Best Universities In Guyana For International Students 2022 | Rankings

Medicine, Agriculture, Engineering, and ICT are top career options and are all obtainable in the best Universities in Guyana. Do you know why you should consider studying in Guyana?

Firstly, Guyana is the only English-speaking country in South America. The top colleges in Guyana are located in a serene environment that enables smooth learning and research.

In this article, we will connect you with the best colleges in Guyana, but before we look at that, let’s quickly run through the cost of studying in Guyana and why you should study there.

Why Guyana?

There are several reasons why Guyana is considered the best option for any student who wants to pursue a career in universities in South American.

The first thing you should know is that Guyana is the only English speaking South American country that shares a rich Caribbean culture and is considered as part of the West Indies and Caribbean Community.

Guyana also shares borders with Brazil, Venezuela, and Suriname. The most interesting part is Guyana is poised to be the new oil giant of the region and is currently developing its Oil and Gas sector.

In fact, A thousand words are not enough to discuss the many benefits that await you if you enrol in any of the best colleges in Guyana.

The people are very hospitable, and that creates a welcoming environment even for international students.

Some of the major economic activities in Guyana are Gold and Diamond mining, timber production and Agriculture.

In addition, Guyana has a population of approximately 700,000. known as the land of seven races, and also has a harmoniously diverse religious community comprising mainly of Christians, Hindu, and Muslims.

Top Celebrities From Best Universities in Guyana

Below are some of the recognized celebrities of the Guyanese Universities.

  • Odeen Ishmael, a Guyanese diplomat, and ambassador.
  • Marlon Khan, a Mechanical Engineer, eCommerce Expert, and CEO of MK Online Distribution Inc.
  • Neil Pierre, a Director of Policy Coordination Branch, United Nations

How Much Does It Cost To Study In Guyana?

The cost of enrollment in any Guyanese University is dependent on the program and course of study.

However, there is a significant difference in the cost of attending a Private institution to that of a public school. For instance, A student attending American International School of Medicine pays $7,500 while a student of Guyana University pays $4,000.

Furthermore, in some schools, foreign students usually pay higher annual tuition compared with the local students.

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What Are The Top Universities In Guyana?

We have compiled a list of best Universities in Guyana. Our list basically consists of the Private and public Universities.

Our selection criteria of these schools are the tuition and fees, acceptance rates, graduation rates, number of programs and many other ranking factors.

Others factors we took into consideration are;

  • Proper accreditation or approval by the appropriate Guyanese higher education-related organization.
  • Offering at least four-year undergraduate degrees (bachelor degrees) or postgraduate degrees (master or doctoral degrees).
  • Delivering courses predominantly in a traditional, non-distance education format.

Below are Government schools that make the list of Best Universities in Guyana.

  • University of Guyana
  • Guyana School of Agriculture
  • GreenHeart Medical University 

The Private institutions that make our list of best universities in Guyana are;

  • Texila American University 
  • American International School of Medicine 
  • Lincoln American University
  • Alexander American University School of Medicine
  • Georgetown American University

#1 University of Guyana

The University of Guyana was established in April 1963. Its tuition is 160,000 GYD(Local) and 4,000 USD (International ).

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The mission of the school is “To discover, generate, disseminate, and apply knowledge of the highest standard for the service of the community, the nation, and of all mankind within an atmosphere of academic freedom that allows for free and critical inquiry.”

School Program

At the inception, the University of Guyana Berbice Campus (UGBC) offered two-year undergraduate Certificate programs in Education (various options) and Diploma programs in Accountancy, English, History, Marketing, Public Management, and Social Work.

Subsequently, the school added other programs including Degree in Agriculture and the Associate Degree in General Science, and Degrees in Public Management and Education.

The UGBC Post-Graduate Diploma in Education in Education started in the 2002-2003 academic year.

Recently, the school offers more than 60 under-graduate and graduate programs, including in Natural Sciences, Engineering, Environmental Studies, Forestry, Urban Planning and Management, Tourism Studies, Education, Creative Arts, Economics, Law, Medicine, Optometry, and Nursing. 

The institution has graduated over 20,000 students, who have gone on to successful careers in all professional fields of endeavor.

In addition, the University of Guyana ranks no. 6190 position in the world according to the QS world ranking.

#2 Texila American University 

Texila American University (TAU) is one of the best schools in Guyana and currently the best private school in the whole of Guyana.

The University is located in Guyana, South America and offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in medicine, nursing, public health, and allied sciences. Its tuition is 7,500 USD/year.

The mission of the school is ”to redefine and revolutionize international education by offering updated, modern and excellent training in areas of Health Sciences, Information & Communication Technology, Management, Education, Applied Sciences & all possible areas that a learner seeks to engage with”.

School Program

TAU is registered with the National Accreditation Council of Guyana and has applied for accreditation with the Caribbean Accreditation Authority for Education In Medicine and other Health Profession.

The school offers students a unique experience across a wide range of medical programs. With state-of-the-art libraries and laboratories, students have the opportunity to explore extensive and world-class learning material.

Additionally, the school has a prominent alumni base which includes CEOs, Top Political officers, professional sports figures and many others.

#3 American International School of Medicine 

The American International School of Medicine(AISM) is a private medical school that was established by International Medical Educators Associates, Inc. (IMEA) in Atlanta in 1999.

AISM is registered with the National Accreditation Council of Guyana and has campuses in Atlanta Georgia, Georgetown Guyana, England United Kingdom, Nigeria West Africa.

The mission of the school is to educate future physicians and foster their capacity to make discoveries and lead innovation in the science and practice of medicine.

School Program

Basically, AISM focuses on training physicians who can excel in patient-care research and education as a part of their professional development process.

Their students usually participate in clinical rotations at hospitals in the United States, Canada, UK (London), Guyana and Elective rotations in other countries.

The school tuition cost for the MD program is US$7,500 (Basic Sciences per semester) and US$8,500(Clinical Sciences per semester).

The most amazing fact about AISM is that its graduates are eligible for certification in the United States of America, Canada, UK, and Guyana because the school is listed with the W.H.O. (World Health Organization).

In addition to the school program, AISB has graduated hundreds of medical doctors who are in specialty clinical and or training and or practicing medicine in the USA, Guyana, UK, Pakistan, Carribean, and other countries worldwide.

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#4 Lincoln American University

Lincoln American University(LAU) is one of the fastest-growing medical universities to pursue MD in America, listed in WDOMS and recognized by the National Accreditation Council of Guyana (NAC, Guyana), Medical Council of India (MCI) & ECFMG. It is a private medical university and medical college in Guyana, South America.

School Program

LAU basically offers a 5-year MD program of international standards including the Pre Medical Program or Basic Foundation for Medical Science. ranks 18833 positions in universities in the world.

The school structures the Basic Sciences and Clinical Rotations Program to meet the licensing requirements so that medical graduates can practice in the country of their choice.

LAU tuition varies according to course; the Pre-Medical Program Tuition per Semester (Semesters 1-4) is $6,000. Similarly, MD Program Basic Science Tuition per Semester (Semesters 1-4) is $7,500. Also, MD Program Basic Science Tuition Semester 5$7,100. Finally, the MD Program Clinical Sciences Tuition per Semester (Semesters 6-10) is $12,500.

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#5 GreenHeart Medical University 

If you want to pursue a medical program in Guyana, you may have to consider the GreenHeart Medical University (GMU). The school is an independent institution of tertiary level education, chartered by the government of Guyana with programs in medicine, nursing, and pharmacy. It Started in 2005. 

School Program

GreenHeart basically offers accredited programs in health sciences, professional degree programs in Medicine, Nursing, and Pharmacy, through an integrated curricular approach of theory, practice, and clinical exposure.

The school usually organizes mentorship programs to help prepare the students for different professional licensing examinations and screening tests including CAMC, USMLE, MCCQE, PLAB, MCI tests, etc.

Additionally, GreatHeart ranks no. 22403 position among universities in the world. Also, its Tuition & Fee structure differs depending on the program attended and the student’s category.

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#6 Guyana School of Agriculture

If you are interested in pursuing a career in Agriculture, the GSA is one of the best universities in Guyana that offers a degree in Agriculture. Guyana School of Agriculture(GSA) was established in the year 1963.

School Program

GSA offers a Diploma in Agriculture and the Certificate in Agriculture Programmes. The school graduated the first batch of 15 students in 1966.

Recently, the school features varieties of academic programs including Certificate in Forestry Program, Animal Health, and Veterinary Public Health Programme.

They also offer a certificate in Fisheries Studies Programme and Food Science and Technology program was introduced.

The school has recorded about 3,060 graduates in different fields of agriculture and forestry.

Some of these graduates are professionals in innovation, agricultural research, education and training institutions, extension and advisory services institutions, and working in the agricultural sector of Guyana and the Caribbean.

GSA ranks the 6th position in the best universities in Guyana and also no. 23444 position in universities in the world.

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#7 Alexander American University School of Medicine

One of the international medical schools in Guyana is Alexander American University School of Medicine (AAU). It is located in Georgetown. The school started in 2015 and has a total enrollment of 300 students.

School Program

AAU offers a high-quality medical education that meets and integrates professional skills, career-focused education, and hands-on practice, enabling students to develop and achieve their personal and career goals.

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The school also offers an innovative Doctor of Medicine (MD) program. This program is designed for the students to help meet their requirements in the premedical program and for those who do not hold a first degree but wish to earn a Doctor of Medicine degree.

The MD program delivers advanced clinical and academic training to ensure students are prepared for the challenges of medical internship.

In addition, AAU is one of the best universities of its kind giving the vast array of diversity in spheres of international relations and a multitude of student cultures.

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#8 Georgetown American University

Georgetown American University(GAU) is one of the top universities in Guyana. It is accredited by the American Heart Association and National Accreditation Council of Guyana.

However, the mission of the University is ”to create and nurture a diverse student body committed to leadership in alleviating human suffering caused by disease through innovative research and health care delivery.

School Program

GAU basically offers 14 programs that are reflections of the curriculum taught in USA Universities. These programs allow students easy transition into clinical programs and healthcare workforce.  

The school focuses on problem-based learning with a student-centered approach. Our faculty are chosen based on both their commitment to teaching and outstanding credentials.

GAU ranks position #24 for the best college and national universities according to data from the US world ranking. The school has 15% acceptance rate and tuition and fees are $56,058.

Additionally, GAU is located in the heart of the city. The institution is in close proximity to shopping centers, restaurants, supermarkets, and bus transits.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Gain Admission Into A University In Guyana?

With a good GPA in high school, you are eligible to pursue any career in the Guyanese Institutions.

What are the best private schools in Guyana?

The best private schools in Guyana are
Texila American University 
American International School of Medicine 
Lincoln American University
Alexander American University School of Medicine
Georgetown American University

Where is Guyana located

Guyana is located in South America.

Is Guyana a English speaking country?

Guyana is the only English-speaking country in South America.


Guyana is in South America that lies between Suriname, Brazil, and Venezuela. It is the only English speaking country in South America and covers an area of 83,000 square miles.

The main economic activities in Guyana are agriculture (production of rice and Demerara sugar), bauxite mining, gold mining, timber, shrimp fishing, and minerals.

English is the official language of Guyana and is used for education, government, media, and services. Therefore, universities and colleges located in this country can accommodate International students.

Furthermore, Guyana has so many high standing and top-ranked institutions including American universities. Thes schools are fully accredited and offer varieties of programs such had Medicine, Nursing and Agriculture.

In addition, schools in Guyana have close proximity to hospitals, Grocery stores, and entertainment centers and this put together provides a conducive learning environment for students.

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