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Whether you’re a professional tile setter or interested in removing or replacing the tiles in your house, using the best tools for removing tiles will get the job done quicker and easier.

Armed with the best tile removing tools, you’ll find that removing tiles is fun and not as difficult as it may look.

From creating openings between tiles and finally removing them, you’ll find that with the right tools you’ll get the job done quicker.

Instead of using the wrong tools which might destroy the tiles, your floors, or even get you injured, you should purchase the right tools with great quality.

To assist you in making the right choice, we researched the best tools for removing tiles in the market along with their values.

Here we’ll be looking at several of them and how they can adequately help you in removing tiles.

Why Do I Need Tile Removing Tools?

Besides reducing the stress involved in removing tiles, there are other benefits you can enjoy and they include:

1. Convenience

Because these tools were created specifically for tasks like removing tiles, they are usually more convenient to use.

You might be able to use other tools, but with the right tile removal tool, you’ll be able to work without difficulty.

2. You save time

Using the right tools for removing tiles will also save you some time. These tools are often more efficient and effective.

If you use tools that were not specifically designed for tile removal, you’ll waste a lot of time, so you should invest in the best tools for removing tiles.

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3. You save energy

When you look at the tiles in a house, you’ll find that it requires a lot of work to remove or change them.

With the wrong tools for removing tiles, you will not just waste your time but energy, you might even take longer days to finish the job.

Using a masonry hammer and cold chisel to tap the tiles free will get the job done quicker than using an ordinary hammer.

4. Better results

You can achieve better results by removing tiles with the best tools. Lack of using the right tools will only give you poor results.

For instance, you can use the masonry hammer along with a cold chisel to loosen the tiles. This would give you a neater result.

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What Do I Look Out For In The Best Tools For Removing Tiles?

Now, if you’ve finally decided to make your tile removing process less stressful by purchasing the best tools, there are some qualities you need to put into consideration.

You should start by knowing the right tools and what qualities to look out for to make better decisions. 

Here are some qualities you should look out for:

1. Quality

Always go for tools or products with quality, buying substandard tools will cause you to lose money.

Ensure you’re buying your tools for verified outlets, so that you’ll be able to return them if it’s below what you expected.

2. Warranty

Quality products from verified outlets always come with a minimum of a 12-month warranty, most outlets offer you refund or replacement policies.

3. Durability

Ensure you always go for products with great reviews. Reviews are other users’ honest opinions about a product.

So you might want to check out some reviews before purchasing a product. You should also carefully examine each product before making purchases.

However, to make them last longer, you also need to carefully follow the instructions in the manual, clean up after use, and store them appropriately.

4. Term of use

This is specifically for fairly used tools, if possible find out how long the product was used and also ensure you purchase fairly used tools for trusted and verified outlets, an example is a Facebook marketplace or flea market.

5. Material of construction

Always make sure you choose the right tile removing tools for your work. There are various tools in the market.

Know what type of job you want to do because this would help you in choosing the best tile removing tools. 

For instance, go for hammers with chromium steels and select drills with sturdy handles. Always look out for corrosive-resistant substances to improve the average life of the tools.

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6. Scale

Scale simply means the effective range of the tool. Some tile removal tools were designed for short-scale projects and shouldn’t be used for long-term projects.

Always go through their specifications before purchasing them to avoid wasting your money.

How Do I Care For My Tile Removing Tools?

After purchasing your tile removing tools, you don’t just stop there. There are things you have to do to ensure it lasts longer.

The first thing is going through the manual, there you’ll find instructions on how to use and properly care for your tile removing tools.

Thoroughly clean up each tool after use, apply recommended oil on metal parts, use linseed oil for wooden parts, and store properly.

Do not store your tools carelessly to avoid metal rust or wood decay. Always find the best place to store them, with this your tools will last longer. 

Overview Of Tile Removing Tools

As a tile setter, or someone interested in changing or removing tiles yourself, wouldn’t you love an exciting and rewarding process?

You’ll always feel fulfilled and thrilled when you look at how neat your work was, especially when it took little time and energy.

If you’d love to feel this way or make your tile removing experience exciting, there are lots of best tile removing tools to help you achieve this.

Are you a tile setter or a homeowner who wants to try out removing tiles yourself? And you’re confused about the best tools for removing tiles to purchase?

While there are several tools out there, they all serve the same purpose of assisting you in removing tiles, however here are some tools you can check out:

1. Drasco Pro 400 Cold Chisel, ¼ Inch

2. Craftsman Sledgehammer, 10 Pound

3. Ingersoll Rand Model 119MAX Long-Barrel Air Hammer

4. HONEY BADGER HB26-2 Demolition Fork

5. TEKTON Angled Tip Handled Pry Bar Set, 3-Piece (12, 17, 25 inches)

6. Firecore SDS Max Floor Scraper, 6-in Wide Tile Removal Bit with Long Handle and Heavy Duty Blade (6” X 25”)

7. BOSCH GT2000 4-Piece Carbide Tipped Glass, Ceramic and Tile Drill Bit Set, silver

8. XtremepowerUS 3600W Heavy Duty Electric Demolition Jack Hammer Concrete Breaker 

9. Berserker 1-9/16” SDS Max Heavy Duty Rotary Hammer Drill

10. Glitzhome GH10017 Steel Framed Plastic Garden Wheelbarrow Utility Dump Cart, Black

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What Are The Best Tools For Removing Tiles In 2023?

Below are the best tile removing tools that would assist you whenever you want to remove tiles:

1. Drasco Pro 400 Cold Chisel, ¼ Inch

The Drasco Pro 400 Cold chisels are one of the best tools for removing tiles, especially when you come across difficult times.

With this masonry chisel, you can cut, shape, and remove tiles, very handy for removing tiles that are placed in corners.

You’ll need it for removing grouts that are stuck on the floor. Grout can be very difficult to remove sometimes.

But with this, you’ll be able to work without difficulty, all you’ll need is a hammer along with this cold chisel to get the job done faster.

There are various sizes of masonry chisels in the market, however, the size won’t hinder you from getting the job done.

Price: $14.13

Purchase from: Amazon

2. Craftsman Sledgehammer, 10 Pound

If you want to smash your tiles, then a sledgehammer is just what you need to get the job done.

The Craftsman Sledgehammer is Amazon’s choice when it comes to sledgehammers with quality and durability.

It has a bullet nose design which provides double the impact you need to smash your tiles, a particulate-filled fibreglass core, and a shock-absorbing collar that helps reduce vibration on impact.

An over-mould textured grip for added comfort and control as well as a shatterproof fibreglass handle that provides better durability.

Depending on the size of the room you’re working in, this might be a difficult or easy task. 

However, one of the best tools for removing tiles you can’t do without is the sledgehammer.

Price: $39.98

Purchase from: Amazon

3. Ingersoll Rand Model 119MAX LongBarrel Air Hammer   

Air hammers are another best tile removing tool you should check out. The Ingersoll Rand model is one of Amazon’s recommended air hammers.

This air hammer comes with an anti-vibration mechanism that reduces tool vibration by over 30% compared to the basic air hammer.

It has a comfortable grip with shock reduction and an anti-slip grip. Also has a quick-change retainer that provides fast chisel changeovers, included with tools.

The swivel air inlets prevent hose twisting during work. Air hammers have the same functionalities as handheld hammers, however, they come with extra functionality.

Purchasing this tool would be a great idea because air hammers do the job of both basic hammers and masonry chisels.

It is convenient to use, removes tiles and grouts easily as well as saves time and energy. They’re also lightweight.

With this, you’ll also be able to cut tiles faster, even tiles at the corners. And it would last for years.

Price: $123.97

Purchase from: Amazon

4. HONEY BADGER HB262 Demolition Fork 

With demolition forks, you can easily pull up tiles. This tool can dig in and allow you to pull up tiles.

One of the best tile removing tools is the Honey Badger demolition fork on Amazon. It is great for tight spaces.

The tool saves you a lot of cost on huge demolition projects, it’s the most versatile lineup of multipurpose demolition tools in the market, and is great for both experts as well as DIYs. 

You can use it to pull up tiles in tight corners, the sharpened tines allow for easier penetration through or under materials. The long handle also lets you tear them off with ease.

This demolition fork is durable and can last you for years. You can use them for other things like hardwood flooring, decking, siding, trim, wood or metal sheeting, and so much more.

Price: $72.99

Purchase from: Amazon

5. TEKTON Angled Tip Handled Pry Bar Set, 3-Piece (12, 17, 25 inches)

Pry bars operate similarly to tile scrapers but with better benefits. The TEKTON Angled Handled Pry Bar Set is one of the best tools for removing tiles on Amazon.

This 3- piece set has an angled tip that creates a high leverage fulcrum for lifting or prying tiles. It is also perfect for tight spaces.

With its generously sized textured poly handle, you can easily work comfortably without losing your grip on the tool.

The steel striking cap allows the pry bar tip to be driven into place with the help of a hammer. It was created with stout square bar stock that won’t easily twist.

You can effortlessly remove tiles with this tool with no fear of damaging them because it is strong and durable. 

Price: $42.00

Purchase from: Amazon

6. Firecore SDS Max Floor Scraper, 6-in Wide Tile Removal Bit with Long Handle and Heavy Duty Blade (6” X 25”)

With this floor scraper, you can easily remove tiles that are not tightly stuck together. Floor scrapers are hand tools with an angled razor-thin scraper attached at the end.

Designed with extra-large replaceable blades, it aids efficient material removal per pass. The drop-forged tempered steel is built specially for high-impact stresses.

The bolts have unique threads design that becomes tighter the more you are tiding the nuts. The more the nuts get tightened, the harder it would be for the bolts to loosen due to vibration. 

This is one of the best tools for removing tiles and you can also use it for scraping jobs, like removing ceramic tiles, carpets, thin-set, epoxy, and other hard adhesives.

You can also use it in removing glued-down wood floors and hardwoods. It comes assembled.

Price: $85.99

Purchase from: Amazon

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7. BOSCH GT2000 4-Piece Carbide Tipped Glass, Ceramic and Tile Drill Bit Set, silver

With drill bits, you can create holes in stubborn tiles. By boring holes in the tiles, you can effortlessly remove the tile using other tools.

One of the best tools for removing tiles on Amazon is the Bosch GT2000 4- piece carbide tipped the glass, ceramic, and tile Drill set bit.

Included here is a high-quality carbide tip with a reinforced head to make the job less stressful, and prevent bit cracking, and the diamond ground cutting edge offers durability.

It is the perfect tool for basic jobs like relief holes for glass cutting, bathroom, and shower installations, setting concrete screws in tiles, and much more.

The three flat shanks provide great grip on 5 16 inches bits and larger to prevent slippage. The Bosch glass and tile bits are really easy to use and they also get the job done quicker. 

Price: $8.27

Purchase from: Amazon

8. XtremepowerUS 3600W Heavy Duty Electric Demolition Jack Hammer Concrete Breaker

Included in this package are 2 point chisel, pair of protective gloves, protective goggles, a protective mask, hex wrenches, and a carrying case.

One of the best tools for removing tiles, you can use it for large demolition projects at home or business.

It is great for chipping, trenching, breaking holes in concrete, brick, blocks, tile stucco, and more. 

This jackhammer was designed with an active vibration control handle that features a flexible 2-handed design to reduce vibration. 

The 360-degree foregrip provides an extra control that makes it easy to flexibly adjust based on the positioning you need why working. 

It delivers 1900 impacts per minute at 55 ft/lbs which can break up the hardest surface. Jackhammers are best effective for large spaces, it makes the work faster. 

Price: $249.95

Purchase from: Amazon

9. Berserker 1-9/16” SDS-Max Heavy Duty Rotary Hammer Drill

The rotary hammer is similar to the electric drill and sometimes they’re both combined.

Rotary hammers provide high impact used for fast drilling or chipping speed in tiles, blocks, metal, rock, and other hard surfaces.

Included in this package point chisel, 1 drill bit, and carrying case, with effective vibration control, and a safety clutch.

It has a rotating dial to set the tool to 3 specific modes of operation “hammering with rotation”, and “hammering only” for multiple applications. The Vario lock allows you to choose your desired position of hammers.

This is one of the best tools for removing tiles that is very easy and convenient to use with its 360 adjustable accessory handle that you can change to suit your work. 

The high-quality anti-vibration control was built to reduce vibration, and fatigue as well as offer a better working experience. 

Price: $219.79

Purchase from: Amazon

10. Glitzhome GH10017 Steel Framed Plastic Garden Wheelbarrow Utility Dump Cart, Black

This wheelbarrow is ideal for packing and transporting your tile debris. After removing tiles, you’ll need to dispose of the debris from the tile removal process.

You can use other tools like garbage cans to pack your debris, but then to avoid back pain, the wheelbarrow is ideal.

When you gather all the debris gather during the tile removal process, it would be very heavy and stressful to carry.

The wheelbarrow is more convenient because it has hands that you’ll use to push it back and forth, though you might not feel good carrying it indoors.

You might have a wheelbarrow already but if you don’t, you can get this heavy-duty wheelbarrow from Amazon.

It was constructed with a high-quality black powder-coated steel frame and a plastic tray that is very strong, durable, and easy to clean.

With its foam-coated grip handles, you can comfortably hold it, push it, pull, and dump all types of loads effortlessly. 

It has simple and detailed installation instructions to help you assemble it easily.

Price: $170.58

Purchase from: Amazon 

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What do I look for in tools for tile removal?

To purchase the best tools for removing tiles, you should look out for tools that have quality, are durable, the specifications, scale, and warranty.

Is it easy to remove tiles?

It could be a bit difficult to remove ceramic tiles without breaking them. However, you can start by removing the grout with a grout removal and then placing your chisel under the tiles. Carefully place the chisel in the grout line under the tiles, and then tap very gently with a hammer. You have to be very careful with this process.

Can I remove tiles by myself?

Yes, you can remove tiles yourself, but the process might be difficult for you. This is why you need to buy the best tile-removing tools and read the instructions carefully.

How can I maintain my tile removing tools?

You can start by cleaning the tools properly after each use, you can use water for non-electric tools, but ensure you clean properly to avoid rust. Some tools may require special materials or cleaners to keep them shiny. Always store in a conducive environment.

Are fairly used tile removal tools worth it?

Yes, if you don’t have enough money to purchase a new one then you can get fairly used tools from flea markets and examine them carefully to ensure they’re in good shape.


Removing tiles at home or large demolition sites becomes easier and more convenient, with the best tools for removing tiles.

With various tools designed for removing tiles in your toolbox, you can work more effectively. The tile-removing tools here are some of the best in the market and you can get them from Amazon.



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