10 Best Boarding Schools In Idaho In USA | 2021

If you are seeking a type of education where learning extends beyond the classroom, consider a boarding school.

Students in boarding schools live with their teachers and study together in a safe and secure environment.

This groom and sets them on a path where they prosper professionally, socially, and culturally.

There are more than a thousand boarding schools if not hundreds of thousands but in this article, we will focus on boarding schools in Idaho, so if you are a resident or live near Idaho, you can take advantage of the top boarding schools on our list.

Idaho has several types of boarding schools including Alternative and therapeutic schools. These schools serve specific needs such as emotional and disciplinary issues. They provide skilled, highly experienced staff to ensure the best potential outcome for your child.

Before you run through the list of schools, there are important facts about boarding schools you may need to know. The table below will help you run through the contents.

Why Attend A Boarding School?

A recent study conducted by TABS (The Association of Boarding Schools), shows that 91% of boarding students said their school was academically challenging compared to 70% of private day students and 50% of public school students. 

However, what gives boarding school students an edge over their day students counterparts is the vast number of activities, programs, and challenges they encounter on a daily basis.

Anyone who can afford a boarding school will want to embrace this huge opportunity where learning and personal growth are top priorities.

Furthermore, a boarding school offers a lot of positive impacts on students and until you attend one yourself, you may not really understand the depth of these impacts.

Are still wondering if boarding school is worth the struggle? then, quickly take a glance at some of the advantages below just to clear your doubts.


Boarding school students learn how to manage their time and become independent very fast.

They follow strictly the time given to them, perform domestic chores, and complete school assignments by themselves.

This helps them mature quickly and learn to handle any task even without supervision.

Fewer Distractions

Boarding school curriculum is structured in a way that allows students to focus better on their studies.

They are not distracted by televisions, video games, and other elements that pose distractions, unlike the day students.

This has a positive effect on their studies as they tend to perform better academically.

A Global Atmosphere

Boarding schools provide a diverse environment before university. Students in this system gain fluency in other languages as they interact with others.

They also learn how to better relate with people from diverse cultural backgrounds. In fact, students who stay in the boarding school for at least three years typically become bilingual and this gives them some significant advantage in the international workforce.

Alternate Activities

Boarding school students are exposed to a wide range of extracurricular activities ranging from sports, games, and music. This helps broadens their learning. Sporting activities helps to keep them fit.

There is a lot to gain from attending a boarding school regardless of the tuition and fees.

How Much Does It Cost To enroll In A Good Boarding School in Idaho?

The cost of attending a boarding school in Idaho is dependent on quite a number of factors. First is the type of school. Private schools usually charge higher compared with public schools and this could be due to some benefits they offer.

In summary, Boarding schools in Idaho typically range from $20,000 and $50,661 per year.

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Why Co-educational Boarding School?

Sending your ward to an all-boys or all-girls boarding is not a bad idea but on the other hand, the co-educational boarding school has its own advantage.

According to research performed by the American Council for Co-Educational Schooling (ACCES), co-education enhances communication and collaboration among young men and women while building relationships.

Learning how to associate and work effectively with members of the opposite sex is a fundamental skill that is imperative for success beyond the educational setting.

What are the Best Boarding schools in Idaho?

The list of boarding schools in Idaho is outlined below. These schools are categorized into two sections.

The first part of the list is focused on the top boarding schools while the second part features therapeutic boarding schools all in Idaho. You can choose the one that best suits your demand.

Our selection criteria of these schools include but are not limited to Academic reputation, Accreditation, Tuition, Students to teacher ratio, Acceptance, and graduation rates.

We got our data from reliable sources, testimonials, interviews, and also by contacting individual schools. Before you make a choice of school, ensure you read carefully to get every detail about each school. The ranking factors above will guide you.

  • Riverstone International School
  • Sun Valley Community School
  • Delphian School
  • John Bosco Academy
  • Boulder Creek Academy 
  • Clearview Horizon
  • Elk Mountain Academy

1. Riverstone International School

School type: Private
Tuition: $49,750
Accreditation: International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO), National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), NWAIS, AdvancEd

Riverstone International School is a coeducational boarding school in  Boise, Idaho. This school is accredited and provides a challenging college-preparatory program in an environment that promotes honesty, tolerance, respect, and responsibility.

As a standard boarding school, there is a wide range of curriculum and extracurricular activities like sports, music, and other related programs.

The built-in facilities make it easy for students to enjoy easy access to skiing, kayaking, and mountain biking. Riverstone was founded in 1997 and has a total of 365 students enrollment.

2. Sun Valley Community School

School Type: Private
Tuition: $58,050
Accreditation: TABS, NWAIS, NAIS

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Sun Valley Community School is a nationally known co-educational boarding school. This school is accredited and listed among the top 20 boarding schools in the country.

Sun Valley prepares young people for the future by providing them with challenges that promote growth and development in academics, arts, activities, and athletics.

Students in this school can take part in a variety of extracurricular activities through various organizations such as Athletic Leadership, Green Team, Language Clubs, Math Club, Model United Nations, Outdoor Leadership, Programming Club, Robotics Team among others.

With these amazing features, every parent will want their child to attend Sun Valley.

3. Delphian School

School Type: Private
Tuition: $58,050
Accreditation: Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC)

Another top-ranked boarding school in Idaho is Delphian School. The school curriculum allows students to balance the practical and theoretical side of learning.

Students can learn skills including critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. Graduates of Delphain are accepted to the most prestigious institutions in the country.

What is unique about this school is the use of study technology. This allows students to learn faster and communicate ideas to their teachers.

4. St. John Bosco Academy

School Type: Private
Tuition: $2,800
Accreditation: National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS)

St. John Bosco Academy is one of the best co-educational boarding schools in Idaho. This school is one of the most affordable yet highly rated and ranks in top publications like the Niche.

The school curriculum features fine arts and competitive athletic programs, along with a variety of co-curricular activities for students to develop leadership skills learned in the classroom.

Graduates of this school are admitted into schools like the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, Michigan State University, and many other top institutions.

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Are There Therapeutic Boarding Schools In Idaho?

Below is a list of therapeutic or alternative boarding schools in Idaho. They are residential boarding schools specialized in educating and helping troubled teenagers and young adults by providing them with the help they need to tackle some deeper issues and open them up to an entirely new way of living their lives.

The basis of our selection of these schools is accreditation, tuition, and other relevant factors. However, the schools on our list are accredited by their various accrediting bodies and licensed by the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare. 

Boulder Creek Academy 

School Type: Private
Tuition: $11,500 per year
Accreditation: Idaho State Department of Education, Department of Health and Welfare

Boulder Creek Academy is one of the low tuition therapeutic boarding schools in Idaho. The school is committed to serving adolescent boys and girls with academic, behavioral, and clinical challenges.

Despite the low cost, Boulder Creek offers outlines the standards for children’s residential care facilities throughout the state. The school ensures the physical care and safety of residents and requiring a criminal history check on all employees, owners, and operators.

Teachers in this school are state certified and other employees meet the criminal background check.

Clearview Horizon

Tuition: $2400 per month
School Type: Private
Accreditation: Department of Health and Welfare

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Clearview Horizon is a therapeutic boarding school. It is for girls who are exhibiting inappropriate behavior, dropping grades, or showing traits that may threaten their future

Teachers in this school are dedicated to helping students develop stronger academic and interpersonal skills.

If your ward has a history of abuse, a major loss in their life, or has any attachment disorders, Clearview has all it takes to minimize the effects of these traits.

Elk Mountain Academy

School Type: Private
Tuition: $6,000 per month
Accreditation: CARF 

Founded in 1994. Elk Mountain provides a safe and healthy place and offers a strong academic program for young women who are battling addiction, emotional and behavioral issues.

The school curriculum integrates facilities where students can learn positive coping skills by engaging in fun outdoor activities.

What Are the Drawbacks of Boarding School?

Amidst the numerous advantages and unique educational opportunities that boarding school offers, that is why parents should be very selective at the type of school they send their children to.

Although the drawback of boarding schools are very opinion-based, nevertheless, one should be aware of some potential disadvantages or concerns.

  • Bullying and related problems.
  • Boarding school is expensive compared to other education options.
  • Lack of personal space and privacy
  • Moving aware from home at a young age can lead to boarding school syndrome

Any child who exhibits some traits that makes it difficult for them to relate well with other people can attend one of the Best Boarding Schools for Students With Learning Disabilities


Boarding school offers some significant benefits, but there are still a couple of drawbacks and that is why parents should investigate properly before they enroll their kids. when choosing a school make sure you focus on your child. Reflect on their most critical traits and how these impact their ability to function in various school environments. 

Frequently Asked Questions For Boarding Schools in Idaho

Is boarding school in Idaho Expensive?

The average cost of attending a boarding school in Idaho ranges from $20,000 and $50,661 per year.

What are the best boarding schools in Idaho?

Riverstone International School
Sun Valley Community School
Delphian School

What are the benefits of attending a boarding school?

The following are reasons you should attend a boarding school;
Character development
Personal growth
Fewer Distractions

What is the best age for a child to attend boarding school?

Psychologists recommend that 12 years is the best age for a child to attend boarding school.


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