Blaine High School: Acceptance rate, Admission, Courses, Tuition fees, Aid

Anoka-Hennepin School District 11 has quite a number of high schools. And, choosing the right one for your ward may pose a challenge.

Blaine High School is one of the high schools in this district and a great school at that. This article reviews Blaine high school’s calendar, BHS school number, acceptance rates, and tuition fees.

In choosing the right high school for your ward, you need to find answers to a number of important questions.

Aside from being able to afford the finance, these answers can influence your thoughts and perceptions about the school.

For instance, a review of BHS from students will give you a clearer perspective of what its student life is like on campus.

Basically, interviewing students in this school to get an opinion may be a herculean task. Hence, this outright compilation of reviews from students to aid you make a choice.

In addition, BHS rankings, student enrollment, and general performance are clearly stated in this post. The table of contents below highlights all that culminates into – Blaine High School Review.

Why Blaine High School

Choosing the right high school means you have chosen a high school whose principles matches your academic set goals. So, it is not out of place to ask why you should attend Blaine.

Blaine, a city in Anoka and Ramsey counties in the state of Minnesota has a population of over 55, 000. It is home to a number of public/state schools. And state schools in this arena are to offer education to all children.

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BHS is one of such schools in these counties. Below are valid reasons why you should attend Blaine.

Blaine High School History and Location

BHS is a public high school in Blaine Minnesota. It was established in 1972 and it’s located in Anoka-Hennepin School District 11.

Founded as part of the Blaine Project, the high school accommodates students in grades 9-12. BHS school number is (763) 506-6500. Hence, students and guardians can reach out to the school through this number.

Blaine High School Rankings

The high school ranks No 2 in Anoka-Hennepin Public School District High Schools. According to US, Blaine ranks 37 out of the 419 schools in Minnesota. Over 97% of families with wards enrolled at Blaine agree they received a high-quality education.

Other rankings of the school based on the selected factors by the USNews is seen in the table below:

College Readiness Index Rank #3,428#60
College Curriculum Breadth Index Rank #3,963 (tie)#70
Math and Reading Proficiency Rank #2,778#66
Math and Reading Performance Rank #3,210#76
Graduation Rate Rank #9,092 (tie)#218 (tie)

Students to Teachers Faculty Ratio at Blaine High School

The student -teacher ratio at Blaine is 22:1 with an AP participation rate at 40%.

The high school has a total enrollment of 2, 886 students with the largest number of students in 10th grade.

Athletics at Blaine High School

Blaine’s football team has appeared in the state tournaments 14 times. In 2008, Blaine’s team defeated Eden Praire. This highly favored team was ranked third nationally among all high schools at that time.

In 1988, it won the state football championship and the Girls Nordic Skiing state championship in 1979.

The high school’s athletic team is popularly known as Bengals with Navy Blue, Columbia Blue and White as official colors.

Most students at Blaine choose football games as their favorite school event with Bengal time taking the second place.

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Blaine Student Demography

Blaine High School Acceptance Rate

There are no figures available for this. However, Blaine is a public high school. So, it admits all eligible candidates who wishes to apply.

Programs and Courses at Blaine High School

Blaine seeks ways to aid students to gain college credits through the “college in the High School Program”.

The program allows students to take college classes taught by a BHS teacher. Upon completion, students can earn both high school and college credit for the class.

Blaine also offers Welding as a special program. This program is an industry-based shop environment. It is designed for the students who would like to gain a deeper understanding of metalworking.

Classes for this program run from Monday to Friday and students can receive 3 high school credits in the following areas:

  • occupational education
  • technical math
  • fine arts
  • technical english

The program is offered in partnership with University of Minnesota.

Tuition and Fees at Blaine High School

According to, BHS is best for families with a Median household income of $83,201, the median rent of $1,218, and median home value of $219,600.

Schooling for public schools are usually free in the US. However, equivalent service at a private high school may cost $10,066 per year depending on the school.

Blaine High School Reviews

The student for faculty ratio suggests the school is offering great services. Blaine has 86% of its teachers with 3 years of experience.

In addition, US News ranks the school as the 2 in Anoka county. This indicates that Blaine is offering quality education. It is above the state average in key measures of college and career readiness.

However, below are some reviews from alumni of Blaine according to Great

I love BHS as it offers everything a student could ever want. The academic, athletic, and arts programs are amazing. Students can excel easily in this school as great teachers and a safe school environment permit them to do so. The students are so sweet, as diversity is a part of the school. I have been to many schools before, and by fair, BHS is the best school ever!

I went to BHS years ago, and my three younger siblings went there after me. I have come to the conclusion that if you are already a smart student, who gets good grades and cares about success, you will get along with the teachers and have a positive experience. That was my experience. But my siblings are less motivated, and therefore need a larger amount of leadership from the teachers and staff.

I was surprised when I went back to the school and witnessed how the staff and teachers treated my brothers and sisters because it was so different from how I was treated. Bottom line: This school can do wonders for a student that would do well anywhere. It gives extra opportunities for advanced students. But they place no importance on those students that might need extra help getting there. They pass them on with no regard for how it may affect their life.

Blaine High School FAQs

What time Does Blaine High School Start?

Which County is Blaine High School?

Blaine is in Anoka County. It is one of the 17 schools in Anoka district.

How Big is Blaine School?

the school is big enough to accommodate a total enrollment of 2, 972 students. It has over 132.25 classroom teachers. An, it has a student-teacher ratio of 22:1.


Choosing the right high school may be quite confusing. This article X-rays BHS. It reviews its national and state rankings alongside programs and tuition.

Read through to see if this is the right school for your ward.



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