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15 Best Nail Tech Schools in Las Vegas | Requirements

Las Vegas is the ideal location to start a career in nail technology. The busy salons in Vegas are constantly crowded with tourists who want to get groomed before going out, so there is never a dull moment there.

In the City of Lights, there is always a demand for skilled cosmeticians proficient in French tips or the newest airbrushing techniques.

Because there are so many schools to choose from, cosmetology is very popular in Las Vegas. Except for the core state license training, their curriculum may differ dramatically. This makes choosing one a hard nut to crack.

We have carefully highlighted the best nail tech schools in Las Vegas for you with veritable information about them. Let’s engage!

What Is Nail Technology?

The term “nail technology” describes the procedures, equipment, and other supplies used to repair and maintain nails while improving their appearance. Treatments for the hands, feet, toenails, and fingernails are included in this field of aesthetic attractiveness. Nail technology is typically divided into two categories: 

  • pedicures for feet 
  • manicures for hands

 In this industry, items including lotions, decals, gels, and acrylics are all used. 

Any of the nail tech schools in Las Vegas’ overarching objective is to assist students in learning technical skills, safety, and procedures that can help them win their licenses and have a prosperous careers in the field.

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What Can I Do As A Nail Technician?

Nail technicians, manicurists, and pedicurists are the typical job titles for those who operate in the nail technology industry.

By having to clean, polish, and paint nails, as well as add nail extensions, you’ll concentrate on attending to customers’ nail concerns. To prevent the possibility of infection spreading, workers in this profession must also maintain a safe and clean atmosphere by adhering to sanitation rules.

Basic customer service responsibilities are a crucial part of a nail technology career. Talking with customers and making them happy can result in more profits or recurring business.

Cleaning up your workspace and managing cash register tasks are additional nail shop responsibilities. You can be required to carry out managerial tasks, including maintaining an inventory, buying supplies, and managing a group of employees.

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What Are The Requirements For Becoming A Nail Tech?

You must pass both your theoretical and practical tests after completing a nail technician program approved by the state. One advantage of nail technology is that it is completed more quickly than other programs at beauty schools.

At nail tech in Las Vegas, the curriculum includes instruction in manicuring, pedicuring, sculpture, nail art, silk, and fibreglass, among other topics.

You are prepared to begin your profession as a nail technician once you have completed your nail technology program at any of your choice schools from the list of nail tech schools in Las Vegas and passed your state tests.

In the end, helping people feel as beautiful as they look is one of the best joys in the beauty industry, even though something spectacular is going on.

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How Much Does It Take To Become A Nail Technician?

The American Association of Cosmetology Schools (AACS) estimates the cost of nail technician training programs to be between $3,000 and $10,000.

But many programs have a $1,000–$5,000 price tag. Which comprises tuition, charges, books, and supplies

The syllabus and program duration determine the exact cost. More expensive degrees usually involve business training.

The first exam, enrollment, and license charges could range from $100 to $200. Most states require license renewal every two years, which can cost anything from $25 to $100.

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How Much Do Nail Techs Make in Las Vegas?

The average salary for nail technicians in Las Vegas, Nevada, as of July 26, 2022, is $22,052, while the range is often between $19,486 and $25,429. Despite the cost of attending the nail tech schools in Las Vegas, it is really rewarding – financially.

Salary ranges might differ greatly depending on several important factors, such as education, experience, and other skills you may have in addition to your core competencies. Thirty-seven per cent of nail techs are independent contractors.

According to the BLS, positions for manicurists and pedicurists were predicted to expand by an above-average 19% between 2019 and 2029.

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What Are The Best Nail Technology Schools In Las Vegas?

There are many nail tech schools in Las Vegas available for you. They ranked high due to their commitment to equipping students with suitable skills for the profession. Here are the best technology schools in Las Vegas For you:

  • Academy of Hair Design
  • Expertise Cosmetology Institute
  • Euphoria Institute of Beauty Arts & Sciences
  • Prestige Nail School
  • The Cosmetology Institute of Las Vegas
  • Avalon Institute – Las Vegas
  • L Makeup Institute
  • Aveda Institute Las Vegas
  • Glam Sophisticated Makeup Academy
  • National Institute of Modern Aesthetics(NIMA)
  • Paul Mitchell – The Las Vegas School
  • Marinello Schools of Beauty

#1. Academy of Hair Design

The Academy of Hair Design’s 78% retention rate is one of the greatest in the state. And of the 78% of students who graduate, 100% achieve very high grades on their state licensure examinations, with an average of 95% on the practical and 89% on the written. 

They conduct practice state board tests before the real test, which contributes to their outstanding success rates. You will have plenty of time to talk to your teacher because there are only 15 students for every teacher. This is reportedly the best among nail tech schools in Las Vegas.

Although they don’t provide weekend programs, they offer an evening program that may be finished in about eight months rather than their full-time program’s four months. 

Along with teaching nail art and 3D art, they also teach traditional nail techniques. The cost of attendance, including tuition, books, and supplies, is relatively reasonable at $8,275.00. 

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#2. Cosmetology Institute of Las Vegas

The nail technology curriculum at the Cosmetology Institute of Las Vegas (CILV) offers a thorough education in silk nail wraps, the most recent art trends, gel and acrylic manicure services, natural nail care, and—most importantly—salon business management. 

This program is one of the shortest in the state, and students can finish and start their new careers in as little as 15 weeks.

The city’s newest school is not yet equipped to accept title IV financing or other financial aid. Still, their quick completion time and reasonable tuition make them a serious contender. They plan monthly community service events to assist locals and cultivate philanthropic virtues in their future graduates and business owners.

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#3. Euphoria Institute of Beauty Arts And Sciences

With a student-to-teacher ratio of 19 to 1, Euphoria has a little higher retention rate than is ideal (63%). However, it is a very inexpensive basic application. This is one of the best nail tech schools in Las Vegas for you.

They take 28 weeks to finish and only cost $7,800 to complete. They teach three fundamental classes. Adjusting to a full-time career is the main topic of their last course. Additionally, they offer a nightly program that can be finished in 34 weeks.

Every student has access to every available financial aid choice, and they will get help completing all the required financial aid paperwork. Each Wednesday between 110 Amand1 PMM, the university hosts free open houses for prospective students to tour.

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#4. Expertise Cosmetology Institute (ECI)

Access to individualized teaching won’t be a problem for students who need extra push because Expertise Cosmetology Institute has an excellent student-to-teacher ratio of 6 to 1.

ECI is one of the best nail technology schools in Las Vagas. Their nail technician program is quite reasonably priced at only $5,325 for tuition plus $1,005 for books and supplies while retaining only 63%.

For individuals who attend full-time, the course of study can be finished in four months. Their courses include hand, arm, leg, and foot massage and the fundamentals required for the state licensing exam. They also cover silk wraps, nail art, and design. The first cosmetology school in Las Vegas to be proudly owned and run by an African-American is Expertise, which is interesting.

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#5. Paul Mitchell – The Las Vegas School

Paul Mitchell is renowned for setting the industry’s standards and has a campus with complete digital support so that students may always access their school’s information and coursework. 

High standards are also established for public service. Students and instructors at Paul Mitchell have the chance to contribute generously to the community by volunteering their services for fashion shows, hosting fundraisers, and participating in other exciting events. (

These philanthropic activities also allow students to network with their neighbourhood, which may help them find jobs after graduation. Student teams give peers the chance to interact and promote themselves through art, social networking, and issues like environmental preservation.

Their intake counsellors are very helpful with the application process for financial aid. They will guide students through applying for title IV money, scholarships, and other funding options, including help out from Veterans Administration.

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#6. Prestige Nail School

This institution hesitates to hire recent graduates because they are salon proprietors. Regardless of the college they went to and graduated from, they all required extensive instruction.

Most graduates are unable to paint, groom their cuticles, or shape their nails. That would be equivalent to hiring a chef who cannot cook or a painter who cannot paint.

After years of frustration, they decided to enrol in one of these colleges to learn why the graduates couldn’t even do the most elementary jobs.

They noticed that the problem is with the training they are receiving. It lacks significant detail and is out of date.

Most instructors focus largely on the hair rather than the nails and have cosmetology licenses.

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#7. Avalon Institute (Las Vegas)

The Avalon Institute, established in 1967, was accredited in 1972. Since then, they have committed to educating the following generations of experts in the beauty industry.

They emphasise current trends, techniques, and technology to best prepare their students for opportunities in the sector. In addition to their cosmetology, esthetics, and teaching programs, they also provide extensive training courses in beauty/wellness, business and financial training, and instructor programs.

They hire only qualified instructors with years of experience in the beauty business to lead all of their courses and programs. Programs in cosmetology, esthetics and student training are offered at Avalon Institute.

They also offer advanced courses in cosmetic artistry, eyelash extensions, and hair extensions.

Whether you’re more interested in hair or cosmetics, you can pursue your love at their school, specifically at their brand-new cosmetology and esthetics school in Las Vegas, Nevada.

They offer people who qualify for different forms of financial assistance.

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#8. L Makeup Institute

Since its establishment, the Dallas-Fort Worth and Las Vegas locations of the L Cosmetics Institute have drawn students from all over the country to study makeup.

They provide programs on the history of beauty makeup, on-set hair styling, body painting, airbrush makeup, character makeup, and special effects (FX) makeup, all of which are devoted to the art and science of makeup artistry.

No matter if a student chooses to specialize in the sensitive usage of beauty makeup, the bold and sensational look of airbrush makeup and body painting, or the intricate details of prosthetics, L Makeup Institute insists on developing the professionals of tomorrow while enhancing the skills of today’s practising makeup artists.

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#9. Aveda Institute – Las Vegas

With the explosion of nail art over the past few years, now is the perfect time to start a career in nails as people show off their most recent looks on social media.

Not only can you showcase your artistic talent, but nail jobs frequently allow you to set your hours and pay.

The Aveda Institute Las Vegas Nail Technology course can be completed in around five months. They prepare you for more than state board tests for licensing, positioning you for success after graduation.

You can develop your confidence and abilities in their student clinic, in which more than a thousand consultations are booked each month, and you’ll get guidance from their qualified educators. 

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#10. Glam Sophisticated Makeup Academy

This school helps aspiring makeup artists like you transform their love of cosmetics into a full-time business so that they may feel confident when applying makeup for paid clients.

The renowned 5-step Freelance Makeup Artistry Blueprint, which empowers aspiring makeup artists to transform their pastime into a full-time company and gain the confidence they need when applying makeup on paying customers, is taught in the Novice to Pro Makeup Program.

You’ll gain access to their learning site as soon as you enrol, where you can learn about starting a makeup business, mastering makeup looks, keeping up with sanitation, putting together a makeup kit, marketing, branding, and social networking.

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#11. National Institute of Modern Aesthetics(NIMA)

You can advance your career with a degree from the leading provider of aesthetics licensure training provider.

Las Vegas, Nevada’s NIMA is a laser and beauty school. The National Institute of Contemporary Aesthetics’ beauty school and laser institute have unique curricula since they were developed based on the experience of more than 15 years managing successful modern retail spas.

At NIMA, you develop your talents while collaborating with clients daily while learning from industry subject matter experts. Not simply textbook learning is involved.

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#12. Marinello Schools of Beauty

Las Vegas, Nevada, is where Marinello Schools of Beauty are situated. The Cosmetology License, License, and Nail Technician License are the most well-reviewed of the four qualifications this school offers training in. 

Depending on the qualification, this education program can take anywhere from 6 weeks and one year to complete; the average amount of time is 8 months. Depending on qualifications, the cost of attending Marinello Schools of Beauty ranges from $800 to $30,000, with a median cost of $22,000.

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Best Nail Technology Schools Close To Las Vegas

Peradventure, you are not satisfied with the nail technology schools in Las Vegas, these are good options of nail technology schools close to Las Vegas for your consideration too:

#13. College of Beauty in Redondo Beach

Look no further than Redondo Beach Beauty College if you’re seeking a top-notch education in the beauty business.

They provide thorough programs that include everything from hairstyle to esthetics as one of California’s top nail technician colleges.

Additionally, the college’s qualified professors will give you the abilities and information needed to be successful in your chosen area.

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#14. Lu Ross Academy

One of California’s top nail technician schools is Lu Ross Academy, which is situated in Ventura.

The extensive curriculum offered by this school covers everything from the fundamentals of pedicures and manicures to more complex procedures like gel nails and nail painting.

Additionally, you’ll get a ton of practical training from the school’s on-site salon.

You’ll be equipped to compete with California’s top nail technicians once you finish.

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#15. Palomar Institute of Cosmetology

One of the best cosmetology schools in California is Palomar Institute of Cosmetology, which is situated in San Marcos, California.

They provide a thorough course to give in-depth instruction in OPI Nail Technology nail care.

Additionally, you can acquire the knowledge you need to thrive in the field from their knowledgeable instructors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to become a nail technician in Las Vegas?

One can finish the Aveda Institute Las Vegas Nail Technology course in about five months.

Are nail technicians worth it?

There are many different benefits to being a manicurist or pedicurist, in addition to the fact that there are an increasing number of nail tech jobs available. A stable income is one of them. Keep in mind that the earning potential for nail specialists is limitless, depending on how hard they are prepared to work.

How much does Las Vegas cosmetology school cost?

Depending on eligibility, Cosmetology Institute of Las Vegas tuition can cost between $7,700 and $22,000, with a median price of $20,000.

How long does the Las Vegas esthetician program last?

Whether you attend full- or part-time, an esthetics program must be 600 hours long and run for around 5 months in Nevada. You are qualified to apply for licensure once you have accrued your hours and clocked in the necessary amount of clinic hours.


With all the potential future growth in the business, now is the perfect moment to apply to one of the nail technology schools in Las Vegas. A career in nail technology can take you further than you could ever imagine.

For appropriate advice and instruction, return to this article.



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