Best Life Coach Online Training Courses to Take in 2023

I know you may wonder what life coaching is all about. Well, life coaching is training where you take people on the path of discovering themselves. And, to be that life coach who knows his onus, take some online courses to equip you with the basic knowledge.

The good news is that there are several online training courses that cover all aspects of life coaching. In this article, we’ll review the pros and cons and what you should consider before enrolling.

Can I Become a Life Coach?

The answer to this question is, ‘Yes’. There is literally no governing body overseeing the coaching profession. It simply means you can print yourself a business card with the description; ‘Life Coach’ and start off immediately.

Due to the lack of a regulatory body, the life coaching market is experiencing an influx. However, clients are increasingly comparing coaches’ level of expertise and choosing high-quality professionals.

Basically, there are basic traits you should exude before towing that path and a series of trainings, supervision, and experience.

Openness, approachability, curiosity, and empathy are all appropriate attributes. Training is as varied in terms of quality and cost as it is to operate coaches.

How Much Does a Life Coach Online Training Course Cost?

The cost of life coach training courses varies, but it can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. The entire cost is determined by the program’s length, delivery type, and intensity.

What Qualifications Do I Need to Become a Life Coach?

There are no specific requirements for becoming a life coach. Life coaching is an unregulated sector that does not require a college diploma, prior work experience, or certifications.

Anyone can pursue a career as a life coach.

Best Life Coach Online Training Courses

#1. Life Coaching: Start up your Own Life Coaching Business

This life coach training course has been designed to help you become a professional life coach and start your own life coaching business.

As far as what you need to set the ball rolling is a set of great skills, this online course will teach you all the skills you’ll need to open your own practice and get it up and running in lesser time.

Besides having full support from the course creator, it also comes with a certification. Hit the button below to enroll in this course.

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#2. Life Purpose Life coach Certification (Accredited)

Because it is human nature to want to know what life is all about. Many people in today’s fast-paced environment are achieving prosperity but not fulfillment.

And because they believe there should be more to life, they are well within their right. So, this online training course provides you with the template with which you can help them discover their true life’s meaning.

This life coach online course will help your customers;

  • Overcome the unfavorable patterns adopted as a child
  • Explore their passions
  • Make the most of their abilities and skills
  • Find meaning in their life-altering events
  • remove restrictive belief systems and also pass the baton to others so they can reclaim their lives

Suppose you’re a coach, a counselor, a workshop facilitator, a speaker, or another type of professional who deals with people. In that case, this life coach certification course will give you complete assistance to help your clients discover their purpose.

#3. Goal Setting to Success: Life Coach Certification Accredited

As a life coach, your primary responsibility is to assist your clients in achieving their objectives.

You also ensure you help them gain their confidence in their ability to set goals and break them down into manageable stepping stones.

There’s no better way to help them achieve all the above if not by taking this life coach training course

#4. Life Coach Training Course: Introduction to Life Coaching

This online Udemy course is about the most ideal for you either as a self-development tool or life coaching practice.

It will present you with a variety of tools and tactics to help you become a more successful communicator and get the most out of your personal and professional relationships.

This life coaching course: online life coach training package includes all you need because all course materials are included, including over forty downloadable resources that are ready for you to customize with your own company logo and make your own.

The course is self-paced and allows you to work at your own leisure. You can study whenever and wherever you want, safe knowing that aid is always available.

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#5. Law of Attraction Life Coach Certification

Did you know that you can impact peoples’ lives using the Law of Attraction? I bet you didn’t see it coming.

Well, you can actually do a lot more by employing this law. It will be most effective if you have a more gratifying encounter with people who you meet and who’re important to you as well.

The law of Attraction Life Coach certification program will equip you with high-vibe, result-oriented coaching procedures, and resources to help your clients master this law in their lives.

By enrolling, you’ll learn how to reach your vision, your coaching career, and your clients.

#6. Mindfulness Life Coach Certification & Mindfulness

Research has shown that a lot of people miss out on their real purpose because they’re immersed in either thinking, anxiety, or tension.

But, as a life coach, you can provide them with one easy gift that will not only elongate their life spans but will allow them to enjoy their lives.

Mindfulness is that solution they seek! So, register for the Mindfulness Certification if truly, assisting people to gain more peace, control their thoughts and emotions gives you optimum satisfaction.

#7. Emotional Intelligence Life Coach Certification (Accredited)

While emotional intelligence is not an innate trait, it is something that can be learned. The missing puzzle is that no one ever really taught us about emotional intelligence or how it should work.

So, one of the invaluable courses you should take as a life coach is the emotional intelligence course. It helps you to perform your roles dutifully while gifting your clients shades of emotional intelligence.

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#8. Finding Purpose and Meaning in Life: Living for What Matters Most

You’ll study how science, philosophy, and practice all play a role in both determining your purpose and living a purposeful life in this course.

You’ll hear from historical leaders and individuals about their paths to discovering and living a purposeful life, as well as participate in several exercises to help you discover what means most to you and live a purposeful life.

Upon completion of this life coach online training course on Coursera, you will realise that having a strong sense of purpose in life is a necessary component of human happiness.

#9. Mindshift: Break Through Obstacles to Learning and Discover Your Hidden Potential

In today’s fast-paced learning environment, Mindshift helps you advance in your job and life. It teaches you things such as how to get the most out of online learning, regardless of your age or stage.

This course will teach you how to look at what you’re studying and your place in the surrounding society in order to be who you want to be, despite the real-world limits that life imposes on us all.

You’ll discover that by employing specific mental techniques and insights, you may study and do far more than you ever imagined!

#10. Life coaching: Create Your Signature Life Coaching Package

Your gift is the best of what you can offer, based on your particular knowledge, talent, or life experience. It’s the outcome you’ve achieved for yourself, and if you package it, you may offer your life coaching client a shortcut to your own success.

So, once you’ve determined the outcome you want to attain with your life coaching client, you’ll need to figure out HOW you’ll get them there.

This online course will help you determine your niche and what unique services you can provide to your clients while also assisting you to stop the common mistake other life coaches make which is; squandering time in the hamster wheel of life coaching client seeking.

Ready to carve a niche in your life coaching career? Hit the button below.


There are several life coach online training courses that can help you find your foot. However, remember that the profession carries with it duties and consequences for your clients.

Hope you had a good time reading this article.



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