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10 Best GED Classes in Columbus, Ohio, | Free Online

Whether you want to write your GED tests online or in person, it is advisable to find and join one of the best GED classes in Columbus, Ohio, in 2022.

These classes provide individualized tutoring support to accommodate students at any stage of their academic careers.

Besides the academic support, GED classes assist students in choosing professional paths to help them reach their objectives of continuing their education beyond the secondary level, finding better work, or improving their language arts and math abilities.

This article will discuss the best GED classes in Columbus, Ohio, in 2022 and answer questions about the requirements.

Are there any GED classes in Columbus, Ohio, in 2022?

Yes, there are free GED classes in Columbus, Ohio, in 2022, including:

  • Godman Guild Association ASPIRE Program
  • YouthBuild Columbus Community School
  • Franklin County YouthBuild
  • The Salvation Army Career Enhancement Center
  • Dominican Learning Center
  • South Side Learning and Development Center
  • Columbus Adult and Community Education (ACE)
  • Columbus City Schools Adult & Community Education (ASPIRE)
  • Columbus literacy council
  • Franklinton Library (Goldman Guild)

What are the best GED classes in Columbus, Ohio, in 2002?

Below are the best GED classes in Columbus, Ohio, in 2002:

Godman Guild Association ASPIRE Program

The Godman Guild Association Aspire program offers the language, social studies, science, and arithmetic skills necessary to achieve a high school equivalency certificate, enroll in college, or gain employment.

Besides the basic math, reading, and writing skills for GED/High School Equivalence preparation, you also get job-related skills, college readiness, computer literacy, and life and study skills in their lessons.

The classes are at the Reed Avenue Center, Hilltop Library. But there are also online GED classes for students that want to take the tests in Columbus, Ohio, in 2022

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YouthBuild Columbus Community School

YouthBuild is a program for at-risk adolescents and community development that caters to housing, education, employment, crime prevention, and leadership development concerns for low-income areas.

With the help of YouthBuild, out-of-school youths between the ages of 16 and 24 transform their lives and positions in society while earning their GEDs or high school diplomas, learning job skills, earning training stipends, and serving their communities by constructing affordable housing.

In the first years, YouthBuild Columbus had few resources. But after a rigorous six-week GED preparation course, subsequent teachings were at the OSU Extension Center on Mount Vernon Avenue.

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Franklin County YouthBuild

Franklin County YouthBuild works with adolescents between 18 and 24 years. In addition to thorough GED and High School Diploma classes in Columbus, Ohio, they provide construction plus, phlebotomy, EKG, and STNA.

When students complete all three healthcare components, they get a Patient Care Management Certification.

The orientation and assessment phase opens the program, during which staff work with participants to finish an evaluation process. After this evaluation, each program received its Students.

Test-takers will spend half of their time in construction or healthcare tasks and the other half in academic, leadership, career preparedness, and life skills training in the classroom.

It is one of the best GED classes in Columbus, Ohio, and that is the perfect blend of personal, career, and community development in 2022.

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The Salvation Army Career Enhancement Center

The Salvation Army has assisted local communities in central Ohio with necessities, workforce development, GED and after-school tutoring, disaster relief, and anti-human trafficking services since 1885.

By making the best use of financial resources, the Salvation Army offers unconditional assistance to anyone in need.

These include services, GED and job training programs, and missions with demonstrable, life-improving effects.

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Dominican Learning Center

Tutors adults 18 years and older in reading, writing, math, and computers, as well as GED preparation

Dominican Learning Center provides reading, writing, math, computer tutoring, GED preparations and English as a Second Language (ESL) tutoring to individuals over 18.

Although it is one of the best free GED classes in Columbus, Ohio, in 2022, individuals who can afford the necessary textbooks and supplies should buy them.

This program offers classes in the English and Spanish GED languages. Don’t hesitate to contact the Dominican Learning Center at 614-444-7330 to sign up for the GED program.

It would be best if you start by enrolling for the orientation and Success Course. You will also pay a $10.00 deposit to register for the course.

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South Side Learning and Development Center

To effectively prepare students for college and careers, the South Side Learning and Development Center offers classes in basic skills, GED® credentials, English language learning, workforce training, and integrated education and training.

This curriculum is also ideal for you if you wish to obtain your high school diploma or have other aspirations that need a more robust command of math or reading.

It is one of the best GED classes in Columbus, Ohio, for people with flexible schedules who can’t attend classes during scheduled times in 2022.

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Columbus Adult and Community Education (ACE)

Columbus ACE offers free GED classes to help you prepare for your high school equivalency tests in Columbus, Ohio, in 2022.

The program also offers ESL classes for adults not born in the United States to teach them how to read, write, and speak English and adult vocational training programs at several locations around Franklin County.

The Council on Occupational Education (COE) and the Ohio Department of Higher Education have authorized and accredited Adult and Community Education at Columbus City Schools nationally.

Each instructor has a teaching certificate from the Ohio Department of Education.

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Columbus City Schools Adult & Community Education (ASPIRE)

Aspire offers adult primary literacy education, free GED and HSE preparation classes, ESOL classes, and career and adult vocational training programs at several locations in Columbus.

The next term will start on the 23rd of January, 2023, with day, evening, and weekend in-person classes. Free online GED classes will also be for students who want to take the tests in Columbus, Ohio, in 2022.

The Diploma program awards free diplomas and industry credentials to successful students older than 20.

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Columbus literacy council

CLC is a vibrant and cutting-edge organization that offers services to people, families, and communities throughout Central Ohio. They aim to boost employability, facilitate higher education, promote civic engagement, and support stable families.

The program offers free adult education programs, including GED classes, basic literacy classes (for families), citizenship instruction, and GED test preparation in Columbus, Ohio, in 2022. Some of their basic literacy lessons include financial, workplace, and digital skills.

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Franklinton Library (Goldman Guild)

This community resource directory is run by the Franklinton Development Association (FDA), with assistance from CelebrateOne and Summerfield Advertising. The objective is to educate, involve, and link locals to resources and help in Franklinton.

With after-school homework help, resume and cover letter templates, free educational resources, and collaborations with nearby schools, Columbus Metropolitan Library has everything students need to succeed in high school, college, and beyond.

And the Columbus Metropolitan Library card is all a student needs to access one of the best GED classes in Columbus, Ohio, in 2022.

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Do I have to take the GED Ready® practice test before taking the test?

If you are taking the test in person in a testing center, you don’t need to take the GED Ready® practice test. However, for applicants that want to take the tests online, you have to take the GED Ready® practice test before the official test

Why should I take the GED tests online?

The online GED Test available at Columbus State Community College’s Community & Professional Testing Center offers a better testing experience, including:

  • Round-the-clock online registration and scheduling
  • 24-hour score reporting for multiple choice parts on the website
  • Option to register for one section or several sections on the same day

How can I register for the GED CBT Test in Ohio?

You can register for the GED CBT test in these simple steps:

1.  Create an account by going to, clicking “Register Today,” then “New Users Start Here,” and entering your information.

2.  Fill out the registration form, enter your email address, make a username and password, and upload any supporting documentation you have (if needed).

3.  Schedule your exam by visiting, clicking “Register Today,” then “Scheduling,” and following the on-screen directions.

4. Pay for the exam with a credit card (pre-paid cards are not accepted) and check your receipt for information on the test’s date, time, and location.

What do I need to do to take the test if I’m underage?

If you are 16 or 17, you must provide a copy of the most recent withdrawal form signed by your administrator and a consent document signed and notarized by a parent, guardian, or legal representative.

You must provide copies of any court or guardianship documents.

If you are taking the test online, a parent or guardian should be available at the pre-test check-in to grant consent and allow the underage tester to be recorded during testing. The exam session will be insignificant if the parent or legal guardian is not present

And if you are 18, you must include a copy of your administrator’s signed current-year withdrawal form.

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FAQs on the best GED classes in Columbus, Ohio, in 2022

What is my cost if I test at a Test Center?

The GED® test costs $30 for each module in Ohio.
Ohio offers first-time students an $80 voucher. Before scheduling and paying for the GED® test, you must speak with a Career-Technical Planning District (CTPD) for career and educational advice to qualify for the voucher.

What is my cost if I test Online?

As of 9/1/21, Ohio costs $36 per topic for the GED® exam taken online.

How old do I need to be to take the test in Ohio?

In Ohio, you must be 18 years old to take the test.

Before the test, do I need to take a GED® class from a local prep center?

No, you do not have to take the GED classes from any prep center or adult education classroom in Ohio.


While these programs are not standard requirements, enrolling in at least one to get access to the practice materials and resources to help you pass the exams is advisable.

See our list of the best GED classes in Columbus, Ohio, in 2022 and find the perfect class.

You can also see our list of the 10 Best Free GED Classes in Phoenix in 2022




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