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10 Best Tools For Online Teaching in 2022 | Best Tools

Online teaching tools are beneficial for all educators. Because students can work at their speed from the convenience of their own homes. Distance learning and virtual online classes are becoming increasingly common educational options.

Technology is currently playing a more significant role in the classroom than it ever has before. There is a wide variety of online teaching tools. They are interactive and are geared at supporting teachers in communicating with students and assisting students in gaining knowledge.

Online teaching is the process of tutoring in a virtual or networked environment. 

Online coaching comes in a variety of forms for different types of users. Content and user interface, as well as tutoring techniques and tutor-training methodologies, are all different. 

While you’re deliberating on how, this article aims to show you all you need to know about using the best tools for online teaching effectively.

Why Use Tools?

Within the last few years, the traditional schooling model has shifted dramatically. Being present in a classroom is no longer the only way to learn, not with the growth of the internet. As long as you have access to the internet, you can acquire a good education anytime and wherever you want. We’ve arrived at a new epoch: the online education revolution.

There are many benefits when it comes to using online teaching tools.


Online education allows both the teacher and the student to determine their learning paces. As a result, allows for a better balance between work and study, therefore no sacrifices are necessary.

Online learning instills important time management skills, making it simpler to strike a work-study balance. 

Vast Topics to Learn

There are an unlimited number of subjects to teach and learn in an area as large as the internet. An increasing number of institutions and colleges are offering online versions of their programs at various levels and disciplines.

There are classes for every type of learner, from music composition to quantum physics.

Studying your program online is a fantastic way to earn an official certificate, without ever having to attend a campus.

Quite Affordable

Online education is typically less expensive than traditional classroom instruction. There are frequently a variety of payment methods available, such as paying in installments or per class.

This enables more effective budgeting.

You can also save money by taking advantage of free commuting and classroom resources. To put it another way, the financial investment is lower, but the returns may be superior to alternative possibilities.

Small Class Size

The average size of an online class is smaller than that of a traditional class. Online learning platforms allow more contact and feedback between you and your teacher in virtually all circumstances.

Tutors can incorporate other formats to enrich their courses, such as videos, photographs, and eBooks, which are typically available online. This additional content is accessible at any time and from any location, providing you with a more dynamic education.

Very Accessible

You can study or teach from any location in the world with online education. This eliminates the necessity for commuting or sticking to a strict schedule. Furthermore, you save not only time but also money, which you can use towards other goals.

Travelers take advantage of the virtual classroom because it is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

Online education, for example, is a terrific option if you’re studying overseas and want to earn a career. There’s no need to stop working or studying to travel to new and exotic locations.

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How It Works And Why You Should Teach Online

You may teach from anywhere and you can enroll students from all walks of life and from all over the world.

The Process of Online Education requires you to be familiar with computers and the internet to teach online. Because students will communicate with you via chat platforms, email, and video calls, this is the case. Many online professors also need to generate digital resources for their pupils to use.

Furthermore, there is no clothing code. If you’re on camera, you should appear nice, but there are no laws prohibiting you from wearing shorts and flip-flops!

You will have the option to increase your technological abilities. 

There’s also no need to worry about commuting. You can work from the comfort of your own home and save time by not having to work.

Still, the students are arguably the finest part of teaching online!

People who pay for an online tutor will certainly be more driven and engaged than the ordinary high school student.

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Pros And Cons of Online Teaching

No matter how strongly someone feels either for or against technology, they cannot dispute its importance. People from all over the world are now able to find information of interest in a matter of seconds.

The most prestigious educational institutions have established online departments specifically for distance learners. In addition, there are a great many courses that are quite specialized in their subject matter.

These kinds of platforms make it feasible to develop one’s expertise to a high level and perhaps earn a degree. In the coming years, the e-learning industry will increase significantly. Is it a healthy pattern to follow? In today’s society, no viewpoint is clear.

The following discussion will examine both the positive and negative aspects of receiving one’s education through an online medium.

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Pros of online teaching

Here are some of the advantages that make online teaching appealing to many people:

  • You can ask any questions you want and get quick responses. On-campus teachers are tough to contact because they are always busy. E-mail, Skype, and several mobile messengers are all options for communicating with online tutors.
  • Your options aren’t restricted to the courses and universities near your hometown. Without dealing with immigration issues, paying for a vacation overseas, or renting an apartment. You can take virtual classes at a foreign university.
  • You can study not only at home, but anywhere that has access to the Internet. A laptop isn’t a basic requirement. Most materials are accessible through smartphones. In your pocket, you have access to an entirely new world of information.
  • You have the option of setting your own learning pace. Nobody will criticize you for taking notes or reading too slowly. You won’t have to wait for group mates if you finish a task ahead of time.
  • All of the instructional materials are in a convenient location. You won’t have to go to a bookstore to look for textbooks because they’ll be available online. The Internet is a large universe in which the world’s greatest researchers upload their works.
  • All students have the same right to join in a conversation. No one student will bring all of the focus to himself.
  • Juggling online school and work is convenient. You won’t need to request days off from work to attend lectures or pass tests. Videos and electronic lectures are accessible in the evenings or on weekends when there are fewer distractions.
  • Online learning is best for people who memorize information more easily through visual means

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Cons Of Online Teaching

A remote study, like any other learning approach, has some drawbacks:

  • On the internet, there are a lot of crooks. They claim to be experts in a field yet only understand the theoretical aspects of it. Checking their credentials and work history is challenging.
  • Professors find it difficult to assess each student’s knowledge level and build a personalized curriculum.
  • Most organizations still assume that on-campus education is superior to online learning and will reject individuals with online diplomas.
  • Teamwork in a physical classroom is more effective than online networking.
  • Some advanced e-learning programs may not be compatible with an older PC. Cell Phones are the same way. On smartphones purchased five years ago, modern apps may be slow or ineffective. As a result, spending money on technological upgrades and high-speed Internet may be necessary.
  • There is a communication gap. There will be no dorm parties or memorable moments during your time as a student.
  • If the Internet or electricity goes down unexpectedly, you may miss a class or even flunk an exam.

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10 Best Tools For Online Teaching:

There are a plethora of fantastic interactive tools accessible online, many of which interface easily with other software. But how do you decide which tools to use in your classroom?

Our list should assist teachers in determining which programs are the best tools for online teaching.

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Pear Deck

Pear Deck is a Google Slides add-on that makes it easier for teachers to produce engaging slides. Teachers can design their presentations or add interactive questions to existing ones.

Pear Deck provides a dashboard that is accessible from a phone, and the ability to reveal or hide student comments. It also provides tools that allow you to send personalized notes to specific students.

Over the years, it has become one of the best online teaching tools for PowerPoint presentations

It is an educational technology firm that provides K–12 schools and instructors with a web-based application.  Pear Deck is a company based in Iowa City, Iowa. The company received a $500,000 seed investment in December 2014.

Steve Case chose Pear Deck as the winner of the “Rise of Rest” competition in 2015. EdSurge named it one of the “Top Ten School Tools,” and it won the Village Capital: EdTech 2015 program. 

Pear Deck expanded its sales force to Kansas City in 2016.

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2. Canva 

One of the best online teaching tools used to produce eye-catching presentations, posters, infographics, social media banners, films, and more. Sign up for the free version or buy one of their teacher or student-oriented plans.

Canva works seamlessly with your learning management system of choice.

Canva is a graphic design platform based in Australia. It allows users to make social media graphics and other visual content. Users can use the app’s templates. Canva Pro and Canva for Enterprise are memberships that give additional features to the site.

Canva Pro costs $119.40 a year for a group of up to five users. If nonprofit organizations meet the conditions, they can access canvas pro for free.

Canva for Enterprise costs $30 per person every month to subscribe. They debuted a video editing feature in the year 2021.

Also, Canva raised A$60 million in June 2020 at a valuation of A$6 billion, nearly tripling its valuation in previous years. And they announced a $40 billion valuation and raised $200 million in September 2021.

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3. Edmodo

Teachers can use Edmodo’s capabilities to share course information, encourage collaboration, and create a fun and engaging classroom environment. Parents can also receive progress reports on their children.

This platform is one of the best online teaching tools because it promotes parent-teacher interaction.

For quick and easy sign-ups, Edmodo offers free accounts for teachers.

Edmodo is a free learning management tool that combines social network knowledge with classroom curriculum and assessment. Through the discussion threads, students and parents obtain rapid answers to questions and remain up to date on class events. To gain student feedback on the day’s topic or rapidly check to understand, post a warm-up question or take a poll. 

Use teacher-created assessments to save time and have Edmodo grade your work for you. Collect, mark, and return student essays electronically, possibly with the use of an external feedback mechanism to encourage student participation. Alternatively, to keep track of assignments and deadlines, use the instructor and student planner features. 

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4. Google Classroom 

Google Classroom is one of the best online teaching tools designed for teaching and learning that allows students to learn from anywhere in the world. 

At the moment, Google Classroom is available for free. A commercial version with add-ons and easy connection with other educational tools will be available soon.

Google Classroom combines several Google Apps into a unified platform for managing student and instructor communication. Students can join a class using a private “class code,”. Within the Google domain, teachers can make, distribute, and grade assignments.

Each class establishes a separate folder in the user’s Google Drive where the student can submit work for grading.

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5. Blackboard 

Blackboard is one of the best online teaching tools that are ideal for students in grades kindergarten through high school.

This platform is simply accessible to all students and works on any device. Teachers can use a variety of third-party applications through Blackboard Learn.

CUNYfirst data is useful in generating Blackboard course shells for all CUNY courses. Early November 2021 saw the creation of the Winter Intersession and Spring 2022 courses on Blackboard. Faculty who are unable to see courses in Blackboard should check their CUNYfirst course assignments.

At the end of December 2021, CUNY CIS switched to Blackboard SaaS, a cloud-based learning platform. Users will notice changes to the Blackboard update cycle as part of the new SaaS platform. 

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6. Buncee

Buncee makes it simple to build engaging, interactive course content. Buncee’s Ideas Lab template library can be useful in creating presentations, lessons, and a variety of virtual school activities. Students can readily access links, downloadable files, and group projects.

Buncee’s dashboard is accessible through Microsoft Teams. This makes it one of the best online teaching tools to start conversations and engage with kids and their parents.

Buncee is an award-winning educational technology that allows students and teachers to collaborate on projects and create them together. It was originally planned as an e-card and e-greeting resource, which is interesting. Educators, on the other hand, embraced it right away. 

Buncee went on to create educational platforms like “eduBuncee” and “Buncee for Schools and Districts.”

You can incorporate animation, audio, photos, and “stickers” through a virtual “Buncee,” or canvas made out of slides. Buncee includes a large library of elements from which you may build your projects. You can make and print your presentations. You may also create QR codes so that your presentations can be read on mobile devices.

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7. Microsoft Teams 

Microsoft Teams combines the finest of various worlds into a single platform. Through video conferencing, you may share your screen or notes, give presentations, encourage discussion, and bring everyone together.

Microsoft Teams is a communication tool, one of the best online teaching tools that are part of Microsoft 365. Teams compete primarily with Slack, which provides workspace chat and videoconferencing, as well as file storage and application integration. Teams will take the place of Skype for Business and Microsoft Classroom.

As many meetings transitioned to a virtual environment during the COVID-19 pandemic, Teams grew in popularity. Its monthly users were around 250 million by 2021. 

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8. Zoom

While students learned online during the pandemic, Zoom gained popularity as a presentation tool and webinar platform.

Zoom is a valuable distance learning tool because of its security, live video class capabilities, and social chat feature.

It is one of the best online teaching tools in 2022 so far.

Zoom Video Communications, Inc. is a San Jose, California-based communications technology business. It offers a cloud-based peer-to-peer software platform for Meetings, as well as an open platform for third-party developers. 

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9. Nearpod

Nearpod is one of the best online teaching tools for PowerPoint and Google Slides add-ons. Teachers can create their presentations or choose from an outstanding template library of lectures and videos.

To keep your pupils engaged in learning, create polls, games, and collaborative boards.

Nearpod encourages students to engage in healthy social interaction. It gives students opportunities for interaction and immediate feedback. Take your pupils on a virtual field trip to a national park or another country using Nearpod’s VR classes.

Incorporate Flocabulary videos and activities into your lectures to help students refresh essential learning ideas and vocabulary. You could even do all of these interactions in the same presentation if you’re feeling particularly inventive.

For ideas, teachers can look through the thousands of classes created by certified publishers and educators. While many are available for free, others will cost payment.

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10. ClassDojo 

ClassDojo’s communication is one of the best online teaching tools.

It brings together families, students, and teachers to form a supportive online community.

With the help of downloadable resource packages and ideas, teachers may create a joyful learning experience for their students.

They can also find information that will assist them in integrating ClassDojo with their chosen learning management system.

ClassDojo is one of the best online teaching tools for technological businesses that focuses on education. It also allows teachers to provide feedback on students’ abilities and generates a portfolio for children. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Interaction with the materials, other students, and the instructor are important when taking an online course. The article explores why natural communication and navigation are essential for high-quality involvement, as well as several hands-on and hands-off ways that educators can use right away.

Instructors may need to re-learn each student’s preferences when teaching an online course. Teachers can get that insight from polls, surveys, and drawing tools, to make courses more student-centered.

An instructor can let students review materials on their own time, or add hands-on “classroom” sessions in an online course. Discussions on different approaches are available in these materials, along with their integration.


The importance of online teaching is undeniable. Its importance was evident during the COVID-19 pandemic. Online teaching tools then became many institutions’ lifesavers.

There are a variety of tools to explore. This article provides ten of the best online teaching tools for computer science students in 2022.

Though every system has its pros and cons, online teaching should be an option in 2022.




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