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17 Best Photography Colleges in the World | 2023 Rankings

People have been so stuck with the age-long argument of which is more important between education and experience. But you really need to ask yourself, can experience substitute for the lack of a degree from a college of photography, or is having a degree so crucial? Never mind, this article, ”Best Photography Colleges in the World in 2023, will clear the air”.

However, you will agree with me that some people possess very good inclination and natural eyes for capturing exciting photos. Even without attending or obtaining a college major/degree in photography.

Here is my opinion if you want to become a successful photographer. Photography schools familiarize you with the latest technologies and give you the opportunity to create your portfolio.

Not only will you get professional comments about your work, but your title will also impress your clients.

However, choosing the right school is essential, as it will make it easier to improve your photography skills. So, we have selected the best photography colleges in the world where you can learn photography.

Each school has a different approach to photography, and they know some for their uniqueness.

Meanwhile, we will answer some of these questions you have at the back of your mind. Hence get ready to dive in!

What Kind of Photography Degree Should You Get?

Although each of the 30 colleges for photography programs listed below is the best in the world, they vary in size and structure. Choosing a program that matches your career goals and offers opportunities to promote your vision is essential.

For example, while some universities emphasize the importance of a global perspective, offering internships abroad and requiring courses in art history and photography, others are interested in emerging digital technologies.

It would help if you also considered learning photography online or remotely. Online education is a flexible and affordable way to advance your education and career.

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What Can You Do with a Photography Degree?

The essence of art is nothing more than waking the viewer with a particular feeling. And it has been said that visual stimuli have proven to be the most effective way to do it.

Although a degree in photography can quickly put you on the path to a creative career, there are also many other industries and professions to which the title is highly applicable. For example, commercial photography includes weddings, non-profit organizations, and more.

And you can even break the traditional boundaries of cinematographic and digital photography by pursuing a career in:

  • Film and video production
  • Media planning
  • Digital Marketing
  • Journalism

Be sure to use your four years of college on whichever path you choose. Develop a tidy portfolio of your work, demonstrating your versatility and skills.

What are the Requirements to Obtain a Degree in Photography?

Depending on the type of school you attend, you can spend the first two years of your four-year degree completing your basic education. However, some schools, such as CalArts, grant you the to explore various aesthetic areas and media every four years.

In any case, you can expect at least two years of concentrated studies in photography and theory. Most employers require at least a high school diploma for photography work.

Some sectors, such as photojournalism and science, often require a bachelor’s degree in a discipline related to their sector. Meanwhile, some educational programs offer an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in photography.

Your basic photography courses will provide you with basic concepts about the use of color, light, and shapes. As well as practical instructions on topics such as the darkroom technique. From there, you can develop your specialization through unique and minor options.

Finally, most of these programs require an internship or a portfolio of synthesis, or both. We are sure to notice which.

20 Best Photography Colleges In The World

We are compiling this list according to institutions and colleges ranking, starting with those with well-elaborated courses including online photography courses. Then followed by their tuition fees, pointing out which of them is cheaper when studying photography.

Then a degree in photography is simply the best thing you need if you have ever asked what colleges have photography majors. After all, a change of scenery may be the first step in your photographic career.

Here is a list of the best photography colleges in the world. Colleges group this with photography majors, online colleges for photography, film and photography colleges.

Colleges with Photography Major

We have conducted extensive research and identified the best photography schools in the World. After careful consideration, we know that the following options are perfect for emerging photographers around the world.

We also discuss your approach to help you quickly determine if the college fits your learning style. And if none of the following items is suitable for you, at least you’ll know what to look for in your college options.

Hereby obtaining either B.Sc certificate, Associate Degree and as well as Master’s Certificate.

Your life is a blank page, so design it now! Below is a comprehensive list of the schools under this category.

  • New York Institute of Photography
  • Vevey Vocational Education Center (CEPV)
  • Spéos International Photography School
  • Photography Studies College
  • Rodchenko School of Photography and Multi-Media

#1. The New York Institute of Photography

NYIP has been a leader in photographic education since its inception in 1910. Its beautiful tradition of superlative teaching taught by real photographers continues.

There is a wide variety of courses. They are not cheap, but they are not that expensive either. Especially if you compare them with a standard university or university study program.

Each course separately costs almost as much as a new lens, a computer, or a second camera body.

It is worth going to your classes. Choose one, several, or all, and you will come out with a thorough and practical understanding of the subject. Certificates of completion that have some influence and relevance with larger companies are granted.

The New York Institute of Photography offers licensed and affordable online photography courses that allow students to learn photography anytime, anywhere, at their own pace.

Whether you want to pursue your passion or start a new career, we have a photography class for you.

Choose from the list of photography classes below to get more information and become a better photographer today.


NYIP now allows you to enroll in more than one course and save money on each tuition! This applies to single students enrolling in two courses simultaneously or multiple people enrolling in the same course together.

The 25% discount is off the list price and supersedes any other discount.

These New York Institutes of Photography Tuition varies by the Courses they offer. Basically, the NYIP tuition ranges from $584 – $899


Professional Photography Course: This online photography course is a comprehensive program that will teach you how to take control of your camera. You will learn the secret of exposure, lighting, and lenses.

You’ll receive training on proper composition as you learn how professional photographers create the perfect shot in all conditions.

The course introduces a wide variety of photographic genres – weddings, nature, landscapes, wildlife, portraits, studio, still life, and more.

Fundamentals of Digital Photography

Portrait Photography Course

Photoshop for PhotographersThis online Photoshop course teaches you how to edit your photos like a pro. The Photoshop course features guided tutorials is loaded with tips and shortcuts. So that you’ll know everything you need to do to create the best possible versions of your photographs.

  • Wedding Photography Course
  • Photojournalism Course
  • Travel Photography Course
  • Nature & Landscape Photography Course
  • Video Making Course
  • Business for Photographers


The New York Institute of Photography is nationally accredited to provide distance education training by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC).

In addition, since the school is based in New York, it is licensed by the New York State Department of Education.

The Better Business Bureau gives the New York Institute of Photography an A rating.

Official Website

#2. Vevey School of Photography

The Vevey Vocational Education Center (CEPV), which solely depends on the  DFJC  of the State of Vaud, offers full-time and dual training. The Vevey Vocational Education Center (CEPV) brings together three separate schools.

On the one hand, it comprises a vocational school with apprentices of the dual system (enterprise learning and weekly classes in vocational schools) of different trades. As well as a school of applied arts full time that offers initial vocational training (4 years).

Also, higher education (2 years) and pre-learning in the Swiss vocational training system. A third entity is the School of Professional Maturity.

This school of fine arts in Switzerland is a recognized and well-respected school for photography and the business world. In addition to its long tradition of quality, the school is also recognized for its International Photography Award, a grant for photography projects or initiatives.

Students at the Vevey School of Arts benefit from a comprehensive and detailed curriculum covering print and electronic media. This school also offers courses for students who wish to work in photography workshops, laboratories, or sales.


Vevey Vocational Education Center (CEPV) now allows you to enroll in more than one course and save money on the tuition of each!

These Vevey Vocational Education Center (CEPV) Tuition fees vary by the Courses they offer.


  • Full-time training: Initial training, CFC in 4 or 2 years if federal maturity or EDD diploma is previously obtained.
  • Dual training: Apprenticeship in a company with weekly courses in vocational school leading to the CFC.
  • Professional Maturity: Professional maturity integrated with CFC or post-CFC over one year.


Vacancies for vacant posts at the CEPV are published on the website of the State of Vaud.

Direct link: LCA job offers

Official Website

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#3. Spéos International Photography School

Founded in 1985, Spéos International Photography School has more than 30 years of experience in higher education in professional photography.

Spéos’ mission is to prepare students to respond to market demands and support them to succeed in the field of their choice.

The courses in Spéos are organized mainly in small groups, practical with a lot of practice, and supervised by a team of highly qualified professionals.
The facilities are spacious and equipped with the latest equipment.

Spéos International Photography School has 2 campuses, in Paris and London, and offers courses in English and French.

The school offers everything from weekend seminars to complete two-year study programs. There are several different photography programs, depending on the desired field.


Vevey Vocational Education Center (CEPV) now allows you to enroll in more than one course and save money on the tuition of each!

These Vevey Vocational Education Center (CEPV) Tuition fees vary by Courses they offer.


Spéos offers unique and exclusive specialized programs with prestigious partners: Creative Documentary with Magnum Photos, Photo-reportage with Paris Match, Fashion, Luxury & Beauty Photography.

The school offers 1 or 2-year programs, 5-month programs in Paris and 5 months in London, summer workshops, and night and weekend workshops. Students present their portfolios and website to a graduation jury composed of professionals.

And then to the Spéos end of the year exhibition, the profession’s appointment for more than 30 years.

The Spéos Alumni Care program helps our graduates in their first professional steps. The school has been an official partner of the Voies Off festival of Arles since 1997.


The French State recognizes Spéos diplomas with the Title of Photographer RNCP level I and the school has received numerous accreditations

Official Website

#4. Photography Studies College

Photography Studies College (Melbourne) PSC, is a higher education institution focused on providing a high-quality teaching and learning experience in the Melbourne Arts District. For 40 years, PSC has provided students an environment to explore their creativity.

As well as see the world again and express what they see, as the best-qualified student experience.

At PSC, the leading photography university in Australia, they prepare students to thrive in this exciting and dynamic environment! PSC’s creative and visually stimulating environment guarantees that its unique courses help you realize your talents, creative aspirations, and career goals.

Tuition Fees

When you accept your offer and complete your enrolment form, you also choose your tuition fee payment option. Photography Studies College tuition fees information is available in all information packages, and on the website.


Full-time courses: Everything done in their full-time courses are designed to help you develop and become more visual, creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial. At PSC they focus on these capabilities with real-world, professional, and employment outcomes.

Part-time coursesThis course involves a lot of part-time courses such as the Advanced Diploma in Photography – Melbourne. As well as Pathway to Bachelor of Photography – Melbourne, Creative Photography Certificate, and Pro Photography Certificate

Short courses: Get to discover how to see in creative ways, as well as use light to create mood and really start to make your mark with your photography. Courses here include Essential Skills, Shaping with light: Still Life, Mastering Portrait Photography, and Premiere Pro CC for Photographers.

Online courses: These online photography courses are basically suitable for beginners and intermediate Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop users. In order to allow them to fit their learning around their lifestyle and busy schedule. As a PSC online photography course student, teachers are committed to assisting you in your learning throughout the course.

Workshops & Tours: We welcome all levels of photographers, beginners, emerging photographers, and professionals. Skill levels per workshop can be found in each workshop’s information. Their photography tours are tailored especially for photographers with a love of travel, cultures, people, and places. Recent tours have included Iran and Japan.


Photography Studies College (Melbourne) is a government-registered dual-sector institution that offers accredited vocational and higher education courses.

Registered Training Organisation No: 0111
TEQSA Provider Number: 12200
CRICOS Provider No: 00257G

The Australian peak industry body recognizes accredited photography courses, the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP).

Official Website

#5. Rodchenko School of Photography and Multi-Media

Basically, the Rodchenko School of Photography and Multi-Media aims to provide students with sufficient knowledge in the fields of classic and digital photography, video, post-production, and editing of images and media.

In order to introduce students to the history and theory of photography, media, and contemporary art, as well as to assist students in selecting a field of specialization.

Such as documentary, art photography, video art, new media art, sound art, object, sculpture, and installation).

The main educational program of the Rodchenko School of Photography and Multi-Media is available free of charge for applicants who have passed the necessary admission exams.

The Rodchenko School of Photography and Multi-Media takes in around 40 new students every year. These are placed under the supervision of 4-6 master curators.


Rodchenko Art School now allows you to enroll in more than one course and save money on the tuition of each!

These Rodchenko Art School Tuition fees vary by the Courses they offer.


The three-year main program is made up of lectures, seminars, and practical classes. At the end of each academic module, students present their projects completed under the guidance of a master curator. The projects are reviewed by the lecturing committee and exhibited.

At the end of the third year, students have an opportunity to present their degree projects at the Graduates exhibition in the Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow.

In addition to the main 3-year program, the Rodchenko Art School provides an evening-time program of courses that are held on a commercial basis and are addressed to listeners of different ages and skills.

The courses are assigned to three scales, age – kids (8-11), teenagers (12-15), and adults (16+).

The courses include photography and video editing for beginners, author’s courses on direct, documentary, black-and-white photography, hand-printing, studio lighting, etc.


The main 3-years educational program of the Rodchenko Art School is based on the experience of the leading international photography and art schools such as ICP (New York), ENSP (Arles), and others. Specifically, it is inspired by the Russian Avant-garde Art and Technical schools.

Official Website

Film and Photography Colleges

Photography is an integral part of the world of fashion and design. Students will learn everything they need to succeed in the field of their choice.

This Film and Photography Colleges offer students degrees opportunity for undergraduate, graduate, and online programs. Below is a comprehensive list of the schools under this category.

  • Parsons School of Design
  • Royal College of Art
  • School of the Art Institute of Chicago
  • Köln International School of Design
  • European Academy of Fine Arts
  • Istituto Europeo di Design
  • Tokyo Zokei University
  • Accademia Italiana

#6. Parsons School of Design

Parsons School of Design allows students to develop the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in a rapidly changing society.

Students collaborate with colleagues from the New School, industry partners, and communities around the world, as well as in New York, the world center for art, design, and business.

Parsons also offers online studies with certificates and continuing education in various fields. An online degree program is also available. The training cost depends on the course type that interests you, but the price of online courses is very reasonable.

The New School provides a comprehensive program of financial aid services including significant institutional scholarship support based on merit and need.

All applicants who file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) are considered for Parsons institutional scholarships.


Parsons School of Design now allows you to enroll in more than one course and save money on each tuition!

These Parsons School of Design Tuition fees vary by the Courses they offer. Estimated school-year expenses are posted on the New School Student Services website under Tuition and Fee Schedule.


The Parsons School of Design courses is so elaborate, their respective credits unit. To take a view of all available courses click on the link Courses Catalog


Parsons is also an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD). It also offers a Master of Architecture degree program accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB) and is a member of the Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design.

Official Website

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#7. Royal College of Art

The photography program provides a critical and educational environment in which you can develop as an artist with photography at the center of your practice.

They offer a platform where students can express their ideas working and be able to think critically about what they have done.

Master’s programs and master’s / doctoral research are taught in four schools, using a dynamic combination of study work, critical and creative thinking, research, and cross-pollination facilities and opportunities.

Each program offers a comprehensive set of assisted learning through tutorials, seminars, and support for individual and group projects. Learning is about giving each student the support they need to develop experience in their discipline.

State-of-the-art equipment, world-renowned teachers and speakers, and specialized classrooms provide students with what they need for a full fine arts and photography course.

It is considered the only postgraduate art and design institution in the world that offers its graduate students a master’s degree in philosophy, a master’s degree in arts, and a doctorate in philosophy.


The Royal College of Art Tuition fee varies by the respective program you decide to enroll in. Their Graduate Diploma Fees vary from their MA Fees and so on.

The College receives a subsidy from the UK Government for UK and EU students, which enables it to charge a reduced fee. To qualify for the home or EU rate of tuition fees, you will need to meet certain strict conditions related to your nationality, visa status, and residency.  

Click here, for the tuition fees of 2023 entry.


The Royal College of Arts offers a 2-year program and a full-time study with a total of 240 credits.



Officially accredited and/or recognized by the Privy Council, the Royal College of Art(RCA) is a very small (uniRank enrollment range: 1,000-1,999 students) coeducational higher education institution.

Official Website

#8. School of the Art Institute of Chicago

The Department of Photography at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) is constantly redefining the medium of photography. Their distinguished and eclectic faculty program encourages you to experiment with your work.

The Photography department at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) will help you develop solid mastery over the technical and conceptual complexity that characterizes photography’s past and present while enhancing your ability to discuss your work and the work of others.

Furthermore, the photography course program is very broad and covers topics ranging from traditional image creation formats to conceptual practices.

The school has a cooperative education program that gives students the opportunity to experience internships in Chicago and nearby cities.

The proposed degree is a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography. Classes include large format films, color concepts, black and white, lighting, fashion photography, and nature photography.


Compared to other schools, the tuition for the 2023 Academic Year increased because more courses were added to the year’s curriculum.

*Undergraduate Students pay $1666 per credit unit.
* Post-Baccalaureate Certificate Students pay $1666 per credit unit.
*Graduates Students pay $1740 per credit unit.
* Students at Large* pays $1666 per credit unit.


Basically, the course they offer to begin with knowing the basics of photography is Introduction to Photographic Image-Making. There are a lot more courses for both undergraduates and graduates.


The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) is a professional college of the visual and related arts. Based on this, the accreditation was done in 1936 by the Higher Learning Commission.

Also, they got accreditation as a charter member in 1948 by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD).

Official Website

#9. Köln International School of Design

The technical education of photography offers a wide range of seminars in the field of digital and analog photography.

Technical and design content forms the basis of an analytical approach to practice-oriented photography. So, to align the learning process with reality, all seminars are backed by many exercises.

KISD offers a unique study model in Germany, which systematically connects different design domains in an international environment.

Here you will find information about their study concept, their study program, their areas of expertise, and the application procedure.


As a student of one of the partner universities of the University of Cologne, you do not have to pay any tuition fees.

Please note that travel costs to Germany and visa costs, meals, insurance plans, and incidental expenses have to be taken over by the participant him/herself.

Please visit this website at Formal Requirements for detailed information on the application process.


Digital photography: the basics of recording and lighting technology; studio and camera technology

Object photography: Object perception, surface modulation, perspectives and forms of presentation

Photographic picture composition: Surface and room layout, color arrangement, compositional elements

Promotional photography: Concept analyses, the realization of picture ideas with the possibilities of digital recording and picture editing techniques Processes of recording engineering sequences

More areas of expertise:
3D designAV mediadigital mediaphotography


The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) is a professional college of the visual and related arts. Based on this, the accreditation was done in 1936 by the Higher Learning Commission.

Also, they got accreditation as a charter member in 1948 by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD).

Official Website

#10. European Academy of Fine Arts

As a well-respected art school, the European Academy of Fine Arts, you can study such diverse art topics as painting, and drawing. As well as watercolor, etching, screen printing, woodcut, stone sculpture, wood sculpture, clay plaster, sculpture, and digital and analog photography.

For 40 years, the European Academy of Fine Arts has been involved with almost all areas of the visual arts. Like the art scene, the art academy is constantly evolving. 

As one of the largest private art academies, the Academy focuses on constantly developing and gaining knowledge essential for creating amazing art and passing it on to future generations.

Free art and classical techniques find their place here. Courses are delivered in art, communication, and design.


The current course fees can be found directly at the courses. The European Academy of Art does not charge VAT as a registered association. 
on the course fees.
Pupils and students at state or church schools and colleges receive a 15% discount on the course fee. The indicated price for art study is given for a total duration of 3 years. 

Payment is made monthly by standing order. The indicated price for the project study is given for the total duration of 1 year. 


This prestigious school offers color photography and an introduction to image processing.


European Academy of Art in Brittany, is a member of the European University of Brittany accredited to award national diplomas after three years of undergraduate study and after five years of undergraduate and graduate study.

Official Website

#11. Istituto Europeo di Design 

The name of this design school Istituto Europeo di Design means the European Institute of Design and is commonly referred to as IED. Officially, the school was founded in 1966 in Italy.

The school comprises four disciplines: Design, Fashion, Visual Communication, and Management. Students can study in 4  languages in 11 different cities, Milan, Barcelona, Cagliari, Florence, Madrid, Rio De Janeiro, Rome, São Paulo, Turin, Venice, Accademia A. Galli Como.

Studying photography in this school can be found under their school of Visual Arts. The courses offered in  IED Visual Arts are a source of continuing pride and make this school unique in the panorama of Italian educational programs.

They are offering scholarships and degrees in multiple fields. Such as Fashion Designer, Fashion Marketing Expert, Fashion Stylist, and Graphic Designer.

Also, Interior Designer, Jewelry Designer, Photographer, Product Designer, Sound Designer, and Transportation Designer. It must be nice to study fashion photography in Milan!


The Istituto Europeo di Design tuition fees vary by the Courses they offer and also by levels. But, as of 2018-2019 estimated academic tuition fee is €2.500,00 annually.


The European Institute of Design offers courses for each of their respective schools, from Design to Visual Communication.

It all depends if you want to study in Spain or Italy and if you are an undergraduate or a Master’s student. The school is organized into four disciplines: Design, Fashion, Visual Communication, and Management.


It’s a success story that has contributed to the achievement of official recognition, for the majority of IED courses, by the Ministries of Education and of Research in the countries where IED operates directly.

IED has also signed agreements with several prestigious academic institutes to offer double-branded courses at home and abroad, whose final diplomas are accredited by partner institutions.

IED educational program is based on course credits (CF) according to the most advanced European institutions in this area.

Official Website

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#12. Tokyo Zokei University

The University of Tokyo Zokei (TZU) was founded in 1966 by Yoko Kuwasawa and his followers.

The goal of their education is to capture “design” and “art” from a broad perspective, namely “Zokei (creation of art and design).”

Hence, they offer two departments in the faculty of “Zokei,” “The Design Department,” and “The Department of Fine Arts.” The Design Department has eight specialized specialties. And under the Department of Fine Arts, there are two specialized majors.

“The aim of the university foundation was to synthesize design and fine arts in the broader concept of Zokei.

As well as to study and teach the theories and application of Zokei, master the skills of experts, to train talented people with diverse individualities. And to contribute to the creation of culture, the development of Japanese industry, and social welfare. “


The University of Tokyo Zokei Department of Photography tuition fee is ¥535,800/year (267,900/s) or ¥642,960/year (321,480/s) *(c)


Photography Now On: Documentation, Art, and Sociality: Study of photography as a visual expression and exploration of the new possibilities of the environment in relation to current social conditions and demands. Crossing design and art, this course develops skills to address current social problems.

Documentary Photography: Maintaining an objective perspective on the subject of photography, this course addresses the relationship between the “I” and society, exploring photography as documentation and memory.

Creative Photography: 
This course examines theories of photography as art in relation to the photographic expressions that appear in many media today.


Officially recognized and/or accredited by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan, Tokyo Zokei University is a coeducational higher education institution.

Official Website

#13. Accademia Italiana

The Accademia Italiana institutes of Florence and Rome have photography and new media departments.

Each faculty is formed by teams of high-level professionals who, in addition to teaching in the institutes, work independently in their teaching fields. Facilities include a fully equipped library and laboratories.

Basically, the department offers a variety of training programs ranging from a three-year Degree in Photography. And New Media is recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education (MIUR) and internationally accredited to professional one-year photography courses.

Both institutes also offer international Bachelor’s degrees accredited by the European Accreditation Board of Higher Education Schools.


Program Fee:    $8,400 (4-5 classes, 12-16 credits)
Housing*:  $2,000 – $3,000 (approximate)
Program Fee:    $3,500  (2 courses, 6 credits)
Housing:  $800 – $1,200 (approximate)
Program Fee:    $8,400 (4-5 classes, 12-16 credits)
Housing:  $2,000 – $3,000 (approximate)
* Housing is arranged by Accademia Italiana and is not included in the program fee. Students are placed in fully-furnished student apartments and pay rent directly to the landlord.


BACHELOR’S DEGREE IN PHOTOGRAPHY AND NEW MEDIAThe three-year program aim is to provide students with professional training in photography and video production to meet the current needs of the global labor market.

FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY: The Fashion Photography course offers 250 hours of study culminating in a professional certificate from the institute. The course is designed to train professionals to create an image, build a set for a photoshoot and manage the post-production of photographs.

VIDEO & SOUND PRODUCTION: The Video & Sound Production course offers 250 hours of study culminating in a professional certificate from the institute. The course is structured so that students will learn the theory and practical skills needed to shoot film, edit video and create an audio track.



Rome School Scholarships for the 2023 Academic Year: The Accademia Italiana of Rome offers a discount of € 1.000 to the students who will get enrolled by July 19th, 2023 in the three-year Bachelor’s Degree courses:
Fashion Design for 10 students
Design (Interior and Product Design) for 10 students
Jewelry Design for 10 students
Photography for 10 students

Florence School: The awarding of 40 scholarships for the Florence school, will end on 31 March 2023. For further information, please get in touch with the Secretary’s Office: tel.+39 055 284616/ email:

Official Website

Online Colleges for Photography

In this spirit, before taking your first steps in photography, you must take the time to determine which photography colleges are best for you. This article exists to facilitate this difficult choice.

In the creative industry, there is no single way to teach something. Some people will benefit from technical education, while others will want an online approach. Below is a comprehensive list of the schools under this category.

  • Academy of Art University
  • Rochester Institute of Photography
  • International Center of Photography (ICP)
  • School of Visual Arts
  • New York Institute of Photography

#14. Academy of Art University

The Photography School of the Academy of Art University will help you turn your passion for photography into a profession. Study traditional and digital photography in a creative real-world environment that extends your technical capabilities to various tools and platforms.

Create a coherent body of work that demonstrates your skills, and your personal voice and prepares you for cutting-edge careers in this dynamic and evolving industry at our photography school.

At this University, they create images that command attention and remain memorable. A determination to create work that speaks to the viewer is at the heart of the Academy’s photographic education.

They also create technical excellence coupled with an advancement of the conceptual idea. Basically, visual storytelling is their goal.

Academy of Art University admits students of any race, color, age, religion, and national or ethnic origin to all rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school.

Application for admission is currently ongoing. It will be so nice if you find yourself studying in one of the best colleges for photography.


These Academy of Art University tuition fees vary by the Courses they offer. But, as of 2023 academic tuition fee was 21,252 USD annually.


Commercial Photography: Commercial photographers create images with concepts to sell a product.

Documentary: Documentary photography is really about images that tell stories

Fashion Photography: Fashion photography is an exciting and dynamic part of the advertising industry. 

Fine Art Photography: Fine Art photographers produce images that convey mood and themes.

Still Life PhotographyStill Life photography encompasses a broad range of studio equipment, lights, digital backs, and creative tools.

Photo Illustration: Photo Illustration photographers combine a number of different photographs to draw the viewer into their visual narratives to illicit curiosity and interest.


The Academy of Art University got a lot of accreditation from the Council for Interior Design Accreditation, and the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing Accreditation.

As well as The National Architectural Accrediting Board, and the National Association of Schools of Art and Design. Also, WASC Senior College and University Commission and then WSCUC Accreditation for Online Programs

Official Website

#15. International Center of Photography

The International Center of Photography (ICP) is the world’s leading institution dedicated to photography and visual culture.

The ICP School offers more than 400 courses that range from traditional film and darkroom practice to digital media. The state-of-the-art facility features black-and-white and color labs, digital labs, and a professional shooting studio.

The faculty of ICP is dedicated to nurturing new talent and represents some of the world’s most accomplished and innovative practitioners, offering expert guidance and inside perspectives into the field.

Students come from around the world, representing virtually every country and all ages and backgrounds, making the discussions at ICP rich and provocative. The ICP staff welcomes you and is always available for consultation to review your work.


The International Center of Photography (ICP) tuition fees vary by the Course they offer. But, as of the 2023 academic year is $34,063, with an annual Center fee of $2,700.


CREATIVE PRACTICES: ICP’s One-Year Certificate programs provide advanced students with an intensive yearlong course of study to strengthen personal vision, refine skills and techniques, and explore the many disciplines informing media and art today.

DOCUMENTARY PRACTICE AND VISUAL JOURNALISM: The Documentary Practice and Visual Journalism program focus specifically on the investigative skills and technical knowledge necessary for students to advance in the complex and constantly changing world of visual storytelling.

NEW MEDIA NARRATIVES: The New Media Narratives program encourages photographers and artists to explore new strategies of image-making and visual storytelling made possible by technological change and informed by contemporary media, art, theory, criticism, and the broader culture. 

Online Education

In our online photography classes, you can further your interests and participate in our creative community from anywhere in the world. ICP’s online education platform supports the unique needs of photographic education.

As well as a social learning environment in which students can access course materials, upload work to an individual gallery, and discuss assignments. Classes include weekly live webinars with instructor-led critiques and lectures.

Job Openings






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#16. Rochester Institute of Photography

The School of Photographic Arts and Sciences molds imaginative visual artists, practitioners, and technologists through its programs that explore the depth and scope of contemporary imaging practices today and into the future.

A more than 93 percent job placement rate demonstrates the programs’ career-focused curriculums that prepare students for success in various fields, including biomedical photography, photojournalism, advertising, media design, moving media, and much more.

Here, photography is taken to ambitious levels to create an environment where innovation flourishes. Our prominence comes from professional courses of study and a one-of-a-kind educational community comprising critically regarded faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, an unmatched repository of equipment, and cooperative education and internship opportunities.


The tuition and fees for 2023 for the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) are $ 42,345 for its students and the tuition and tuition for postgraduate studies in 2023 is $ 45,808.

11,698 students (86.56% of university students) received assistance in the form of a grant or scholarship; the average amount is $ 19,555. After receiving financial aid, the net price of the Rochester Institute of Technology is $ 37,846, including tuition fees, tuition fees, books and supplies, and living expenses.

Tuition ($ 30,097 – Doctorate / Private Investigation (nonprofit) University). Tuition fees and enrollment fees in 2023 have increased by more than 5% this year (2023) at the Rochester Institute of Technology.


More than 200 elective and core courses are offered at the undergraduate level.

Undergraduate Programs
Photographic and Imaging Arts BFA Program: Here you will immerse yourself in the creativity and innovation of photography and imaging, with options in advertising photography, fine art photography, photojournalism, and visual media.

There are options associated with this; they include Advertising Photography Option, Fine Art Photography Option, Photojournalism Option, and Visual Media Option.

Photographic Sciences

Graduate Programs
Media Arts and Technology MS:
 Deepen your understanding of the importance of graphic communication and immerse yourself in the technologies that are changing the industry.

Photography and Related Media MFA: Acquire the conceptual, academic, and technical skills needed to succeed as an artist in the field of photography and related media.


RIT is known for its career-focused education. The institute is chartered by the New York state legislature and accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

Official Website

#17. School of Visual Arts

The BFA Photography and Video program at the School of Visual Arts grounds students in the creative, conceptual, and technological skills of the mediums and the job opportunities available in the field.

With everyone having cameras on their smartphones and Instagram accounts, it can be forgotten that truly great photography requires talent and skill that involves aesthetic ability coupled with some technical know-how.

Our program is armed with professional photographers and artists who can help make your work stand out from the barrage of images around us.

We have many courses to respond to the diverse fields within photography, covering fashion, journalism, documentary, commercial, advertising, sports, fine art photography, and more.


These School of Visual Arts tuition fees vary by the Courses they offer. But, as of 2023 academic tuition fee was 36,500 USD annually.


They offer 108 courses including Digital Photography: Imaging and the Internet, Digital Video and Photography, and Explorations in Abstract Photography. As well as Experimental Digital Darkroom, Fashion: Concept Narrative and a lot more.


The Middle States Commission accredits the School of Visual Arts on Higher Education (, 3624 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104, 267.284.5000.

The School of Visual Arts is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (

You can watch the video here:

In Conclusion

Having listed the Best Photography Colleges in the World including the online colleges for photography, in 2023. We are sure this article has answered your questions and added new knowledge.

If you want to know more about any of these schools, universities, and online courses, follow the links provided with each short description. Many more fine schools exist all over the globe.

The NYIP (number one on this list) is one of the most accessible photography learning colleges in the world. An education in photography is a wonderful way to prepare for a career in photography.

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