish the program in 12 months if they go full-time or 20 months if they go part-time. As part of their “student kit,” which they can keep, every student gets an Apple iPad.

Visit Tricoci University

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#10. The Ogle School (Dallas, Tx)

The Ogle School is one of the best cosmetology schools in the world. It takes after its founder, the famous hairstylist Shelton Ogle. It has been teaching beauticians how to do their jobs well since 1973.

Ogle is one of the most successful beauty schools in Texas. It got approval from the NACCAS and now has eight campuses all over the state.

Students in the Cosmetology program will get most of their professional experience from the salons run by students on campus.

These salons offer cheap services done by students under the watchful eye of their teachers. Events like the annual Face-Off competition will give students more chances to show off their skills.

Students can take courses daily, in the evening, part-time, or full-time, and they can start at any time of the year. When a student finishes the program, the school can help them find a job and get help with their careers.

Visit The Ogle School

#11. Xenon International Academy (Omaha, Ne)

When industry leader Xenon teamed up with Peels Salon Services to make high-quality products available and train the next generation of beauty professionals, the Xenon International Academy offers the best cosmetology programs. This school is growing quickly and now has three major locations. It teaches students all the skills they need to be competitive in the cosmetology field.

The program has six modules that each focus on one of four things: discovery, experience, creation, and imagination. The Designer’s Approach to Sculpture, Hair Design, Color, and Texture are some of the topics covered in the course.

The necessary basics of cosmetology The Cosmetology Student Kit has a textbook as one of its parts. Many of the teachers are also experts in their fields who work outside of the classroom. They bring their real-world experience into the classroom and encourage students to learn by doing.

Visit Xenon International Academy

#12. Hollywood Institute of Beauty (Hollywood, Ca)

The Hollywood Institute of Beauty is one of the best esthetician schools. It has three locations in Hollywood, West Palm Beach, and Orlando.

It teaches people how to do things like manicures, haircuts, esthetics, massage therapy, skincare, and cosmetology. For the Cosmetology certification, which is also called the General Beauty Culture program, you have to take 1200 class hours.

The average full-time day student can finish the program in about 10 months. It takes 17 months for the average evening student.

You can also take classes in Spanish. In addition to the 500 hours in the classroom, students must do about 700 hours of service or practical work.

Throughout the different courses, teachers try to get students to think and act like designers. After finishing the program, students will be ready to take the state licensing exam and could confidently apply for jobs in the field.

Visit the Hollywood Institute of Beauty

Cheap esthetician schools in the world with certification

Going to the cheap esthetician schools has its special perks. You would get all the same benefits you can get at a regular school, for a subsidized rate. The cheap esthetician schools in the world are-

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#13. Mirage Spa Education

The first entirely online esthetics school in Canada, Mirage Spa Education, was established in 2008 by Cheryl Thibault in Victoria, British Columbia. After some time, Cheryl created online classes for adults with hectic schedules. Mirage Spa Education began as a conventional aesthetics school.

They offer two esthetic diploma programs online- 800 hours of aesthetic training and 1200 hours of spa therapy.

Through video training, they offer courses online. The Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training’s Private Training Institution Branch (PTIB) gave the Mirage Spa Education its approval.

Visit Mirage Spa Education

#14. Aglaia Esthetics

The institution offers residency training programs that are both online and hands-on. This indicates that you must complete 3 to 12 days of practical training. Aglaia Esthetics offers the following online programs.

Introduction to a skincare course, program for Skin Therapists (500 hours), and program in Esthetics (1000 hours).

You can finish the programs in 4 to 16 months at your speed. It is also one of the cheapest esthetician schools in the world.

Visit Aglaia Esthetics

#15. Honolulu Nails and Aesthetics (HNA)

The first nail-only school in Hawaii opened its doors in 2004 as Honolulu Nail Academy. It went along with the introduction of anaesthetics curriculum.

The goal of this online esthetician school is to equip students with theoretical knowledge. It teaches practical skills necessary for a successful career in the beauty business. HNA offers a comprehensive basic esthetician license course online (600 hours).

Honolulu Nails and Aesthetics (HNA)

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What are the Colleges with Esthetician Programs?

Some of the colleges with Esthetician programs are-

  • Fox Valley Technical College
  • Marion Technical College- Florida
  • Central Wyoming College
  • Ridge water college
  • Lurleen B Wallace Community College
  • San Jacinto College
  • Ogeechee Technical College

How to Become an Esthetician?

To get a license as an esthetician, the steps you should take are-

  • Finish an esthetician training program or do an apprenticeship (allowed in some states).
  • Send your state board proof of your training or apprenticeship hours.
  • Take all required tests and pass them.
  • Pay a fee to use your license

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long are most programs to become an esthetician?

A total of 600 hours. In most states, an esthetician program takes about 600 hours. Depending on the curriculum, you can finish in four to six months.

Why should estheticians study the history of esthetics essays?

One reason it’s important to learn about the history of esthetics is that it can help you figure out how to use materials today. In the past, they mostly did grooming and taking care of your skin to look good.

How does an esthetician do their job?

Estheticians are skin care experts who offer a range of treatments for the skin. Facials, chemical peels, body treatments, and hair removal are all part of their jobs. Dermatology and aesthetics are very different, even though they both have to do with the skin.

How can I be a good esthetician?

Effectively talk to clients. When you first meet a client, be friendly. It’s that simple.
Know how to sell.
Act like a professional.
Set goals.
Continue your education.

Who is the best skin care, specialist?

Shani Darden. Darden is one of Hollywood’s most well-known estheticians, and her Beverly Hills studio, which opened in 2019. Darden learned how to do facials while working with a dermatologist before she became a brand in her own right. This gives her knowledge and skills in facials a scientific edge.

Is it fun to work as an esthetician?

Esthetics is a very rewarding field to work in. You spend your time helping people feel better about themselves and have more confidence. The skin of your clients can become much healthier and more beautiful with your help.

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Esthetics is a well-known and growing field of work. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the job outlook for estheticians is very good. It has a predicted 11% growth by 2028. This optimistic view might be because skincare is becoming more and more popular.

For example, more than a million people follow the “Skincare Addiction” sub on Reddit. Estheticians with a wider range of skills may have more job options. This includes paramedical esthetician, salon esthetician, beauty editor, makeup artist, and more.

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