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Do you intend to visit a French-speaking country? Do you wish to learn the lovely French language? Or are you simply too busy to attend classes? A mobile app is one simple way to learn the language. There are numerous apps available to help you learn or brush up on your French. Picking out the best French learning apps may seem daunting.

If you’re determined to learn French in 2022, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve taken the guesswork out of it for you. From this article, you would learn what the 10 best French learning apps in 2022 are. We also included other things to make your French learning process easy and worth it.

Why Use the Best French Learning Apps?

There are several reasons you should consider using the best French learning apps. Some of them are- 

1. You save time by learning anytime

Do you want to take a lesson at night when you have some free time? Do you lack the time to attend offline classes?

If this is the case, try the French learning apps in your spare time! For people with limited time, these apps are for learning French.

With the best French learning apps, you don’t have to worry about managing your time to adhere to a set schedule.

You are free to study whenever you want. So, the next time you’re on a business trip, don’t use time constraints to justify not learning a language.

2. Learn whenever and wherever you want.

A second significant advantage of French learning apps is that you can do so from the comfort of your own home. It is no longer necessary to travel long distances to attend traditional courses.

You are no longer required to be in any particular location. These apps for learning French have made our lives simpler and more convenient.

3. You may select any Language and Course.

The best apps for learning French also give you the option to learn other languages and take other courses.

You don’t have to concern yourself with not having one for your studies. Everyone will find something to their liking.

With the help of a French learning app, you can learn any language of your choice asides from French.

4. They are reasonably priced.

The apps for learning French are affordable. Many people cannot afford or do not want to pay for regular classes.

Using an app to study can help you save a lot of money. The vast majority are free or freemium. You can access a wealth of content on French topics to assist you at every stage.

At a reasonable price, you can gain access to many impressive features and unlimited access. All you need to do now is sign up for one!

5. You are free to study at your own pace.

This is one of the best things about French learning apps. Everyone has a distinctive learning style.

Some people have a natural ability to learn a language and are quick learners. In contrast, many students are hesitant to move on to the next lesson unless they have completely grasped the subject.

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6. You can have fun while learning.

Let’s be honest. Some people are naturally gifted at learning languages. However, for the majority of us, it is tedious and difficult. When you enjoy the subject, studying becomes a lot more fun.

French learning apps that include sound, video, and visual content can be much more productive and motivating! You may struggle to concentrate on a classroom lesson or a 300-page book.

But you will rarely struggle to motivate yourself to use a smartphone or computer. These apps for learning French can make the entire process of learning a language more enjoyable and stimulating.

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Is using the Best French Learning Apps Worth it?

With all of these advantages, the advantages of French learning apps are undeniably clear. There are numerous advantages over other options such as offline classes at foreign language centers.

They are also better than books, or online learning through an LMS or tutor. But, as with anything else, nothing is perfect. There are some shortcomings to online language learning.

Apps for learning French always promise the world but don’t expect to become fluent in just one. They have several disadvantages. Language learning takes time. It is not a substitute for a language tutor.

It can still help people learn a language a lot. This is especially when combined with other important resources like a teacher, books, and frequent conversation.

However, the advantages of French learning apps outweigh the disadvantages. The French learning apps are worth it.

What to Consider when Choosing the Best Apps for French?

There are a few questions you need to ask yourself before picking out the right apps for learning French. You should ask-

1. Is the content appropriate for practical use?

The phrases you learn should come from genuine, real-life conversations. They also have to be from native speakers with complete with local expressions.

A good French learning app will provide chapters and lessons that tailor to your needs. It should also come with vocabulary and structures that you can use in those contexts.

2. Is the course content based on real-life scenarios?

Random sentences put together to communicate sentence structure will not help you start a real conversation.

Good apps for learning French should consistently teach the relevant language with phrases that help you help yourself.

Otherwise, learning another language takes too long. Look for apps for learning French that provide lessons with useful content for navigating everyday situations.

3. Is the audio clear and recorded by native speakers?

Look for an audio experience that allows you to pick up on French intonation. It should also allow you to practice your pronunciation alongside that of a native speaker.

A French learning app that provides phonetics for each word or phrase; as well as the ability to hear the pronunciation spoken at both a conversational and slower pace is a huge plus!

4. Is the methodology encouraging you to think in the target language?

The whole point of learning another language is to make it a natural second language. The right tools will help you start thinking in that language naturally.

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They would also ensure you are intuitively speaking your phrases and sentences.

5. Does the course offer speaking practice?

It can be intimidating to speak another language for the first time. However, the more you practice, the more confident you will become.

Look for a French learning app that encourages you to repeat new words and phrases aloud. This ensures that you don’t second-guess yourself when it comes time to have a real conversation.

6. Does the price match the efficacy?

Choose content with the tried-and-true methodology developed by experienced linguists and language teachers.

Also, while good language learning systems do not have to be expensive, free apps are not always the best option. Ads are sometimes included in free apps.

10 Best French Learning Apps in 2022

Modernize your learning style and use an app if you want to learn French and start speaking it right away.

These apps are not expensive, but they are extremely valuable! If you take them seriously, you would begin to speak in no time. The 10 best French learning apps in 2022 are-

  • 1. TV5Monde: Learn French
  • 2. LingQ
  • 3. Rocket French
  • 4. Mondly
  • 5. Frantastique
  • 6. Babbel French
  • 7. Memrise
  • 8. FluentU
  • 9. Rosetta Stone
  • 10. Français Authentique

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#1. TV5Monde: Learn French

TV5Monde converts French TV broadcasts into French lessons. It has options for a native French video and audio, vocabulary, grammar explanations, reading, writing, and listening.

You might recognize TV5Monde if you’re familiar with French media. It is a French-language television channel that broadcasts TV shows and news in France and around the world.


  • TV5Monde’s video allows you to learn the French language completely from native French speakers.
  • The app has four levels of French, beginning with A1 (complete beginner) and progressing to B2 (advanced) (high intermediate).
  • Each level contains dozens of videos with native French audio on a variety of topics such as daily life and news.
  • Each video comes with complete French subtitles and transcriptions to help you follow along.
  • This transcript also includes a translate feature that allows you to translate from French to other supported native languages.
  • Following each video, there are several exercises to test your understanding. This helps improve your vocabulary and grammar skills. The app boasts 3700 exercises spread across four levels.


  • It does not teach you grammar.
  • It does not use enough English to assist beginners, so you must have a basic understanding of French.

Pricing: Free

Download the app here- iOS

Download the app here- Android

#2. LingQ

LingQ offers audio and written content on a variety of topics. It is one of the French learning apps that intervenes with helpful learning features if you get stuck.

This app for learning French is ideal for vocabulary development, listening, reading, and flashcards. The idea behind LingQ is brilliant.


  • The first side contains French content that you enjoy and want to learn from. This makes a huge difference when trying to learn French.
  • LingQ has written and audio content on almost any subject. It has subjects from history to travel to culture to classic French literature.
  • You can browse through its content library and pick a lesson that speaks to you at your French level.
  • LingQ’s second feature is its fully interactive reading interface. You can click a word to get an instant translation from French to English.
  • Even better, you can turn every unknown French word into a flashcard, or “LingQ,” as the program refers to it.
  • You can use the Spaced Repetition System to review these LingQs and turn them into known words. This ensures you transfer them into your long-term memory.
  • This French learning app is extremely useful. The technique makes learning easy and enjoyable.
  • The never-ending supply of French content will keep you interested at every stage of your journey.


  • It has an avatar and coin system that is distracting
  • The distinction between collecting coins (to “pay” for avatar upgrades) and points (to “pay” for speaking lessons is perplexing.

Pricing- Free accounts have limited features. Monthly or yearly subscription plans have full features.

Download the app here- iOS

Download the app here- Android 

#3. Rocket French

Rocket French is arguably one of the best structured online French learning apps. This app for learning French provides comprehensive courses to assist you in learning all language skills.

The app emphasizes practical phrases and dialogues over isolated words and heavy grammar. You would enjoy using this app for learning French.


  • Available on web, android, and iOS.
  • The content includes interactive audio lessons, and language and culture lessons. It also has writing lessons and survival kit lessons.
  • It has a rocket record, a voice recognition tool that aids in pronunciation.
  • The course’s host functions almost as a teacher. It guides you through dialogues and asks you to repeat certain phrases.
  • The audio quality and dialogue are excellent, including everyday expressions.
  • The cultural lessons are invaluable. They teach you how people interact and what you should expect of a French speaker.
  • It includes a “My Vocab” tool that allows you to search for specific phrases you’ve learned in the past. You can then see them in context with pronunciation right away.
  • This French learning app is clean, simple, and easy to use.
  • If you purchase the French course and decide it isn’t for you, you have 60 days to request a full refund.


  • It requires an immediate financial commitment.
  • It is quite expensive in comparison to other apps.
  • The app is for lifetime access rather than recurring access.
  • If you prefer immersion to constant explanations and guidance in English, you should consider another option.

Pricing- The first level costs $99.95. (beginner to low intermediate). Levels one and two (beginner to intermediate/low advanced) are $249.90 when purchased together. All three levels are $259.90.

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Download the app here- iOS

Download the app here- Android

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#4. Mondly

Mondly, found in 2014 and has grown in popularity since then. It is cutting-edge and daring with technology.

This French learning app employs augmented reality, virtual reality, and chatbots to help people learn languages.

This could be your platform if you enjoy experimenting with different features or clicking around to learn more. It is one of the French learning apps with a combination of Duolingo and Babbel.


  • Available on web, android, and iOS.
  • You would have the option to learn French with the assistance of languages other than English.
  • Rather than paying for content that will remain the same, you receive new lessons every day.
  • You can click any verb in context to open a small window with all conjugations, including pronunciation.
  • Mondly generates daily lessons based on your prior knowledge. Some lessons will be specific to you as an individual.
  • The app’s chatbot and speech recognition features have received rave reviews.
  • If you prefer having the support of your native language while learning a new language, this is the option for you.
  • For beginner courses, there is a wide range of topics covered. It is useful if you like learning vocabulary by category.


  • You don’t get much for free – if you want to use Mondly, you’ll have to pay.
  • The app can sometimes appear to be a fancier version of Babbel or Duolingo. It has similar translation exercises and matches exercises which can become tedious.
  • Mondly is not for you if you prefer a minimalist design or are easily overwhelmed by platforms with a lot going on visually.
  • If you want access to languages other than French, you’ll have to pay more.
  • The intermediate and advanced levels aren’t particularly difficult. They appear to be almost identical to the beginner level. With the exception that you get exercises instead of lessons.
  • If you dislike relying on translation to learn a new language, this is not the best option.
  • Dialogues can come across as stiff and artificial.

Pricing: 9.99€ per month or 47.99€ per year.

Download the app here- iOS

Download the app here- Android

#5. Frantastique

Frantastique teaches French through immersive storytelling and provides a one-of-a-kind, personalized learning experience.

Every day, they email a new lesson to you, along with a personalized review. This French learning app is purposefully designed for you to take slowly.

It is one of the best French learning apps there is.


  • Web and mobile platforms are available.
  • It includes dialogues in various French accents.
  • Premium and Pro plans include assistance and a certified diploma upon completion.
  • This French learning app is exceptionally personalized.
  • It has a distinct story-based approach.


  • It’s a little pricey.
  • Autodidacts who prefer to learn their way may find it overly restrictive.

Pricing: $24 per month, $36 per month (Premium), and $48 per month (Pro)

Download the app here- iOS

Download the app here- Android

#6. Babbel French

The Babbel app takes a fresh approach to language learning. It has short, engaging 15-minute lessons that allow you to learn new French verbs and vocabulary daily.

Babbel, like many apps to learn French on this list, helps you learn about French culture and language. Babbel is one of the best French learning apps.


  • It is available on the Web, Android, and iOS
  • The app covers speaking, listening, reading, and writing.
  • Babbel works by providing you with a variety of learning methods.
  • The app combines various learning styles, such as flashcards, multiple-choice options, and fill-in-the-blanks.
  • It divides each course into sections that include key vocabulary, a dialogue, a grammar lesson, and a review.
  • This app is appropriate for both beginners and intermediate learners looking to put their knowledge into practice.
  • The structured lessons assist you in organizing your vocabulary. This allows you to chunk information and learn faster.
  • The lessons are brief, so you can learn new French vocabulary even if you don’t have much time.


  • After using the app for a while, the French lessons provided by Babbel may seem repetitive and predictable.
  • The Babbel app does not allow you to download resources or materials.

Pricing: A month of Babbel access costs 12.99€, and a year of access costs 71.88€.

Download the app here- iOS 

 Download the app here- Android

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#7. Memrise

Repetition is one of the most important aspects of language learning. Another important aspect is memorizing keywords.

Memrise is an app that combines these two fundamental approaches. It helps you to improve your French language learning experience and expand your vocabulary.


  • This app’s various usage examples are amusing, which not only helps you remember the key vocabulary. It also helps you remember the contexts in which you can use them.
  • It is available on the web, android, and iOS.
  • Memrise has excellent visual aids that aid in the recall of French vocabulary.
  • If you want to learn a language other than French, the app provides a variety of options.
  • Memrise offers good value for money, as you get a variety of resources and lessons to help you learn.


  • When learning new vocabulary, learning it in context is often beneficial. This is what Memrise lacks.
  • Other French-language learning apps may be more engaging. They may also have more effective additional methods of learning.

Pricing: Memrise’s pro version costs €8.99 per month. It is also possible to obtain unlimited access to the course.

Download the app here- iOS

Download the app here- Android

#8. FluentU

FluentU is a virtual immersion platform that offers a wide range of video content for learning French.

Listening, native French videos and audio, pronunciation practice, and flashcards are the best options. FluentU immerses students in French by using authentic videos.

The goal is to teach you the language as native speakers speak it while also immersing you in the culture.


  • You can tap on any word in the subtitles to see an in-context definition, a pronunciation guide, and additional video examples. These are both available in French and English.
  • To practice new words, you can save them as multimedia flashcard decks for later review. You can do it through personalized exercises. You can also use the quizzes that come with each video to test your knowledge.
  • You can improve your pronunciation with new speaking exercises.
  • They classify their videos according to their skill level and genre. If you want to watch a video that contains a specific word or phrase, you can search for it to find all of the videos that contain it.
  • The app has learning tools that can make native-level material accessible to even beginners.
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  • It is expensive
  • There is no placement test.
  • Difficulty levels appear to be somewhat arbitrary.
  • Additional lessons are extremely basic. They do not cover much of the fundamental grammar, script, or pronunciation.
  • Frequently employs an unnatural robotic voice
  • Only focuses on passive learning; nothing on speaking or writing.

Price: A free trial is available; after which you must pay monthly or annually for a full subscription.

Download the app here- iOS

Download the app here- Android

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#9. Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone teaches you new words through pictures rather than translation.

It is one of the French learning apps for digital immersion, listening, reading, speaking, and vocabulary development.

It’s difficult to discuss French learning apps without mentioning Rosetta Stone.


  • It is one of the oldest and most popular learning methodologies available.
  • It distinguishes itself from many other languages by providing a completely immersive experience.
  • It teaches French entirely in French from the start—there isn’t a single word in English in the course.
  • This mimics the environment that it believes is most conducive to learning a new language.
  • Rosetta Stone has significant long-term benefits by directly linking concepts and objects to French words.
  • It guides you through a well-structured program in which you will expose to words, sentences, and phrases. These build on what you have already learned.
  • Rosetta Stone may be what you’re looking for if you’re a complete beginner in French looking to learn French in its purest form.
  • The program provides a free trial that you can use
  • You can occasionally find some great discounts and sale prices on the website.
  • If you’re a student, you’re in luck because there’s a special student discount!


  • It is expensive.

Pricing: A free trial is available, but full access requires a subscription.

Download the app here- iOS

Download the app here- Android

#10. Français Authentique

French Authentique offers study materials for upper-intermediate and advanced French students. This app was on the popular YouTube channel Français Authentique.

The YouTube channel Français Authentique has over one million subscribers as of June 2022. It has helped countless people improve their French through his French vlogs and podcasts. It is one of the best French learning apps.


  • The French learning app includes descriptions and supporting materials.
  • It is great for those with a solid foundation in French, such as high beginners and intermediate learners.
  • Podcasts in slow, clear French dominate the audio and video content. Common French vocabulary and grammar topics are among the podcast topics.
  • They add new audio and video content regularly.
  • You can download the PDF files from the app to help learners follow along.


  • Most people find that they often cannot learn French with this app. Even with its glowing features.

Price: Français Authentique is free.

Download the app here- iOS

Download the app here- Android

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which app is the best for French learning?

What would be the best app for learning French depends on your general preference. However, from our list, the best French learning apps are TV5Monde, LingQ, and Rocket French.

Are the paid apps for learning French better than the free ones?

No. The only thing that varies is the different features you can get. Some of the free apps for learning French could even be better for you.

Is Duolingo useful for learning French?

Duolingo is an excellent resource for assisting yourself in learning French. It’s motivating, enjoyable, simple, and free. With a mobile application, you no longer have an excuse not to practice on the go!

Is Babbel one of the good French learning apps?

Yes. Babbel is one of the best language-learning programs available, with a low price and truly useful content. Babbel offers a web app and mobile apps for learning and practicing a new language at your own pace. It also has new podcasts for a few languages and experience levels.

Is Babbel superior to Duolingo?

Yes. We believe that Babbel is superior to Duolingo for a variety of reasons. Babbel is the superior app over Duolingo based on the strength of its curriculum, teaching style, and delivery.


There are numerous methods and apps for learning French, but not all of them are suitable for every individual or learning style. It is critical to use the best app for you to stay motivated and consistent when studying the language.

None of the apps mentioned in this guide is the best app for learning French on their own—they’re all good in their way. Making that practice a regular study habit—will help you learn the most.

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