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10 Best Performing Arts Boarding High Schools 2023

Talent and creativity can be harnessed properly to achieve the best results. One way to sideline all distractions while harnessing the best of talents and creativity is by imbibing time management skills.

Performing arts boarding high schools is a great option for students who seek to make the most of their stay in high schools. However, selecting the best for your talented ward could pose a challenge. Hence, this compilation of performing arts boarding high schools in 2020 to aid you to make the best choice.

Generally, boarding schools have a way of teaching students personal management skills. For those who are highly skilled in performing arts, boarding schools help students make the most of their talents.

The importance of a boarding school for performing arts students is numerous and will be analyzed in this piece of writing. However, you should allow a set of factors that influence your choice and decision of which to let your child attend.

This article has compiled a list of the best-performing arts schools. It Xrays some ranking factors and the living condition of performing arts students in each boarding high school. A glance at the table of contents will give an overview of what is found in this article.

What is Performing Arts?

Art is the application of human creative skill and imagination. It is the ability to create a piece for aesthetic view. Mostly in a visual form, art revolves around the beautiful act of sculpture or works produced primarily for beauty and emotional appeal.

Performing arts on the other hand is a form of art performed in front of an audience. Unlike sculpture and other forms of art that may not require the physical presence of an audience, performing arts refers to drama, music, and dance.

Inclusively, acting, dancing, physical theater, and sound designing are all examples of performing arts. Most times performing arts are done by professionals who have received some form of training or tutorial and can be performed in theaters, opera houses, open stages, tents, circuses, and even on the street.

Searching for an all-girls boarding school for your ward? Here are the Best boarding schools in the world for girls.

Why Attend a Performing Arts Boarding School?

Well, boarding schools have generally been proven to aid students in sidelining distractions and focusing on their studies. For performing arts high schools, there are specialized interest and training for students at such level.

While most high schools incorporate, sports, performing arts, and visuals as recreational activities for students, performing arts high schools pay close attention to details. In fact, this is the singular reason why most of them grow to become lifelong artists.

What performing art boarding high school does is to practically train from the scratch the Nobel prize winners in arts in ten years. The rigorous and very specific teaching and specialized classes organized for these students during high school turn them to amazing talents.

These talents will not only dazzle you with their performance, but they also grow to become part of a professional-caliber music and concert hall performance team. In addition to taking practical classes in performing arts, you should consider letting your child attend performing art boarding high school for the following reasons:

  • Students will learn to be smart.
  • Boarding high schools usually offer small classes. So each child gets due attention.
  • High school students will learn how to take up responsibilities
  •  Students will have access to great arts programs and arts facilities.
  •  There are numerous great sports and sports facilities to aid students finds their best fit.
  • It is an opportunity to live In another home away from home
  • The high school performing arts students will have access to the libraries/media centers that are well-stocked.
  • Students get strong academic training; 1:1 mentoring; extraordinary collaborative experiences; daily exposure to other arts; and the opportunity to live and learn in the same environment.

How Much Does it Cost to Attend a Performing Arts Boarding School?

According to boarding school reviews, the average boarding school tuition is $56 875 per year for U.S. citizens. Basically, boarding schools set up their price ranges based on a number of factors which is greatly influenced by the quality of service rendered.

Private performing art boarding high schools tend to cost more than public schools. The cheapest boarding schools in the US like Christian High school, and Lustre MT charge as low as $20 000 or less. Generally, tuition for boarding high schools ranges from $9,600 per year to more than $90,000 per year.

Though the boarding high schools for performing arts tend to be expensive, they offer finiancial aid award to desrving students and students who really need one.

In the course of this article, financial aid for boarding high schools will be slated to aid you to make the best decisions.

This simply means your ward can attend expensive boarding high schools if they get financial support either from the high school or through numerous fully funded scholarships for high school students.

What Boarding Schools High Schools for Arts are in USA?

There are numerous Art high schools in the USA offering boarding services. Some of these boarding facilities are for only girls or only boys while others are coeducational boarding high schools.

Also, most of them focus entirely on performing arts while others offer detailed classes in visual and performance arts. Below is a list of art boarding schools in US:

  • Idyllwild Arts Academy
  • Walnut Hill School for the Arts
  • Interlochen Arts Academy
  • County High School for the Arts
  • Design & Architecture Senior High School
  • Art & Design High School
  • Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing & Visual Arts
  • Oakwood School
  • Saint Ann’s School
  • Kinder High School for the Performing and Visual Arts
  • Orange County School of the Arts
  • SC Governor’s School for Arts & Humanities
  • Wildwood School
  • Oakland School for the Arts
  • The Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Arts
  • Perpich Center for Arts Education
  • Besant Hill School California
  • Lyndon Institute Vermont
  • St. Johnsbury Academy Vermont
  • San Domenico School California

What are the Best Performing Arts Boarding High Schools?

Now, it is glaring how important it is for you to allow your ward to attend a boarding high school for the performing arts. However, choosing the best boarding high school for performing arts may also constitute a herculean task.

Hence, based on a number of factors, this article will now Xray the boarding facilities of some high schools. This is basically to let you choose the best option for your ward. For this ranking, the WSF team put into consideration the following factors.

A basic ranking factor for our best performing arts boarding highs schools is its affordability. While we want your ward to attend a conducive education-friendly environment, this article posits that tuition must be relatively affordable for guardians. We also considered the availability of Financial aid for need-based students.

This article while ranking also puts into consideration the number of students haring the boarding facility. This, however, is our second ranking factor as this is quite relative.

Obviously, bigger facilities will accommodate more students than others irrespective of the quality of education and services.

This article also considers how easy it is for students to gain admission into these high schools for performing arts. The higher the acceptance rate, the higher the chances your ward.

1. Interlochen Arts Academy

Tuition:  $64,615

Student Enrollment: 320

Acceptance Rate: 58%

This Michigan performing arts school is the nation’s first boarding arts high school. It has produced over 500 gifted artists from 44 US states and 29 countries.

This is a great option for your ward who is talented or passionate about arts. This performing art high school in Michigan offers pre-professional training in music, dance, theatre, visual arts, creative writing, and comparative arts.

Also, students take classes from a robust academic curriculum that prepares them both for college and creates the ability for them to excel in arts and beyond.

This outstanding high school for arts offers boarding services to students in grades 9-12. Its curriculum allows students to spend at least fours a day emerged in thier chosen artform. Classes are taken by well taught and crafted artist-educators.

In a nutshell, this performing art high school has its school performing in the nation’s finest orchestras yearly. In fact, it has danced for professional companies, acted on stage and screen. Its students have gone further to publish amazing poetry and prose works.

Most of these works are exhibited in its major galleries and television studios. In summary, irrespective of high tuition, students get value for their money. No wonder they graduate to dominate the entertainment scene.

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2. Walnut Hill School for the Arts

Tuition: $64,460

Student Enrollment: 284 students

Acceptance Rate: 47%

Walnut Hill School for the Arts is an independent boarding and day high school for grades 9-12. It also offers a post-graduate year. Generally, classes offer transformational educational experiences.

Located in Natick, Massachusetts, this high school for the performing arts boarding services are available to both male and female students. In fact, ranks it the second-best performing arts school in America.

This school of arts founded in 1893, operates on 36 acres of land, where it offers a robust and innovative academic curriculum. It is a theatre boarding school that offers unparalleled training in dance, music, theater, visual arts, and writing.

Students may also take classes in film and media arts. Every program is designed to promote students’ growth as bold artists, curious learners, and mindful citizens

In summary, while 80% of its students have access to its boarding facility, over 305 of them receive need-based financial aid.

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3. Idyllwild Arts Academy

Tuition: $55,200

Student Enrollment: 295

Acceptance Rate: 80%

This one of the best performing arts schools in America. In fact, it ranks 1 for the best art schools in America according to rankings.

A staff review from this performing arts high school in California boarding school clearly shows that students enjoy an array of rich artistic environment. Programs are designed to allow students to harness the best of their potentials.

This boarding school is available to grade 9-12 students and both male and female students can benefit from this art academy.

Founded in 1986, this 206 acres campus size boarding high school for performing arts runs a dual curriculum that covers college preparation and pre-professional arts.

In summary, it is musical theatre boarding school with an exceptional musical program that is outstanding.

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4. Besant Hill School

Tuition: $55,000

Student Enrollment: 100

Acceptance Rate: 50%

This private art high school was founded by Annie Besant, Aldous Huxley, J Krishnamurti, Guido Ferrando, Robert Logan, Louis Zalk and Rosalind Rajagopal in 1946.

Situated on a 520 acres land in the resort town of Ojai, this California performing arts school offers a rigorous college preparatory curriculum that explores creative expression, sustainability and divergent thinking.

Besant offers over 20 art electives, competitive and noncompetitive athletics. With a student teacher ratio of 4: 1, students are introduced to a travel and experiential education program.

Over 88 percent of the total number of students enrolled in this high school of arts are enrolled in the boarding services. Irrespective of tuition, 38% of students in this art boarding school in California get some form of financial assistance.

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Tuition: Free

Student Enrollment: 326

Acceptance Rate:  35%

Located in Birmingham, Alabama school of fine arts is one of the best performing arts schools for your ward. It offers a coeducational boarding service for students in grade 7-12.

Admissiion into this school is quite competititve, Students are strictly admitted based on application, test scores, auditions and interviews.

This school of art high school should be on of your top options especuallay if you are looking for quality at a cheaper rate.

It obviously, the only high school that oofers specialty in arts at no cost. basically, the curriculum is designed to allow students spend over three hours daily on their area of specializations.

In addition, students in this art high school can complete their college preparatory education with six majors: creative writing, dance, visual arts, theatre, music, and math and science.

Ninety percent of students who graduate from this scheme proceed to four-year colleges where they usually excel in extracurricular activities.

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7. The Masters School

Tuition: $72,000

Student Enrollment: 499

Acceptance Rate: 40%

The Masters school is a college preparatory boarding school. Though it runs a rigorous curriculum for college prep, it incorporates very challenging and diverse studies in arts.

The boarding high school for arts is known for its exceptional fine arts programs.

This art boarding high school has developed so many artists in the streets of the country. They offer an amazing art curriculum in visual arts, music, and dance.

Though the school employs the Harkness teaching method, it places it side by side with creativity, and fun.

According to boardingschool, this performing art high school in New York serves over 400 students in grades 7-12.

Founded in 1877, the school upholds the school’s community service program as a guiding principle.

Students can pay boarding tuition at this New York art school as a five-day package or seven days. To get more information on this payment plan, visit the school through the link below.

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8. St. Johnsbury Academy

Tuition: $58,050

Student Enrollment:

Acceptance Rate: 81%

St. Johnsbury Academy (SJA) is an independent private, coeducational, non-profit boarding and day school located in St. Johnsbury, Vermont, in the United States.

It is one of the top-performing arts boarding high schools. It basically combines the opportunities and resources of a large independent school with a small boarding school.

This perfoming arts school offers over 200 courses that includes advanced placement, fine and perfroming arts, languages and others.

Its boarding facilty is open to both male and female students in grade 9-12 and has an average class size of 12.

The schools outstanding performance in creativity and raising students who graduate to dominate the music industry is duly recognized in this article.

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9. San Domenico School

Tuition: $58,350

Student Enrollment: 320

Acceptance Rate: 84%

San Domenico School is the oldest independent school in California. It is an art boarding school situtaed on a 515 acres land in thcalifornia.

It runs a day and boarding services for for students in grade 9-12 with over 40% of its students living on campus.

This California art perfoimning boarding high school incoprotates, arts into its robust College prperatory program.

Programs are designed to aid students learn, study, harness their potentials and discover their purpose early enough.

The school campus houses a world-class music conservatory, athletics center, art building as well as swimming pool equestrian, and tennis court.

These facilities help students get the best art experience that aids them to become excellent students, great people, and the next generation of global artists.

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10. The Cambridge School of Weston

Tuition: $58,050

Student Enrollment: 326

Acceptance Rate: 57%

Founded in 1886, the school has been at the forefront of innovative education.

This performing arts boarding high school takes into cognizance the students centered philosophy of John Dewey.

The philosophy upholds active and experiential learning. Hence, this boarding school for high school students designed its curriculum to accommodate the interests of individual students.

Classes and courses are refurbished to aid students to develop and refine the skills required to become effective in society. It offers specialized classes in dance, music, theatre, and visual arts.

It is one of the boarding schools with the best music programs. In summary, this boarding school for high school students intentionally awakes students to their unique talents.

So, it is a great option for your ward who seems passionate about art, be it performing art, visual art, or fine arts.

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Best Performing Arts Boarding High Schools FAQs

How much do students pay at Interlochen?

Boarding students at Interlochen pay $66,875, while day students pay just $38,000.

What is Interlochen Academy?

Interlochen Academy is a boarding arts high school that offers college prep for grades 9-12. Here, student musicians transform their passion and potential into purpose.

Are there scholarships for boarding schools?

Yes, there are scholarships for boarding schools. Most boarding high schools offer financial aid, tuition waiver, or free education to students whose household income is below a stipulated threshold.


Arts boardng high schools are very effective in harnessing potentials and talents. At that early stage, it is easier fot students to excel if they discover the part they want to trails.

Most artists merged their talents with outstanding arts high school curriculum to become the best they are. So, it important for guardians to consider art schools for their wards. Its importance is quite overwhelming.

This article Xrays the importance of boarding services for art high schools alongside a list of the best performing arts schools in 2023.

Read through carefully to find one that best suits your financial strength.



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