Top 15 Best Hookup Apps for College Students | 2022 Ranking

According to studies, persons in their late teens and early twenties regularly utilize hookup apps. According to the report, more than 75% of individuals between the ages of 18 and 24 use Tinder.

Because of their rigorous school load, most college students do not have the time to meet fellow students face to face for hookups or relationships. While some are focused on graduating with excellent marks, others want to graduate while also finding a companion.

Fortunately, here are some of the best hookup apps for college students to connect for hookups/relationships. Students may use these hookup apps to swipe through profiles and speak with anybody they want for a hookup or a serious relationship.

Some of the best hookup apps for college students in 2022 are free, while others need payment. There was nothing like this before the development of the computer.

If you were in college, you would have had to approach anyone you liked in person and ask them out. The goal might be a casual hookup or a committed relationship.

Now that we live in a digital age, it is quite simple for someone to search the internet for companions by utilizing dating applications.

Are you a college freshman wanting to connect with other students on campus? Do you find it difficult to approach someone of the opposing sex in person for a hookup or relationship? Well, this article is your best bet.

What Are The Best Hookup Apps For College Students?

There are several online tools that college students utilize to interact with other students on campus in order to form relationships or hookups.

This post will solely discuss the best hookup apps for college students.

Some hookup apps are free, while others require payment. They are as follows:

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1. Tinder

Many consider Tinder the dating platform of the Millennial age and the most popular dating app in the world.

This best hookup app for college students is popular. According to research, the app has registered over 43 billion matches to far, and more than half of its users are individuals under the age of 25.

Meanwhile, Tinder allows users to swipe anonymously to like or hate other accounts based on photographs, a brief bio, and shared interests. When two users “match,” they can immediately exchange messages.

To begin using Tinder, choose a few photos and create a brief profile. You have the option of adding your Instagram account. It is now time to swipe. If you and another user both swipes right (for yes) on each other, you are matched and can send messages to one other.

Tinder is a millennial app that many college students are familiar with. Tinder is ideal for students or those who do not want to commit to a relationship and only want to have fun. It pairs a student with another student on campus.

Although Tinder is regarded as the “hookup app,” it is critical that you specify whether you are searching for sex or a relationship.

The basic version of this college dating app is completely free, but you can pay to TinderPlus for features like “Super-likes” and “Rewind last swipe” (when you accidentally swipe left on a hot girl).

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2. OkCupid

OkCupid is international online dating, friendship, and originally a social networking website and application established in the United States.

All users communicate with one another using private messages or an instant messaging “chat” capability.

OkCupid was the first major dating service to provide free unlimited texting. It also includes multiple-choice questions to help members match.

You may wonder why this is one of the best hookup apps for college students.

When we make new online acquaintances, we may realize that it takes a long time to get to know their attitudes. However, this makes it more challenging to discover companions who share your ideals on time.

You’ll have a lot on your mind at college, such as studying very hard to get high marks. This suggests you don’t have time to squander on someone with whom you wish to connect. In this instance, OKCupid solves your problem quickly.

OkC’s app has a plethora of extra questions and matching technology. These questions might help you get a sense of someone’s true nature.

It will also allow you to ask some questions to see whether the person you like shares your ideals, rather than wasting the entire semester with someone who disagrees with you.

The basic subscription to this dating app, which is popular among college students and others, is free. It is advised for a low-income college student.

On the other hand, an A-list subscription costs $4.99 per month for six months, $7.99 per month for three months, and $9.99 per month for one month. You can see who likes you, when someone has seen your message, and so on with the A-list membership.

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3. Bumble

Bumble is a location-based networking app that encourages connections between users who share the same interests.

Only female users can initiate contact with matched male users in heterosexual matches. The goal is for girls to limit the number of unsolicited communications they get from guys they dislike. However, with same-sex pairings, any individual can send the initial message.

Users can begin by registering with their phone number or Facebook profile.

Swiping is used by Bumble to show you prospective matches. It’s a match if both users swipe right on each other. By implementing this function, Bumble differentiates from Tinder, but pairings expire after 24 hours.

The app is not only for dating. There are choices for searching for love partners or pals in “BFF mode.” Bumble Bizz fosters commercial communication as well.

The addition of BFF mode and Bumble Bizz allows college students to meet new people and create professional connections on campus. Bumble is ideal for college students seeking for something more meaningful than a fling.

This hookup app, one of the best for college students, includes a free and comprehensive basic membership. Upgrade to Bumble Boost to see who has right-swiped you, prolong your matches by 24 hours, and rematch with expired connections.

Prices may vary and are not always constant between sites. Boost costs $8.99 a week, $24.99 per month, $16.66 per month for three months, and $13.33 per month for six months.

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4. Friendsy

Friendsy is a social networking site exclusively for college students. This dating software allows college students to communicate, complement, and connect with one another from anywhere.

Friendsy is one of the best hookup apps for college students in 2022 to meet new people on campus. It provides pupils with extremely specific filtering possibilities. In other words, students use filtering tools to view just freshmen in a particular college major.

Friendsy, like Tinder, offers a swiping element. If you swipe right on a user you like, they will give you the choice of becoming friends, dating or hooking up with the user. It’s a match if the user picks the same for you.

Users may also send “hints” to one another, essentially a message informing a student that someone is interested in them.

Furthermore, to participate, students must furnish an actual college email address. It also ensures that no random residents from your remote college town end up in your swiping pool. The filter options are really useful and may help you discover anyone if you focus your search sufficiently.

Furthermore, this popular hookup app among college students in 2022 allows you to highlight your ambitions. Friendsy will notify you if someone is trying to hook up, date, or simply be friends with you.

This dating app for college students is completely free.

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5. Hinge

Hinge is a hookup app for those who want to avoid using dating apps. It attempts to build connections by allowing mature college students to use this dating app to meet possible life partners.

Most college students desire to start meaningful relationships as they approach their final year.

They may be sick of experiencing hangovers or being in relationships that never mattered in the past. Hinge offers a remedy in such cases.

Hinge, like Tinder, offers a swiping element. To use this dating app, you must have a Facebook account. After that, you’ll fill up your information, answer questions, and upload photographs.

College students enjoying everyday student life but want to explore dating use this hookup app, which is one of the best hookup apps for college students.

Hinge is extremely simple to operate and provides significantly more functionality than standard surface-level swiping. The application costs $7 per month to subscribe to.

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6. HER

HER is a hookup app designed mainly for lesbian, bisexual, queer women, non-binary persons, and members of the LGBTQ community.

You may use your Facebook or Instagram profile to sign up for this hookup app. You must provide location access in order to see users on the site who are nearby. If you sign up, you must post at least eight images of yourself and select a classification such as lesbian, fluid, bisexual, and so on.

Remember that HER is exclusively for lesbian, bisexual, or queer people. This dating app will never make you feel sexualized because you like ladies. This is because the primary goal of HER is to cater to lesbians.

HER’s feed is comparable to that of a social networking site, with the opportunity to like other users’ images.

Furthermore, it functions as a thorough dating app, allowing you to like or pass on possible matches and initiate a chat if you both like each other.

HER also allows you to attend local LGBTQ events, read LGBTQ news, and make new friends.

This is one of the best hookup apps for college students and offers a free basic membership. The following are the HER subscription plans:

  • 1 month subscription: $14.99
  • 6 months subscription: $59.99
  • 12 months subscription: $89.99

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7. Happn

Happn is a hookup app that helps you to find individuals you’ve met before or people fate has chosen you should meet.

If you are a Happn user and meet another user, their profile will display on your app.

If a person’s profile catches your eye, you may just like it discreetly, and the user will never know unless they like you back.

Similarly, you may want to create a powerful impression by sending a salutation like “hi,” and they will be notified. If the attraction is reciprocal, it suggests you have a crush. Following that, you converse with one other and may arrange a face-to-face encounter.

Happn will never send you a message from someone you are not interested in. The hookup app does not reveal your location to other members; nevertheless, just the locations where you crossed paths with them are displayed.

By joining up for Happn using your Facebook page, you are allowing your phone to geo-locate you and begin monitoring your travels. When you visit specific locations on campus as a college student using Happen, students who frequent there regularly will appear on your app. This will allow you to connect and make new acquaintances.

This hookup app is entirely free. You may subscribe to Premium to access more advanced features on Happn. Premium lets you view who has liked your profile and sends extra Hellos to those outstanding profiles.

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8. Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel is one of the best hookup apps for college students seeking a long-term commitment. This app is ideal for individuals seeking great dates but lacking the time to meet more people online.

This software assists college students in finding love on campus. It also allows students to connect with partners who can help them thrive in their academics, apply for and get internships or secure admission to graduate school.

Unlike Tinder, where you swipe to find a match, Coffee Meets Bagel offers targeted, customized games every afternoon based on your tastes.

This is where the app’s name derives from. Most students check the app during coffee breaks to see if they may meet a mate of their choosing around the corner.

Coffee Meets Bagel is a feature that allows you to filter your experience so that they only connect you with fellow students and graduates that fit your criteria. Department, age, or major might organize this.

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9. Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish, or POF, is one of the most established and popular hookup websites. When you join up, you’ll be asked to fill out a lengthy questionnaire, allowing the app to determine who each individual would be well-matched with precisely.

Although many individuals use this dating app for casual talks and hookups, many have discovered long-term love on the platform.

According to a POF poll, 52% of men and 47% of women using this dating app want to become exclusive with the right partner.

Singles can find a possible spouse with comparable personality traits and life objectives thanks to POF’s match suggestions and personality test.

The basic membership is free, but you may enhance it. You may get treble the number of profile views with the enhanced membership and advantages like posting sixteen photographs to your profile, viewing the date and time someone visited your profile, and standing out in all searches.

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10. Hater

Hater is a hookup app that connects people based on their dislikes. Its system discovers matches based on the swipe of a user.

Swiping on other individuals is typically anonymous. This app can only match you with another user if you both swipe right. This means that haters can also hate together.

When you sign up, the app will present you with hundreds of alternatives, including people, places, and things you may choose to hate, love, like, or despise.

While filling up your profile, you may explore another user’s profile by swiping right/left.

This dating app allows you to send messages to other individuals on the network by filling in the blanks with a fun icebreaker question.

You may use this to begin a discussion in a witty and intriguing manner, rather than with a dull “hey or hello.”

This is one of the best hookup apps for college students, meaning to mingle. Hater relieves the burden of striving to be ideal for someone else to gain their attention. Because you answer specific questions and select the items you like when you sign up, Hater will assist you to find companions who share your interests.

Because college students dislike paying for applications, this dating app is free to use.

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11. Match

Match is the world’s longest-running hookup website. This dating site has been around since 1995.

This hookup app assures that you will meet someone. You must choose your dating interests when you join up. Once your profile is up and running, you will be able to freely browse other users’ profiles. Fortunately, it does not restrict profiles, so you may browse any profile you choose.

Match suggests matches based on your choices, and you may modify these criteria at any moment.

This hookup app also offers a feature called “Missed Connections.” This tool leverages your location to connect you with individuals you’ve met in real life in the past.

If you’re a college student using this dating app, think of times when you spotted your crush but didn’t make a move on them. Match will offer you a second chance to make the move you didn’t make on your last crush.

Match offers a free version, but connection with other users is limited. The limitless version, on the other hand, is available by subscription. The membership includes premium for $26.99 per month for three months or $20.99 per month for a year.

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12. JSwipe/Minder/CDate

Some people may pick friends based on their religion or views. If you’re single and interested in meeting friends while considering religion, you can use JSwipe, Minder, or CDate.

JSwipe is a Jewish hookup app that links members of the Jewish community. Minder, on the other hand, is a Muslim hookup platform, whilst CDate is a Christian hookup platform. These dating apps are free, and you can connect in using your Facebook login to get started.

You will encounter individuals from many walks of life and religions at college, but with these hookup apps, you may connect and become friends with students who share your values.

Unfortunately, none of these programs compel users to provide proof of their religious convictions. If religion is essential to you before making friends on these sites, you should enquire when you match with a member to avoid disappointment.

13. Zoosk

Zoosk is a hookup website and app that allows you to view images of nearby people, match with daters, and chat. It is accessible in over 80 countries and 25 languages.

Upon joining up, you will be asked to provide your Facebook profile, and the Zoosk algorithm will sync your likes. You will then fill out basic information such as your body type, education, and religion. Then you must write your “story” in a biographical section. You might also write about your dream date and vision of a great match.

Zoosk employs behavioral matchmaking to determine user compatibility. As a result, the more you look at photographs and like profiles, the better the matching algorithm predicts who you’ll like.

Using Zoosk allows you to be as personal as you want without being limited to a specific technique of meeting someone. Its various search options allow you to tailor your experience to your requirements.

Zoosk analyzes your interests and trends while engaging with other individuals to determine your “type.” The information is then used to produce suggestions for you, known as the “SmartPick” function. This is one of the best hookup apps for college students.

It offers a free membership, but you may subscribe to access more services. Zoosk subscription plans are as follows:

  • 1 month subscription – $29.95
  • 3 months subscription – $19.98 per month
  • 6 months subscription – $12.49 per month

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14. Grindr

Grindr is the world’s largest gay, bi, trans, and queer social network platform and app. However, there is a good probability that you will meet genuine and long-term partnerships on this site.

On Grindr, you’ll find several males in your area eager to speak. Most users will tell you straight out that they only want casual sex.

Grindr lacks a swiping function to match you with a user. As a result, any platform user can speak with you without first “liking” each other. This may result in a user sending you dick pics. You just must keep this in mind initially!

You may also share your location with other Grindr users. We recommend that you take your time with this. To ensure their identification, start by asking for things like their Facebook or Instagram username and phone number before giving your location or meeting them in person.

Grindr assists homosexual college students seeking for gay partners on campus for casual sex or more. Unfortunately, because Grindr caters to sex addicts, it is one of the best hookup apps for college students. Anything may happen, and you never know.

This dating app offers a free basic membership. You may upgrade to Grindr XTRA to eliminate adverts, see more profiles, utilize premium filters, send several images at once, and so forth. The following are the Grindr XTRA rates:

  • 1-month subscription: $19.99
  • 3-month subscription: $39.99
  • 12-month subscription: $99.99

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15. eHarmony

eHarmony is a hookup app with a compatibility score to help you find love. This dating software has helped millions of individuals worldwide find genuine love.

When you join up for the site, you must complete an 80-question personality test. These responses will assist the harmony team in getting to know you better and identifying crucial personality qualities.

The eHarmony system will propose your optimal match based on the information you submit. So, when answering the questions, make sure you are truthful.

You may begin connecting with users by sending Smiles and Icebreakers after being paired with them.

eHarmony is one of the best hookup apps for college students since it assists them in finding the love of their lives. Any match you discover on eHarmony is likely to be as severe as you are. So, why would you spend your time on a hookup site when you can find love on eHarmony? According to a 2020 study, this dating app is popular among college students.

You will need to subscribe to eHarmony because it is not free. A monthly membership costs $57.95, but you can save money by purchasing a year’s subscription for $26.95.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the most popular hookup app?

Bumble is the most popular dating app in the United States, at least among paid users. According to the Statista Global Consumer Survey, the service that encourages women to begin the discussion has progressed and surpassed Tinder as the most popular dating app for paying users in the United States.

In college, how do you get a hookup?

Hooking Up 101: How to Perform Like a Badger
Consider your options creatively. At college, time and room are limited resources, so make the most of what you do have.
Determine how you wish to commit….
After the semester is finished, just seek classmates.
Be cautious and cautious….
Make certain that YOU want to accomplish it.

Is it simple to hook up in college?

“By senior year, around 40% of those who had ever hooked up had engaged in three or less hookups, 40% in four to nine hookups, and barely 20% in ten or more hookups,” according to the report. “Around 80% of students hook up fewer than once every semester on average during their college careers.”

Tinder hookups, are they safe?

Tinder, like any other online dating site or app, comes with a security warning. While Tinder is concerned about user safety, they do not do background checks or vet any of its users, so you must be cautious when using the app.

Is it enjoyable to hook up?

Instead of being a one-time, pleasant encounter, the hookup has become the standard for all sexual relations. Instead, it’s something you must do. In principle, a hookup might be fantastic, but it can quickly become frustrating and stressful.


Hookups are widespread in college.

87 percent of college students admitted to hooking up during their studies. During their hook-up, more than half of the males and one-third of the women reported having sex.

It’s not an encouraging fact, but college students’ hookups, anyway. This article guides you in choosing the best hookup apps when you still decide to go for them.



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