10 Best Women Coding Bootcamp | Online & Offline

Choosing the best coding bootcamps for women this 2022 is the first step to levelling up your tech game! The reason is that the best coding bootcamps for women educate women in tech-related fields.

According to reports from Builtin, women occupy only 26% of computing-related jobs and 14% of software engineering jobs, which is relatively poor. Hence, the importance of coding bootcamps for women.

So, coding bootcamps encourage women to pursue careers in tech and related fields. If you want to start a career in the tech industry without having to spend four years in college, coding bootcamps should be your best pick.

It enables you to acquire top tech skills within a short period. The likes of full JavaScript, Python, Java, PHP, .NET, and so on are some of the programming languages you can learn from coding bootcamps.

Are you bothered about the fees? Well, that’s not a problem—there are free coding bootcamps for women that can guarantee you a high-paying job this 2022.

So in this guide, we review the best coding bootcamps for women in 2022, including the free ones and those that guarantee you a job. 

Trust me; it’s something you’d like to give a try!

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What is a Coding Bootcamp?

Typically, a coding bootcamp is a short, intensive training that equips you with the skills necessary to kickstart a career in programming.

Due to the surge in demand for web development skills, various coding bootcamps exist. From a few days to several months, there’s no set duration for these bootcamps.

Some bootcamps for women incorporate online quizzes, interactive lessons, assignment submissions, or exercises. Whereas other women coding bootcamps can guarantee you a job through their connections.

You may wonder if coding bootcamps are the same as web development courses! Truthfully, they’re different. While web development focuses on a particular thing, coding bootcamps equip you with multiple skills, giving you working programming knowledge.

Why Should Women Take Coding Bootcamps?

There has been a gender gap in tech education, and women have been left out for most of it. Thus, this is where coding bootcamps come to play—close the gender gap.

Gone are the days when you must get a university degree to practice in a tech-related field. The 21st century is evolving, and bootcamps are one of its innovations.

Most coding professionals are self-taught. Hence, a paper with accreditation isn’t that necessary here.

Meanwhile, more women can get into coding bootcamps this 2022, thanks to the free online bootcamps. All you need to do is choose the training that suits your desired path.

But if you’re skeptical about losing money because you’re unsure whether it’s the right path, then start with free coding bootcamps.

These short but practical courses allow you to explore the world of programming.

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How to Choose The Best Coding Bootcamps For Women In 2022

There are vital factors you need to look out for when choosing coding bootcamps (whether or not it is free). However, it all narrows down to your personal goals.

We’ll review some of them to give you a glimpse of what to consider.

1. Cost and financing

When picking a coding Bootcamp right for you, one key thing to consider is the cost and financing. The cost of a coding Bootcamp differs according to program length, focus, location, and format.

Generally, full-time bootcamps charge higher when compared to part-time. So, there’s a need for you to choose a program you can afford.

Another thing you might want to look into is your expected salary after graduation. A few coding bootcamps for women will guarantee you a job after graduation. Therefore, it helps you to calculate your return on investment.

If you cannot afford your Bootcamp upfront, try applying for student loans, grants, and scholarships. Payment plans, deferred tuition, and income share agreements are other financing options.

2. Language

Java, HTML, Ruby, Python, etc., are some programming languages you’ll be hearing. 

Take your time to consider whether you want to work on the front-end or back-end of websites or both.

Moreover, learning one programming language can also benefit learning others later in your coding career.

3. Program Pacing and Timeline

Depending on your schedule and budget, you can choose between full-time, part-time, and self-paced coding bootcamps. But remember that each format affects the timeline of when you will graduate.

Full-time coding Bootcamp students will finish early, whereas part-time participants will likely take longer. On the other hand, self-paced programs are more flexible.

In addition, program length varies depending on the school. Full-time workers or individuals with other personal commitments often prefer the part-time or self-paced options.

Meanwhile, students with less personal commitment who can dedicate their entire time to a bootcamp often prefer the full-time schedule.

4. Format

If you’re interested in the free coding bootcamps for women, it doesn’t mean you should accept whatever method the coding bootcamp is taught just because you didn’t pay any fees.

For example, some use video tutorials as their learning approach, and if you discover that you aren’t catching up on what’s being taught, that approach may not be helpful to you.

You may adapt faster to a hands-on learning approach. Hence, make the necessary change. Some coding bootcamps provide several educational materials for their students. At the same time, others get you to start coding right away.

They all have benefits and downsides, so determining the one that works for you is crucial.

5. Versatility

Wait a minute! You were wrong if you thought the primary objective of a bootcamp is to get you to be very competent in a language quickly; it is to prepare you to work as a developer.

A web developer does more than just coding—it is more versatile than you think. So, ensure that the coding bootcamp teaches you beyond coding—it could be how to work with APIs, function in an Agile workflow, or use a version control system like Git.

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10 Best Women Coding Bootcamp in 2022

The following coding bootcamps have designed programs for women to help curb the gender gap in tech. 

This list includes free, paid, online, and in-person (or offline) coding bootcamps for women.

  1. Ada Developers Academy
  2. Hackbright Academy
  3. Grace Hopper Program
  4. Kal Academy
  5. AllWomen
  6. SheCodes
  7. Black CodHer
  8. CodeOp
  9. CareerFoundry
  10. Flatiron School

1. Ada Developers Academy

Location: Seattle, Washington

Cost: Free

Time Commitment: Full-time

Program Length: 11 Months, including six months of in-class learning and a 5-month internship

Learning Format: In-person

Curriculum: Web Development, Ruby on Rails, and JavaScript.

If you’re looking for free coding bootcamps that offer in-person (offline) training for women, then Ada Developers Academy might be just what you need.

Ada Developers Academy aims at helping minors and students with low income who are women, LGBTQ+, and non-binary.

This coding bootcamp educates women on full-stack web development, Ruby on Rails, and JavaScript. It covers areas in Flask, HTML, Python, CSS, and SQL.

Participants of the Ada Developers Academy will learn how to write and debug code alongside how to discuss codes. Additionally, it trains students in advocacy tech—advocacy work, leadership, diversity & inclusion, etc., and provides students with internship experience.

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2. Hackbright Academy

Location: Remote, San Francisco

Cost: $12,900

Time Commitment: Full-Time, Part-Time

Program Length: 12 weeks Full-Time of 43 weeks Part-Time

Learning Format: In-Person, Online

Curriculum: Software Engineering, Python, JavaScript, HTML & CSS, Git, Flask, Django, pair programming, SQL/ORMS/NoSQL, and deployment.

Hackbright Academy serves women with software engineering bootcamp. Students can learn full-time over 12 weeks or part-time over 24 weeks, depending on their preference.

This software engineering bootcamp has 12 modules. The first five comprise labs, lectures, and mentorship. 

Then, the following five consists of more lectures; however, students build more software projects. And the last two modules are purely on career preparation.

Furthermore, the Hackbright Academy’s bootcamp is an in-person and online coding bootcamp.

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3. Grace Hopper Program

Location: Remote, Chicago, New York City

Cost: New York—$17,910; Chicago—$15,910

Time Commitment: Full Time

Program Length: 17 weeks, Full-Time

Learning Format: In-Person, Online

Curriculum: Fullstack JavaScript, Web Development

The Grace Hopper Program at Fullstack Academy is the only coding bootcamp on the East Coast run specifically for women. It also covers students—trans and non-binary.

They aim to equip women with technology through cost-effective education, soft skills, coding, and mentorship programs.

As one of the best coding bootcamps for women, its curriculum is purely on full-stack Javascript and is based on Fullstack Academy’s curriculum.

JavaScript is a coding language with rising demand in the tech industry. As a result, students can land jobs in web development after graduation.

Reports on data verified by the Council on Integrity In Results Reporting assert that 100% of participants who attended the Grace Hopper Program in New York City from July – December 2019 graduated on time. 

Within six months of graduation, 64.5% got employed in the field, with a median income of $89,960.

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4. Kal Academy

Location: Seattle

Cost: $2,500 – $3,500

Time Commitment: Part-Time

Program Length: 16 weeks, Part-Time

Learning Format: In-person

Curriculum: Software development, full stack web development, or artificial intelligence.

Kal Academy is among the best coding bootcamps for women that guarantee you a job at the end of your program. If this looks like what you want, hit the link below to kickstart the enrollment process.

This non-profit, diversity-driven bootcamp focuses on helping women to close the skills gap alongside teaching coders from all walks of life.

Their bootcamps usually hold on weekends (Saturday & Sunday) for 1-2 hours. Therefore, you don’t need to bother about your work schedule since it doesn’t disrupt it.

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5. AllWomen

Location: Barcelona

Cost: €2,950

Time Commitment: Full-Time, Part-Time

Program Length: 10 weeks, Full-Time or 24 weeks Part-Time

Learning Format: Online, In-person

Curriculum: data science immersive, full stack web development, UX/UI design, content design & UX writing, python, data analytics, machine learning, and NLP. 

AllWomen provides full-time and part-time bootcamps in UX/UI design, data science, content design & UX writing, data analytics, and product management.

They offer these programs online and in-person (offline) on their Barcelona campus. Moreover, this coding bootcamp is mainly for women and women-identified individuals.

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6. SheCodes

Locations: Online

Cost: $1,390

Time Commitment: Part-Time

Program Length: 11 weeks, Part-Time

Learning Format: Online

Curriculum: HTML, CSS, JavaScript (ES6), Git, GitHub, and advanced development tools taught online

SheCodes is bent on bridging the gender gap in the tech programming field. They equip you with in-demand knowledge relevant to the technological job market.

SheCodes’ coding bootcamp covers CSS, JavaScript (ES6), HTML, GitHub, and Git alongside other advanced development tools through their online training.

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7. Black CodHer

Location: Online (however, participants should reside in the West Midlands area)

Cost: Free

Time Commitment: Part-Time

Program Length: 16 weeks, Part-Time

Learning Format: Online

Curriculum: Students learn Python, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. 

Black CodHer is also one of the best free coding bootcamps for black women above 18. It prioritizes unemployed black women or those who earn under €20K yearly and want a career transition.

Meanwhile, it is only for participants in the West Midlands area who are passionate about technology. The training runs for two weekly evenings from 6 pm – 9 pm.

Furthermore, participants have access to Black CodHer’s remarkable ‘EmpowHerment Days,’ which is bent on inspiring and empowering women.

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8. CodeOp

Location: Remote | Barcelona | London | Kuala Lumpur

Cost: Remote campus costs €5300 + €600 deposit. Barcelona course costs €7200 + €600 deposit.

Time Commitment: Full-Time, Part-Time

Program Length: 11 weeks Full-Time or 26 weeks Part-Time

Learning Format: Remote campus, In-person

Curriculum: Full Stack Web Development, Product Management, Data Science, or Python & Data Analytics.

Established in 2018, CodeOp offers solutions to gender disparity in the technological field. The bootcamp focuses on assisting women, trans and gender non-conforming people who want to switch to or skill up in tech.

CodeOp ensures that women gain employment in the top tech jobs, transitioning into new roles with increased pay. Thus, it is among the best coding bootcamps for women that guarantee a job after graduation. 

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9. Flatiron School

Location: Online

Cost: $16,900

Time Commitment: Full-Time, Part-Time

Program Length:  15 weeks (20, 40, or 60 weeks possible), Full-Time or Part-Time

Learning Format: Online Campus

Curriculum: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, REACT, Ruby, and Rails.

Flatiron School is an online bootcamp that teaches web and software development fundamentals. The lectures cut across CSS, HTML, JavaScript, REACT, API Integration, Ruby, and Rails.

Moreover, API is among the buzzwords you should learn if you want to become a programmer. It’s a great asset if you’re working for a company!

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10. CareerFoundry

Location: Online

Cost: $8,075–8,500

Time Commitment: Full-Time, Part-Time

Program Length: 16 weeks (up to 28 weeks part-time)

Learning Format: Online

Curriculum: Web Development

CareerFoundry is a full-fledged online bootcamp that focuses mainly on web development programs.

If you’re looking for coding bootcamps for women that will give you a job guarantee, then CareerFoundry is one of them. 

Ninety-six percent of eligible CareerFoundry graduates land a job in tech within six months of graduating. You can be like that too!

Furthermore, their program covers the fundamentals of web development, and you’ll learn using a hands-on, project-based curriculum.

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Is a Coding Bootcamp Right For Me?

Unlike traditional universities, coding bootcamps often require lesser technical or academic prerequisites. Bootcamps teach you the working knowledge in your specific field, which you can use immediately to get on the job.

In addition, coding programs require that you be focused, engaged, and able to handle an intense technical curriculum.

So, participating in a bootcamp as a woman gives you an edge in the tech industry. Therefore it is worth doing! 

For those who work full-time, there are online and part-time coding bootcamps. So you no longer have to worry about your schedule.

Bottom Line

Now, you’ve known the best coding bootcamps for women, including the free ones, ones with a job guarantee, the ones online, and in person. So, hopefully, they will encourage you to enroll in a bootcamp.

Which of the coding bootcamps mentioned above do you prefer and why? Tell us in the comment section!

FAQs on Best Women Coding Bootcamps in 2022

Is a coding bootcamp enough to get a job?

Many coding bootcamp grads get employed within six months after graduating. However, the market has no guarantee. Successful job search depends on experience, specialization, location, etc.

Do companies hire from coding bootcamps?

Some coding bootcamps have partnerships with employers. Thus, employers can hire students after graduating.

Does Google hire bootcamp grads?

Yes, Google hires bootcamp grads in several roles across its organization.

You can get some positions fresh out of bootcamp. At the same time, some require more practical experience in the tech industry.

How difficult is coding bootcamp?

Although the program is faster, you should expect to put as much effort into a coding bootcamp as a traditional degree. 

It might seem more complex than a traditional college because the course load is more fast-paced and condensed.

Is it better to go to a coding bootcamp or college?

A coding bootcamp gives you more relevant and helpful tools for a job than a degree in computer science. Although the degree prepares you with a strong foundation, a bootcamp focuses on specific skills you can use immediately in a job.



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