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15 Best Nail Tech Schools in Indiana | 2023 Requirements 

Clean fingers and toenails are simply attractive. And you can earn over $15.5 per hour by helping beautify other people’s nails.

As a nail technician, you earn money for every beautiful nail art you create. This profession allows you to work in salons that value your abilities and originality. As a manicurist, you will specialize in pedicures and other nail beautification procedures.

In Indiana, those who want to work as nail technicians often start by enrolling in a recognized educational program.

 Anatomy, sanitation, chemistry, state regulations, salesmanship, and various nail improvement products are just a few topics in a normal nail technology program at nail tech schools in Indiana, which consists of theoretical and practical courses.

Don’t rush into enrolling in a nail tech school in Indiana before reading the crucial facts in the article that will assist you through the process and aid in your decision.

What Is Nail Technology?

These days, stunning nail art can be seen practically everywhere you look on social media. Nails have even started to become a fashion statement. Nail technology describes procedures, equipment, and other items used to maintain and aesthetically enhance nails.

Any nail technology program’s overarching objective is to assist students in learning technical skills, safety, and procedures that can help them win their licenses and have a prosperous career in the field.

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What can I do as a Nail Technician?

If you can believe it, working in a salon isn’t your only option if you want to be a nail technician. While working in a salon is a fantastic way to gain experience after graduation from nail tech schools in Indiana, your license could lead to one of the following positions instead:

Alternative Spas:

If a regular spa isn’t your thing, you might try to join an alternative spa, such as one found on cruise ships or resorts.

Mobile Manicurist:

A mobile manicurist is ideal if you’re searching for a career with a bit more flexibility. You can travel, work at events, and even attend parties. Your boss will be you.

Nail Tech Educator: 

Teaching is a superb method to share your knowledge with the future generation. This can be the right career choice for you if you enjoy school!

Nail Consultant: 

If you find the editorial aspect of the cosmetics industry fascinating, you can consider working as a consultant for a magazine to assist readers in making the best product decisions.

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What Are The Requirements For Becoming A Nail Technician?

The State of Indiana mandates that anyone who wants to operate as nail technicians professionally obtain a license. Candidates for a nail technology license must demonstrate that they have completed at least 450 hours of instruction.

You can meet this criterion when you graduate from any of the nail tech schools in Indiana that the state has approved.

The candidate must then pass the state licensure examination for nail technicians. This examination is available in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, or simplified Chinese. 

An electronic exam is available; however, it is currently only available in English. All cosmetology licenses, except the barber license, expire on August 1, every fourth year.

How Much Does It Cost To Be A Nail Technician?

According to the American Association of Cosmetology Schools (AACS), the cost of nail technician training at any of the nail tech schools in Indiana2023 is between $3,000 and $10,000.

But many programs have a $1,000–$5,000 price tag. It covers tuition, school expenses, books, and supplies.

Nail Technicians in Indiana earn quite amazing salaries on a yearly scale. Therefore, you will undoubtedly be compensated for your financial investment in nail tech schools in Indiana.

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How Much Do Nail Technicians Earn?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, an Indiana nail technician makes a little more than $19,400 annually on average. 

Amusement and leisure, traveller lodging, personal care services, health and personal care retailers, and department stores are the industries with the highest concentration of nail technicians.

The places where nail technicians make the most money are typically department stores, shoe stores, medical offices, workplaces for other healthcare professionals, and lodging for travellers.

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What Are the Best Nail Technician Schools In Indiana in 2023?

You can learn about the philosophy, practical skills, and business sides of nail design by enrolling in one of the nail tech schools in Indiana 2023. 

This will equip you to succeed in the field and pass your state licensure exam. You may choose from one of the following nail technician schools in Indiana 2023:

  • School of Beauty – Don Roberts
  • Tricoci University of Culture and Beauty
  • Rudae School of Beauty Culture
  • Avant – Garde College
  • Empire Beauty Schools
  • Aveda Fredric Institute
  • Christina and Company Education Center
  • Don Roberts School of Hair Design
  • Ideal Beauty Academy
  • Inspire College Of Cosmetology
  • PJ’s College of Cosmetology
  • Ravenscroft Beauty College
  • Prestige Nail School
  • Summit Salon Academy
  • Textures Institute of Cosmetology

#1. School of Beauty – Don Roberts

This is one of the best nail tech schools in Indiana 2023. For about $9,000, Indiana’s Don Roberts Beauty School assists its students in completing the 450 hours of training mandated by the government. All the books and tools you need are part of the tuition students pay for.

Prospective students seldom have to wait too long to begin their training because the institution offers enrollment all year long and quarterly classes.

Since students can only register in one program at a time, individuals who wish to pursue additional cosmetology training should finish this one first since it is among the simplest and quickest in Indiana.

Any additional courses that students desire to enrol in at the institution will accept credits from other programs.

Official Website

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#2. Tricoci University of Culture and Beauty

A six-month nail technology education is available through the Tricoci University of Beauty Culture. The course is 600 clock hours long and includes sanitation, pathology and anatomy, laws and rules, pedicures and manicures, fundamental chemistry, and customer relations.

Students will learn how to apply overlays, fibreglass, sculptures, gel nails, and extensions in addition to these fundamental abilities. Only the Indianapolis campus offers its nail technology program. 

The course completely prepares students to pass the state-mandated exams, manage their businesses in the state, and find gainful employment at a neighbourhood salon.

Official Website

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#3. Rudae School of Beauty Culture

The extensive manicure course from Rudae consists of 600 clock hours of highly specialized instruction. Students should be far beyond the minimum requirements as this is 150 hours more than Indiana’s license requirements. 

The college decided to add the extra 150 clock hours of instruction because it recognized that students needed more hands-on training and technical abilities to be competitive in the nail care industry.

As a result, they added 15 hours for basic hygiene, 40 hours for sophisticated manicuring methods, 25 hours for sophisticated pedicuring methods, and 70 hours for the most sophisticated nail art. The institution believes that pupils will gain from these extra training hours and graduate with greater artistic talents and confidence.

Official Website

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#4. Avant – Garde College

The training programs offered by Avant-Garde College are in line with current trends and industry requirements. Programs for estheticians, skin care specialists and nail technicians each include theory and practical application instruction. 

Following satisfactory completion of all course requirements, students will receive a diploma. In our wholesale storefront location inside the school, students receive a discount!

The 37-week full-time Esthetician Skin Care & Nail Technician program. To pass the program’s theoretical and practical components, students must receive a grade of at least 70%. Upon successful completion of all course requirements, students will receive a diploma.

Full-time, 7.5-hour classes are offered. Thursday 12:30pm – 8:00pm, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 8:30am – 4:00pm. 1400 hours make up the course.

Their unique CLiC program at Empire Beauty School is a visual learning method. When you attend our school, you learn by doing and observing.

Official Website

#5. Empire Beauty Schools

Here you’ll use your professional student gear to practice your techniques on your mannequins. The Career Success Tablet will be included in your new student pack. Your tablet has been downloaded with your course materials. You’ll gain the assurance of working with clients in a student salon as your training progresses.

Those who meet the requirements can receive financial aid. Find the funding that works best for you with helpful financial aid professionals. They provide a range of alternatives to make your ambitions more attainable.

Official Website

#6. Aveda Fredric Institute

Only those alumni of the Aveda Fredric’s Institute Esthetics Program in Indianapolis who are in good standing are eligible for the manicuring program, which is provided without additional cost (aside from student kits and books). 

Aveda Fredric’s Institute can help you get ready for a fascinating future in nails. Our program’s nail training emphasizes the use of pure flower and plant essences. You will be prepared to take the state license exam in Indiana once you have finished.

The Aveda Fredric’s Institute was established to produce some of the most successful businesspeople in whole body wellness, makeup, hair, skin, and nail esthetics. 

The instructors are professionals who teach our students utilizing cutting-edge curricula that combine business and retail abilities with professional methodologies.

Official Website

#7. Christina and Company Education Center

The nail technician course covers procedures done on the hands, arms, legs, and feet for aesthetic reasons. 

Along with various other fake nail treatments, the fundamentals of pedicuring and nail technology will be covered. To give well-rounded training for nail technicians, they intend to teach future professionals in all areas necessary, including business skills. 

The Indiana State Board of Cosmetology mandates 450 hours for the Nail Tech curriculum at Christina and Company Education Center. A student who achieves this program and satisfies the state board exam will be equipped to work as a nail technician or manicurist in the beauty business.

Official Website

#8. Don Roberts School of Hair Design

Since 1978, Northwest Indiana has been home to this privately operated beauty school. The beauty industry has undergone an ongoing transformation and even self-revamping. 

They put a lot of effort into constantly changing to suit the market’s needs and get our students ready for careers in fields they are interested in.

You may anticipate learning how to succeed as a nail technician as part of this nail tech curriculum. With knowledge of techniques like cleaning, massage, pedicure, spa manicure and pedicure, and artificial nails, you can learn how to offer clients cosmetic services. No-chip polishing, airbrushing, art design, reflexology, and foot mapping are a few examples of advanced study.

Official Website

#9. Ideal Beauty Academy

This course takes just 450 hours at the Indiana location, but it takes 600 hours in Kentucky.

You will learn high-fashion nail art in this lesson. Studying pedicures, manicures, acrylics, nail wraps, reflexology, and other topics will help you develop the skills necessary for a successful career as a manicurist.

At Ideal Beauty Academy, they provide a variety of programs to help you launch your ideal career right now! Along with cosmetology, aesthetics, and nail technology courses, they also give you the chance to develop your career by completing the Instructors course.

The exciting fields of cosmetology and nail technology are what Inspire College of Cosmetology strives to educate students to the best standards possible.

Official Website

#10. Inspire College Of Cosmetology

Studying the general sciences of infection control, nail structure, growth, and nail care, including nail diseases and disorders, is part of nail technology, commonly known as manicuring.

Students study business and life skills, state sanitation and disinfection requirements, and the technical abilities to manicure, pedicure, nail tips, wraps, gels, and artificial nails.

Students receive instruction using acrylic and gel products from Tammy Taylor.

They train the pupils in all of the most recent nail technology trends, including gel paint, nail art, and dipped nails.

The 400-hour Nail Tech training they offer can be finished in around 13 weeks.

Official Website

#11. P J’s College of Cosmetology

With eleven sites in Indiana and Kentucky and more than forty years of expertise in the field, they are committed to giving students an excellent cosmetology education and the chance to pursue a stimulating and fulfilling profession.

The training in spa treatments that upscale salons and spas require is added to the nail technology, which goes beyond the fundamentals of manicures. We impart some of the most cutting-edge methods available.

Basic to expert manicures and pedicures, practice on clients on the busy clinic floor, assistance with job search, interviewing, and state board preparation are all included in the course curriculum.

Official Website

#12. Ravenscroft Beauty College

In Fort Wayne, Indiana, there is a private, for-profit, less than two-year institution called Ravenscroft Beauty College. The largest program’s published tuition and fees for the academic year 2021–2023 are $16,850. 

Nail technology is one of the five occupational disciplines offered by the institution. The average salary for a school graduate ten years after graduation is $21,800. The school has 155 total pupils, and its graduation rate is 46%. It offers five main programs.

The student services offered by Ravenscroft Beauty College include academic and career counselling and placement assistance for graduates.

Official Website

#13. Prestige Nail School

They only focus on teaching about nails. Instead of hairdressers who are now teaching nails, their classes are taught by licensed nail technicians.

The hands-on training is modelled like genuine nail salon settings where you may practice performing full services, using professional equipment, honing communication skills, and learning the art of upselling.

They have a special ventilation system that eliminates odorous chemicals and stale air. Creating a secure atmosphere for work and learning.

Additionally, the heating/cooling unit does not have a ventilation system. Those often recycle air, keeping harmful chemicals and pollutants within rather than outside.

The roomy classroom is outfitted with the newest audio and visual equipment.

Official Website

#14. Summit Salon Academy

Their nail technology course covers all the education you need to be a nail specialist. Anatomy, equipment, acrylic nails, shellac nails, and the current nail techniques will all be taught during your training.

Academy at summit salon is where top technicians learn. They are a team of certified specialists and educators committed to assisting aspiring beauty industry professionals in achieving their goals and success in the field.

Official Website

#15. Textures Institute of Cosmetology

Private, less than two-year-old Textures Institute of Cosmetology is located in Indianapolis, Indiana. The largest program’s published tuition and fees for the academic year 2021–2023 are $16,800. Nail technology is one of the two occupational disciplines offered by the institution. The school has 25 students, and its graduation rate is 82%.

Textures give pupils an advantage over other aspirant stylists by educating students on how to manage their time, money, and talents.

The course curriculum offers lectures and practical training in both the technical and business aspects of beauty, such as investing, banking, and styling hair of various textures.

Official Website

Frequently Asked Questions

In Indiana, how long does it take to become a nail tech?

To be eligible to apply for a license, you must have completed a 450-hour nail technician training course in Indiana. You must mark the renewal date on your calendar after passing the necessary exam and earning your nail technician license.

How long does becoming a self-taught nail technician take?

Most courses involve a combination of theory and practical learning and last about two months. Before practising the techniques, you will observe how accomplished artists and technicians perform them.

Can someone work as a nail technician without a degree?

Although formal education is not often required, nail technicians must have at least a minimum level of training or experience in nail care and professional insurance to lawfully provide nail services to clients.

What is the name of a nail technician?

Nail technician and manicurist are frequently used interchangeably. Manicurists are licensed professionals, just like nail techs. Most states demand that nail technicians pass a test and finish either an apprenticeship, a training program, or both.


You’re well on your way to beginning your new future now that you know a little bit more about the prerequisites to become a nail technician in Indiana and have read about some of the best nail technician schools in Indiana.

Once you graduate, there are no restrictions on your employment options. You can even launch your firm or work as a beauty consultant for celebrities. 

Your investment in your education will quickly pay for itself, whether you decide to pursue a full-time profession or merely want to work part-time while completing more training.