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10 Best Masters in Automotive Engineering in UK | 2023 Rankings

While a bachelor’s in automotive will aid you in launching a career in the automobile industry, a master’s degree will equip you with the right skill to occupy managerial positions.

However, a master’s degree must be earned from an accredited university. For students in the UK, this article compiles a list of the best masters in automotive engineering programs.

Ninety percent of students who do not go back to school for a master’s degree blame financial constraints for it. Others do not necessarily need one since they can work and earn with their first degree.

Well, a bachelor of science in automotive engineering is designed to provide you with the nitty-gritty of the automotive field. There are numerous sub-disciplines within automotive engineering.

While you can start working with a bachelor of science degree, it can only earn you an entry-level position. The automobile industry is a big field, and an entry-level position may not allow you to harness all high-level positions.

To climb the ladder faster, earning a master’s in engineering from an accredited automotive school will aid you. Hence, this article will give specific reasons why you should earn a masters degree in automotive in UK and list the ten best master’s degree programs you should consider.

Why Study Master’s In Automotive Engineering in UK

When it comes to high-quality education, schools in the United Kingdom have a reputation for world-class research. The program curriculum is usually designed to aid students to develop skills, knowledge, critical thinking, and connections to drive forward their careers.

Faculty members in accredited automotive schools are trained to offer high education that qualifies students to excel as employers or academics worldwide.

Another reason to study automotive in the UK is its welcoming culture. Studying in the UK is equivalent to learning in a tolerant multicultural country. With over 458, 529 international students, you will definitely find peers, friends, and study partners from any tribe or race in the world.

UK automotive schools have high standards and the large libraries in the world. And, international students may benefit from the numerous scholarship opportunities offered by the UK government. Interestingly, some of them are fully funded, hence all you may have to do is study and earn good grades.

In summary, earning a master’s in the UK means access to quality education, a world-class reputable degree earned without tuitions if you earn a scholarship for engineering students.

What are the Top Ten Masters in Automotive Engineering in UK?

There are quite a number of schools offering a master’s degree in automotive engineering in the United Kingdom. This simply means that while there are so many options, you should only enroll in a top master’s degree program.

Actually, where you earn a master’s degree influences the job opportunities available to you. Predominantly, automotive engineering programs abound in the UK.

However, in selecting which to attend, students must consider the accreditation status of the program, graduation rates of students, and acceptance rates.

Employability rate: In choosing a master’s program, you must understand your chances of getting a placement upon graduation. This is usually expressed through the percentage of students who get a job placement upon graduation.

In ranking the best masters in automotive engineering in the UK, this article considers the employability of the automotive school offering the master’s program. The higher the rate, the more quality education you are likely to receive.

Tuition: This shows the tuition and fees students especially, international students will pay to earn this certificate.

Accreditation: Earning a degree from an unaccredited institution is equivalent to no degree. Hence, you must ascertain the accreditation status of the program before applying. This article in ranking these top master’s degree programs puts into consideration the accreditation status of the automotive engineering masters in the UK program.

10. University of Leeds

Program: Automotive Engineering MSc (Eng)

Employability Rate: 78%

Tuition: N/A

Accreditation: (IMechE)

The University of Leeds, through its School of Mechanical Engineering, offers a master’s in an automotive engineering program that could be completed within 12 months.

Basically, the program seeks to equip students with the knowledge and skills required to meet the needs of the automotive industry.
The program equips students to succeed in the advanced areas of analysis, design, and manufacture.

Upon completion of this master’s program, students will be ready to work in a range of different settings. Majorly, the course will explain in detail chassis and driveline engineering as well as human factors in automotive.

This knowledge and skill is beneficial to students during the design and builds project.

Entry Requirements

Applicants must earn a bachelor’s degree with 2: in a relevant engineering discipline.

To succeed in this program students must have strong grades in advanced mathematics, fluid mechanics, and strength of materials.
All applicants must have a Grade C or above in GSCE English language.


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9. Swansea University

Program: Simulation Driven Product Design -MSC Research

Employability Rate: 85.6%

Tuition: £4,327

Accreditation: (IMechE)

Swansea University offers one of the best masters in automotive engineering in the UK.

The program typically analyzes using mathematical modeling as a basis, and computational methods to provide procedures that allow complex problems to be solved.

Over the years, this institution has been at the forefront of international research in computational engineering.

Classes are taught by internationally renowned engineers at Swansea.

The majority of them have pioneered the development of numerical techniques, such as the finite element method and associated computational procedures. This has helped them solve many complex engineering problems.

The entry requirements for the MSc by Research Simulation Driven Product Design is a first or upper second class honors degree in Engineering or similar relevant science discipline.

International students from non-English speaking countries must pass any of these tests of English language exams which include the Swansea University English Test, the British Council IELTS test (with a score of at least 6.5 and 5.5 in each component)


8. Loughborough University

Program: MSc Automotive Engineering

Employability Rate: 87%

Tuition: £23,500

Accreditation:  (IMechE)

Loughborough University offers one of the best masters in automotive engineering. The program is designed to provide knowledge and technical expertise in a wide range of automotive disciplines to students with an interest in the automotive industry.

With its industry partnership with Ford Motor Company and Jaguar Land Rover, students get to learn technical expertise from experts in the field.

Students can choose to participate in any of the available four major research groups across the technologies of automotive and aeronautical engineering.
Irrespective of the group, students work on a variety of research topics.

These topics will include the development of new design methodologies for the engineering hybrid, investigations into aerodynamics, and simulation.

Interestingly, this master’s program avails students the opportunity to access Horiba MIRA Ltd near Nuneaton.

This is a vehicle proving ground facility that forms part of Europe’s largest technology research and development cluster.


7. University of Bath

Programs: Automotive Engineering with Electric Propulsion (MSc)

Employability Rate: 90.5

Tuition: £22,000

Accreditation: (IMechE)

This is one of the best masters in automotive engineering in the UK. It is offered by the University of Bath as a year full-time program.

Basically, the master’s program is for engineers who wish to develop their knowledge further. Also, individuals who wish to specialize in automotive engineering and technologies may earn this master’s degree.

Majorly, students will explore the research and development sector of the automobile industry. As an automotive school, it offers a curriculum that focuses on the design, performance, and operation of automotive powertrains and vehicle systems.

To complete this master’s program, students must complete course work in 2 semesters and submit the dissertation by summer. Practically, learning will come in the form of lectures, online resources, practical sessions, seminars, tutorials, and workshops.

Entry Requirements

Applicants for this top master’s program in the UK must have a bachelor of science degree or its UK equivalent with a GPA of 2.2 and above.

In addition, international students must pass an English test. This may be exempted from students who earned a degree in the UK in the last two years prior to application.


6. Brunel University in London

Program: Automotive and Motorsport Engineering – MSc

Employability Rate: 94%

Tuition: N/A

Accreditation: (IMechE)

This one-year full-time automotive engineering master’s program in the UK is offered by.

Basically, it seeks to give graduates who are passionate about motorsports the specialist skills and knowledge required to succeed in the industry.
Upon graduation, students may launch a career in the very dynamic and competitive field of engineering.

The program is designed to teach students all aspects of the design, development, and construction of competition vehicles. This will cover aerodynamics, materials, structural analysis, IC engines, and vehicle systems.

Students will also learn to use tools like computational modeling, simulation, and data analysis to assess performance, strength, cost, and safety.

This program also equips students with managerial skills to equip them to take operational roles like race planning, vehicle testing, marketing, and risk management.

Entry requirements

Applicants must have a 2:2 or above UK Honours degree or equivalent degree that is internationally recognized.


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5. Oxford Brookes University

Program: Automotive Engineering with Electric Vehicles – MSc

Employability Rate: 95%

Tuition: £15,690

Accreditation: (IMechE)

This top master’s in automotive engineering program in the UK is offered by Oxford Brookes University.

The program prepares students for a career in the automobile industry. And, can be completed in 12 months on a full-time basis or 24 months on part-time

Also, students will learn how to adapt to the complex and fast developments taking place in the industry.

Classes are taken in a purpose-designed engineering building by faculty members who are experts in the field.

Furthermore, this top master’s program offers students the opportunity to collaborate with the automotive industry alongside their supply chain.

Generally, the program will keep students up to date with developments in:

  • automotive technologies
  • production methods
  • processes
  • management techniques.

Entry Requirements

Students are expected to hold a first degree equivalent to at least a British lower second-class bachelor’s degree in mechanical, automotive, or motorsport engineering or a related discipline.

Relevant professional experience is also important. If your first language is not English you will require a minimum IELTS score of 6.0 overall with 6.0 in all components or an equivalent English language qualification acceptable to the University.


4. University of Hertfordshire

Programs: Engineering (Automotive) (Near STEM) MSc

Employability Rate: 96.1%

Tuition: £13,500

Accreditation: (IMechE)

This is practically one of the best automotive engineering programs in the UK. Basically, it caters to non-engineering graduates with a STEM background.

This masters in automotive program offered by the University of Hertfordshire allows students who don’t have any background knowledge in engineering to advance in the industrial sector. However, they must have graduated from a STEM undergraduate program.

This school has excellent facilities in automotive engineering technology including its automotive center with engine test facilities.

Entry Requirements

Applicants must have at least a Pass in A-level mathematics or its equivalent. In addition, they must hold a minimum of 2:2 honors in mathematics, physics, astrophysics, or any other STEm relevant degree.

A BSC in food science, computer science chemistry, or biotechnology with 2.2 honors will be accepted. Students must also provide academic achievements and working experience. In fact, relevant professional qualifications will be considered.


3. Cranfield University

Program: MSC in Automotive Engineering

Employability Rate: 97%

Tuition: £20,000

Accreditation: (IMechE)

Cranfield University offers an MSC in automotive Engineering. This department has been in existence for 50 years and is known for its excellent industrial links.

Basically, the program offers students the opportunity to study in an environment where master’s graduates can secure positions upon graduation in their chosen field. Others, however, can undertake academic research.

This Cranfield University master’s program in automotive engineering can be completed within one year. It is offered a full-time program and students will learn from industrial practitioners and work alongside a strong research team at this Cranfield.

Entry Requirements

Applicants for this top master’s in automotive engineering must hold a first or second-class UK Honours degree or equivalent in engineering, mathematics, or applied science and demonstrable motivation for a career in automotive.

However, the Premasters program exists for applicants who do not scale the eligibility criteria above. Upon completion, students qualify for entry into this program.


2. Coventry University, London

Program: Automotive Engineering – MSc

Employability Rate: 97%

Tuition: £7,700.00

Accreditation: (IMechE)

Offered by Coventry University, London Automotive engineering MSC is one of the best masters in the UK for automotive engineers.

Basically, the program curriculum seeks to raise highly qualified and specialized skilled men to match the requirements in the automotive industry.

The course has been developed to equip students with both technical and managerial skills alongside the right expertise sought by most automotive industries.

Jagua Land Rover is one of the impressive networks of industry partners of this automotive school in the UK. Hence, students learn how to design and test vehicles that are more fuel-efficient, refined, and safe from industry experts.

This is simply achieved by inducing students in the studying of design performance and operations o automotive powertrains and vehicle systems. The course allows students to learn individual components and entire vehicles.

Entry Requirements

You will have an undergraduate degree in an automotive, mechanical, or closely related subject. You may have equivalent professional experience.


1. Birmingham City University

Program: Electronic and Automotive Engineering- MSC

Employability Rate: 97.4%

Tuition: N/A

Accreditation: (IMechE)&  IET

Birmingham City University offers one of the best masters in automotive engineering in the UK.

The program basically, encourages creative thinking and development of engineering leadership skills as well as teaches students how to solve engineering problems through research.

It is duly practical as students will embark on independent study. This will definitely advance the students’ understanding and develop new skills.

This Top master’s in automotive engineering introduces students to industry standards, and sophisticated computer-based tools such as mechanism analysis, and computational fluid dynamics.

Entry Requirements

Applicants must have at least a Second Class Honours degree or equivalent in an appropriate discipline.

However, applications may be considered if you can provide evidence of the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully complete the course.


Masters in Automotive Engineering in UK FAQs

In the United Kingdom, the best master’s in automotive engineering program is offered by Birmingham City University.

The best country to study automobile engineering is Germany. Germany is home to the best automotive schools in the world as well as automobile industries.

Yes, the UK is a good country to study mechanical engineering. It is home to about 28 mechanical engineering schools and most of them rank top in global rankings for best mechanical engineering schools.


Most places in the United Kingdom may require students to complete a bachelor of science program in automotive engineering and become Professional Engineers to practice.

While this poses a great start, most companies in the automotive industry may not allow you to attain managerial positions without a master’s degree.

Well, you can earn a master’s degree in automotive from a UK automotive school in at least one year. Hence, this article compiles a list of the best master’s UK automotive engineering programs, their schools, tuition, and employability rate of graduates from each program.

All you need to do is read through this post to find a program that best suits your immediate desire and need.

The review has been detailed to aid you in making a quick and safe choice. Don’t worry all the programs on this list are duly accredited.


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