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If you feel that communicating with people and organizing things are your most powerful skills, then consider taking a master’s degree in public relations so you can put your skills to good use. Pursuing a career in public relations will always make you open to meeting new people alongside helping people and organizations connect. That is why I have brought you the graduate programs available in 2022 in the latter part of this article.

Public relations graduate program offers you knowledge on financial public relations, crisis communication, consumer public relations, internal communications, government relations, and lots more.

You will have to dedicate yourself to the study of politics, economics, marketing, social studies, and ethics. Public relations can also be an international field, so knowing or learning multiple languages will be a great advantage in pursuing your future career.

See the table of contents for an overview.

What Is Public Relations?

Public relations (PR) is a deliberate, planned, and systematic communication between an organization and its publics. This field of study allows organizations and individuals to gain exposure to their audiences using topics of public interest.

Public relations no doubt differs from advertising which is a form of marketing communications. On the other hand, it seeks to understand the purpose of an organization and its relationship within its locale all aimed at building mutual understanding.

Why Public Relations Graduate Programs?

In recent times, there has been an increasing demand for an undercover man. That is the PR personnel whose job is to keep up with the day-to-day communications. It is most often than not required of a PR person to be very analytical and confident.

There are lots of reasons why you should upgrade your certificate with any of the graduate programs in public relations. Not only is it a very rewarding job to venture into, but it also avails you the opportunity to widen your horizons.

You will be acquainted with some of the best programs that suit your calling as a PR person. Don’t get bored just yet!

What Can I Do With a Master’s in Public Relations?

Wondering what jobs you can do with a public relations graduate program certificate? Worry less as there is a variety of options to choose from and stay afloat your career line. Did you know you can pursue a career in similar fields such as editing, writing, or journalism?

With a master’s in public relations, you are expected to do well both individually and with teams. Your writing and communication also shouldn’t be way below your standard.

The list below highlights five of the paths you can pursue with a master’s in public relations.

  • Journalist
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Writer
  • Advertising, Promotions, or Marketing Manager
  • Editor

How Long Does It Take To Complete A Graduate Program In Public Relations?

A regular graduate program in public relations takes about two years to complete and that is for full-time students while part-time students take between two to five years to complete theirs. However, the curriculum consists of 36 credits while some have as many as 54 credits.

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There are accelerated options where you can opt-in for the fast track graduate program and graduate in no lesser time than a year. Their course loads are neither too short nor cumbersome.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Public Relations Graduate Programs

Most times, the cost and location are what students give their thoughts to while looking out for a public relations graduate program. They are important but, there are other factors when putting into consideration can help you make the right choice.

See the list below to check out these factors

  • Curriculum: While some graduate programs offer invaluable assets in forms of practicals, internships, and other field experiences, other programs do not. Make sure to research that your chosen program offers your specialization.
  • Accreditation: Ensure that the graduate program has at least earned regional accreditation.
  • Length: Although graduate programs usually take two years to complete, credit requirements and exact length differ. Full-time students complete their degrees more quickly than their part-time counterparts. However, full-time study may not fit with certain students’ schedules, especially working professionals.
  • Cost: You do not need to break a bank before enrolling for a graduate program in public relations. Go for one that won’t create a hole in your pocket.
  • Location:  You may prefer to attend a school close to home, while others do not mind moving to another city or state. ALbeit, try to attend school in the area where you hope to gain employment upon graduation.

Admission Requirements For A Graduate Program In Public Relations

See what the admission requirements for a graduate program in public relations are. If you have a prior knowledge what they are, lucky you!

  • Bachelor’s degree: You must have completed a bachelor’s degree or be in your final year of a bachelor’s program before you can apply for a master’s in public relations programs. 
  • Professional Experience: Many PR programs do not require any professional experience before you can apply for a graduate program. 
  • You must possess a minimum GPA of 3.0.

Best Graduate Programs In Public Relations

Top graduate programs in public relations offer amenable entry options and several areas of specialization. Public relations likewise known as PR or strategic communication is offered as graduate programs at colleges and universities across the globe.

Take a look at the universities and programs below. Also, you can make the most of the information at your disposal and go for a public relations graduate program.

#1 Master in Public Relations Management

The program seeks to furnish students with the skills necessary to become a PR specialist of our time, capable of forming the institution’s image and elements of strategy. This program gives you the insight to create your own business.

The course involves theory, practice, and participation of students. Group tasks linked to real-life situations and role performances are an exceptional feature of this course. Moreso, It is a full-time master’s program.

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#2 MA in Advertising and Public Relations

Acquired at Richmond the American International University in London, the MA in Advertising and Public Relations prepares students to gain an exciting creative career in the advertising and PR industry. The program is taught in Kensington – the vibrant and renowned district of Central London.

#3 Master in Communication Management – Image Communication (advertising, public relations, branding)

Communication Management studies offer a detailed approach to both external and internal communication of trademarks, organizations, and their image, by means of existing communication systems.

Graduates of the program will have acquired theoretical knowledge and practical competencies in the areas of specific aspects of communication of organizations and their external and internal image (advertising, public relations, branding). 

This public relations graduate program is offered at the University of Wroclaw.

#4 M.A. in Ethics and Public Affairs

From the faculty of Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University, the M.A. in Ethics and Public Affairs (MAEPA) enables students to acquire multiple interpretive outlooks (religious and philosophical) on up-to-date issues in different contexts of public affairs.

It aims to help students appreciate and respect diversity within modern society to assess and handle conflicting values in critically informed and inventive ways.

#5 M.A. in Public Relations and Digital Marketing

The 2-year consecutive graduate program M.A. public relations and digital marketing enables you as a student to work professionally in an all-inclusive range of new communication fields, which emerge through the digital trans­forma­tion process of our society and culture. 

#6 Master’s Degree in Event Management & Public Relations

This graduate program from the Nest Academy, India, prepares students for a thriving career in event management by giving them a well-rounded and multi-disciplinary qualification related to today’s event industry.

Created with an optimal mix of theoretical and practical ideas, this school’s curriculum gives an out-and-out understanding of key concepts and theories in event management combined with practical skills in the major areas of event conception and implementation, risk management, client service, and venue and project management. 

#7 MA Public Relations and Strategic Communication

To gain the professionalism you need to operate within a global economy, you can go for this graduate program at Leeds Beckett University. Furthermore, you can develop your writing and presentation skills to engage with audiences across the world on this approved course.

#8 Master in Digital Communication Strategy

With the increasing involvement of digital communication tools in marketing and communication strategies, there is a call for distinct skills. That is why there is a high demand for professionals who will be able to deal with such a wide, ever-changing context.

Istituto Europeo di Design Milan offers an intensive path of 7 months in-class plus 3 months of internship after which participants can enter the job market of digital communication, in companies or agencies fully armed to the teeth. 

#9 MA in Communication, Media Practice and Public Relations

The MA in Communication, Media Practice, and Public Relations (PR) is an ideal graduate program for you if you desire to have a strategic understanding of social media, refined creative skills through the professional writing.

#10 Master in Engaging Public Issues

This program from the Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences empowers you on how algorithms can be racist, how your smartphone is a political object, or how climate change becomes an issue for a growing population.

#11 MSc in Strategic Public Relations & Communication Management

This course gives you the chance to design, implement, and evaluate public relations campaigns. It also helps you to develop the practical and logical skills you’ll need for a successful career in strategic communications.

#12 MA Public Relations & Corporate Communications

University of Greenwich.

Public Relations (PR) has become an increasingly influential management discipline over the last 20 years. This graduate program from Greenwich University provides students with the practical and theoretical skills to enable them to help organizations communicate, build relationships, and engage with increasingly demanding stakeholders.

It is a full-time master’s program.

#13 Master of Arts – Lobbying & Public Affairs

This specialization allows you the opportunity to appreciate in greater depth the universe of PR and political communications. 

#14 Master in Communications and International Public Relations

In the Communications and International Public Relations graduate program, university professors practice interactive classes, heads of communications agencies share first-hand experience, and students benefit from multicultural discussions and challenging project work.

It takes two years of full-time studies to complete this program from the National University of Science and Technology MISIS.

#15 Master in Marketing Communication and Public Relations

Marketing Communications and Public Relations M.A. program is designed to consolidate disciplines of marketing communications and public relations together. The aim is to graduate experts and communication professionals who concentrate on marketing communications and public relations.

These students can further consider fundamental disciplines such as advertising, corporate communication, public relations, and brand communication within a unified viewpoint. Graduates of this program will have received an innovative education that broadly approaches present communication dynamics.


I hope this piece of information is helpful to guide you through your decision-making process.

Best wishes!



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