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15 Best Nail Tech Schools in Utah 2022, Requirements, Admission

Is becoming a nail tech in Utah really worth it? How much do nail techs make in Utah? what are the best nail tech schools in Utah? These and many more inquiries must have brought you here.

You don’t need to search further. Because, with our team of industry experts, we have been able to put together all you need to know about nail technicians and nail tech schools in Utah?

Why Become a Nail Technician?

Working as a manicurist in Utah offers a solid profession with exciting opportunities, regardless of where you are located—Saint George, Salt Lake City, or polishing the nails of celebs at Sundance.

You will enjoy the freedom and work stability that come with being a nail technician in Utah in addition to using your skills to make your clients look and feel wonderful.

You will have the opportunity to work independently as a professional while doing something you enjoy thanks to the state’s high need for nail care specialists.

Nail technology opens the door to a whole new world of artistic possibilities, whether you’re wanting to start your first employment or completely change your career path owing to economic developments.

Utah is an ideal place to start compared to others. For instance, in Texas, prospective nail technicians must complete a full 600 hours of education, whereas, in Utah, just 300 hours are necessary.

Therefore, Utah is a fantastic place to start out in this brand-new and fascinating sector of beauty.

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How to become a nail tech in Utah

In order to begin your profitable profession as a nail technician in Utah, you must first complete 300 clock hours of training at a facility that has been authorized by the state. This requirement may also be satisfied with 375 hours of state-approved apprenticeship spread out over at least three months.

Following completion of this prerequisite, you must pass the state’s license exam, which consists of a written and practical test covering safety, theory, and a demonstration of fundamental nail care methods.

Utah Nail Tech Requirements

In order to pass their state licensing exam, applicants for a nail technology license in Utah should plan on having a very solid awareness of a number of key topics. Safety, hygiene, infection control, pathology of the hands and feet, anatomy and physiology of the hands and feet, and nail technology science will all need to be included in their courses.

Gel nails, tips, wraps, sculptured nails, acrylic nail maintenance, nail art, and hand and foot massage will all be covered in their nail art sessions.

15 Best Nail Tech Schools in Utah 2022

From Salt Lake City to Cedar City, the state’s stunning mountain ranges and outdoor lifestyle influence the state’s fashion statements.

You’ll be able to provide clients with fashionable looks and update their hair, skin, and nails to match the newest trends as a cosmetologist in the state. The institutions on our list have an average five-star ratings which show their level of excellence in the industry.

Below is the list of 15 best nail tech schools in Utah

  1. Esteem Beauty Academy
  2. Color My Nails School of Nail Technology
  3. Top Nails and Beauty School
  4. Cameo College of Essential Beauty
  5. Francois d. College of Skin
  6. Paul Mitchell School 
  7. Polished Looks Nail Salon
  8. Sherman Kendall Academy of Beauty Arts and Sciences
  9. Collectiv Academy
  10. Aveda Institute
  11. Mandalyn Academy
  12. Top Nails & Hair Beauty School
  13. Nail & Hair Room
  14. Avalon School of Cosmetology
  15. American Beauty Academy

Esteem Beauty Academy

Just north of Salt Lake City, in the picturesque setting of Ogden, Utah, is where you can find Esteem Beauty Academy. According to the school’s mission statement, “beauty professionals can be a lighthouse to the people they serve.”

They also support having fun while learning and if possible experimenting with new techniques while exploring the many diverse career options open to nail care professionals.

It takes eight months to complete the course, which also covers professional development, state rules, and regulations, broad sciences including anatomy and physiology of the hands and feet, pathology, and infection control, as well as all the most recent nail art techniques.

They do provide scholarships, albeit they do not take Title IV financial aid, and their courses are reasonably priced.

Visit Website:

Color My Nails School of Nail Technology

Paint My Nails The sole focus of the School of Nail Technology is nails. Thus, they excel at it. A full-service manicure salon since 1984, Color my Nails started teaching students the finer points of nail care in 2002. It is one of Utah’s more well-known programs because it focuses solely on nails.

Although they do not use FAFSA, their school is relatively affordable—only $3,000—and students can acquire loans through Mountain America Credit Union to pay for their classes.

This and many more earned the school a place on the list of best nail tech schools in Utah.


Top Nails and Beauty School

All instructors at Top Nails & Beauty School in Utah are either working professionals in the field of nail art or salon proprietors.

This is why they keep up with the most recent nail fashion trends so they may impart the newest and most effective techniques to their students. They provide courses in permanent makeup, esthetics, and cosmetology.


Cameo College of Essential Beauty

With three generations and more than 50 years of experience teaching students about the beauty industry, we know what it takes to produce a successful graduate.

In a hands-on setting and with the newest nail tools and supplies, Cameo College’s Nail Technician program will teach you the craft of nail technology.

Every month, Cameo College provides hands-on service to over 2,000 guests, ensuring that graduates have the theoretical knowledge and practical skills they need to succeed in this burgeoning and lucrative industry.


Francois d. College of Skin

You can select between full-time and part-time cosmetology programs at the Francois D. College of Skin, Hair & Nails.

The curriculum can be completed in as little as 10 months, and because of the small class size, you will receive lots of individualized teaching. Instructors will help you find the ideal job for you by guiding you in your job hunt.

The curriculum at the school, which emphasizes leadership abilities and commercial practices, will adequately equip you.

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Paul Mitchell School 

We cannot finish the list of best nail tech schools in Utah without mentioning Paul Mithcell School. The new, cutting-edge Paul Mitchell facility is situated in the Junction neighborhood, close to recreational opportunities and a thriving neighborhood.

Through Paul Mitchell’s cut-a-thons, fashion shows, and other fundraising activities that support organizations in Weber County, you’ll become an essential member of that community.

Additionally, you’ll have the chance to learn industry insider tips and the well-known Paul Mitchell cutting system. If you are a veteran, you might think about applying for VA benefits or one of the other Paul Mitchell scholarships that are accessible to all students.


Polished Looks Nail Salon

You will receive nail instruction that not only satisfies but also vastly surpasses Utah’s requirements. You receive the training necessary to succeed in a career after graduation and to ace the written and practical exams for the Utah State Board.

In Utah, apprentices who work with nails must complete 375 hours of instruction. You will finish our part-time program in about 16 weeks.


Sherman Kendall Academy of Beauty Arts and Sciences

Sherman Kendall Academy of Beauty Arts and Sciences customizes its cosmetology education using Redken brand goods. If you want to provide barbering services in addition to your full range of cosmetology services, you can choose to receive training in either cosmetology or cosmetology and barbering.

They give students with outstanding talent the chance to take part in unique activities like fashion shows and charity work. Every student has the chance to participate in hair competitions.


Collectiv Academy

You will study at Collectiv Academy through enjoyable, practical methods and individualized training. By including business training in its curriculum, Collectiv aims to graduate leaders in the industry who will be developing future trends rather than just cosmetologists who are knowledgeable about techniques.

Your education at Collectiv will be built on a highly effective curriculum using Toni & Guy methods and goods. With tuition that is below average and career services provided by the institution, the program is a good bargain.

Aveda Institute

The Aveda Institute is ideally situated in the heart of Provo’s rough, outdoor culture. After you obtain your license, the institute, with its well-known name, can assist in connecting you to a number of salons in the neighbourhood. The serene, contemporary setting of the Aveda Institute reflects this.

A state-of-the-art program will teach you how to use the Aveda cutting system and supplies while utilizing iPads to assist you to manage your schoolwork and portfolio. The Aveda Institute accepts VA benefits and offers scholarship options if you’re interested in financial aid.


Mandalyn Academy

You can enroll in Mandalyn Academy either full- or part-time to complete your cosmetology degree. You can be confident that you’ll get enough individualized attention to help you prepare for the exam.

This is because The Mandalyn Academy consistently maintains a 100% passing rate on the state board exam for cosmetologists.

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Along with learning about pertinent cosmetology subjects, you’ll also receive training in themes like professionalism and leadership, client development, and business and salon management.

If money is an issue for you, you should know that the school takes VA benefits and has a scholarship option.


Top Nails & Hair Beauty School

Huong Nguyen (Jasmine), who comes from a line of salon and company owners, is the owner of Top Nails & Hair Beauty School. In her native Vietnam, her mother ran a number of businesses, including a beauty parlor.

In 1989, her family emigrated to the US. Jasmine and her sisters opened two salons in Washington state, carrying on their mother’s work in the beauty industry.

In Salt Lake City, Jasmine started her first nail salon in 1993. Soon after, she opened numerous more. Jasmine opened her beauty school after realizing there was a need for more skilled cosmetologists in the region.

By educating students and assisting them in establishing successful careers in the beauty industry, Top Nails & Hair Beauty School takes its love of the beauty industry to a new level.


Nail & Hair Room

Founded in 2006 by Suellen Sandoval, proprietor of a nearby salon. Our skilled team is committed to offering top-notch nail services utilizing leading industry-quality brands, expressing our creativity via original nail art, and adhering to the strictest safety and hygiene guidelines.

The Nail Room offers many different nail services, such as CND Shellac gel nails, CND Shellac gel toes, acrylic enhancements, acrylic maintenance, gel enhancements, gel maintenance, Apres/Gel-X enhancements, manicures, pedicures, special nail art, and correct product removal.

Additionally, they provide nail instruction for those aspiring nail technicians.


American Beauty Academy

Small classes at the American Beauty Academy give students the chance to learn both business and cosmetology skills. You’ll take classes on professional ethics, public relations, and advertising, as well as business and salon management.

Through student-run hair and beauty events that support local organizations, you may get involved in the community. This school is a great option because it has less expensive tuition than the national average and offers the chance to receive financial aid.


Avalon School of Cosmetology

The Avalon School of Cosmetology’s program has produced thousands of successful graduates and has four beauty schools spread all around the state of Utah. Mountains in Utah surround the stunning facilities and are close enough to Salt Lake to take in the local culture.

All students have access to career services at the institution, which accepts VA education benefits. If you want to stay up to date with emerging cutting and styling trends after graduation, you can think about enrolling in Avalon’s advanced education for licensed cosmetologists.


How much is nail school in Utah?

We have seen the list of the 15 best nail schools in Utah, but how much is nail school in utah? Program expenses typically vary by geography and content. Other elements consist of:

  • The number of hours of teaching your state mandates
  • Whether you enroll full- or part-time
  • The facilities and tools on hand
  • If the institution is private, for-profit, or a well-known name

Training programs for nail technicians alone typically cost several thousand dollars to complete an average of $2500 for most nail technician schools in Utah. Individual programs typically offer scholarships. To explore the loans, grants, and financial help that are readily available to you, you can also check out the federal student aid website.

How much do nail techs make in Utah?

Considering the state’s average cost of living, it is surprising that Utah has among of the highest salaries for nail technicians in the nation. This indicates that, on average, nail technicians in the state have a little better quality of life than those in other regions of the country.

Nail technicians start out making about $17,870, and the highest paid make nearly $39,000 annually. With an average yearly pay of almost $27,000, the average hourly wage is $13.23. When combined with tips, the prosperous Utah nail tech seldom struggles to pay for groceries.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to become a nail tech in Utah?

To be eligible, candidates must finish a 300-hour nail technician program. passing both state theory and practical tests. The Utah Department of Professional Licensing must receive the necessary fees.

How do I get a nail tech license in Utah?

The prerequisites for Utah’s nail technician training must be met as your initial step. You must complete a curriculum with at least 300 hours of manicurist coursework in order to achieve this. Personal, customer, and salon safety are some of the topics that will be covered in the curriculum at nail technician schools.

What is the best nail qualification to have?

A full VCTC level 2 diploma in nail services (NVQ) will give you a strong foundation if you’re serious about a career as a nail technician and want to increase your employment chances.


Utah is a good place to start of a career as a nail technician. With the urbane lifestyle of the populace, we assured you of getting high paying clients and more resources to scale up your business. Our listed 15 best nail tech schools in Utah are the best in the city. Grab on the opportunity and work your way to the top of the beauty industry.