15 Best Makeup Classes Online | Paid or Free

Joining classes is the best way to become perfect at what you do. For makeup, it is no different, as these online makeup classes are the most effective ways to learn how to apply some cosmetic on yourself till you advance to the point where you have to pay extra pay just by providing makeup services.

I can assure you that since the pandemic, life hasn’t returned to what it used to be, as people are having difficulty doing some personal care activities.

Here are some of the best makeup classes that you can take, whether you want to master the craft for yourself or turn it into a business.

However, we tried to include affordable makeup lessons on the list so that you may attend them without breaking the bank.

How Can I Learn Makeup Online for Free?

There’s no better way to learn makeup online than to enroll in an online class and kick-start with the learning process. There’s been a high demand for this skin care skill and service, and most of its online courses will be free.

However, you may also need to pay for online makeup classes with printable certificates but at a significant discount.

How Long does it take to Complete an Online Makeup Class?

The time for the online classes vary. As one may take several weeks to complete, another may take less with enough coursework to cover for the as long as the makeup online classes last.

What tops the list is allowing yourself time to complete the classes quickly.

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15 Best Free Makeup Classes Online in 2023

#1. 10 Creative Makeup Looks (Udemy)

ost: $6.81

Lately, makeup has transcended from just being about beauty to demonstrating who you are. So, this spurred Amy Loring to create an online class where you can learn Instagram makeup.

In this online makeup class, you will learn how to multi-use makeup tools and products, get the most out of your kit, and learn some artistic makeup secrets.

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#2. Makeup, Skin, Care, Fashion, and Beauty for the Home (Udemy)

Cost: $9.81

In this online makeup class, you will learn everything you need about beauty, makeup, skincare, and your image.

This class was intended to assist you in mastering the art of makeup while creating elegant looks. It will also provide you with many strategies for improving the health of your skin through home DIYs.

What you’ll learn;

  • Help with your skin
  • Everything there is to know about makeup, skin care, and fashion
  • Help with image consultancy.
  • Significance of your brand

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#3. Everyday Beauty: Learn how to Apply the Makeup on your Own (Udemy)

Cost: $6.81

Do you have a lot of beauty items that you’re not sure how to use? If that’s the case, this online makeup class is for you.

This makeup class will teach you to select the best beauty brand for your skin type and use the product in the proper proportions to achieve the best effects.

Also, you will learn how to develop a basic daily skincare routine that fits into your busy schedules. Below is what you will know;

  • Usage of makeup tools
  • Picking the right makeup brand
  • Establish a daily skincare routine.

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#4. Fundamentals of Makeup and Beauty from the Basics (Udemy)

Cost: $6.81

This makeup online class will teach you things you need to know, from defining your brows, applying foundation, fixing eyeliner, self-esteem, and creating your first date beauty look.

This online class will also show you how to create a perfect love date makeup look to a day appearance.

It will be nice if it is through this class that you can distinguish between foundation and concealer and knowing which foundation is ideal for every skin type.

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#5. The only Beauty Makeup Course you will ever need (Udemy)

Cost: $6.81

This online makeup class takes you from beginner to advanced level. Here, you’ll learn contour techniques for your face shape, how to save money when purchasing makeup, how to structure your makeup kit and choosing the right foundation color.

Upon completion, you will recreate all the makeup looks on your unique facial features while applying the right amount.

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#6. The Ultimate makeup Masterclass for Eyes (Skillshare)

Cost: free

This free makeup online class is ideal for beginners as it borders on five important topics: eyeshadow, eyeliner, defining the eyes, mascara, and concealer under the eyes.

In this online class, you will be presented with the best eye makeup tips, so you don’t make the same mistakes as others. These tips include; eyeliner fading, eyeliner smearing, eyeshadow losing brightness, mascara smudging, etc.

By learning the aforementioned, you acquaint yourself with the pros and cons of cosmetics, make your eyes exceptional, avoid smudging using eyeliner, etc.

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#7. Diploma in Makeup Artistry

Cost: Free

This free online makeup artistry certificate course will teach you how to apply professional makeup for daytime, nighttime, movies, and photoshoots.

You’ll discover why individuals use makeup and how to operate as a makeup artist.

You will be most grateful for this class because in the end, you would have known how to use makeup to accentuate the eyes, lips, and complexion and the necessity of mastering makeup abilities and practising procedures.

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#8. Eyebrow Micro-blading Full Course (Udemy)

Cost: $12.99

You never thought the eyebrow touch-up was a sensitive course, but this online makeup class tells you otherwise.

Here, you will review the theory and practice of eyebrow micro-blading and review the tools and supplies needed for the procedure.

You’ll also learn how to handle every client while improving your skills.

To get the certificate of completion, you’ll need to download, print, and fill out paper templates, then email the images using Udemy messaging.

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#9. Learn how to Apply Classic Eyelash Extensions

This beginner classic eyelash makeup class transforms you to a lash expert. This online class will teach you all you need to know about applying beautiful lashes so that you can start as soon as possible.

Bearing you who want to put up a lashing game in the makeup industry, it’s specially designed this class for you.

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#10. Makeup Masterclass: Apply your Makeup with Confidence

Cost: $11.99

When you put on cosmetics, how do you feel? Do you need to brush up on your makeup skills?

It is pretty certain that as you grow older, your face, skin, and style will change. So, your makeup needs to keep up with these developments to avoid looking old.

If, like many other women, applying makeup frustrates you, lowers your self-esteem, or makes you wonder why you can’t seem to do it right.

You have come to the perfect place for a quick fix, and this makeup online masterclass will change your trajectory on makeup. You’ll learn how to;

  • Apply makeup with confidence
  • Create a spotless and natural makeup look
  • Develop your everyday makeup

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#11. Everyday Makeup

Cost: $11.99

If you complete this course, you will learn how to apply makeup on yourself, know the makeup theory and various tips and techniques.

Additionally, you will cover some modules discussing the following; Blush, highlighter, mascara, concealer, setting powder, contouring, brows, etc.

This online makeup class is for beginners who want to make themselves up and further develop their makeup skills.

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#12. Bridal makeup (Udemy)

Cost: $11.99

If you’re thinking about starting a new career that’s both lucrative and rewarding, this online makeup class is for you.

It will give you a sneak peek into whether towing this business line is best for you.

At the end of this course, you’d have learnt how to keep your tools in good working order and how to conduct a bridal makeup consultation.

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#13. Mastering Makeup Application Techniques at Home

Cost: $11.99

This Udemy online makeup class teaches you everything you need to know about makeup application, mastering makeup and looking gorgeous at all times.

While some people appear to be able to apply makeup flawlessly daily and look fantastic at all important occasions, it is not so for everyone.

For most women who haven’t been taught how to do proper makeup, a makeup artist knows exactly how to make you look your best for every kind of event.

The instructor for this class will show you how to be an expert at applying makeup and strengthen your capability to create effects.

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#14. How To Wear Glitter Makeup

This lesson teaches you everything you need about glitter and how to wear it!

I’ll go through how to apply glitter, what kinds of glitter are safe to use on your face, three various ways to wear glitter, and, most importantly, how to remove it! This is a beginner’s class that is simple to follow.

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#15. Foolproof and Easy Wing Eyeliner / CAT EYES

This online makeup class is a beauty-style class you’ll want to master because it’s the most flexible makeup look for everyday wear and a glam look for special occasions and events that you can wear with any clothing, dressed up or down.

This simple cosmetic fix will improve your confidence and make you feel better without taking a long time or requiring much practice.

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With any online makeup classes, you can look flawless and make that stunning look that is to die for and storm that occasion hard.

However, enrolling into these classes to delve into business isn’t such a bad idea.




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