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15 Best Nail Tech Schools in Kansas Requirements

Nail tech schools in Kansas are becoming a good choice for those that have a career interest in fashion and cosmetology.

In today’s society, so many programs are available that choosing the one that is best for you might be challenging. You might be able to enrol in a nice program on the other side of the country because more and more educational institutions are providing online choices.

In addition, many trade schools offer fast-track entrance into various fields.

To help you see some of the educational alternatives available, we’ve compiled a list of the best nail tech schools in Kansas.

Hence, sit back and enjoy reading.

What Are The Kansas Hair and Nail Professional Employment Levels?

Hairdressers, hairstylists, and cosmetologists were in greater demand than manicurists in Kansas. 

In 2013, 3,420,000 cosmetology professionals were employed in the state. In contrast, Kansas employed 140 manicurists in that same year.

The majority of the cosmetologists in the state were located in the Kansas City area. 

Almost 43% of the workforce were these professionals. 

The next-highest concentration of these hair and nail salon specialists was found in Wichita.

It is without surprise that cosmetology professionals made up 23.4% of the workforce.

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What Are The Requirements for Nail Tech Schools in Kansas and License?

Can you imagine working in a job where you get to use your talents, creativity, and enjoyment daily and have the assurance that your career is moving forward?

And that is working as a manicurist and pedicurist in Kansas.

Well, it is always advised to keep up with the latest nail fashion trends and techniques.

Also, the Kansas Labor Information Center anticipates a 10.8% increase in demand for manicurists and pedicurists by 2030.

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You can complete the Kansas manicurist license requirements by following these simple steps:

Graduate from any of the Nail Tech Schools in Kansas

Completing 350 hours of nail technician training is the first prerequisite for obtaining a license in Kansas.

From these brief and entertaining sessions, you can learn everything there is to know about the beauty industry. The knowledge will ensure your success as a manicurist and pedicurist in the state.

Also, you will learn about all aspects of nails, including theory, application, and business management.

Keep in mind that many beauty schools provide ongoing education that you may take advantage of to stay current with nail beauty, trends and methods.

Pass ErgoMetrics Exams

The next stage is to pass the ErgoMetrics Kansas Cosmetology exam, which the National Testing Network offers.

Then, your beauty school will respond to your request by directing you to register for the exam online and giving you a temporary password.

To enroll for this exam, you must be seventeen (17) years old and less than eighty (80) days after graduating from nail technician school. And by the time you take the exam, you must have finished your program.

Read the Exam Preparation Guide to learn everything you need about costs, exam locations, scheduling, guidelines, and more.

Also, you will pay the $49 exam fee online when you book the exam. You must also score 75 percent on this test.

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Submit License Application

The application for your license is the last thing you need to do!

Hence, to apply for a license, follow these instructions:

Applicants must provide a clean copy of their government-issued ID. They must also mention their high school records. Other requirements are:

• Pay the $45 application fee

• You can also apply for a temporary permit if you are unable to take your tests because they are pending. According to the nail technician, one (1) temporary permit will only be issued.

• You have to provide a list of your nail technician training

• Submit your application.

Renew License

Instead of teaching manicure and pedicure techniques, let’s say your license allows you to execute the services yourself. Since continuing education is solely necessary for cosmetology educators, you won’t need to finish it before renewing your license in Kansas in that scenario.

But because it allows you to offer more services, which means you may deal with more clients, it is always advantageous to consider continuing your education.

Additionally, you will benefit from being knowledgeable, pleasing your clients, and impressing your employer by being up-to-date on the latest nail fashion trends.

Although, your license will expire, and you can renew it online after receiving an email notification.

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Overview of the 15 Best Nail Tech Schools in Kansas

Here is a quick list of the best nail tech schools in Kansas:

  • Bellus Academy
  • Crave Beauty Academy
  • Dodge City Community College
  • Entourage Institute of Beauty & Esthetics
  • Eric Fisher Academy
  • Garden City Community College
  • Hays Academy of Hair Design
  • Johnson County Community College
  • Mitsu Sato Hair Academy
  • Northwest Kansas Technical College
  • Paul Mitchell School
  • Sami Halaseh Institute
  • Trendsetters International Cosmetology School
  • Washburn Tech Academy of Cosmetology
  • Z Hair Academy

The 15 Best Nail Tech Schools in Kansas

The best nail tech schools in Kansas that provide comprehensive programs that satisfy state licensure criteria are listed below.

#1. Bellus Academy 

Tuition: $15,025

Program Length: 10 months

One of the best nail tech schools in Kansas is Bellus Academy.

It offers cosmetology training on par with that of New York City.

Bellus offers classes in business strategy and financial literacy to help students hone their business abilities before they graduate, so it’s not just about clothes.

Interestingly, ninety-nine percent of graduates who take part in a job placement program get hired right away.

An exclusive student design team from the school participates in fundraising activities for Habitat for Humanity and community service projects, including the Cut It Out domestic violence awareness campaign.

Visit School Here

#2. Crave Beauty Academy 

Tuition: $14,500

Program Length: 10 months

To provide students with the most comprehensive styling education possible, Crave works with a variety of partners in the beauty industry.

Consequently, it is one of the best nail schools in Kansas.

Thanks to a unique and thorough cutting system, Crave graduates have an advantage in the salon market immediately out of the gate.

In fact, low student loan debt and average or lower tuition are further advantages.

Like most Kansas schools, Crave strongly emphasizes business education to prepare students for management or ownership positions in salons later in their careers.

Visit School Here

#3. Dodge City Community College

Tuition: $2,500

Program Length: 2 years

Dodge City Community College is one of the best nail tech schools in Kansas.

As required by the Kansas Board of Cosmetology, the Nail Technology curriculum equips students with the knowledge and abilities needed to become certified nail technicians.

Visit School Here

#4. Entourage Institute of Beauty & Esthetics 

Tuition: $18,900

Program Length: 10 months

Entourage puts a lot of effort into ensuring that its graduates reflect the best in the fashion industry because they have the standing to uphold in the Kansas City region.

As a result, it is one of the best nail tech schools in Kansas.

Furthermore, they have an exclusive cutting system that contributes to their fame and a top-notch, distinctive, lively salon environment.

Indeed, this school is an excellent choice for nearby cosmetology students due to the program’s important business training component and low student-loan debt ratio.

Visit School Here

#5. Eric Fisher Academy 

Tuition: $16,500

Program Length: 11 months

The highest percentage of on-time graduates (81%) and rate of job placement (78 percent) make the top cosmetology school in Wichita, Eric Fisher Academy, stand out.

Presently, it is one of the best nail tech schools in Kansas.

However, the fashionable and fun learning environment at this school is its true asset.

The experts at Fisher Academy can make even the most boring aspects of business training cool and trendy.

In fact, we were impressed by the Academy’s gracious gesture to give all cosmetology students an ACE grant scholarship. Additional financial aid is accessible.

Lastly, civic involvement is encouraged at the school in the local community.

Visit School Here

#6. Garden City Community College

Tuition: $3,450

Program Length: 9 months

In Garden City, Kansas, there is a public community college called Garden City Community College. It was founded in 1919 to give local inhabitants access to post-secondary education.

Significantly, they provide the precise equipment and technical information you need to excel as a nail technician and get your license.

Visit School Here

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#7. Hays Academy of Hair Design 

Tuition: $13,200

Program Length: 12 months

The Hays Academy of Hair Design has the highest placement rate in the state, with 89 percent of graduates getting positions in posh salons and spas immediately.

Without a doubt, it is one of the best nail tech schools in Kansas.

Even without considering the program’s ground-breaking cutting approach, it offers outstanding value because it does so while costing less than the average tuition rate.

Regardless, students are taught more than the minimum required to pass the state license exam.

The training also includes crucial business education.

The Academy offers a variety of funding opportunities for outstanding students as well.

Notwithstanding, candidates for VA benefits who match the qualifications can also apply.

Visit School Here

#8. Johnson County Community College

Tuition: $2,791

Program Length: 10 Weeks

Nail technology is one of the several cosmetology courses offered by Johnson County Community College.

After completing the course in due time, you will be eligible to sit for the Kansas State Board of Cosmetology Manicurist licensing exams.

Since the college is a recognized community college, you will be able to apply for Title IV help if you are eligible.

Visit School Here

#9. Mitsu Sato Hair Academy 

Tuition: $16,015

Program Length: 10 months

Mitsu Sato immediately grabbed our hearts because he was the eminent stylist who founded the Academy.

As the previous director of the prominent Vidal Sassoon Beverly Hills salon, Sato styled celebrities like Carrie Fisher, Don Henley, and Julia Dreyfus.

With his distinctive cutting method, he now travels throughout the Midwest to impart his knowledge to others.

Basically, the Academy makes significant investments in business education.

As a matter of fact, eighty-eight percent of students in the state graduate on time or earlier.

Undeniably, Mitsu Sato Hair Academy is one of the best nail tech schools in Kansas.

Finally, graduates can obtain jobs owing to a specific job placement program after leaving the Academy and finishing their studies.

Visit School Here 

#10. Northwest Kansas Technical College 

Tuition: $8,300

Program Length: 10 months

Northwest Kansas Technical College is one of the best nail tech schools in Kansas.

The program’s business education is crucial since it gives learners real-world experience running a salon daily.

The VA accepts both scholarships and benefits.

Additionally, the neighborhood and the college are closely connected.

Visit School Here 

#11. Paul Mitchell School 

Tuition: $15,860

Program Length: 11 months

One of the most sought-after skill sets for cosmetologists across the nation is the Paul Mitchell cutting system, which is only available to students at Paul Mitchell schools.

The shool is one of the best nail tech schools in Kansas.

With so many possibilities and access to a substantial financing pool, the Paul Mitchell chain offers a wide selection of scholarships that make it reasonably easy for students to pay for their tuition.

Finally, Paul Mitchell is well known for its humanitarian endeavors, such as the FUNraiser initiative.

Visit School Here

#12. Sami Halaseh Institute

Tuition: $10,000

Program Length: 9 months

At Sami Halaseh Institute, instructors assist students in developing their plans, their creative potential, and the technical knowledge required to build their unique talents.

Here, in a stimulating environment that ensures your success, you will learn from great instructors who are enthusiastic about the trade.

The nail technology program teaches the fundamental manipulating skills needed for manicures, pedicures, tips, overlays, and sculptured nails, both theoretically and practically.

Visit School Here

#13. Trendsetters International Cosmetology School

Tuition: $7,000

Program Length: 11 months

Trendsetters International Cosmetology School is one of the best nail tech schools in Kansas.

A diverse group of students can receive a high-quality education at a lower cost because of the commitment of their academic staff to fostering a good, secure atmosphere.

In the same fashion, their objective is to produce successful graduates in a professional and enjoyable setting.

Visit School Here

#14. Washburn Tech Academy of Cosmetology

Tuition: $8,872

Program Length: 10 months

Washburn Tech Academy of Cosmetology is one of the best nail tech schools in Kansas. It is a recognized innovator in career and technical education on a national level.

Their exclusive partnership with Washburn University allows you to begin with technical courses and progress to graduate degrees while getting ready for today’s jobs.

Visit School Here

#15. Z Hair Academy 

Tuition: $15,000

Program Length: 12 months

When students enter Z Hair Academy, they immediately notice the sleek black salon chairs and full-length mirrors at each spacious workstation. This tells them the school means business.

Of course, it is one of the best nail tech schools in Kansas.

Because education is a lifelong process, the Academy holds that teaching the proper fundamental skills is crucial.

They are successful because the Summit Salon management program completes the unique cutting system that all students are taught and considers the sector’s professional and esthetic sides.

Visit School Here

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In the Midwest, you may anticipate beauty schools to be a little more laid-back, a little more small-town, a little less trend-focused, and slightly less concerned about fashion. However, in Kansas, this couldn’t be further from reality.

With state-of-the-art salon facilities and style fads to compete with any school nationwide, nail tech schools in Kansas can hold their own.

Moreover, all schools on our list have a crucial business education component to their cosmetology programs, producing graduates who are prepared to run a salon or open their own after gaining experience. 

This is perhaps the essential aspect of nail tech schools in Kansas due to the intelligent focus on preparing students for the business of fashion.


How much does it cost to become a nail tech in Kansas?

Nail Technology Program Costs:
Apprentice License – $15
Nail Technology Kit – $357
Nail Technology Books – $142
Uniform – $78
Total – $592

How do I get my nail tech license in Kansas?

Graduate from Nail Technician School
Pass ErgoMetrics Exams
Submit License Application
Renew License

What comes in a student nail tech kit?

Some kits include mannequin heads with various hairstyles. A complete manicure set, including mannequin hands and feet, tools for working with artificial and acrylic nails, manicure tools, polishes, polish removers, and moisturizers, may be included in kits for students whose schools will offer manicurist training.

How long does it take to get a cosmetology license in Kansas?

A board-approved school or 1200 apprentice hours, whichever is less, are required for a Kansas body art license. Passing written and practical exams are required for Kansas body art licensing.

How do I transfer my cosmetology license from Kansas to Florida?

Cosmetologists might file for endorsement to transfer an active beauty license from another state to Florida. To register, applicants must successfully finish an HIV/AIDS course, present a certificate of licensure from their initial state, and pay a $59 application fee.



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