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Brewster Technical College: Scholarships, Admissions, Tuition and Cost of Living

The institution is obviously not a conventional institution, it has some strange programs and platforms for disabled students. Many students like weird institutions that give a feel of an adventure, Brewster technical college is one of those universities. Find out more about it below.

The Brewster Technical College Center is a public post-secondary technical college that is a full part of Hillsborough County Public Schools. Brewster Technical College offers hands-on learning that provides the available relevant training and also job skills required by business and industry. 

In addition to these, Brewster Technical College offers adult basic education (GED, English language acquisition, and Applied Academics for Adult Education).

This institution “Brewster Technical College” Students with disabilities are to self-disclose and request accommodations.

And once the Program Advisor receives documentation of a disability from qualified professionals (Psychologist, School Records, Vocational Rehabilitation, etc.) 504 eligibility will be determined instantly.

When a student is determined and declared eligible for a 504, a 504 accommodation plan will be written and the student will receive accommodations within the allowances of program competencies.

Students will be provided the least restrictive educational environment to the maximum extent appropriate.

Aren’t these reasons enough to convince you to give the school a trial? If not, we have more below. Check out their technical programs and all the school has to offer.

Technical Programs

The TABE Survey test is administered as a part of the registration process, and when applicable.

Please see TABE Exemptions information below.

  • The TABE test will be given every Tuesday at 9:00 a.m. and also at 6:00p.m. to provide guidance related to an applicant’s obvious educational needs.
  • Doors open at about 8:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. respectively.
  • Applying students must bring their Photo I.D. and $5.00 cash.
  • Just before the TABE test, applicants are asked to complete an online registration, an application that will send the notification to the appropriate Program Advisor.

TABE Exemptions

If you entered 9th grade in an FL public school in the 2003-2004 school year, or any other year thereafter, and you earned a Florida standard high school diploma, and Possess a college degree at the associate in applied science level or higher from an accredited post-secondary institution, and or Currently serving as an active duty member of any branch of the United States Armed Services.

Only the above condition qualifies one for a TABE exemption.

Approved Programs

All the Brewster full-time programs are approved for veterans training. That is; when the applicant has completed the admission procedures, Brewster’s VA Certifying Official will notify the VA by forwarding appropriate forms.

Veterans who are interested can apply for educational benefits online at


Information on this form applies only to the requirements of the Department of Education of Florida. This information is not used to determine eligibility or acceptance of a program.

Courses and programs are offered as part of an adult education program at the Hills County School, headed by the Hillsborough County School Board.

Considerations based on Individualization, on the basis of gender, race, color, national origin or disability is not possible. And no form of discrimination is realistic, and nothing can prevent a person from participating.

Favoritism from benefits or discriminating against others within an educational program or activity that is under the jurisdiction of the local department of education is prohibited.

The Brewster Technical College Admission

The Brewster Technical College Admission Steps for Enrollment

  • You’d Visit Student Services
  • You’d have to Verify that you have Florida Residency
  • Additional Items and Attend Program Orientation
  • FL Driver’s License or ID is needed
  • FL Vehicle Registration or Voter’s Registration card
  • Some Additional documents may also serve as verification
  • Social Security Card is also a consideration
  • Also Standard, Approved High School Diploma or  TABE test results (if applicable)

 The Brewster Technical College Scholarships

There is obviously no scholarship to the name of this institution, that is,  this institution does not provide any form of a scholarship for its students.

But this institution is located in Florida and there are scholarships available for any student who studies in any institution in Florida. Listed below are some of the scholarships that anyone studying in Florida could enjoy irrespective of the person’s institution.

1. Bright Futures Scholarship Program

The famous  Bright Futures Scholarship Program presents residents who earned a high school diploma (or equivalent) in

Florida and are currently enrolled in postsecondary education in the state.

The options for out-of-state and home-schooled students are also available.

Scholarship Requirement

To gain the Florida Academic Scholars (FAS) award, you’ll need full 100 service hours, also  3.5 GPA, at least a 29 on your ACT, or 1290 on your SAT. And For the Florida Medallion Scholars (FMS) award, one would need 75 service hours, a 3.0 GPA, also at least a 26 on your ACT or 1170 on your SAT. Applicant also needs to complete the FFAA.

Scholarship Worth:

This varies by award level. And For the FAS award, 100% of tuition and applicable fees are guaranteed to be covered and for the FMS award, one may receive $77 per credit hour each semester at a four-year institution.

How to Apply for Scholarship

To apply for one of these Brewster Technical College Scholarships available click on the link below


2. Brewster Technical College Scholarships | Mary McLeod Bethune Scholarship Program

If you’re enrolled or planning to attend Bethune-Cookman University, or Edward Waters College, Florida A&M University (FAMU),  Florida Memorial University, you might be in contention for the Mary McLeod Bethune Scholarship Program.

Scholarship Requirement:

You do not have to have a loan but live in Florida. You should also enroll in a university with a minimum full-time GPA of 3. ( 0.

Scholarship Worth:

The institution determines the award amount based on the requirements met and the financial needs of applicants.

How to Apply for Scholarship

To apply for one of these Brewster Technical College Scholarships available click on the link below


3. Minority Teacher Education Scholars Program

This award is funded by the Florida Fund for Minority Teachers (FFMT), it’s available for black, Hispanic, Asian-American, and also Native American students at more than 35 institutions in the state of Florida.

You must be in Florida and have more than 18 advanced classes during the application process. Anyone who is not from the ethnic groups mentioned cannot apply.

You must teach Florida State School as much time as financial support.

To be eligible for annual bonuses, attend teacher retention and an annual symposium, and maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5.

How to Apply for Scholarship

To apply for one of these Brewster Technical College Scholarships available clicks on the link below

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4. Jose Marti Scholarship Challenge Grant Fund

The famous Jose Marti Scholarship Challenge Grant Fund is set aside for Hispanic students who will attend public or eligible private postsecondary institutions.

Find out whether your institution is eligible.

Applicants are ranked first by need as determined by the FAFSA, secondly by GPA, and then by submission date Sooner you apply, the bigger your chances of being considered.

Scholarship Background:

Ideal for students born in Spain or born in Mexico, some Caribbean countries, and Latin America. Brazil is excluded. GPA must be at least 3.0 and demonstrate financial needs.

You cannot make base loans and must settle in Florida regardless of citizenship. When you are ready, you must apply for an advanced learning school within one year.

Scholarship Worth:

Recipient will get $2,000, or $1,000 for each semester.

How to Apply for Scholarship

To apply for one of these Brewster Technical College Scholarships available click on the link below


The Brewster Technical College Tuition and Cost of Living   

Florida Resident

Florida “resident for just tuition purposes” is a person who has or a dependent person whose guardian parent or legal guardian has definitely established and maintained legal residency in Florida for at least twelve (12) consecutive months.

Preceding the first day of classes of the term for which Florida residency is sought.

Florida residents may be assessed tuition at the rate of $2.78 per class/clinical hour for full-time job preparation programs.

Non-Florida Resident

Students not living in Florida pay $11.17 per class/clinical hour for job preparation programs.

The Brewster Technical College Tuition is due at the beginning of each grading period for full-time programs.

Additional costs may/will include required textbooks, uniforms, shoes, physical examinations; license or certification fees; classroom supplies, tools, and equipment as determined by the program.

This would definitely vary, depending on the circumstances.


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