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10 Best Python Bootcamp for Junior and Senior Developers | 2022

Python is a programming language used in various tech-related businesses and offers a simple coding method. 

Python is a high-level, object-oriented coding language that is widely used and popular among developers and programmers. 

Guido van Rossum, a programmer, invented it in 1991.

Coding bootcamp programs give intensive skill and knowledge instruction in a short period. These short programs allow individuals to learn to code without committing to a long college degree.

The best Python bootcamps provide students with the skills they need to get new careers or advance in their current ones. Continue reading for more information on phyton coding bootcamp.

What Is a Python Bootcamp?

Bootcamps provide a speedier training technique. Bootcamps may range from one week to many months.

Coding schools provide bootcamp programs for students of all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned programmers looking for a new degree or a career change. If you’re interested in learning Python, a bootcamp may be the best place to start.

The best Python bootcamps are focused on teaching Python as a programming language. 

Students are taught the language essentials, such as reading, writing, and problem-solving. They then use Python to create applications and apps. Python-only bootcamps often do not teach any other programming languages. 

Python bootcamps may be less costly and require less time commitment in the long run than associate’s or bachelor’s degrees.

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10 Best Python Bootcamp for Junior and Senior Developers | 2022

Python-savvy job seekers have an advantage in the market as the demand for technically skilled employees rises. Due to its flexibility and availability, python is used by large corporations such as YouTube, Instagram, and Spotify. 

We’ve compiled a list of the best Python bootcamps that will accept new students in 2022. 

These rigorous programs, which focus on thorough job preparation, may help students break into the IT sector.

  • Bottega University
  • Byte Academy
  • Coding Dojo
  • Flatiron School
  • General Assembly
  • Kenzie Academy
  • Bloom Institute of Technology
  • Metis
  • Springboard
  • Thinkful

1. Bottega University

Bottega University, based in Salt Lake City, Utah, specializes in online education and job training. 

It focuses on flexible and easily accessible individual learning.

You’ll learn Python 3 and React course.

Bottega’s 600-hour full-time bootcamp can be completed in as little as 12 weeks. 

Students must first complete a prerequisite course in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. 

Part-time students can complete self-paced courses in about 40 weeks.

Participants communicate with mentors and classmates via the specialized Bottega support app.

The bootcamp teaches not only Python but also web development and database fundamentals. Graduates can earn a full-stack web engineering certificate.

The New Charter University, a Python coding bootcamp affiliate, also offers a path to earning an associate, bachelor’s, or master’s degree in business administration.

Bottega connects students with job opportunities through business partnerships such as SEARCH Group Partners. 

  • Part-time: $7,500; full-time: $12,000 (part-time)
  • Full-time or self-paced; on-campus or online
  • 12 weeks full-time; 40 weeks total (part-time)

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2. Byte University

Byte Academy is a New York-based company that offers intensive bootcamps and introductory programming classes. 

Graduates have worked for companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook.

Python BootCamp is what is being taught.

Aiza, a personalized AI instructor, is a component of Byte’s innovative learning management system.

Candidates must pass an interview and a free preparatory course before enrolling.

New students must either pass an exam or complete a Python introduction course.

Byte’s bootcamps are taught in a flipped classroom format. Students can complete assignments in class and review their notes at home using this modality.

The eleven courses cover data structures, algorithms, and React. Capstone projects, both group and individual, round out the curriculum.

Byte Academy offers a 24-week Python coding bootcamp with a four-week internship. It also offers a part-time curriculum with evening classes four days a week.

Instructors guide students as they learn Python, object-oriented programming, SQL, JavaScript, and React. In classes, both live and recorded lectures are used.

Students can apply for internships and participate in practical software sprints thanks to the collaboration of Byte and SpryteLabs. In addition, Byte offers a class to help aspiring software engineers prepare for interviews.

  • Cost: $15,000
  • Full-time or part-time, on-campus or online
  • Time frame: 24 weeks (part-time)

3. Coding Dojo

Coding Dojo, which was founded in 2010, incorporates more than a decade of teaching expertise in its three-stack bootcamp. 

CNN, Forbes, and the Wall Street Journal are the major news organizations covering the school.

The full-time, three-stack bootcamp offered by Coding Dojo integrates many programming languages and is available both online and in person. 

Students can learn about Java, C#/.NET, Ruby, Python, and Mern. 

In addition to its three-stack curricula, the school now provides a self-paced Python-only course and an expedited 1- to 3-stack bootcamp.

Each day in the full-time program starts with live teaching and group discussions. The class’s Discord server and 24/7 learning platform are accessible to students. The basics of the web are covered in the curriculum before Python and other coding languages are taught in this bootcamp.

Coding Dojo’s career assistance is available to graduates forever. 

  • Full-time: $14,995; part-time: $7,495 (part-time)
  • Format: Full-time, part-time, or self-paced; online or on campus
  • 14 weeks at full-time; 16 to 32 weeks (part-time).

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4. Flatiron School

In 2012, Flatiron began operations on the second story in a Manhattan walk-up building. Today, Flatiron collaborates with groups like GitHub and Women Who Code to advance diversity and education in the industry.

The bootcamp format used by Flatiron prioritizes group learning. Committed mentors guide small groups of both full-time and part-time learners. Python, machine learning, and statistics are all included in the full data science curriculum.

A free prep course is available to applicants for Flatiron’s data science bootcamp. 

Before beginning the program, students must pass a test in data science (excluding the self-paced format) (excluding the self-paced format). 

In the brand-new cybersecurity engineering bootcamp at Flatiron, students learn how to use their Python coding skills to fight cybercrime.

94% of graduates from online data science bootcamps who used Flatiron’s individualized career counseling found employment in 2020. The New York Times, Spotify, NASA, and other organizations have hired former students from Flatiron.

  • Costs: $9,600 (part-time or full-time); $16,900 (self-paced) (self-paced)
  • Format: Full-time, part-time, or self-paced; online or on campus
  • Duration: five months (full time), ten months (part-time), and fifteen months (self-paced) (self-paced)

5. General Assembly

At more than 30 locations throughout the globe, General Assembly provides computer science courses and camps. 

This python coding bootcamp camp begins with 12 hours of core lessons before dividing into five key sections: advanced subjects, statistical modeling, learning models, data science, and data analysis.

General Assembly trains graduates to master Python in 10 weeks with evening classes.

Students that participate in a data science immersion program construct five projects for a professional portfolio. Prospective Python programmers may also be interested in the school’s intensive and solitary Python course for software engineering.

Students at the General Assembly work with career advisors to create their portfolios and get ready for interviews. 

Graduates of the 2018–2019 Immersive Bootcamp secured employment 94.1% of the time after completion.

  • Cost: $15,950
  • Format: Full-time, on-campus or online
  • Duration: 12 weeks

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6. Kenzie College

Kenzie Academy provides computer science classes to underrepresented children in regular schooling throughout the country. The comprehensive, in-depth programs at Kenzie strongly emphasize professional preparedness.

Kenzie’s nine-month rigorous curriculum for software engineering places a strong emphasis on project-based learning. Students develop adaptable language-learning abilities that will help them keep up with emerging trends. The course is offered both on-campus in Indianapolis and online by Kenzie.

There are two portions in the curriculum for software engineering: front-end and full stack. 

For six months, front-end development is the core area of study, followed by full stack for the last three months. Students leave school with a portfolio of their work and a Butler University-backed python certificate.

Students who don’t get eligible jobs within 180 days of graduating may ask for a complete tuition refund, thanks to Kenzie’s job placement promise.

This is the best python coding bootcamp.

  • Cost: $20,000
  • Format: Full-time, online or on campus
  • 9 months in length

7. Bloom Institute of Technology 

BloomTech, originally Lambda School, based its business strategy on revenue-sharing agreements and placed prioritizes graduate job placement. 

Students at BloomTech finish more than 900 hours of coding training. 

The remote data science program involves daily stand-ups with cohort mates and monthly group projects. 

During the course, students construct actual goods to obtain practical experience.

An online orientation serves as the data science bootcamp’s introduction. The computer science portion of the course then introduces participants to data engineering and machine learning before addressing Python. 

A full-stack web development workshop using Python is also available from BloomTech.

  • Cost: $21,950 (with restrictions for California, the District of Columbia, and Utah citizens); $15,000 (international students)
  • Full-time and online formats are available.
  • 6 months in duration (full-time)

8. Metis

Metis, which was founded in 2013, became an online-only education in July 2020. The organization offers preparation workshops, intensive bootcamps, and intensive immersion courses.

Metis’ live online data science bootcamp is one of their Python-friendly courses. 

Data science students go directly into exploratory data analysis using Python during the program’s first week. 

Later topics include web scraping, business foundations, and natural language processing.

Students prepare five projects throughout the bootcamp, one every two weeks. 

The curriculum concludes with a career week that includes mock interviews and professional adviser advice. Metis also supports skilled guest speakers to give more industry information.

Metis’ career services department aids students in preparing for the job search via seminars and one-on-one counseling. 

  • Cost: $11,000
  • Flexible online format
  • 20-week duration

9. Springboard

Springboard admits students from over 100 different countries and focuses on lifelong learning. The institution provides eight separate career routes as well as a variety of associated preparatory courses.

Applicants with six months of general-purpose coding experience are encouraged to apply to Springboard’s data science program, which requires a significant amount of coding. 

Three capstone projects are among the 14 portfolio-building activities that students complete as part of the program.

 Students learn how to simplify difficult procedures in Python using the PEP8 standard.

The one-on-one mentoring structure of the program provides customized support and responsibilities. 

Springboard may assist you with job placement.

It is one of the best python coding bootcamp.

  • Cost: $9,900
  • Online and part-time options are available.
  • 6 months in duration

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10. Thinkful

Thinkful, situated in New York City, provides technical training outside of the classroom. 

The college offers computer science programs that are readily accessible via online learning.

Thoughtful mentors and career coaches give academic and professional aid throughout the data analytics program. 

 Full-time students must finish a four-week preparatory course before commencing the program.

SQL, machine learning, data visualization, and descriptive analysis are also included in the data analytics camp. 

Students also gain proficiency in software such as Microsoft Excel, Tableau, and PowerPoint.

Graduates have unique access to employment via the institution’s career services department.

  • Part-time salary: $9,500 (part-time)
  • Online and part-time options are available.
  • 6 months in duration (part-time)

What are the Skills You Can Learn from Python Bootcamp

Coding bootcamps often focus on a certain coding language (such as Python) or skill area while teaching a wide variety of skills in a short period. 

Each coding bootcamp covers a varied set of skills depending on the program’s target skill level and ultimate aim.

Python programming bootcamps often cover the following skills.

Python Data Structures and Objects

Participants at bootcamps often investigate the different Python data and object types. 

The courses discuss these data types in general and the many kinds of numbers used in Python programs, such as integers and floaters. 

Students also learn about data strings, such as indexing and string slicing.

Object-oriented programming

Object-oriented programming allows Python users to package and bundle characteristics and actions into objects. 

This course examines how to turn real-world variables and objects into data-based objects that may work inside a piece of software using Python code.


All programming languages make use of algorithms. This course examines the usage of algorithms in Python programming as well as the problem-solving tactics used by Python systems. 

This course may cover a wide range of algorithms as well as the development of algorithm-related programming language abilities.

Python Frameworks

Python frameworks enable programmers to create applications quickly by generating simple application blueprints. This course teaches Python programmers how to select the best frameworks for various projects.

Students learn how to execute various components and procedures within such frameworks.

How Much Does a Python Bootcamp Cost?

The cost of Python programming bootcamps varies greatly. According to a 2017 RTI Press study, the average cost of comprehensive bootcamps was $11,900.

The median tuition for full-time and part-time programs increased as programs became longer; some longer programs cost more than $20,000.

Tuition at university-affiliated programs was less than that of many private schools, with a median cost of $9,500.

Students may be able to finance their bootcamp education through payment options such as loans, installment plans, and tuition deferral. Some programs allow students to contribute a portion of their future earnings toward tuition after graduation through income-sharing agreements.

Bootcamp programs may also guarantee job placement or not charge any upfront fees. Some companies will pay your tuition for programs like bootcamps that lead to credentials.

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Careers from Python Coding Bootcamp

Software Engineer

Software developers employ trade concepts to design scalable software solutions to fix defects. 

They create new products, enhance old ones, and create software and web applications.

As of August 2022, the average annual salary was $89,090.

Python Developer

Python programmers use this open-source language to conceive, build, test, and distribute software programs. 

You may use this flexible, friendly language for AI, machine learning, and web scraping. 

Businesses may need Python programmers to construct tested server-side apps. On the back end, they diagnose and fix problems.

As of August 2022, the average annual salary was $79,400.

Data scientist

Data scientists create models and approaches to solve business difficulties. 

As part of their task, they must discover data sources, extract data, and prepare the data for analysis. 

To do their tasks, data scientists must be proficient in statistics, programming, and problem-solving skills.

As of August 2022, the average annual salary was $97,680.

Frequently Asked Questions About Python Coding Bootcamp

Is it easy to learn Python?

Yes. Python is a high-level, friendly programming language that is particularly popular among beginners. According to the TIOBE Programming Community index,
Python remains the most commonly used programming language. Because it seems to be English rather than mathematical jargon, the language is highly understandable. Python syntax is easier to write and read than Java syntax.
Python may also be used in a variety of fields. It is utilized in practically every field of programming except embedded systems. Python is a programming language used by software developers, data scientists, and DevOps engineers.

Python versus JavaScript: which is superior?

The programming language used by a tech specialist is determined on the job. Python is the most popular server-side language for back-end development. Python is utilized by those working in finance, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.
JavaScript may be used for both front-end and back-end web development, and it performs better. According to the TIOBE Programming Community index, the seventh most popular programming language is JavaScript, which is faster than Python.
Python is, nevertheless, easier to learn and write than JavaScript, especially for individuals with no programming expertise. Python is an object-oriented language that uses simpler variables and functions than JavaScript.

Does Employers only employ professionals who have worked with Python?

No. The majority of businesses are looking for adaptable workers who are fluent in Python and other programming languages. Having stated that, specific requirements differ by profession and sector. Companies may be looking for people who have worked with Python frameworks such as Django. Python developers may also need to be familiar with SQL and MongoDB in order to deal with large data volumes.
Python programmers with familiarity with cloud computing platforms such as Amazon Web Services, Inc. may also be preferred by employers (AWS). Soft skills such as organization, communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving are still essential in any IT career.


Python development is one of the specializations within software development. Python developers create computer systems, applications, games, and online and gaming applications. 

Because of its versatility and user-friendliness, Python has eclipsed Java, C, and C++ as one of the most extensively used programming languages.

Gaining competence in Python might result in a high salary. 

According to Payscale figures from August 2022, Python software developers earn an average annual income of $76,510, while software engineers earn an average annual salary of $91,100. 

These are the best python coding bootcamp.




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