Best Online Social Media Marketing Courses In 2022

Did you know that about 4.48 billion individuals use one or more social media platforms? That equates to roughly half of the world’s population. Because of the sheer amount of individuals on these platforms, many brands and marketers are flocking to social media to develop brand awareness, generate leads, and do other things.

If you want to raise brand awareness while also acquiring a following of devoted followers, social media marketing courses are the way to go. Whether you are new to social media or have been using it for a while, there is an online course for you.

This article will provide you with a list of the best online social media marketing courses with certificates available.

What Exactly Is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms and channels to promote a company’s services, goods, and brand. Social media marketing has cemented its place as an essential component of any modern digital marketing plan.

As social platforms have grown in popularity, the importance of having a strong social media marketing plan has proven to be critical for developing a successful online business.

Social media marketing encompasses both free and paid ways of advertising, and it can provide businesses with novel techniques to establish online traction for their goods.

Social media marketing is, by definition, a social endeavor, and failing to use its social functions is counterproductive. Every social media activity is a social behavior of target audiences online.

To improve your social media results, you must generate compelling material that your target audience would love. Regardless of the platform in question.

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Advantages of Social Media Marketing

Increase Online Traffic

Social media marketing is an important way to drive more visitors to your website, landing pages, blogs, and other online properties. A well-planned and implemented social strategy will assist you in establishing a steady flow of traffic to your target sites.

Constant online traffic generated by social media marketing initiatives is also a cost-effective method for businesses to employ. Diversifying your online traffic sources results in a more stable online business that is less vulnerable to future changes.

Using social media to expand your business online in conjunction with other traffic generation strategies will result in a strategy that provides you with additional options for growth.

Global Visibility & Reach

Social media marketing is global, and you may find your target audience from anywhere in the world by sifting through billions of people.

You may reach a broader and more diverse audience online thanks to the numerous social media platforms.

Every platform works a little differently, with some being more general and others having a more specialist approach. But picking the correct platform that fits your business and audience is a benefit of social media marketing.

Boost Brand Awareness

Social media marketing is all about portraying your brand in the best possible light online. Increasing positive brand awareness through social networks is one of the most effective tactics for any company or brand to achieve long-term success.

You will receive the intended outcomes and benefits of social media marketing by controlling your brand image through social networks, imprinting the image of your firm that you want, and engaging with your target audience.

Engaging Content Marketing

Social media marketing methods should be incorporated into your content distribution strategy because they are an efficient approach to producing a wide range of information.

Using a variety of content formats allows you to develop a more comprehensive content strategy for your brand. You can reuse a lot of content you’ve already developed for other channels in many circumstances, as long as the content is appropriate for the platform.

Original and innovative material that caters to the desires of your target audience will perform best on social media. It is critical to keep all information relevant to the audience at all times. Unoriginal material that does not resonate with your customers will not function, and the outcomes will be poor.

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Providing Customer Service

One significant advantage of social media marketing is that you can incorporate customer service and assistance into your marketing approach. By providing the greatest assistance and incorporating it into your marketing, you can benefit your consumers while also advertising your products and services.

People prefer to utilize social media channels to seek assistance with your business, and failing to assist social media can harm your brand. Offering timely assistance and resolving questions as soon as possible through the channels your clients utilize will result in a better brand experience.

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Boost your sales, leads, and conversions.

Without social media marketing, you will lose revenue and lead to your competitors, and without it, it would be difficult to accomplish significant online growth.

When compared to other marketing platforms, social media marketing is a highly effective technique to boost online sales, leads, and other conversions.

Whether you utilize social media to expand organically or through paid advertising, it should be an essential component of your entire growth plan.

Strategies for Social Media Marketing

What constitutes an effective social media marketing strategy? In brief, a successful plan employs the appropriate social platforms for the appropriate audiences, as well as data-driven objectives for monitoring the effectiveness of any social efforts.

Developing the greatest social media marketing strategy for your company necessitates study into the best tactics that would work best for you. To get the most out of a social media marketing plan, each business will require a customized strategy.

Fortunately, one advantage of social media marketing is that there are numerous techniques to growing a business using social media: for major international campaigns, raising sales for an online store, and even for a tiny firm with a little marketing budget.


Only through social media marketing can content go viral. A single viral article has the potential to outperform years of content marketing and even paid to advertise.

The more people who like, share, and comment on your content, the more probable it is that they will become viral. When a user likes or shares a post, its potential to be shared with the user’s network develops, and when the network engages with the post, sharing it, even more, it has reaches virality.

Carefully prepared posts that match the interests of the audience have a better possibility of going viral and gaining additional awareness from a single or series of posts.

Maintain Your Competitive Advantage

Understanding what your competitors are doing on the internet and social media allows you to compete with them more effectively and efficiently.

Knowing what types of advertisements and posts your competitors are running, and especially which ads and posts are performing extraordinarily well, will help you build better campaigns for yourself.

Best Online Social Media Marketing Courses In 2022

1. Social Media Marketing MASTERY | Learn Ads on 10+ Platforms (Udemy)

This course covers Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Youtube, in addition to basic internet and social media marketing tactics.

This online course will be given by professors from Coursenvy, an advertising agency for worldwide businesses that also teaches a variety of marketing and business management courses.

LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google Ads, Google My Business, and other social media platforms are among the topics covered in this 8-hour course comprised of on-demand video courses. Bonus features such as downloadable resources and a certificate of completion are included as extras. This is one of the best online social media marketing courses with certificates.

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2. What is Social? (Coursera)

This is an introductory social media marketing course produced by Northwestern University and available through Coursera. Randy Hlavac of Northwestern University, who is also the CEO of Marketing Synergy, Inc., is the lecturer for this course.

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Here are some of the things covered in this course:

  • An overview of social media marketing
  • Trends in social media
  • Best way to use social media for business
  • The importance of big data and the changing dynamics of social media

The course employs a combination of videos, reading materials, tasks, and tests. It is a nine-hour course, but they recommend taking 3-4 weeks to complete it.

After finishing all of the course modules, you will receive a certificate that you may include in your résumé. It is one of the best online social media marketing courses with certificates.

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3. Social Media Marketing – Complete Certificate Course (Udemy)

If you’re looking for a certification course that teaches the principles of social media and digital marketing tactics at any level, this online course is for you. It attracts around 47,000 students, making it a popular option.

SO ME Academy, a prominent educator in social media awareness and digital marketing, is teaching this online course. This is one of the best online social media marketing courses with certificates.

Over the course of two and a half hours of on-demand video training, students will learn about social media strategy, content marketing, automation, blogging, and real-world case studies. There’s also the chance to get lifetime upgrades, digital resources, and a certificate of completion.

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4. The Business of Social (Coursera)

Northwestern University offers another instructive social media course with a certificate. This is more advanced training that will assist you in tracking your social media performance and linking it to sales and other business operations.

Here are a few examples of what you will learn:

  • Legal factors to consider while developing a social media strategy
  • Using various social media indicators to drive real-world business results
  • Putting Together a Performance Funnel
  • Creating a prototype program and proving its viability

This course takes a more hands-on approach to learning rather than a purely theoretical one. The course is given by a variety of professionals in their fields. Also, the course takes five hours to complete, although they recommend finishing it in three to four weeks. This is one of the best online social media marketing courses with certificates.

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5. Writing for Social Media (edX)

The respected University of California, Berkley is offering this course for free. It gives a comprehensive framework for creating social media content. Tim Peters, a Lead Content Strategist for Tata Consultancy Services, is the course’s instructor.

Here are a few things you will learn:

  • Understanding your target market
  • Writing content for your target audience while keeping the delivery channel in mind
  • Using efficient writing tactics to improve the quality of your material
  • Connecting with your audience through effective communication

It will take four weeks to complete the course. You can take the course for free, but you must pay to receive the certificate. It is one of the best online social media marketing courses with certificates.

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6. Social Media Ethics (Udemy)

This is a free course that can be found on Udemy. It was created by Eric Schwartzman, who also teaches this course. The course addresses the critical topic of social media ethics and the importance of being responsible when publishing content on social media.

This course will teach you the following:

  • When utilizing social media, use caution.
  • avoiding submitting anything that could get you in hot water or lead to a lawsuit
  • Understanding what it takes to be ethical on social media

The video content is provided for free, but the certification is not. It is a quick course that can be finished in 33 minutes. This is one of the best online social media marketing courses with certificates.

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7. Content, Advertising & Social IMC (Coursera)

Northwestern University offers yet another social media marketing concentration course. This course will teach you how to generate interesting content that has the potential to become viral.

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Here are some of the subjects it covers:

  • Content marketing approach
  • Advertising
  • Integrated social marketing communications
  • Measuring the Return on Investment (ROI) of Social Media Marketing Programs

The course takes 8 hours to complete, although they recommend doing it across 4 weeks. This course includes a LinkedIn certificate that you can share. It is one of the best online social media marketing courses with certificates.

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8. Social Media Marketing Specialization (Coursera)

This all-level course is a terrific way to learn everything there is to know about social media marketing in a flexible, self-paced atmosphere. This learning path offers five online courses that use course content from Northwestern University and have over 60,000 students registered in them to date, making it a popular choice.

Because this online course is taught by Northwestern University academics, you will benefit from their combined expertise and specialist experience in the topic.

Engagement, market strategies, listening, content, and a real-world marketing project are all covered in the course modules. Students will complete the online course in around 7 months of weekly self-paced study.

There is a completion certificate, downloadable resources, and teaching in multiple languages. This is one of the best online social media marketing courses with certificates.

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9. Social Media Marketing – Content Marketing Masterclass 2022 (Udemy)

If you want to learn everything you need to know to successfully market any business on any social media platform, this online program for all levels will teach you everything you need to know.

The lecturers for this online course have years of success and expertise in marketing, business management, and photography.

Students will learn about the buyer’s journey, SEO, posting ideas, adding content, creating a fantastic profile, writing copy, email lists, and video creation over the course of 20 ½ hours of on-demand video.

Students will also receive downloadable resources, class projects, and a completion certificate. It is one of the best online social media marketing courses with certificates.

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Why is a social media marketing course necessary?

Because social media allows businesses to communicate with customers and normally improves reaction time, it provides a better overall customer service experience.

What are the advantages of taking a social media marketing course?

Investigate a Diverse Range of Career Possibilities

Boost Your Market Value

Receive Expensive Salary Packages.

Increase Your Flexibility.

Improve Your Skills and Creativity

Digital Marketing Certifications Have Been Accepted as the Industry Standard.

They are both cost-effective and time-efficient.

· How long does a social media marketing course last?

The time it takes to complete the Specialization depends on your schedule, but most students complete it in about 2 months.

How long does a social media marketing course last?

The time it takes to complete the Specialization depends on your schedule, but most students complete it in about 2 months.

Do I Need a Social Media Marketing Certificate?

To be effective in social media marketing, you don’t always need a qualification. However, as a condition of employment, some organizations may need you to hold or get the certificate.

Are Social Media Marketing Courses Worth the Investment?

Social media marketing courses might be worthwhile if they help you develop your abilities and increase your job opportunities/business earnings.


Your potential clients are on social media, regardless of your sector. And, whether you want to master social media marketing for your own company or become a social media consultant, social media marketing courses are the quickest method to receive that knowledge.



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