Best Film Schools In Los Angeles In 2021 | Requirements, Cost, Programs.

If becoming a filmmaker has been a long-time dream of yours, you can get the dream on track by enrolling in one of the best film schools in Los Angeles.

According to Application Tracker, the lowest reported minimum GPA for most notable film schools is 3.0. And these include even the best film schools in Los Angeles California.

Los Angeles has been the hub of the entertainment industry since 1912, and with many major film studios currently residing there. Los Angeles is the clear choice for students looking to get a quality education at a film school that will improve their chances of finding work.

It’s for this reason, we would like to help you choose a film school in Los Angeles, by looking at the best film schools in

In this article, we would help you identify those schools. Additionally, we will be looking at the requirements you’d need to get in, the cost and programs that the various schools offer.

Meanwhile, you can take a look at our table of content to get an insight into what to expect in this read.

Before we get into this discussion, let’s try and answer a few questions you might want answers to.

These schools are accredited, it is a prerequisite they must meet in other to operate. The Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC), makes sure of that. This is a way of legitimizing their operations.

Are These Film Schools In Los Angeles Colleges?

Most of the best film schools in Los Angeles California are colleges, offering bachelor’s degrees in majors that would give you the opportunity to work in the entertainment industry.

How Do I Get Into Any Of The Best Film Schools In Los Angeles?

For anyone intending to get into any of the best film schools in California, you must have – A recognized equivalent of a high school diploma such as a GED.

California HiSET (High School Equivalency Test) Exam is approved as an acceptable alternative to the GED Exam for the state of California.

You can also provide one of the documents below:

  • A Bachelor’s degree with Honours graduate studies; or 
  • An equivalent (international) or higher qualification; or
  • An equivalent professional qualification; or
  • Substantial professional experience in film or a related area.
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Personal Statement

Additionally, there is an option to upload a sample of your film, video, photography, in your application.

If your first language is not English, there will be a need to prove your proficiency in English.

Is Going To Film School Worth It?

In case you’re wondering if going to a film school is worth it, the answer is a big fat yes! Film school will help you become a better filmmaker or actor as the case may be.

It can refine what’s already there if you are talented, and it may accelerate your development (and debt). But if you don’t have the motivation and grit necessary to overcome the disappointments and failures you are sure to encounter, even the most prestigious degree won’t help.

You have to understand that there are thousands of people looking for an opportunity just like you. Therefore, having a degree in your choice of career keeps you a step ahead of those who do not.

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Do film schools care about grades?

As schools training filmmakers, they do not place emphasis on your grades. While a poor grade might make it a little more difficult for one to be admitted, they look out for talents.

What Is The Cost Of Film Schools In California?

Why there’s no fixed cost for all the schools, the average cost should be around $30,000 to $35,000 for film schools in California.

What is the acceptance rate for film schools in Los Angeles?

It’s usually difficult to come to a conclusion of what the acceptance rate for film schools are like. This is because the requirement varies from one film school to another.

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However, Application Tracker found out in one of their surveys, that the average GPA for Los Angeles film school, is 3.15 for the last admission section.

The data also showed that the AFI acceptance rate for Cinematography is 56% (i.e 72 out of 128 applications). And the Chapman acceptance rate is 84% for Cinematography (149 out of 177 applications).

Hence, one can say that the average GPA for getting into a film school is 3.0 while the acceptance rate is 60%.

How Long Does It Take To Graduate From A Film School?

Film schools in Los Angeles California offer both Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs.

While it would take 4 years to complete a bachelor’s program in a film school, it takes typically additional 2-3 years of study to do a master’s program.

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  • The Los Angeles Film School
  • The University of Southern California – School of Cinematic Arts
  • American Film Institute Conservatory
  • University of California Los Angeles – School of Theater, Film, and Television
  • California Institute of the Arts – School of Film/Video
  • Relativity School
  • New York Film Academy – Los Angeles
  • California State University Northridge – Department of Cinema & Television Arts
  • Art Center College of Design – Pasadena
  • Loyola Marymount University – School of Film and Television

1.The Los Angeles Film School

Programs: 5 major in-campus programs with 7 online programs.

Average GPA of 3.15

Acceptance Rate: NA

Los Angeles film school is in the heart of California and was established in 1999. By veteran professionals in the industry who thought it was wise to teach a new generation of filmmakers what they( veterans) have learned in the industry.

The school has since then become one of the leading film schools in Los Angeles.

It currently has a 3.15 GPA, which might likely be increased in the next admission phase.


  • Applicants must submit an application for admission and pay the $75 Registration fee*.
  • They must provide documentation supporting one of the following to meet admissions requirements:
  • An official High School Transcript or diploma that indicates the student is a graduate.
  • A recognized equivalent of a high school diploma such as a GED (General Education Diploma).
  • California HiSET(High School Equivalency Test) Exam is approved as an acceptable alternative to the GED Exam for the state of California. The passing results must be received directly from the testing center to be considered official.
  • – Documentation of a homeschooling program at the secondary level as allowed under the state’s rules in which the homeschooling program occurred.
  • – Applicants who are unable to provide documentation of a high school diploma, or high school equivalency certification due to a natural disaster destroying the records or the institution having been closed, may submit the following for consideration in addition to completing an attestation of high school diploma or high school equivalency certification completion:
  • Confirmation from the state recognizing that the institution lost its records to a natural disaster. If the state cannot confirm, confirmation can be obtained from a recognized authority as approved by the VP of Compliance.


The campus offers a bachelor of science degree in the following courses

  • Animation
  • Audio Production
  • Entertainment Business
  • Film
  • music production

For their Online Programs they have:

  • Animation_Online
  • Digital FilmMaking
  • Entertainment Business
  • Graphic Design
  • Media Communication
  • Music Production
  • Writing for Film and TV


The average tuition fee in the school is $33,100 (Associate Degree) to $76,100 (Bachelors’s Degree).

However, the course one wishes to study can influence the fee. Visit the school site below to know more.

2.University of Southern California – School of Cinematic Arts

Programs: 8

Average GPA: 3.15

SAT: where required.

As the only media school in the world that teaches all the major disciplines of the Cinematic Arts, SCA offers a unique interdisciplinary learning experience.

Students are exposed to the latest technological advances and storytelling techniques of the industry and have opportunities to meet and network with some of its most successful practitioners.

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The school is widely considered one of the best film schools in Los Angeles California.


The school offers both bachelor and master’s degree programs in the following programs:

  • Animation and Digital Arts
  • Cinema and Media Studies
  • Film and Television Production
  • Interactive Media and Games
  • Media Arts and Practice
  • Producing Program
  • Writing for screen and Television
  • Business of Cinematic Arts Program


The following items must be submitted to be considered for admission to the Division of Film & Television Production B.F.A. program.

  • The Common Application
  • USC Writing Supplement
  • SlideRoom ApplicationCinematic Arts Personal Statement
  • Writing Sample (Prompt A or B or C)
  • Media Sample (Video or Photo Option)
  • Creative Portfolio List
  • Collaboration Question 1
  • Collaboration Question 2
  • Letters of Recommendation (3)
  • High School and College Transcripts
  • SAT or ACT Test Scores (If Applicable)
  • Official English Proficiency Test Scores (International Students Only)


Tuition (12-18 units for two semesters)$57,256
Room and board*$15,916
Books and supplies$1,200
Personal and miscellaneous$1,564

3. American Film Institute Conservatory

Programs: 6

Average GPA: 3.30

SAT: where required.

The school has a conservatory school, through which it honors the heritage of the moving picture arts in the U.S. While most of the program offered in AFI conservatory is for graduate, candidates without an undergraduate degree can be accepted, If they are able to complete the same curriculum they will be issued Certificate of Completion instead of a Master’s Degree.


The Conservatory program is a full-time, two-year Master of Fine Arts degree program in six different disciplines. Fellows can expect to graduate after finishing their thesis requirements within two and a half years after starting the program.

AFI Conservatory receives hundreds of applications each year. Enrollment is around 140 Fellows — a successful mix to create teams of Cinematographers, Directors, Editors, Producers, Production Designers, and Screenwriters.

AFI offers the following programs:

  • Cinematography
  • Directing
  • Editing
  • Producing
  • Production Design
  • Screenwriting


First Year Tuition$59,951*
Includes a $1,000 non-refundable deposit

$62,049 for second year tuition

Note: there are added fees like production materials fees and others that you must pay for, after paying for tuition.


  • Application fee
  • Narrative statement
  • Resume
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Recommendation
  • Transcripts
  • AFI scholarship application
  • International applicant requirements

However, please note that there might be additional requirements as a result of your choice of program.

4 University of California Los Angeles – School of Theater, Film, and Television

UCLA-TFT has an annual acceptance rate of 85. The school has provided numerous Oscar, Emmy, and Tony filmmakers, storytellers, and artists.

The school is easily among the best schools in the USA and of course one of the best film schools in Los Angeles.


UCLA-TFT school offers both undergraduate and masters programs in most of its courses. It also has online and summer programs modeled after UCLA-TFT widely respected M.F.A curriculum.

Here’s a list of some the programs they offer:

  • Acting for the camera
  • Directing
  • Producing
  • Screenwriting
  • Writing for television online
  • Screenwriting online
  • Advanced workshops
  • Writing for late-night comedy

Cost :

Tuition fees for undergraduates are about $13,239 while that of the masters program is around $11,0220. However, there are additional fees that will be paid, that might exponentially increase the total fees.


For undergraduate studies, prove of completing your high school will be needed, while masters degree applicants should have an undergraduate degree.

5.California Institute Of The Arts-school of Film/Video:

The school strongly encourages individual artistic and intellectual development and vision.


The programs last for 4-5 years and here’s a list of some of them.

  • Program in Film and Video (BFA, MFA)
  • Program in Character Animation (BFA)
  • Film Directing Program (MFA)
  • Program in Experimental Animation (BFA, MFA)

Cost :

The tuition fee is $45,030 per year. There are additional charges, different from the tuition fee.

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Score at least 1160 on the SAT or on the ACT and Maintain a GPA of at least 3.34.

6. Relativity School

Programs: 6

Average GPA: 3.34

SAT: Composite 1230

It has a Hollywood studio, and this makes it stand out from all the other schools. Their curriculum is career-focused and cross-disciplinary collaboration.


The school offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts with concentrations in directing, screenwriting, and producing. They also offer documentary film, editing, sound design, visual effects, and cinematography.

Some of the other degree programs offered by the school include Bachelors of Fine Arts in Commercial Dance, Acting, and Contemporary Musical Theatre. As well as a Bachelor of Arts in Entrepreneurship.


The tuition fee is $ 39,600 for baccalaureate and $ 44,985 for post-baccalaureate.


7. New York Film Academy-Los Angeles

Program: 6

Average GPA: Not specified. But should not be low

SAT: Not specified


They offer one-time classes, graduate and undergraduate classes.

Here’s a list of their programs.

  • Screenwriting
  • Cinematography
  • 35mm Filmmaking
  • The Director’s Craft
  • Sound Stage Scene
  • Production Design


The tuition fee is $12,000-$16,000 per year for undergraduate/graduate programs.


All applicants to NYFA programs and workshops must have a high school diploma or an acceptable equivalent.

There is no minimum GPA required; however, students must speak English. They must also express a serious desire to explore the art and craft of visual storytelling.

Applicants will be interviewed in English by an Admissions Committee member by phone or in person.

8. – California State University Northridge – Department Of Cinema & Television Arts

Programs: 7

Average GPA: Should be high

SAT: 1120


Some of the programs include Bachelor of Arts degrees in Electronic Media Management and Film Production. Media Theory and Criticism, Multimedia Production, Screenwriting, and Television Production.

At graduate level, Master of Fine Arts Degree in Screenwriting is also offered by the school.


The tuition fee is $2,736 (undergraduate) to $3,741 (graduate) per semester.


Application requirements: Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university. Samples of competent and creative writing, such as original screenplays, teleplays, theatrical plays, or other narrative work. Competitive application process.

9. Art Center College Of Design-Pasadena

Programs: 5

Average GPA: N/A

SAT: composite 1230

The school believes that earning is a result of a student taking his or her creative ideas all the way from conception to distribution.


  • Animation
  • Cinematography
  • Television
  • Online Filmmaking
  • Music Video


The tuition fee is  $19,365 (undergraduate) to $20,466 (graduate) per term/semester.


  • A fully completed application
  • application fee
  • Official transcripts
  • SAT or ACT cores
  • English as a foreign language proficiency
  • Portfolio requirements

10. Loyola Marymount University-School of Film And Television

Program: 5

Average GPA: 3.47

SAT: 1298

This is one of the best film schools in the USA according to The Hollywood Reporter. Founded in 1920, the school has a long rich history of teaching films and television.


The tuition fee is $42,576 per year.


Some of the undergraduate programs offered by LMU include bachelor’s degrees in animation, production, recording arts, and screenwriting. Graduate programs are also offered in areas such as writing for the screen, film and TV production, and writing and producing for TV.


Anything worth doing is what doing well, while looking for for a film school, go the extra mile and look for the best among them. Where is to find them than in the entertainment hub; Los Angeles.

I hope you find what you are looking for, Good luck.

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