The 10 Best Online Charter Schools In 2022 [Updated]

Online education is inarguably the next form of teaching that will sooner or later become the norm across the world. From the costs to the scalability and quick adoption of changes, it makes sense why charter schools would make the transition. Let’s dive into online charter schools beginning with what they are to an updated list of the best there are for you!

What Are Charter Schools?

Charter schools are publicly funded independent schools that cost little to nothing. These are a type of taxpayer-funded education established by teachers, parents, or community groups under the terms of a charter with a local or national authority.

And with the new shift to technology across the education sector, online charter schools have seen the opportunity to operate in the same manner but offer their services digitally. You can access most if not all of their services both as a student or parent on your device. Yes, it’s been made that easy for you.

Online charter schools are also known as cyber schools and virtual schools. It operates in a fully online environment.

A cyber charter school receives government funding but operates independently of the established state school system in which it is located.

They still abide by national laws, but they’re required to uphold an agreed-upon set of standards called a charter. Independence is usually given to charter schools in return for accountability. It gives students admission, notwithstanding the family income.

These schools are usually created by the community to bridge a certain gap or achieve certain goals.

As a result, all cyber charter schools are not the same. They could be broadly different when considering teaching practices, curriculum, and a host of other factors. Like traditional public schools, virtual charter schools are free and open to the public.

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Are Charter Schools Worth It?

With online charter schools, you are able to enjoy some of the benefits in a list of many. First and foremost, you have the benefit of flexible scheduling.

A good number of student-athletes have to find a balance in practices, training, travel, and games with their school day.

With an online charter school, you are able to create your own reading schedule, unlike more common school bell schedule other schools run on that must be followed by all students. With online learning, you can shift the learning day in a way that helps you reach your full potential.

Another group of students that enjoys this benefit is performing artists. Performing artists need to develop their craft and attend events such as workshops and rehearsals.

Online learning lets you craft your learning schedule to fit with your goals and location. Online learning lets you continue your education in a setting you’re comfortable with. 

The other advantage of attending an online charter school is faster learning growth; improved learning experience, and self-paced learning programs, you can spend more time on difficult subjects or accelerate faster through topics you understand well.

Another benefit of virtual charter schools is it offers you more advanced teaching methods. The ability to design their own teaching methods gives online charter schools the opportunity to create customized learning experiences for you. By integrating the state curriculum and their own research, they’re able to make teaching progress more quickly.

Last but not least, you take on more targeted learning. Although cyber schools have more flexibility and freedom to shape classrooms in nuanced ways, they’re also under high pressure to deliver learning results.

Because of this pressure, online charters often turn to targeted learning and focus on reaching students on a deeper level.

Why An Online Charter School?

Public schools and charter schools are mandated by law not to charge tuition and not to give admission based on entrance exams. These two schools must be accountable by taking state tests and participating in federal accountability programs.

Online charter schools uphold the accountability end of the bargain by setting up a charter, defined as a group of rules and performance criteria they have to meet. Online learning and charter school education each bring strengths to the table, and when they merge, students reap a wide range of benefits.

Despite not being well understood by many, online charter schools seem to be racing ahead of other school systems.

In the past two decades, the number of students choosing public charters has increased greatly. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, online learning was a growing trend.

As of to date, over 50 percent of public schools have fully adopted some form of online learning while the remaining charters have partially increased their digital integration. 

Online charter schools have the ability to drive higher learning results at an affordable out-of-pocket cost for learners and guardians.

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How Different Are Online Charter Schools From Other Schools?

While online charter and public schools are both funded by the government, there are notable differences across virtual schools.

The first key differentiator is that charter schools are operated by independent groups, which can be either non-profit or for-profit while public schools are governed by a school district and its school board.

Another difference is charter schools are run by a private board and public schools are run by the state board of education when it comes to flexibility which gives autonomy in the education delivery. Charter schools are not strictly regulated and public schools are run with a rigid curriculum.

Online charter schools do not require the traditional expenses during their school year such as uniforms which public schools often demand.

On the other hand, online charter schools and public schools are similar in many ways. They are both public schools and this is because they are funded with taxpayer money.

Online charter schools just like public schools do not charge students tuition for enrolment. They are both required to give admissions to all students; however, with public schools, it is limited to the state/district.

Admission Into An Online Charter School

Similar to a charter school, students also aren’t assigned to charter schools based on where they live in an online charter school. Instead, parents enter a lottery for charter school seats when the school is open enrolment.

Both charter and public schools offer admissions to all children with an expressed interest in joining. However, this is dependent on the district for public schools.

Online charter schools also have provisions for students in other districts and cannot deny admission. You are able to attend any online charter school in and out of the district.

The only way a denied admission is acceptable is when you do not meet grade or attendance requirements. Also, because of the lottery systems charter schools use to offer admissions, students who don’t get picked are not admitted to the school.

Online charter schools aren’t supposed to have admissions policies as they receive money from states and the federal government for each student they enroll.

How Is The Study Life Of Charter Schools?

Online charter schools offer a more relaxed educational system in a virtual and digital learning environment. This allows you to learn from home and this creates an opportunity for you to access more study material in a convenient manner. Charter schools are also known to offer family typesetting, where older students help younger students.

Cyber charter schools employ teachers based on school goals. And these goals are often focused on learning performance which gives the teachers the drive to help low-performing students as much as they can.

Some require the same certification as public schools, and others need high qualifications in a professional field. Cyber charter school teachers have to be proficient in their field.

Who Runs Charter Schools?

Many different individuals and groups can open an online charter school. They can be started by nonprofits, corporations, parents, churches, or school districts. For-profit groups can also manage charter schools.

Online charter schools have to be approved by an outside authority before they can operate or continue operations. Charter schools in many cases are autonomous, however, they are required to run based on their charter.

These expectations online charters are required to meet are designed to ensure students get quality education and access to similar opportunities other students receive.

Online charter schools that are unable to meet these in a given period risk losing funds from the state to run the organization because they are funded on a per-student basis.

Another dire consequence of not failing to fulfill their charter is being closed after it has been deemed unable to provide the quality of education necessary.

How Can I Enrol In An Online Charter School?

Choosing a virtual charter school can be daunting for some with the amount of information on the internet. A key item you should look into before making your selection for your benefit is a virtual charter school should be accredited by a major regulatory body in the state.

The coursework of online charter schools should meet the standards of strict post-secondary systems. If you are a student-athlete who wants to move up to the next level, the school should feature coursework approved by the NCAA.


Here is a step by step guideline to make your decision easier;

1. Consider the appropriate teaching method for you. The best online charters will emphasize targeted learning. Be sure to do research on the online charter school you’re considering and confirm that it emphasizes targeted direct instruction. 

2. Prioritise Self-Paced Learning. If an online program doesn’t grab and keep your attention, you can easily get distracted. That’s why it is important that you choose an online charter school with engaging and self-paced learning. These programs adjust to you and provide you with focused, need-based lessons.

3. Examine the Curriculum. The curriculum is the most vital part of your learning experience. Ensure the online charter schools you are choosing offer a curriculum that meets the state standard of other schools as well.

4. Research extensively on the online charter schools near you or the best in your state. Take study material availed and other facilitations into consideration.

5. Apply to more than one charter school considering admissions are given based on a lottery system. This will increase your chances of getting into a school in that period. Most of these applications are online therefore they won’t require a lot of physical presence.

The Top 10 Online Charter Schools In 2022

#1. Georgia Cyber Academy

Georgia Cyber Academy is a state-wide accredited public charter school. It is an online tuition-free school that is focused on student achievement. You are partnered with certified teachers who instruct and guide your progress and achievement.

Georgia Cyber Academy offers an incredibly unique online high school learning experience! If you need an online high school that is designed just for you but is backed by a powerful team of support, this is it!

School performance:

  • Most Diverse Public High Schools in Georgia: #32 of 472
  • Reading: 41%
  • Math: 24%
  • Graduation Rate: 52%

#2. Reach Cyber Charter School

Reach Cyber Charter School provides a learning environment where you are empowered to reach your full academic potential through active participation in live interactive classes and an engaging curriculum that supports individualized and differentiated student learning paths.

The tuition-free online public school offers you education in grades K–12 through a safe, engaging environment where you can learn in the way that works best for you.

School performance:

  • Most Diverse Public High Schools in Pennsylvania: #29 of 697
  • Reading: 39%
  • Math: 15%
  • Graduation Rate: 63%

#3. Maine Connections Academy

Maine Connections Academy helps you see change as an opportunity and thrive in the world that lies ahead. Connections Academy is a K-12 online public school option available for you to create for yourself a leveled playing field in the world after school that is to build a career and skill you enough to be a comparable candidate.

School performance:

  • Most Diverse Public High Schools in Maine: 14 of 125
  • Reading: 67%
  • Math: 27%
  • Graduation Rate: 57%

#4. Arkansas Virtual Academy

Arkansas Virtual Academy envisions a classroom environment where you can successfully reach your full potential and emerge career or college ready and prepared to assume roles as positive contributors to society.

School performance:

  • Best Public High School Teachers in Arkansas: #29 of 279
  • Reading: 36%
  • Math: 18%
  • Graduation Rate: 66%


#5. Clackamas Web Academy

Clackamas Web Academy (CWA) is a free public charter school sponsored by the North Clackamas School District and accredited by AdvancED. Not only will you gain the knowledge and confidence you need for assessments and tests, but you’ll also build the social, emotional, and real-world skills you need to meet tomorrow’s challenges.

School performance:

  • Best Public High School Teachers in Oregon: 55 of 296
  • Reading: 54%
  • Math: 27%
  • Graduation Rate: 72%

#6. Oklahoma Connections Academy

Oklahoma Connections Academy is a tight-knit school community focused on creating a well-rounded student experience. With the support of certified teachers, you can learn from home using a curriculum that meets rigorous state education standards.

The Virtual Academies offer a quality Stride K12 curriculum, a full-time, tuition-free online public school option, and an active, supportive school community

School performance:

  • Most Diverse Public Middle Schools in Oklahoma: #109 of 624
  • Reading: 30%
  • Math: 18%

#7. Hope High School Online

Hope High School Online is a free accredited online high school in Arizona. Parent involvement and scheduling flexibility help ensure your individual needs are met, so you can thrive academically and emotionally.

It provides instruction to students enrolled in grades K through 12 through an innovative combination of online curriculum, onsite classes, labs, tutoring, activities, and access to college classes.

School performance:

  • Most Diverse Public High Schools in Arizona: #108 of 563
  • Reading: 42%
  • Math: 37%
  • Graduation Rate: 12%

#8. Highpoint Virtual Academy of Michigan

Highpoint Virtual Academy of Michigan (HVAM) is a full-time online public school for K–12 students. The curriculum is designed for individuals so that every student finds an individualized learning path.

You achieve this through having a solid team supporting you throughout your online high school education journey.

The staff is keenly attuned to student motivation and recognition and takes great pride in celebrating student success.

School performance:

  • Most Diverse Public High Schools in Michigan: #107 of 1,173
  • Reading: 27%
  • Math: 13%

#9. Metro East Web Academy

Metro East Web Academy is also known as MEWA is an online public charter school approved by the Oregon Department of Education. The school’s web-based curriculum meets Oregon state standards and has a team of highly qualified teachers to provide the instruction.

This collaborative team consists of experienced online high school teachers, supportive academic coaches, and excellent subject area tutors who are all focused on one thing you, the student.

School performance:

  • Best Public High School Teachers in Oregon: 15 of 296
  • Reading: 54%
  • Math: 21%
  • Graduation Rate: 52%

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#10. California Virtual Academy at Kings

In the virtual classroom, you participate in real-time, direct instruction. Through the dedication of inspiring and empowering you with an educational experience tailored to your needs.

Each academy student receives a personalized education program designed to meet their unique needs.

They continue to develop strategies that support students that feel held back by the traditional school as well as support for disengaged, disenchanted, or disenfranchised students so as to harness their interests and creativity in order to succeed.

School performance:

  • Most Diverse Public High Schools in California: #417 of 2,540
  • Reading: 37%
  • Math: 12%
  • Graduation Rate: 75%

Frequently Asked Questions

30 students per teacher

Yes, magnet schools follow the regulations and guidelines of the public school administration and not charters.

Over 200 online charter schools

Yes, but only in a given year.



There we have it, the 10 best online charter schools for you to consider. It is an amazing way to access quality education at the cost of zero. We would like to know your thoughts about online charter schools.

Please do leave a comment for us and our readers, we appreciate the feedback and conversations.



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