13 Best Universities in Canada for MS in Mechanical Engineering | 2022

As a mechanical engineer, a great sense of happiness fills your mind when you see your mechanical system functioning optimally. Most times, you just want to capture that moment and hold it forever. On another hand, when your system fails, then you know you need to progress. So, before you consider where to further, check out the best universities in Canda for MS in mechanical engineering.

According to Research Gate, a study focused on the role of mechanical engineers towards achieving sustainable development. Critical reviews of the problems facing the development of technology were discussed as well as the way forward.

Based on the challenges of our immediate society, the level of our technology can only be improved when our teaching and curriculum is reviewed.

Hence, the study suggested that our approach as mechanical engineers towards research must change from the basic research concept to applied research concept.

While we will technically focus on the best universities in for MS mechanical engineering in Canada, we will explore other concepts. One of them is why you should study mechanical engineering in Canada.

Why Study Mechanical Engineering in Canada?

There is almost no part of human life and existence which doesn’t have an influence on mechanical engineering. Indeed, it is one of the broadest engineering programs with different specialities.

Once whatever you want to develop must-have moving parts, then you must involve a mechanical engineer. Their insight is very much the advantage you need in your plan.

There’s a lot of thinking and planning when it comes to mechanical designs. Because they must complete certain tests. However, the two most popular tests include; the test of aesthetics and workability. This is tedious work.

As long as we live in a world wherein technology is the leader, mechanical engineering will always be necessary. And their demand will forever increase.

What does it cost to study MS Mechanical Engineering in Canada?

Studying in Canada is not cheap. In fact, being one of the countries with the top schools in the world makes it harder. So, you must have heavy pockets in order to complete your program.

On average, it takes between $12,900 to $40,800 to start and finish an MS in mechanical engineering at any Canadian institution. However, you’re guaranteed that the knowledge you gain will better this amount.

What is the Job Outlook & Salary of Mechanical Engineers in Canada?

Mechanical engineers do a lot of hard work. For this cause, they get highly rewarded for their efforts. As Canada pushes towards better infrastructural development, mechanical engineers will play a big role.

On average, a mechanical engineer’s salary is C$65,450 per year in Canada. However, this salary is not for top-flight and well-experienced engineers but for mid-level engineers.

On the other hand, from 2019 t0 2028, there will be an over 5% increase in job openings for mechanical engineers. These openings will arise from the need for expansion and retirement of older engineers.

So, if you have a degree in mechanical engineering, you must further your studies. When you further you compete with your colleagues at a higher level and if you don’t a degree, get one immediately.

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Are there online MS Mechanical Engineering Programs in Canada?

As more and more people start attending school and doing business online, more programs get online as well. So, in Canada, there are online programs for masters in mechanical engineering and other aspects of engineering.

As we know, the admission requirements vary for each school but they both have similarities. There are a handful of schools that offer these programs and a good number of them include;

  • Athabasca University
  • Thompson Rivers University
  • McGill University
  • Royal Roads University
  • University of Manitoba
  • Canadian Virtual University
  • eCampus Ontario

What are the Best Mechanical Engineering Universities in Canada?

As a top country interested in engineering, a lot of schools in Canada offer mechanical engineering at different levels of the program. However, a few stand out among others for a lot of reasons. Some of the reasons fall on ranking, student strength, and research facility power.

So, in a nutshell, the best mechanical engineering universities in Canada are;

  • University of Toronto
  • McGill University
  • University of British Columbia
  • McMaster University
  • University of Alberta
  • University of Waterloo

13 Best Universities in Canada for MS in Mechanical Engineering | 2021

A lot of times ranking universities for certain courses is a big issue as you can doubt the judgment. For this reason, we will show you our ranking criteria and how we arrived at our results.

Ranking Criteria

To effectively rank the best universities in Canada for MS in mechanical engineering, in the world, we used the following factors.

Because the surest way to become a mechanical engineer is to get a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, our ranking is based on QS World University Ranking for Best Mechanical Engineering Schools in the World.

When you want to pursue a master’s degree program, you must consider the specialties that each university possesses.

The best mechanical engineering schools for MS in Canada will guarantee you employment upon graduation, or a big chance of gaining employment. So, we give preference to those engineering schools with a higher employability rate.

The best universities in Canada for MS in Mechanical engineering in descending order are;

  • University of Western Ontario
  • University of Manitoba
  • University of Calgary
  • Queen’s University at Kingston
  • University of Waterloo
  • McMaster University
  • University of Alberta
  • University of British Columbia
  • McGill University
  • University of Toronto

13. Concordia University

The Master of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering at Concordia is a thesis-based program basically aimed at advancing the design of technological systems.

Every student in this program will broaden a specific area of scientific knowledge, conducting research on a topic of their choice in mechanical or industrial engineering.

Using state-of-the-art laboratories and research centers, students will research subjects around industrial control, computer-aided vehicle engineering, composites, and computational fluid dynamics.

This engineering department is at the frontlines of research and graduate training in mechanical and industrial engineering in Canada. You can visit the school to check out the eligibility requirements.

12. Centennial College

Centennial College’s Mechanical Engineering Technology – Industrial (Fast-Track) program gives qualified mechanical engineering college or university graduates direct entry into Year 2 (Semester 3). They will receive their degree after two years.

This advanced diploma program’s Mechanical Engineering Technology – Industrial (Fast-Track) courses will give you both engineering theory and practice while highlighting the design and development of various mechanical devices and equipment.

You’ll spend about one-quarter of the program on project work that will brood workplace assignments. Additionally, you’ll relate classroom theory to the actual design, manufacture, and testing of mechanical systems.

11. Dalhousie University

The Master of Engineering (MEng) is a coursework degree wherein you must pass at least seven courses, one graduate seminar, and a project. The MEng is a professionally-oriented terminal degree and is taught at one of the best universities in Canada for MS in mechanical engineering.

An MEng project doesn’t bring in the discovery or creation of new knowledge, as is the case in a MASc or Ph.D. An MEng project must present the student’s ability to carry through to completion of a project of a has a little difficulty level. And that the student draws on the knowledge and experience he gets through advanced undergraduate and graduate mechanical engineering course work.

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10. The University of Western Ontario

The Professional MEng program is a course-based degree that can act as a combination of course work and a project or complete coursework. This degree can be obtained on either a full or part-time basis and runs for only a year.

The Research MESc or Ph.D. program is a full-time thesis-based research degree, which is approximately two (MESc) or four (Ph.D.) years in duration.

You can pursue a specialty in either;

  • Accelerated Masters of Engineering Science (Accel. MESc)
  • Masters of Engineering Science (MESc)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
  • Direct Entry PhD

9. University of Manitoba

Since the establishment of this department in 1913, they have bolstered in all areas. To be precise, the graduate student population has grown over the years with a pattern that generally aligns with the growth pattern for total academic staff.

The Department has highly qualified engineering and scientists with interlocking specialization, with doctoral degrees and post-doctoral honors from universities and research institutions around the world. Opportunities exist in both basic and applied research projects.

All students interested in this program must possess a B.Sc degree, to say the least. Each student must also possess 24 credit hours of coursework with at least nine credits at the 700/700 level.

8. University of Calgary

It is designed to support either full- or part-time studies, setting you up for advanced career opportunities. The course-based program gives you the opportunity to complete the degree in two years, full time, with the option to complete it over up to six years of part-time studies.

In this program, you will build your knowledge with 10 technical courses. Hence, you will have the opportunity to expand or focus your career, depending on your goals, in a range of sectors.

Some of these sectors include natural resources, alternative energy systems, advanced manufacturing, biotechnology, aerospace, autonomous systems, and mobile robotics, smart and sustainable infrastructure, and more.

7. Queen’s University at Kingston

The Mechanical engineering graduate school has world-class faculty and facilities that help graduate students to hit their academic and research objectives. Most of the time, these students exceed them by a mile.

At Queen’s University, you can pursue research-based degrees at both the Masters (MASc) and Ph.D. levels. Additionally, you can pursue it as a professional master’s degree (MEng).

This university has four research core groups which cut across Biomechanical Engineering, Design and Manufacturing, Energy and Fluid Systems, and Materials Engineering.

Their friendly campus and amazing environment make them one of the top universities in Canada for MS in mechanical engineering.

6. University of Waterloo

The Department of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering at the University of Waterloo offers a range of programs. Some of their programs eventually grant lead you to a degree of Master of Applied Science (MASc), Master of Engineering (MEng), Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Green Energy Graduate Diploma (GDip), or a Graduate Diploma in Design (GDip).

Additionally, this Department also offers an Accelerated BASc-MASc degree program for current University of Waterloo undergraduate students who qualify for the program.

The Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering Department grants full-time graduate students the opportunity to execute research under the supervision of an expert in the subject area.

So, all full-time thesis students are fully supported either from major scholarships such as NSERC and OGS or from Research Assistantships funded by their faculty supervisors’ research grants.

5. McMaster University

In every industry, a higher degree expands your knowledge bank as well as opportunities. At McMaster, an MS in Mechanical Engineering gives the above options as you can expand your development on a personal level.

Candidates basically build their skills in data analysis, problem-solving, critical thinking, inventiveness, responsibility, and the ability to show their work to a variety of audiences.

All M.A.Sc. students get proper guidance from a faculty member in the department. Generally, the research areas of the faculty members include biomechanics; manufacturing; mechanics and design; and thermofluids.

So, when you list the best universities in Canada for MS in Mechanical engineering, McMaster will always take a valiant position.

4. University of Alberta

Alberta has a solid graduate curriculum in its different disciplines some of which are solid and biomechanics, thermo-fluids, robotics and controls, aerosol science, engineering and project management, optimization.

When students study under these disciplines, they create opportunities for research within different groups. Eventually, these students apply the same process to solve real-world problems.

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The key strengths of Alberta’s graduate programs in Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Management include exceptional research results, amazing opportunities to learn in addition to professional development training, and high-training in quality employment.

3. University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia has a rich history and they keep reinventing themselves so as to compete globally. Of course, they’ve achieved results in different sectors of education.

Their graduate program in engineering is one of the best as it is communicated with excellence, clarity, and purpose. Indeed, they have a good number of qualified professionals.

Their Master of Applied Science in Engineering keeps gathering the smartest students. These students eventually become graduates that go ahead to steer positive change in society.

2. McGill University

When you study mechanical engineering at McGill, you possess an opportunity to study alongside some of the best students and researchers from around the world.

Another exceptional thing about this institution is bound in the fact that you have the opportunity to pursue a highly challenging subject area in addition to various extra-curricular activities.

McGill has amazing connections with many universities which helps its students attend exchange programs.

In engineering, they possess one of the best research facilities in Canada. These facilities have helped them scale in different areas of research.

When you study mechanical engineering at McGill, you possess an opportunity to study alongside some of the best students and researchers from around the world.

Another exceptional thing about this institution is bound in the fact that you have the opportunity to pursue a highly challenging subject area in addition to various extra-curricular activities.

McGill has amazing connections with many universities which helps its students attend exchange programs.

In engineering, they possess one of the best research facilities in Canada. These facilities have helped them hit new ground in different areas of research.

A lot of reasons make them one of the best universities in Canada for MS in mechanical engineering, and they still plan on being a top-flight school.

1. University of Toronto

When it comes to engineering and a whole lot of programs, the University of Toronto remains number one. Over the years, they’ve built a solid reputation for excellence and innovation.

This institution offers three graduate programs wherein one of them is their Master of Engineering program. So, this program basically helps students who want to practice professionally.

Students who want to venture into this program can complete it in a year. By this and so much more, UT tops our list of best universities in Canada for MS in mechanical engineering.

FAQ On Best Universities in Canada for MS in Mechanical Engineering

Are Mechanical Engineers in demand in Canada?

Yes, mechanical engineers have very high demand in Canada as they push towards greater influence and impact on their communities.

Is Mechanical Engineering a good career in Canada?

Yes. Mechanical engineering is one of the few high-paying and high demanding jobs in Canada.

Is Canada good for masters in mechanical engineering?

Canada is a country that has heavily invested in education. Hence, they’re very good for a master’s in mechanical engineering.

Which university is best for mechanical engineering in Canada?

The best university for mechanical engineering in Canada is the University of Toronto.


As the world tends towards becoming a global and fully technological environment, mechanical engineers are a key part of the plan.

As much as there are increasing demands for professionals like you, you must understand that the bar keeps getting higher.

The only way to stay afloat is by continually increasing knowledge and advancing impact. Just enroll in an MS program today!


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