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10 Best Shoes for College Guys in the World | 

There is a mistake that college guys need to avoid whether they are new students or returning students. It can make or mar their semester, yes. It is as bad as that. It is their choice of shoes. Students are stuck between what to take to school, classy or trendy, or just shoes.

There are many hurdles between choosing which shoes and taking them to school. We have provided you with what you need to make that choice. You need to be comfortable, fashionable, and trendy in your shoe choices and also prepare for adverse weather. What shoes, how many or types of shoes do you need, worry no more, let’s go through this together.

Below we will list the 10 Best Shoes for College Guys and Students in the World.

What are good everyday shoes?

Everyday shoes vary from one person to the other depending on the personality and daily activities.

There are characteristics that everyone needs to consider when buying everyday good shoes irrespective of your niche, they include comfort, support, breathability, how the material feels against the skin, how it fits, how it looks on you and it must be easy to clean.

If all these criteria are ticked in your choice for everyday shoes, you are on the road to a bright day. You must feel okay in your adornments to perform maximally in your day-to-day activities.

The “best” shoes for college guys will depend on many factors:

  • How much time you spend each day on your feet or if you’re sitting most of the day
  • What kind of work you do (and if you need protective shoes or boots)?
  • Your age and overall health
  • How active you are physically
  • What is most important in your choice of shoes – fashion and style, utility, comfort, or safety
  • The condition of your feet and whether or not you have problems with your feet (such as flat feet, hammertoes, or other issues)

It would suggest that you first decide:

  • How and when the shoes will be worn – for work, leisure, sport, or style
  • How many pairs of shoes you have and need (most of us have several pairs of shoes from which to choose, depending on what we will be doing on any given day or time.

If you have answered these questions, then Nike, Puma, Jordan, and Toms are among the vast manufacturers that make amazing footwear.

Which men’s shoes are in style 2022?

As the outgoing among us are cautiously optimistic about a return to social normalcy, it’s time to start planning footwear. Here are the biggest footwear trends of the year 2022.

Ranging from functionality to nostalgic throwbacks, these are the five best shoe trends college guys and students should shop for this season.

  • Performance Runners

Performance athletic sneakers are set to be an important trend in 2022. Whether for sweat or pleasure, check out the runner-style models from Y-3, Adidas, Loewe, and Philipp Plein for this season’s hot-ticket items. They are mixers of fashion and performance enhancers.

  • Minimalist

It’s time to go back to the basics. Stepping back from the neon, high-fashion sneaker models of the past few years, this season’s shoe trends are minimalist-driven. It looks simple yet very classy.

  • Suede Detailing

As a go-to luxe material, suede is never truly out of style. Find the textured look from designers Etro, Allsaints, and Tod’s – just remember to keep out of the rain.

  • Creative Collaborations

Combine high fashion with high street via a cool sneaker collaboration in 2022. Gucci x Doraemon, Vans x MoMA, and Converse x Brain Dead are a few of the partnerships we can’t wait to snap up this season.

  • Return of Skater Style

An ode to the skater boy. The sneaker styles of our younger years are back and won’t be limited to time atop a skateboard. Shop classic styles from Vans and DC or go luxe with designer models from Kenzo, Haculla, and Golden Goose for a grown-up skater look.

What shoes go with everything for guys?

These are shoes that fit into several dressings with the same theme. They include but not limited to;

1. Sneakers

Wear sneakers with suits for travel, walking long distances, or when there’s no dress code in place—while respecting each situation by ‘dressing for the occasion.

Sneakers fit all dressings for casual outings and depending on the make, some sneakers have made it to official dressings.

This is one of the best shoes for college guys and students generally.

2. Boots (Chukka, Brogue, Chealsea, or Balmore)

For a boot to be suit-worthy, it should be refined from top to bottom, with no chunky grommets or heavy stitching and lacing (which smack of hiking boots).

The shaft or height of the boot should reach above the ankle and there should be an element of elegance to the aesthetic.

Boots fit all outfits based on the design of the boots. Before the 1840s, boots were almost always worn with suits.

Whether your style is the Chukka, Brogue, or more formal Balmoral, you’ll find boots to be a satisfying part of your suiting wardrobe, particularly during cooler months of the year.

Gaziano & Girling Chukka Boot, MTO  is one of the best shoes in the world in 2022 even for college guys.

3. Oxford

The ultra-classic Oxford, originating from Oxford, England, appeared around the 1840s as a transition away from wearing boots and towards wearing shoes.

The lace area on the Oxford shoe is smooth with a closed lacing system. Oxfords may be brogues with perforation designs, cap toes, or whole cuts. It is a gentleman’s must-have footwear for all official settings.

Edward Green ‘Inverness’ Brogue Oxford is one of the best shoes for college students and men.

How many pairs of shoes should college guys bring to school and why?

A six to eight-pair minimum is advisable for college guys. You will need dress shoes, a flip flop for showering and relaxing, street shoes of your choice for classes and casual wear either flats, loafers or nice oxfords, a good pair of sneakers for gym or sport, a pair of sandals for everything else and a rain/snow boot for such climates.

It is advisable to get the numbers and it is also worthwhile to note that spaces may be limited and as such go to college with few pairs and bring others from home as the situation requires.

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Which is the best waterproof shoe for college guys?

Florsheim Midtown Waterproof Plain Toe Chukka is the best waterproof shoe for college guys.

Good for traversing the urban jungle. A versatile chukka style is upscale enough to pair with a suit or just your casual weekend uniform, but will still protect you from rainy days. It has a rubber sole, waterproof leather, and a super-comfortable footbed.

What are the 10 best shoes for college guys in the world?

10. Black Vans Unisex Old Skool Classic Skate Shoes

They are both durable and fashionable. Vans are also qualified to be skating shoes. Furthermore, these shoes are ideal for casual wear and go with every ensemble and they are convenient, making them ideal for students.

These shoes are also stunning in terms of color, style, and fabrics. However, you can get these sneakers for a reasonable price. Furthermore, these shoes are comfortable to wear during the day.

Finally, you can wear these shoes to parties as well. This is one of the best shoes for college guys.

Manufacturer’s name: Vans

Price: $69.44

9. Nike Men’s Air Max 97 Tie-Dye Casual Shoes

The shoe comes in three different models: Air Max 97, 95, and 90. To begin with, all of these shoes, regardless of style, are ideal for any case.

Furthermore, both of these shoes feature amazing patterns and colorways, exclusive and go with every dress, and Air Max comes in a variety of colorways, allowing you to customize one pair. You can wear it everywhere.

It will undoubtedly give you a fashionable appearance. These best shoes are really cheap for college guys and students.

Manufacturer’s name: Nike

Price: $ 170

8. Converse Men’s Chuck Taylor All Star Core

Converse is a trendy and timeless shoe. These shoes are mostly made in one attractive simple design. The signature logo with the big star is the most thrilling aspect of this shoe.

This logo adds to the uniqueness of the shoes. The converse is now worn by boys daily. These shoes provide additional comfort, which is useful for long walks. They are also suitable for use in the dessert.

Manufacturer’s name: Nike

Price: $84.99

7. Adidas Men’s Adilette Shower Slide

Slides are another long-lasting and stylish shoe. For starters, this style of the shoe comes in a variety of colors. These sliders are currently being worn by the majority of the boys.

These shoes are also great for going to the shower, navigating the dorm, and going on hall trips. Most notably, this shoe is well-known for its long-lasting quality.

Manufacturer’s name: Adidas

Price:  $30.00

6. Adidas Deerupt Lace-Up Runner Shoes

The Adidas Deerupt runner shoes are one of the most amazing shoes. These are light and easy to carry around. This shoe also has a great appearance. Furthermore, they are both robust and fashionable. Over everything, this shoe could be the best choice for a long stroll.

Additionally, this pair can be used during a workout—most students choose this shoe because of its comfort. It will also give you a fashionable appearance at university. College students, guys, and men find these shoes as the best fit for fashion and comfort.

Manufacturer’s name: Adidas

Price: $ 114.00

5. Crocs Men’s All Cast Rain Boot

Rainy days can be a nuisance for students; As a result, rain boots are needed during the rainy season. It’s not uncommon for people to forget the rain boots on purpose.

Since they believe rain boots aren’t fashionable or cool, you should try on a pair of Adidas rain boots.

You will never be disappointed after wearing this boot. Furthermore, these rain boots are trendy and have a comfortable fit.

Manufacturer’s name: Crocs

Price: $ 59.99

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4. Crocs Men’s and Women’s Classic Clog

Now is the time to present to you the world’s most comfortable shoes. Crocs shoes are well-known for their softness. In addition, it is known as “Feet Heaven.”

This shoe is usually used for lazy days. This shoe is appropriate for a late-night party and the dining hall. It’s also best to unwind in the dorm wearing a pair of crocs.

Furthermore, the crocs shoes come in a variety of colors. Crocs are the best/perfect option and shoes for college students/men if you choose to wear comfortable shoes.

Manufacturer’s name: Crocs

Price: $49.99

3. UGG Men’s Neumel Boot

Ugg boots are yet another favorite choice of college students. These boots keep you warm and do the job around winter.

They are waterproof, so that’s an added advantage of owning a pair of Uggs. In the scale of comfort, Uggs are rated quite high as they have a woolen material coated inside.

These shoes are the most popular in places where there are crazy winters and where you need to walk around a lot. Even generally these shoes are famous for their comfort.

It is the best shoes for college guys and men, students enjoy it during winter.

Manufacturer’s name: UGGS

Price: $ 130.00

2. Adidas Original Men’s Samba OG Sneaker

The Adidas Samba is not only a timeless sneaker, but it’s also the company’s longest-running model. Samba was created in 1950 for soccer players who needed more traction when playing on icy or frozen fields.

The Samba is now available in a variety of colors and textures, with a style that is eerily similar to the original.

Adidas’ Samba classic sneakers have a distinctive look that goes with every outfit. Samba classic is undeniably relaxing and ideal for daily use. Samba is for those who want comfortable and stylish footwear to wear regularly.

Manufacturer’s name: Adidas

Price: $89.95

1. Edward Green ‘Inverness’ Brogue Oxford

The ultra-classic Oxford, originating from Oxford, England, appeared around the 1840s as a transition away from wearing boots and towards wearing shoes.

The lace area on the Oxford shoe is smooth with a closed lacing system. Oxfords may be brogues with perforation designs, cap toes, or whole cuts. It is a gentleman’s must-have footwear for all official settings.

This is the best shoes for college guys and students.

Manufacturer’s name: Edward Green & Co.

Price: $ 600.00

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FAQs Frequently Asked Questions about best shoes for college guys

Why should I consider before choosing a college guy shoe?

Versatility: Choose a shoe that goes with most of your clothes. While it may seem obvious to choose a neutral color, if tie-dye shoes go with your style, then why not go for it?
Comfort: When you’re walking to and from class, your main concern should be your ability to do so in comfort and without incurring an injury.
Weather: Your shoes should be adaptable to the primary weather concern of where you live. Obviously, if your area has polar opposite weather, this may mean adopting this rule to fit.

What are the various kinds of College guy Shoes to choose from?

Black Vans.
Air Max 97, 95 & 90 of Nike.
Runner Shoes of Adidas Deerupt.
Rain Boots.

What are the best shoes for college guys?

Best weightlifting shoes: Adidas Powerlift 4.
Best cross-training shoes: Nike Metcon 6.
Best dancing shoes: Puma LQDCELL Shatter.
Best gym shoes for high-intensity interval training: New Balance Minimus 20v7 Trainer.
Best overall gym shoe: Reebok Nano X.

Are Rainboot shoes important?

Yes. Especially in colleges with rough terrains.

How many pairs of shoes do i need in college?

5 pairs of shoes in total should get you through a year of college.  A pair of boots for rain/snow days, a pair of regular sneakers for casual days, two pairs of fancy shoes for nights out, and a pair of slippers or lazy day shoes.


Having gone through this page, I am sure your views about shoes for college guys have expanded and you have discovered a variety of choices and important things to put into consideration when selecting shoes.

It is said that our shoes determine our being (well, not entirely true), if we choose a good shoe to wear, it boosts our self-esteem, especially for college freshers. Good luck!




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