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10 Best Tools for Video Conferencing in 2022 | Best Tools

Video conferencing has grown more economical and accessible as cloud technology has advanced in so many ways, especially in today’s business. 

During the COVID-19 epidemic, such progress was also notable. Many firms, particularly small enterprises, can continue to operate by implementing work-from-home arrangements. 

Today’s finest video conferencing solutions make these arrangements conceivable. For video meetings, audio meetings, and seminars, video conferencing solutions provide virtual contact.

 They provide easy-to-use features, including chat, recording, and screen sharing. These features allow for long-distance communication, improved collaboration, and reduced trip costs.

Small firms understand that remote or hybrid setups make more sense than returning to the office now that the pandemic is almost over, owing to growing worries about the costliness and harmful environmental implications of travel. 

Similarly, people are taking on responsibilities that allow them to work from home, even if it means seeking a new career. While this new trend has advantages, it also has drawbacks. 

Consider internal personnel, customers, and business partners. It’s difficult to fathom connecting with them over the internet. 

A regular travel, on the other hand, would entail exorbitant fees. This is when video conferencing becomes useful.

In this article, we’ve prepared a list of the top best tools for video conferencing. Learn about the features that led to their inclusion on our list, as well as their pricing plans and other noteworthy features.

 Keep reading as we describe in detail the best tools for video conferencing one can rely on in 2022.

What Is Video Conferencing Software? 

Video conferencing software is a tool that allows two or more people to have video meetings and share screens over the internet.

 Businesses and professionals use video communication software as a cost-effective way to communicate in a visual and aural environment from a distance. 

Video meetings can be held from any location in the world with a reliable internet connection. Some video conferencing software also lets you share files, share displays, and operate another person’s computer remotely.


What Do I Need to Use for Video Conferencing? 

Before you can have a successful digital meeting, there are a few things you’ll need to get started:

  • A laptop or desktop computer
  • A strong internet connection
  • A webcam
  • Headphones
  • Microphone

Many of these features are already built into laptops, but if you’re using a desktop computer, you may need to install a few extras to get everything set up properly.

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How to Decide on the Best Tools for Video Conferencing?

Does it have all the features I need? 

The capabilities you’ll require in video conferencing software will be determined by your company’s requirements.

 If all you want to do is have virtual meetings, you might simply need simple video conferencing.

 If you want more comprehensive features for a more involved meeting, though, you’ll need other features like file-sharing or screen-sharing.

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How many people can be hosted at one time? 

When looking for the best video conferencing software, remember the number of people you’ll want on a single call.

 Because some software has a restriction, make sure the one you choose is appropriate for the number of people who will be at your meetings.

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What is the degree of security this tool provides? 

Another vital element is security, especially if you’ll be sharing sensitive files during your video chat. 

To safeguard the safety of your digital data, be sure the program you purchase has guaranteed security features in place.

How easy is it to set up these best tools for video conferencing? 

Finally, video conferencing software should be simple to install and operate. You don’t want to be the one who calls a meeting and then can’t figure out how to switch on the camera or volume when the meeting starts.

Things You Can Do With the Best Tools For Video Conferencing  

You can do the following if you use any of the best tools for video conferencing we have here. Organize;

  • business meetings
  • employee training
  • a webinar
  • an online workshop or class.
  • video interviews
  • a digital “event”

Overview Of The Best Tools For Video Conferencing 

Here is the list of the best tools for video conferencing that you can find profitable. 

  • RingCentral MVP:helps users meet a wide range of businesses 
  • BrainCert: assist staff training in a variety of industries. 
  • GotoMeeting: helps users meet a wide range of audiences. 
  • Lifesize 
  • GoToWebinar
  • Cisco Webex 
  • Skype 
  • Zoom 
  • Transcript Live
  • Google meet 

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10 Best Tools For Video Conferencing 

Want to know more about the best tools for video conferencing? Find below the best tools for video conferencing explained in detail:

#1. RingCentral MVP

RingCentral MVP is built to meet the needs of a wide range of businesses. The message, phone, and video channels are all integrated into one cloud-based platform.

 It’s simple to use and affordable, making it ideal for virtual teams and small and midsized enterprises to collaborate and complete work.

RingCentral Office guarantees that teams can collaborate no matter where they are in the world thanks to its more than 50 tools. One-click video meetings, cloud PBX, and off-the-shelf HD telepresence equipment are among its features. 

Glip, a free team chat, and collaboration software are also available.RingCentral’s cloud phone solution works with either vendor-supplied phones and headsets or with your device via the RingCentral apps. 

RingCentral Office, on the other hand, is integrated with Microsoft, Google, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Box, Okta, and other services.

RingCentral Office is available in four different plans for a single monthly charge starting at $19.99 per user.

 You can also add additional toll fees, and local, vanity, and international phone numbers. It is one of the best tools for video conferencing. 

Why use RingCentral Office? 

  • Video conferencing in high definition and with interactive features: RingCentral Office’s HD and interactive video conferencing capability enhances virtual meetings. You may hold meetings with up to 500 people, which is one of the largest capacities in the video conferencing industry.
  • Collaborations between teams that run smoothly: RingCentral Office enables seamless, controlled, and attainable team collaborations.
  • Integration with critical applications: Whatever meeting app you choose, RingCentral Office will undoubtedly work well with it.

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#2. BrainCert

BrainCert, as a comprehensive organizational learning management platform, can assist staff training in a variety of industries. 

It combines four major platforms into a single, fully functional package. 

Businesses may efficiently undertake multiple forms of training, whether it’s skills development, client training, compliance training, certification tests, or an online testing platform.

The LMS software from BrainCert is easy to use, extremely flexible and includes interactive courses. Its cloud-based online assessment infrastructure ensures the effectiveness of the courses while reducing the danger of cheating.

 Also, its online remote classroom facilitates document management and collaboration. Its content management system allows users to instantly publish content without having to worry about file conversion.

BrainCert is a mobile-first, customizable platform with a straightforward user interface. It also offers a gamification add-on that allows users to create more engaging courses.

BrainCert pricing varies depending on your specific business needs. For a limited time, try it for free or with the eLearning Free Plan. 

We strongly recommend it to you when you’re searching for the best tools for video conferencing to use. 

Why Choose BrainCert? 

  • Expansion of gamification With BrainCert’s gamification addon, you can increase employee engagement.
  • Mobile-friendly platform: Regardless of the device, BrainCert promises a new, responsive experience. You don’t need to install any third-party programs to use its capabilities.
  • Intuitive features: For selling courses, BrainCert has user-friendly features. You can create online storefronts for your courses and other tangible things, with payment integration.

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#3. GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting is a web-based meeting platform that may be accessed by a mobile app, a desktop app, or a browser.

Anyone can attend a meeting held with this program, even if they do not have a GoToMeeting account. It is ideally suited for business use rather than personal use.

GoToMeeting is the next best thing to a physical meeting because it allows for face-to-face meetings, cloud collaborations, and real-time presentations.

They have praised the superb audio and video interface of this system. It also includes features like screen sharing, a private meeting room, and a dial-in conference.

 Admin Center, Downloadable Admin Reports, and Meeting Diagnostic Reports are also important to account administration capabilities.

Meetings with up to 3,000 people can be held with GoToMeeting. It does, however, offer lower-tiered services for smaller meetings, such as online lectures or distant employment.

GoToMeeting’s plans range in price from $12 to $16 per month. A quote-based plan is also available. As you can see, it is price friendly.

 This is one of the reasons why it is among the best tools for video conferencing you can find anywhere. 

Why Choose GoToMeeting? 

  • Designed specifically for business gatherings: GoToMeeting’s crisp audio and HD video work well with a cloud VoIP phone system, ensuring a malfunctioning system does not disrupt that meetings.
  • They should keep meetings private: GoToMeeting is TRUSTe-verified and BSI C5-certified, in addition to TLS encryption, 256-bit AES, and SOC2 Type II data centers. It also strictly adheres to the most stringent security and privacy requirements.
  • It’s ideal for meetings on the fly: GoToMeeting includes mobile features that make it ideal for meetings on the go. It can be accessed through a mobile browser or from an iOS or Android device.

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#4. GoToWebinar

GoToWebinar is a service that allows individuals and organizations to create and hold online and video conferences. 

It has a wide range of applications, making it a valuable tool for professionals and enterprises looking to reach out to new audiences, conduct training, or hold speaking engagements. 

Many individuals and companies have benefited from GoToWebinar’s ease of use in generating high-value, more qualified marketing leads at a low cost. You can use it on either a Mac or a PC.

Price range: GoToWebinar is free to try

for seven days. If you like it, you may subscribe to one of its paid plans for $89 per month, $199 per month, or $429 per month.

When searching for the best tools for video conferencing, don’t forget to keep your eyes on GoToWebinar. 

Why Choose GoToWebinar? 

  • Make eye contact with your audience: GoToWebinar’s engagement dashboard allows you to see how engaged your audience is. You may also use the webcam recording feature to show off your presentation talents. Real-time surveys and polls are also available to encourage more interaction.
  • Events should be recorded and reused: You can record events and then share them online or utilize them to access pre-recorded events.
  • Feedback and analytics that are insightful: GoToWebinar performs admirably in terms of data. It generates attendee reports that give you insights and statistics. Its perspectives tell you how many people saw your webinar, while its analytics tell you how well it went.

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#5. Lifesize

Lifesize is an award-winning provider of high-quality, end-to-end video conferencing solutions. It is the world’s first 4K video conferencing platform.

 It is one of the best cloud-hosted communications software that has ever existed, having been introduced in 2003. This technology is used by thousands of businesses in over 100 countries.

Online conference rooms and integrated directories are also possible with Lifesize. This allows for easy and uninterrupted communication, fostering collaboration and efficiency in the workplace.

Lifesize offers a 30-day free trial period. Prices for its programs begin at $12.95 per user per month.

Why Choose Lifesize? 

  • A centralized user directory: Lifesize’s centralized user directory includes a simple search engine that allows you to enter the name of the person you want to talk to and then click on their name to start a discussion. This directory is accessible from any device.
  • Options for enterprise-level security: To maintain the confidentiality of chats, Lifesize uses security features that encrypt both the media and the signal across their service by default.

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#6. Skype 

Microsoft owns Skype, a web-based messaging tool. Users and experts agree that this product is one of the greatest VoIP solutions available. It offers web-based texting, international calls, and video chat.

Other functions, such as image and document sharing, are also available through Skype. In addition, you can make low-cost calls to mobile phones and genuine landlines during non-peak hours.

Skype is free, but users can upgrade to paid plans ranging from $5.50 to $12.5o each month to gain access to additional features.

 Stidoubtting if it’s among the best tools for video conferencing?  Check it out yourself! 

Why Choose Skype? 

  • There are numerous ways to communicate: This app provides a variety of communication options that boost job efficiency, encourage collaboration, and pave the path for new ideas. A Skype conference can have up to 250 people in it.
  • Affordability and adaptability are two important factors to consider. Skype’s pricing is among the most affordable and adaptable in the market.

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#7. Zoom

Zoom is especially well-suited to hosting webinars and teaching online classes. Online training, meetings, conferences, and demonstrations are all things that I do.

 This straightforward online video conferencing and meeting software combines online meetings, video conferencing, and group messaging into a single cloud-hosted platform.

 It also enhances access to web conferences and webinars, making wireless content exchange easier.

Zoom can accommodate and broadcast virtual meetings with up to 100 participants and 10,000 viewers.

 It’s ideal for academic institutions, healthcare organizations, businesses, and small to mid-sized companies.

Why Choose Zoom? 

  • Documents can be annotated with comments or notes: While sharing files, Zoom enables either annotation or co-annotation. This means you can make notes or comments on papers.
  • Sharing screen: The host can share his or her screen from any device, allowing teams and employees to collaborate and work together more effectively.
  • The ability to record online meetings is available: A mobile device or the web can be used to record online meetings in MP4 and M4A video formats.

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#8. Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex is typically thought of as a business-oriented audio and video conferencing solution. 

It combines audio, data, and video tools to allow users to hold virtual meetings in real-time. It may host a variety of meetings and provide users with a real-time experience.

Users may create an effective team workplace with Cisco Webex’s broadcast-quality audio, teleconferencing capability, and conference calls. It’s ideal for academic presentations and large-scale product debuts.

Cisco Webex has three enterprise pricing plans that start at $24 per user per month and include a free trial period.

Why Choose Cisco Webex?

  • Online meetings that are simple to set up: The Webex Training Center feature of Cisco Webex allows users to effortlessly arrange, start, and host online meetings. You can create an invitation and load the schedule into the system using Microsoft Outlook by selecting the Add Webex Meeting icon that appears in Outlook.
  • Maximum collaboration has been improved: Cisco Webex’s Training Center function configures the screen view based on the file type being used.

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#9. Townscript Live 

Townscript Live is a web-hosted, all-in-one solution for hosting virtual events. It is a  user-friendly platform that can be accessed via a desktop computer or a smartphone.

Townscript Live allows you to customize registration forms so that you can create questions based on the demographics of your participants. 

On the organizer dashboard, you can also change attendee-related information.

Why Choose Townscript Live

  • Organize large-scale gatherings: Your event can accommodate a thousand or more people with Townscript Live.
  • Nothing needs to be downloaded or installed: Because Townscript Live is a browser-based solution, you don’t need to install anything.

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#10. Google Meet

Google Meet is a communications service created by Google that enables organizations to launch and participate in text, phone, or video chat channels. 

It is effective in both one-on-one and group discussions. Despite its reputation as a personal messaging program, it is capable of meeting the communication needs of businesses.

Gmail and Google+ are both supported by Google Meet. You won’t have to worry about syncing it with Slack, Zendesk, Freshservice, Sprint, West Unified Communications, or other important business platforms.

Why Choose Google Meet? 

  • Streaming video calls in real-time: Google Hangouts on Air allows users to make live video chats over YouTube.
  • Former Google business tools are compatible: Former Google business products, particularly Google Talk, work nicely with Google Meet. It also has a Google Voice integration.

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The video conferencing market is incredibly varied and constantly changing. We were unable to discuss all of the relevant best tools for video conferencing available; nonetheless, these ten best tools for video conferencing stood out among the rest for this year. 

Meanwhile, to stay up with growing trends, companies are hurrying to release new best tools for video conferencing.

 We believe this article has provided you with the necessary information that you need as regards the best tools for video conferencing in 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What good is video conferencing technology if you can’t communicate with people outside of your company, such as clients and partners? 

You can strengthen linked relationships with individuals who matter most with the correct HD video collaboration solutions, regardless of whatever video conferencing system they use.

If you want your business to thrive, you need the best tools for video conferencing. 

Some tools are so simple to use that they don’t require any IT knowledge at all. You can make a video call with your iPhone if you know how to utilize it.

LifeSize’s video collaboration solution does not necessitate a separate Internet connection. But some other best tools for video conferencing require a very good network before they can run effectively.

In practically every industry, video conferencing is altering organizations all around the world.

 Companies have relied on audio and web conferencing for far too long to communicate with people in different locations. 


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